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Trump's Wall Street:Israel,NY Times, behind privatization of Mexico's water

Story image for mexico from Forward

Israel's investment in Mexico hits all-time high at over $2 billion

Jewish Telegraphic Agency-11 hours ago
RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Israel invested over $ 2 billion in Mexico in 2016, representing the “greatest dynamism” among all other countries in ...

Grave crisis del agua de la Ciudad de México, según NYT

teleSUR TV-Feb 19, 2017
Con la escasez perpetua del agua, la Ciudad de México sigue perforando en busca de .... e Israel se encuentran “detrás de la privatización del agua en México ..

Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis

New York Times-Feb 17, 2017
Always short of waterMexico City keeps drilling deeper for more, weakening the ancient clay lake beds on which the Aztecs first built much of the city, causing it ...

Trump Wall:Israel, behind privatization of Mexico's water

I had already warned last year that the World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Israel are "behind the privatization of water in Mexico (, in which NYT collaborates, at the time with its philanthropy , Knowing the economic ruin of the neoliberal itamita Mexico in the wicked Trump Era.Alfredo Jalife

Severe water crisis in Mexico City, according to NYT 
With many reservations, because of its subliminal privatization bias, I expose the dramatic report published at the outset: Mexico City, Drying and Sinking, Facing a Water Crisis, by Michael Kimmelman (MK), The New York Times (NYT), de A series of articles dealing with climate change and "change in cities (".

Severe water crisis in Mexico City, according to NYT
NYT is very close to the defeated Hillary Clinton, promoter of the privatization of Pemex (, and to which the controversial Trump strikes of spouting "fake news".

MK argues that climate change threatens to push an overcrowded capital to its breaking point.

His nodal thesis is that the city suffers thirst and "subsidence": movement of a land surface that sinks.

The Great Drain Channel, 47 kms long, is insufficient when the water extracted from the aquifers can now end beyond the limits of the city, in Ecatepec, in one of the largest pumping stations in its length; 117 years later "the sinking continues, faster and faster. (...) With the perpetual shortage of water, Mexico City continues to drill for more, which has weakened the ancient clay beds of the lakes. "

The Ecatepec -hydraulic pump, of course-completed in 2007, was built to move 40,000 liters per second, water that now needs to be raised from where the channel has sunk (almost two meters!) And works only 30 Per cent of its capacity due to "subsidence": the channel is a pestilent river of sewage that bellows methane and sulfuric acid........

MK reports a study predicting that 10 percent of Mexicans aged 15-65 could try to migrate north as a result of high temperatures, floods and droughts that would displace millions of people and further increase political tensions over migration . Will the Trump wall allow it?

According to the Pentagon, climate change is a multiplier of threats, and Columbia University found that in areas where rainfall decreases, the risk of minor conflicts escalating to large-scale wars doubles approximately the following year.

By 2050 there will be more people living in cities than ever before, and it is predicted that three-fourths of the world's population will be urban, with 700 million climate refugees (almost 10 percent of the world's population), which is endorsed by the Christian Parenti: Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (

I had already warned last year that the World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Israel are "behind the privatization of water in Mexico (, in which NYT collaborates, at the time with its philanthropy , Knowing the economic ruin of the neoliberal itamita Mexico in the wicked Trump Era.Alfredo Jalife

Ya había advertido el año pasado que el BM, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup e Israel se encuentran “detrás de la privatización del agua en México (, en lo que colabora NYT, a destiempo con su filantropía, a sabiendas de la ruina económica del México neoliberal itamita en la aciaga Era Trump.:

World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Israel, behind privatization of Mexico's water 

In sync with the World Bank (WB), Citigroup / Banamex and Israel, the Morgan Stanley (MS) megabank is behind the disguised water privatization of the "neoliberal itamita Mexico".

MS, one of Wall Street's main financier speculators, was formed by Henri S. Morgan (grandson of JP Morgan) and Harold Stanley: former director of Shell Caribbean Petroleum Corporation and a member of the macabre secret society Bones and Skulls of The Yale University (, which shelters Ernesto Zedillo.

The cannibalistic elitist genealogy of MS has been described in the book Blue Blood and Mutiny (

Scorpiopartnership ( evaluates that MS holds 1.54 trillion dollars of assets under management: more than the GDP of the "neoliberal itamita Mexico"!

Its mega-scandals for fraudulent manipulations overlapped by Israeli-Anglo-Saxon financierism - where Madoff lacks money - according to the ACFCS (, have earned him symbolic fines.

In its operating committee highlights Jim Rosenthal, also of Yale, who distills sulfur odor and merged Citigroup's broken unit Smith Barney with MS ( How they whiten!

MS has overlaps with BlackRock - the world's largest investment bank and largest beneficiary of Pemex's ( privatization, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Clintons, the Center for New American Security and , More than anything else, the Federal Reserve Board (

The 13 Mega-Bars of Wall Street constitute a major state within the junior state in the United States, with a global reach (, whose great play as a global power unfolds its geo-financial war against Russia, China and Emerging markets / detergents (including the unfounded "Mexico neoliberal itamita").

Wall Street on Parade demonstrates the omnipotence of MS with its speculative manipulation of hydrocarbons and control of water transport from lethal fracking (

Soon we will have to get accustomed to the future securitized water in the West.

The Federal Reserve rescued (or self-rescued) MS from bankruptcy in 2008 through $ 2 trillion loans: Much more than the GDP of the devalued "neoliberal itamita Mexico"!

Wall Street megabanks "leverage" their trade deals in the futures market by a factor of 95 to one. How many times will the water be leveraged?

The Consultative Council of Water in Mexico is presided by the itamita Jesus Reyes Heroles González Garza - of race similar to the devalued Videgaray -, where they appear several cartridges burned like Gabriel Quadri, surrenderer with environmental mask that favors the transnational predation, and Alberto Baillères, connotado Zoocida (, chaired by ITAM, in favor of the dismantling of Pemex and awarded the Belisario Domínguez medal (

Before it was privatized without awards and now in the "neoliberal itamita Mexico" is privatized with honorary medals.

The only knowledge of Reyes Heroles González Garza in local / global water issues is that he only drinks it, as long as it is potable, when he seeks only to privatize it with anti-human financial financiers - financial responsibility for water management - to benefit his partner Strategic MS (

The anti-Mexican biography of Reyes Heroles González Garza is disturbing: it began the delivery of Pemex since 2001 (, former ambassador of Mexico in the US - not to say ambassador of US interests in Mexico - The patron saint of the fraudulent pollster GEA and the late IFE (in the unfortunate stage of Carlos Ugalde: his employee in the embassy in Washington), and his toxic step in the Secretary of Energy and Pemex.

Reyes Heroles González Garza embodies the "fracking of North America (sic)": a hinge of Pemex's privatizations and water, via the foul Korenfeld law ( that benefits the State of Israel.

The exploitative nepotism of the Reyes Heroles clan passes through the Tuxpan group, to which Roberto Hernandez Ramírez belongs: former orange salesman and now a star stockholder of Citigroup / Banamex, who has been accused of everything but supplying the common good.

"Bank privatization in Mexico (", by Dr. Francisco Ibarra Palafox, exposes the eschatological dispossession of the national bank, where Baillères, Hernandez Ramírez and Cabal Peniche stand out.

It is not gratuitous that Federico (brother of Jesus Reyes Heroles González Garza) is now part of the dysfunctional National Hydrocarbons Commission designed to top Pemex to the Anglo-Saxon oil companies - controlled by BlackRock, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and MS, who are at the forefront Of global water depletion via its securitization (, which has been endorsed by Newsweek (

How much will an action of the human right (sic) of the water in Wall Street be worth?

Today the Wall Street wolves and their regional / local instruments disguise themselves as sheep, as is the case of Federico, brother of Jesus Reyes Heroles González Garza, who runs the Mexican branch of Transparency (sic) International against corruption (sic) and Which serves as a corso patent to the "Tuxpan group (".

The itamita Jesús Reyes Heroles González Garza endorses the "New General Water Law (", the surreptitious Korenfeld law of Israel (, which it intends to fulfill in The human right to water entails a "cost (".

How do they reconcile cost with human right?

What will be the financial cost for the belt of misery and its irregular settlements in Mexican Bolivia: Neza, Chimalhuacán, Chalco, Ixtapaluca and Texcoco, linked to the urban aquifer desert of Iztapalapa in Mexico City?

The average cost of the rise in global water privatization, sponsored by the World Bank, has soared 400 percent.

The sociopolitical cost of water is different from that of hydrocarbons, since it is not possible to live without the vital liquid when the itamite financierist arguments about the privatization of Pemex, now in frank agony (, are The same ones that now fly the same groups of interest in reference to the privatization of the water that places to Conagua - still remotely controlled by Korenfeld Federman, whose wife Sandra Kershenobich, charges $ 5 thousand a month of aviadora in the consulate general in San Diego (http: : // -, as dysfunctional monopoly.

Soon Newsweek will also announce the auction of the meager water of the "neoliberal itamita Mexico" to favor the megabancos of Wall Street.

Pd: tomorrow, February 18, I present my book Global Water Wars: privatization and fracking, at 7 pm, at the El Sótano Bookstore, av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 209. Col. Romero de Terreros (next to Oasis Coyoacán), Mexico City. Free entry.

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Trump Brothers Praise 9/11 Money Laundering Dubai Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum and their new Golf Course

Trump Brothers Praise 9/11 Money Laundering Dubai Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum and their new Golf Course

Trump sons open Dubai golf course, praise US ally

Reuters-1 hour ago
Trump sons open Dubai golf course, praise U.S. ally ... Prime Minister and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.
Trump sons open golf club in glitzy Dubai
Kuwait Times-46 minutes ago
Trump sons open Dubai golf club, meet with Emirati elites
In-Depth-USA TODAY-1 hour ago

Both the Sheik of Dubai who has harrassed and terrorized foreign women in Dubai previosly as well as the Saud family played a role in 9/11 along with Israel who 'guarded' the Logan Boston airport where the Saudi and Egyptian Mohamed Atta are alleged to have boarded that day on September 11,2001 and the Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country facilitated the transfer of over $100,000 to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida that was cashed by Lebanese American Titan Corporation employee posing as a local businessman and owner of the local KwikCheck is the one who cashed the checks for him !

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07
28 ene. 2008 - On the other hand Titan Corp did have 'business' in Florida promoting .... the $70,000 check sent to Mohamed Atta from Dubai shortly before 9/11 at ..... Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange.

Tony Ryals's Comments | Seeking Alpha
Don't buy NASDAQ stocks or you not only support the Sheikh of Dubai but ...... of at least $175,000 to Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida just before 9/11 and the ...
 NASDAQ, 9/11:Dubai Terrorist Money Launderer Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum Jails Norwegian Woman Because She Was Raped !

political and science rhymes: NASDAQ, 9/11:Dubai Terrorist Money ...
21 jul. 2013 - NASDAQ:Dubai 9/11 Zionist Terrorist,Pervert Money Launderer Sheik .... Atta in Venice,Florida that was cashed by Lebanese American Titan ...

Watch cowardly homosexual fascist pervert W Bush do dance with sword used to behead women accused of being 'witches' by his and Dick Cheney's WTC,9/11 terrorist allies the 'Saudi king  Abdallah'and 'royals':

President Bush & The Famous Sword Dance with King Abdalla ...
Jan 19, 2008 - Uploaded by sfscorpio2
Watch Later Saudi sword dance
 حفل مدينة الرياض بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك

9/11:Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Venice terrorist ...
1 oct. 2006 - But no 9/11 Commission even asked Jeb Bush and Wally Hilliard to ... for cashing Mohamed Atta's Dubai check,in Venice,Florida,of all places !

Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splain' To Do - From The Wilderness
11 sep. 2002 - Yet on July 14, 2001 he was allowed to leave Dubai on a private jet, and there ..... of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9-11. ... 7, 2001 - Florida Governor Jeb Bush signs a two-year emergency ...
Ties Between George Bush and the alleged 9/11 terrorists. ... Osama bin Laden underwent treatment 72 days prior to 9/11 at the American Hospital in Dubai, ... Bob Graham D-Florida and other members of the House Intelligence Committee.

political and science rhymes: WTC,UAVS Or Drones::5.5 Ton Titan ...
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11 ago. 2013 - ... money sent from Dubai by Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, (currently on trial by military ... Makram Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, .... In February 2001, the jurors were told, Mohamed Atta and Marwan ..... Remember Huffman Aviation in VeniceFlorida, whereMohammad Atta, one of

wolfblitzzer0: Michele Leonhart,Titan Corp criminals control DEA - Try ... - Traducir esta página
1 may. 2012 - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other '9/11 plotters' back in court. ... also the veryKwik Check 'business' in Venice Florida mentioned in the official 9/11 Commission report that cashed Mohamed Atta's checks from Dubai while he studied or ..... Mexico,CIA,GuantanamoRendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland .


political and science rhymes: 911 Sheikh Of Dubai Moihamed Al ...
13 may. 2016 - 9/11,Israel,Dubai,NASDAQ: Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum's ... from Dubai to 911 Egyptian suspect Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida ...
9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution ... of the Kwik-Check that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check from Dubai. ..... Post to Lord Rees-Mogg's Weblog re NASDAQ,London Stock Exchange.

Mohamed Atta 's,Titan Corp 's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. ...

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25 ene. 2008 - Kwik Check in Venice,Florida that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check that came ... in Venice,Florida cashed Mohamed Atta's check from Dubai ! ..... EU,Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland 'Security' ..... Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "plunged into the anti-Soviet Afghan jihad" and ...

Sheikdom shakedown: Dubai moves on Nasdaq - Free Republic
20 sep. 2007 - 17 publicaciones - ‎11 autores
Sheikdom shakedown: Dubai moves on Nasdaq ... As a result of the transaction, Dubai also will acquire 28 percent of the London .... and tourism at its theme parks take an even worse nosedive than after 9/11. ... 13 posted on Fri Sep 21 2007 05:33:32 GMT-0700 (PDT) by Chronically aghast in Florida.

Mystery surrounds the posh Florida home linked to 9/11 terrorists - and ...
8 sep. 2011 - This home, located at 4224 Escondito Circle in Sarasota, Florida, was probed by ... Terror ties: The sprawling Florida home was linked to 9/11 hijackers ... for the first time · Incredible new rotating tower set to open in Dubai in 2020 .... is joined by daughter Ioni to ring Nasdaq closing bell in NYC Catwalk star........................

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Netanyahu to Trump: Recognize Golan Heights as part of Israel And Steal Their Oil For Rothschild,Dick Cheney,Rupert Murdoch

Netanyahu to Trump: Recognize Golan Heights as part of Israel And Steal Their Oil For Rothschild,Dick Cheney,Rupert Murdoch

Story image for israel syria golan from Jerusalem Post Israel News

Netanyahu to Trump: Recognize Golan Heights as part of Israel

Jerusalem Post Israel News-21 hours ago
The prime minister brought up the issue of the Golan both at his ... Israel has carried out limited air strikes in Syria and Netanyahu told the ...
Netanyahu Asks Trump to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty in Golan
International-Breaking Israel News-Feb 16, 2017
The Golan in Return for Iran
Opinion-Haaretz-22 hours ago

Story image for israel syria golan murdoch rothschild cheney from Center for Research on Globalization

Drilling for Oil in the Israeli-occupied Region of Syria's Golan ...

Center for Research on Globalization-Jun 25, 2016
Drilling for Oil in the Israeli-occupied Region of Syria's Golan Heights, ... But none of this bothers MurdochCheneyRothschild, and the others, ...

Rothschild'sMurdoch & Cheney Launch Massive Oil Drilling In Syria

Neon Nettle-Nov 17, 2016
Rothschild'sCheney, and Murdoch and Co have begun drilling for all in ... Israel's occupation of the GolanHeights region violates international ...
Story image for israel syria golan murdoch rothschild cheney from Consortium News

Israel Covets Golan's Water and Now Oil

Consortium News-Jun 7, 2016
Murdoch and Rothschild also sit on Genie Oil's well-connected “strategic advisory board. ... Richard Cheney; James Woolsey, former CIA Director and chairman ... Map ofSyria, showing Golan Heights in the lower left corner.
Story image for israel syria golan murdoch rothschild cheney from American Free Press

3 Responses to Israel, Top Neocons Want Syria's Oil

American Free Press-Jun 6, 2016
RothschildIsrael, the Two State Solution for Israel, Palestine is an Israeli ... What about that Bashar's father has given Golan Heights to Zionist ...

Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from The Times of Israel

Arab Israeli leader accuses Trump, Netanyahu of 'race-baiting'

The Times of Israel-Feb 12, 2017
He noted that Israel's Arab citizens constitute one-fifth of the country's population yet hold only 2.5 percent of the country's land; as well as a ...
Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from

Israel distributes 'propaganda books' in Palestinian schools 15, 2017
Palestinian citizens of Israel are the indigenous people of Palestine who ... who constitute more than 20 per cent of Israel's entire population.
Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from Green Left Weekly

Why Israel loves Trump

Green Left Weekly-Feb 3, 2017
The population of OPT remains predominantly Palestinians and ... Palestinians from “Israel proper” are Israeli citizens, but second class ones.

Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from Ynetnews

Time to decide: A Jewish Israel or an Arab Israel?

Ynetnews-Jan 25, 2017
In Qalansawe, Israeli Arab citizens built 12 homes without a permit on ... in Israel by demolishing its homes, and on the Arab population in ...
Israeli Arabs: Integration not Deprivation
The Jewish Press - 30, 2017
Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from The Times of Israel

Arab feminists fear Israel's anti-polygamy plan is opening volley in a ...

The Times of Israel-19 hours ago
Arab feminists fear Israel's anti-polygamy plan is opening volley in a war of wombs .... the Bedouin and Arab citizens,” she wrote on Twitter earlier this month. ... That is, among one population it is very, very necessary to have ...
Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from New York Times

Israel Bulldozes Democracy

New York Times-Feb 12, 2017
Arabs make up one-fifth of Israel's population, yet only 2.5 percent of the ... In southernIsrael, more than 100,000 Arab citizens face a particular ...
Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from The Hill (blog)

David Friedman is the wrong choice for US ambassador to Israel

The Hill (blog)-Jan 26, 2017
David Friedman is the wrong choice for US ambassador to Israel ... notably, attacking 20% of Israel's population (its Arab citizens) as “disloyal.”

Story image for israel palestinian citizens population from Newsweek

Donald Trump's Casual Stance on the Two-State Solution Has Got ...

Newsweek-6 hours ago
Israel's illegal construction of settlements and its forced displacement of ... legal, and societal discrimination” against Palestinian citizens of Israel. ... the indigenous Palestinian population and that treats African asylum seekers ...
Analysis: Arab states unlikely to clash with Trump over two-state ...
International-Jerusalem Post Israel News-20 hours ago
Few good alternatives to Palestinian state
Opinion-Ynetnews-Feb 15, 2017
The One-State Two-State Blues
Opinion-New York Times-15 hours ago