Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trump's Israeli Nazis Dictate Guatemala Streets Be Named Jerusalem Capital Of Israel

Trump,Israeli Nazis Demand Guatemala Streets Be Named Jerusalem Capital Of Israel

Israel's Guatemala Embassy is guilty with its military in mass genocide against Maya population in the 1980s and bought the country on indigenous blood and by selling the weapons and bullets used in the Guatemala genocide.The EMBASSY ITSELF AIDED AND ABETTED A WATER FRAUD Called Agua Magica that claimed for a few tens of millions of dollars to clean Lake Amatitlan.Uri
Roitman an Israeli whose presense dates to the Mayan genocide for money by Israel of the 1980's
was involved with ex General President Perez Molina in the Maya massacres and was convicted to 11 years prison for Agua Magia although the ex Ambassador to  Guatemala also involved got away without charges by CICIG that both Trump and Israel are angered about for fighting corrupt activities.,7340,L-5368853,00.html

Guatemalan cities name streets ‘Jerusalem 
capital of Israel’

Four cities in Guatemala, the only country besides the USA to maintain its embassy in Jerusalem, have named streets, a square, with the symbolic name following an initiative by the Israeli embassy.

Four cities in Guatemala have decided to rename streets, squares and a park "Jerusalem the capital of Israel," as a sign of support for Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales' decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer its embassy to the city.

Guatemala remains the only country in the world, aside from the United States, which maintains its embassy in Jerusalem, after, in an about face, Paraguay relocated its embassy to Tel Aviv, surrendering to Palestinian pressure. 

Israeli Ambassador Mattanya Cohen with Tiquisate mayor
Israeli Ambassador Mattanya Cohen with Tiquisate mayor

Guatemala was the first country to follow in the United States’ footsteps after President Donald Trump's declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Two days after the opening of the US Embassy in the Israeli capital, President Morales inaugurated the Guatemalan Embassy in Jerusalem, together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Embassy in Guatemala launched a new initiative and issued a call to mayors to name streets, squares and parks throughout Guatemala with the name "Jerusalem the capital of Israel."

Renaming a Tiquisate street
Renaming a Tiquisate street

"It is not merely ‘Jerusalem,’ of which streets throughout the world carry that name, but ‘Jerusalem the capital of Israel,’ as an official name, so that no one will have any doubts," the embassy explained.

Members of the Shalom Club, which coordinates activities of Israel's national aid arm graduates, throughout Guatemala act as ambassadors of goodwill for Israel and assisted the Israeli Embassy in persuading mayors to carry out the move.

To date, four city mayors have raised the gauntlet: Guastatoya in June, San Diego in August and Tiquisate in September. In those three cities, the Israeli ambassador to Guatemala, together with the local mayor and in the presence of hundreds of city residents, inaugurated the "Jerusalem the Capital of Israel" street.

Later in October, the ambassador will inaugurate a square named "Jerusalem the Capital of Israel” in the city of San Jose.

The embassy noted that they have received messages from other mayors who also intend to take a similar step.

"We are pleased and proud to serve in a friendly country like Guatemala, whose true friendship towards the State of Israel is felt not only on the part of the government but also by the citizens. Guatemala is thus far the only country in the world where there are streets whose official name is 'Jerusalem the capital of Israel.' We will continue to strengthen the friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries and the two peoples," the Israeli Embassy in Guatemala said in a statement


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavaaugh Covered Up Clinton,Vince Foster Promis Sofware Israel Connection

Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Covered Up Clinton,Vince Foster Promis Sofware Israel Connection

So did CIA Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson and his disinfo agent Ruddy and  

2 days ago - But the Telegraph in the UK sent over Ambrose Evans-Pritchard to cover ..... It was edited by  James Dale Davidson, an American, and William ..

The possible motive for the murder of Hillary Clinton's friend Vince Foster and ... QUINN: Now this software, which was originally called Promis, was stolen from a .... What is, how did Hillary Clinton and the Israeli Mossad and all of this come ...

NOTES OF MEETINGS/CONVERSATIONS ON INSLAW & FOSTERGATE ... key role in the illegal sale of PROMIS from his subsidiary company, Israeli Systematics. ... which include: Inslaw, the CIA, NSA,MossadVince Foster, Webster Hubbell, ... included Bill and Hillary Clinton, and former Presidents Reagan and Bush, 

PROMIS software; 2 DOJ defrauded Inslaw; 3 Wakenhut; 4 Bankruptcy .... Meanwhile, the Israeligovernment had obtained the PROMIS software from Earl Brian, and with ... Vince Foster, Webster Hubbell, and Hillary Clinton all represented ...
Missing: mossad ‎| ‎Must include: ‎mossad

Aug 14, 2018 - Associate Attorney General, and Vincent Foster, who served as Deputy ... Hubbell spearheaded the Clinton Justice Department's review of the INSLAW affair, and .... support of PROMISin international banking, according to INSLAW's ... Systematics in Israel are allegedly contractors for theIsraeli Mossad ...
He does have authority to look at the Vince Foster death, but I think only ... software, which was originally called Promis, was stolen from a company called Inslaw by .... What is, how did Hillary Clintonand the Israeli Mossad and all of this come ...
The Clinton Death List, All those wacky coincidences. ... There is a shock right at the start: The U.S. andIsraeli intelligence services ... The Inslaw case is a taboo subject, with its load of disinformation and with its gray areas .... Vince Foster, the White House attorney who was linked with Stevens and even ..... and the Mossad.
Promis Software Arkansas and Israel Mossad Rafi Eitan connection........ Promis Software - Bin ...Promis include Webster Hubbell, Hillary Clinton and the late Vince Foster. CIA lied to Congress aboutVince Foster, Barry Seal and the Inslaw .
Mar 25, 2017 - At one point during his interview of Rafi Eitan, Thomas said that ... Mossad that he viewed as more significant for Israel than everything .... INSLAW case from the time the government gave PROMIS to Israel.“ .... According to the statements of this Pentagon official, the COG planning group under Clinton was ...
Hamilton's Washington D.C.-based software firm INSLAW Inc. developed the Prosecutor's ..... Rafi Eitanand the other beneficiaries of the Trojan version of PROMIS did ... The Secret History of the Mossad”, 1999), it was Israeli intelligence officer Rafael "RafiEitan, ..... of White House legal counsel Vince Fosterin July 1993.

Margret Kopala, ‎John Budden - 2015 - ‎Business & Economics
24 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, “Appetiser Cost of Greek Exit Is €155bn for ... 43 James Dale Davidsonand William Rees-Mogg, The Great Reckoning (New York: ...
James Dale Davidson is besides being a co-author and business partner of ..... It is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard whom Clinton-haters credit with helping Jones to ...
James Dale Davidson, ‎Lord William Rees-Mogg - 1999 - ‎Business & Economics
Mastering the Transition to the Information Age James Dale Davidson, Lord ... Sir Roger Douglas; Michael Smorch; Jimmie Rogers; Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

In the latter instance, Israel's subsequent role in modifying the software with a secret ... Subsequently,Rafi Eitan would turn to British media mogul and Mossad ... In April 2001, the author was provided byInslaw with a document that goes a long ... And finally, why did Vince Foster request files on PROMISonly a handful of ...
The bottom line: Does not the U.S. Government and the Clinton White House ... Secret History of theMossad, a new book by British author Gordon Thomas. Israeli leaders knew from debriefing legendary spymaster, Rafi Eitan, that ..... Israeli official, called Ben Orr, to visit Inslaw and to receive a copy ofPROMIS in May 1983.

Jul 28, 2015 - Tuesday, August 13, 2013 The Strange Death of Vincent Foster ... of tracking bank transactions using Inslaw's PROMIS software which may have led to his down fall. ... Hillary Clintonhad an interest in the money due to her many and ..... "The Israeli Officials most tarnished by the scandal were Rafi Eitan and ...