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Laundering Stolen Money From U.S.,Around The World Fuels Israeli Housing,Land Prices Occupation Of Palestine Land

 Israel Laundering  Stolen Money From U.S.,Around The World, For Housing And Land And Occupation Of Palestine

Ilegal settlements on Palestinian land funded by Israeli American Sheldon and other Israeli mafia in U.S.gambling,money laundering also buys U.S.politicians....

  1. Casino Tycoon Sheldon Adelson Takes $100 Million ...
    The Daily Beast
    Sep 3, 2014 - Billionaire Sheldon Adelson could put $100 million of his own cash in this year's midterm elections. Can he buy the Senate of his dreams?

Sheldon Adelson cracks open checkbook for GOP

Politico-Sep 18, 2014Share
Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has donated $10 million to a Karl Rove-backed outfit boosting Republican Senate candidates and ...

Israeli housing prices: Skyrocketing on fuel of undeclared income

Haaretz-Sep 11, 2014Share
How do people buy property for investment in Israel? Usually, using “black money” – undeclared income that they're laundering by buying 

The Oligarch Buys a War on Iran –


    Llewellyn Rockwell
    Apr 2, 2014 - Impresario: Sheldon Adelson, the Vegas-Macau casino mogul ... “Would you slink into Las Vegas to schmooze gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson who ...Israeli settlements are illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Adelson wants to install Netanyahu in the White House ...


    Apr 6, 2014 - Sheldon Adelson has Israeli bodyguards, and would install Benjamin ... I agree with (like opposing Likud, Sheldon AdelsonIsraeli settlements, etc.). .... of thegambling industry probably did a lot to cement their friendship.

Israeli housing prices: Skyrocketing on fuel of undeclared income

Tens of billions of shekels in laundered 'black money’ is pushing the real-estate market higher.

Sep. 11, 2014 
From the snowy Alps to the banks of Tel Aviv
Israelis working off-books are one thing; foreign residents are another. If once they were ascribed romantic reasons for buying dwellings in Israel, or at least they were considered to be fleeing anti-Semitism, a sober look today shows a lot of them are laundering ill-gotten gains.
Following a leak of information from Swiss banks to the American and French tax authorities, people with dodgy money began pulling it out of Switzerland – and some of that money reached the Israeli property market, according to a variety of sources. How much came is anybody’s guess, says Snir, but whispers put the amount at 8-9 billion shekels. The money was apparently transferred to Israeli banks, which quickly got itchy and advised their new clients that if the money stayed, they – the banks – would have to report it to the foreign authorities, and urged their new clients to move that money elsewhere, pronto, Snir explains.
Tamar Waldman, assistant legal adviser to the attorney general on money-laundering, says most of the ill-gotten gains spent on housing is made in Israel, but people do transfer undeclared income abroad to Israel, and some get caught trying to smuggle in cash. When asked what they meant to do with the money, some openly admit they meant to buy housing, she says.
In short, a lot of the money being used here by foreign investors isn’t kosher, sums up Lior Tabori, economic adviser to the finance minister, and hints that Israel has been turning a blind eye to the issue.

“Most nonresident investors are Jews. Israel needs to decide whether we want this money or not,” says Tabori. “On the one hand, suggestions are raised to fine them; on the other, we protect them in every way possible. When they bring money here, we don’t tell their countries of origin. We invite them to come and deposit the money here. They don’t have to report a thing. It’s time Israel made a decision if this is desirable or not.”....

  1. Sheldon Adelson Tops Asian Gaming 50 Power List

    Forbes-Sep 27, 2014Share
    (Full disclosure: I contributed several profiles to the list.) Las Vegas Sands Las Vegas Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson tops the ...

  2. Sheldon Adelson cracks open checkbook for GOP

    Politico-Sep 18, 2014
    Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has donated $10 million to a Karl Rove-backed outfit boosting Republican Senate candidates and ...

  • Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding ... › News › World news › United States

    The Guardian
    Jul 19, 2009 - Gambling with peace: how US bingo dollars are funding Israeli settlements. • California charity 'a barrier to West Bank resolution' • Millionaire's ...
  • How US Bingo Dollars are Funding Israeli Settlements

    Information Clearing House
    Gambling With Peace: How US Bingo Dollars are Funding Israeli Settlements • California charity 'a barrier to West Bank resolution' • Millionaire's foundation ...
  • Gambling with Conflict: How Settlers and a California ...

    Jun 2, 2009 - JERUSALEM–The Israeli government has repeatedly announced plans to forge ahead with plans to expand settlements in the occupied West ...
  • Gambling money finances new East Jerusalem settlement - The ...

    The Alternative Information Center
    Apr 3, 2012 - Readmore. Israel continues attacks on Jerusalem's Aqsa mosque ...Gambling money finances new East Jerusalem settlement. Created on 03 ...
  • Gambling with Conflict: How settlers control Israeli policy ...
    Jun 2, 2009 - Uploaded by Max Blumenthal
    Max Blumenthal presents a disturbing inside look at the largest annual gathering of radical Jewish settlers. A ...
  • Frank Rich scores 'East Jerusalem settlements' in knocking ...

    Apr 26, 2012 - Frank Rich scores 'East Jerusalem settlements' in knocking Irving Moskowitz's influence ... Moskowitz occupies the innermost ring of the Israel lobby, along with a few dozen other billionaires. ... Jewish gambling billionaire 34.
  • Lords of the Land: The War Over Israel's Settlements in ...
    Idith Zertal, ‎Akiva Eldar - 2014 - ‎Arab-Israeli conflict
    The War Over Israel's Settlements in the Occupied Territories, 1967-2007 ... the defense of our land in difficult circumstances, as the Israeli policy is gambling on ..

  • New homes under construction in Herzliya.
    New homes under construction in Herzliya. Photo by Ofer Vaknin

    How do people buy property for investment in Israel? Usually, using “black money” – undeclared income that they’re laundering by buying apartments for investment, according to the Tax Authority. No small amount of that money goes to paying workers under the table: An economist reports that even though the Israeli construction industry has lost about 20,000 “wet workers” going by their tax statements, or 40% of the workforce, the pace of construction hasn’t changed. As that can’t be, clearly, there’s a lot of work being done off the books.
    Top tax officials admit they’re well aware that vast sums get smuggled into the country and are subsequently laundered through real-estate transactions. Many billions of shekels have been sneaked into the property market this way, and this inundation of “black money” is one of the factors behind the jump in housing prices.
    The study by the revenues office at the Tax Authority found that between July 2012 and July 2014 about 50,000 dwellings were bought for investment purposes (i.e., not to live in). Of those, 30,000 were bought by 27,000 buyers.
    When the tax people looked at the income of the households buying these dwellings for investment, they found that in 18% of the cases they grossed no more than 7,000 shekels a month (about $1,950).
    Now remember, these are dwellings bought for investment, which means the buyers already own one home. So how can households grossing 7,000 shekels a month buy a second home? They cannot. Ergo, that 7,000 shekels is just a fraction of what the household is making, but the rest is going unreported. Or alternatively, the household is fronting for the real buyer, who has his own reasons for staying undercover and not being registered as the home’s owner.
    A similar study of property buyers from 2003 to 2012, also by the Tax Authority, found that of the 136,135 apartments bought for investment, nearly 20% were bought by people grossing no more than 7,000 shekels a month. In fact, their average monthly income was 4,093 shekels ($1,132), while the average apartment they bought cost 828,295 shekels (about $230,000).
    Ostensibly the two studies produced the same result, but there is a big difference between them: The households made much the same; but housing cost much, much more in 2012-2014 compared with 2003-2012, which means, the Tax Authority concluded, that the problem of illicit money being laundered through the property market has grown much worse.............


    NSA.U.S.Zionist War Criminal Controlled 'Government' Drops Money Laundering Charges Against Israeli Canadian War Profiteer Nathan Jacobson

    NSA.U.S.Zionist War Criminal Controlled 'Government' Drops Money Laundering Charges Against Israeli Canadian  War Profiteer Nathan Jacobson

    Nathan Jacobson, businessman with Conservative ties, succeeds in ... 15, 2014Share
    ... guilty plea for money laundering in connection with an online pharmacy. ... military and went on to make millions in Iraq, Russia and Israel

    1. Arms deal or money-laundering?

      Nigerian Tribune-Sep 27, 2014Share
      If it is money-laundering, who is doing the money laundering is not yet .... I do not consider it wise for Nigeria to engage an Israeli in an arms ...

    Canadian businessman Nathan Jacobson’s money laundering case dropped by U.S., but many questions remain

    There remain certain questions, foremost among them: Why would an innocent man confess to money laundering?..............
    Peter J. Thompson/National PostCanadian Nathan Jacobson at his Toronto office after returning home from the U.S., where, on Monday, his 2008 guilty plea to a money-laundering charge was withdrawn and he was released. Jacobson has retracted allegations against his lawyer.
    Nathan Jacobson insists he’s “just a simple kid from Winnipeg.” But nothing about him is simple. A citizen of both Canada and Israel, he’s been to many dark places — the former Soviet Union, Libya, Iraq — in pursuit of business opportunities, and, he says, matters of national security. He says he’s worked for years with senior intelligence officials from various agencies around the world, on “counter-terror and covert activities.”
    He claims to have close relations with leaders from the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency.
    He says he is friends with two of Canada’s most powerful cabinet ministers, Jason Kenney and John Baird, whom Mr. Jacobson affectionately refers to as “Rusty.” Mr. Jacobson says he has hosted the two Conservatives on trips to Israel, where he has taught them to fire automatic weapons — Uzis, Kalashnikovs, Glocks — on military and private shooting ranges. Mr. Jacobson has a large collection of firearms.
    Peter J. Thompson/NP
    Peter J. Thompson/NPThis photo of Nathan Jacobson hangs in his Toronto office.
    (A spokesman for Mr. Baird says that while the minister has met with Mr. Jacobson in Jerusalem, he has never fired a gun in Israel. Mr. Kenney’s office did not respond to the gun-shooting question.)
    Mr. Jacobson’s ties to the federal Conservatives were once so strong, he said in an interview Thursday, that a pair of cabinet ministers — whom he would not name — suggested he could be Canadian ambassador to Israel, if he wanted. He says he was encouraged to run for Parliament, as a Conservative candidate.
    But that was before his legal problems were aired in public.
    In October 2010, Mr. Jacobson flew to Nassau, Bahamas, for a secret meeting with U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials. He was in trouble, and it threatened his livelihood, his reputation and his standing in political circles, in Canada and abroad.
    Very quietly, two years earlier, he had pleaded guilty in United States District Court to one count of money laundering related to the illegal sale of pharmaceuticals via the Internet. Mr. Jacobson’s involvement was limited to the processing of payments.
    His guilty plea had remained sealed and Mr. Jacobson had not been sentenced. His secret trip to Nassau and the meeting with DOJ officials was an effort to negotiate a light sentence and discuss a possible charge reduction, perhaps to a simple misdemeanour.
    According to court documents, Mr. Jacobson claimed to have damaging information about Israeli bank executives with ties to organized crime. He would try to use it as leverage at the Nassau meeting. He wanted to avoid prison.

    Sitting beside him on the October 2010 flight from Toronto was his Canadian lawyer, Steven Skurka.
    The Nassau mission failed. Mr. Jacobson did not avoid incarceration. A series of extraordinary events, coupled with his strange behaviour and an ill-timed business trip to Myanmar that made him a fugitive, landed him in even deeper trouble. It cost him his freedom and millions of dollars in legal fees and administrative forfeiture. In the process, he and Mr. Skurka became enemies.
    Peter J. Thompson/National Post
    Peter J. Thompson/National PostA photo of Nathan Jacobson with Stephen Harper and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, which hangs in Jacobson's office. Jacobson says that a pair of Conservative cabinet ministers suggested he could be Canada's ambassador to Israel, if he wanted.
    But this week, more than six years after confessing in U.S. court to money laundering, Mr. Jacobson returned to Canada, completely exonerated. A U.S. District Court judge in San Diego on Monday granted his motion to withdraw his guilty plea, which lawyers say is exceedingly rare and remarkable. What’s more, the U.S. government agreed to drop the entire matter. Mr. Jacobson is accused of nothing.
    There remain certain questions, foremost among them: Why would an innocent man confess to money laundering?..............

    9/11,WTC, Building 7 SEC SecuritiesExchange Commision Document Destruction By Larry 'Pull It' Silverstein;Corupt Utah SEC Attorney Brent Baker

    9/11,WTC, Building 7 SEC Securities Exchange Commission Document Destruction By Larry 'Pull It' Silverstein;Corupt Utah SEC Attorney Brent Baker

    ERROR: '"Pull-It": Silverstein Slipped Up, Admitting WTC 7's ...

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    And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse. ... to demolish WTC 7 cite another excerpt in the documentary as evidence that pull-it ...

    Utah SEC Attorney Brent Baker,an insider to stock fraud and Washington,D.C. GOVERNMENT PROTECTED securities fraudsters and money launderers such as James Dale Davidson founder of Agora Inc and the NTU or National Taxpayers Union as well as Geico insurance billionaire and and Nova Star Financial stock manipulations and illegal pumpa and dumps he and Davidson as well as SEC's VBrabt Baker lyingly blamed on 'naked short selling' a completely fraudulent and made up term just happened to be passing by at the time those SEC documents were destroyed by Larry 'Pull It' Silverstein .......He seems to have cared less those documents were destroyed by Silverstein of course.......

    1. WTC,9/11:US SEC Attorney Brent Baker,Allen Stanford ...

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      3/3/2013 - WTC,9/11Stanford Hedge Antigua,Barbuda and Israel all guilty of stock ...Brent Baker ex Utah office SEC attorney is one of those who has ...

    Though Baker has called Utah home for many years, before settling here his family lived in a number of places - --- New Jersey, New York and Japan -- as his Tupperware executive father, Richard, took various posts. In the 1970s, the family came to Utah, where Brent graduated from high school and the University of Utah.
    After law school, he clerked for a federal judge then began a 14-year stint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Salt Lake City.
    Working on a case, Baker was in New York City Sept. 11, 2001, for an appointment on the 108th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Outside the Embassy Suites Hotel where he was staying, he encountered a woman who had fainted after seeing a plane crash into the north tower.
    Baker stopped to see if he could assist. Delayed by the encounter by 10 minutes, he went into the south tower lobby and got on the elevator.
    Baker said he "heard a really loud engine noise" that caused him to step back out of the elevator. Outside he saw falling debris.
    He ran, looked back to see the cloud of dust from one of the towers, and kept running, 35 blocks in all. Later, he made his way to Newark, N.J., then drove to Cincinnati and got a flight home.
    "It was really a life-changing experience," Baker said. The man he was going to see that day was killed........

  • 9/11: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Building 7 was Not ...

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    15/9/2012 - It is virtually impossible for WTC building 7 to collapse as it did with the influence of sporadic fires. This collapse HAD to be planned.
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  • ERROR: '"Pull-It": Silverstein Slipped Up, Admitting WTC 7's ...

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    And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse. ... to demolish WTC 7 cite another excerpt in the documentary as evidence that pull-it ...
  • the hidden story of Building 7: "PullingBuilding 7

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    Silverstein's pull-it remark,demolition admission,WTC 7.
  • Silverstein Spills The Beans About WTC Building 7 - YouTube

    10/11/2006 - Subido por secretagent505
    The answer to 9/11 is in building seven. ... In regards to the BBC report of the WTC 7 collapse: If that ...
  • ....................

  • 9-11 Review: Building 7

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    Building 7 was a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper that occupied a block ... by theSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Equal Employment ...
  • 9/11: The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Building 7 was Not ...

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    15/9/2012 - WTC 7 Building could not have collapsed as a result of internal fire and ..... the Securities and Exchange Commission was also one of the tenants. ... Your video has a long section in which psychologists expound on the ...
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  • SEC: No Records Whatsoever Regarding Destroyed WTC 7 ...

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    29/1/2009 - SEC: No Records Whatsoever Regarding Destroyed WTC 7 ... The following is a January 28, 2009 Freedom of Information Act reply from the U.S. Securities and ... 2001 following the collapse of World Trade Center building 7.
  • 9/11: Wall Street, SEC files lost in WTC 7 collapse

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    9/11: Wall Street, SEC files lost in WTC 7 collapse. ... conducted by the New York offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Equal Employment ...
  • 9-11 Research: Insider Trading

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    Massive insider trading indicates official complicity in the crimes of 9/11/01. ... its normal level on September 6, and 7, and trading in shares of Swiss Re was more than ... Morgan Stanley occupied 22 floors of the North Tower and Merrill Lynch had ... Shortly after the attack the SEC circulated a list of stocks to securities firms ...