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Psyco-molecular Code,Rockeller's MK Ultra Mind Control,Zuckerberg's,CIA's Facebook,Cori Bargmann and the wormok

Psyco-molecular Code,Rockeller's MK Ultra Mind Control,Zuckerberg's,CIA's Facebook,Cori Bargmann and the worm

The neuroscientist who's spending the Chan Zuckerberg $3 billion

mark zuckerberg announces baby daughters birth and major childrens initiative la monica intv wrn_00005426

Mark Zuckerberg announces baby's birth, major initiative 03:52

Story highlights

  • A neuroscientist and geneticist, Cori Bargmann built her career studying a type of roundworm
  • She was named president of $3 billion Chan Zuckerberg Science
  • The cell atlas aims to identify every cell type in the human body and its molecular components
(CNN)Hearing the words "$3 billion," most of us felt vaguely stunned, so we missed hearing what came next during Wednesday's announcement from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan. The Silicon Valley couple also introduced the world to the new president of Chan Zuckerberg Science -- now perhaps the most influential scientist on the planet.
"One of the world's most respected neuroscientists and geneticists" and a "legitimate rock star," Chan gushed from the San Francisco stage: "Great efforts take great leaders, and today we are pleased to welcome Cori Bargmann."

Cori Bargmann and the worm

"I've always been a really curious person," said Bargmann, a professor at the Rockefeller University in New York who studies the biology of the brain. "You can put anything in front of me, and I'll read it. The first time I went into a scientific laboratory and I realized that I could discover things that no one had ever discovered before, that just satisfied my curiosity in the most gratifying way. And I've never looked back."
Born in 1961, she and her family moved to Georgia when she was a child. She is married to Nobel laureate Richard Axel, a neuroscientist at Columbia University.
Cori Bargmann's new job is as president of Chan Zuckerberg Science.
The journey from Mr. Clark's 10th-grade chemistry class to her new job as president of Chan Zuckerberg Science has included a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in cancer biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Her research (PDF) has focused on Caenorhabditis elegans, a tiny, deaf and blind roundworm with just 302 neurons.
Many of the worm's genes are similar to those of mammals, and scientists can map the detailed wiring of its nervous system -- each cell-to-cell connection. This has allowed Bargmann to study how genes, the environment and experience interact to shape an animal's behavior. Ultimately, insights gained from studying the nervous system of this worm have led to some understanding of how human behavior is influenced by internal states, including stress, hunger and fear.
Along with teaching and heading a prestigious lab at Rockefeller, Bargmann recently co-chaired the National Institutes of Health committee that set the strategy for the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. All these responsibilities helped prepare her for her latest challenge.

End of the century

Bargmann's new job will be, in Chan's words, "to build out the strategy and partner with academia, biotech and engineering" to help realize the vision of the initiative. In practical terms, she will oversee a multibillion-dollar effort and work closely with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's science advisory board to support and help bring research to fruition.
Presiding over the initiative, she will act as the Science Whisperer, even if most of her colleagues approach her as a demigod. Yet what inspired Bargmann to sign on to this formidable job was the long timeframe for its ultimate goal: to "cure, prevent and manage all major diseases by the end of the century."
As Bargmann sees it, roughly 80 years till the end of the century may be needed to identify and support the basic science that will lead to transformative discoveries in medicine.
To illustrate why such a long span is necessary, she spoke of how in the 1970s and 1980s, scientists concentrated on studying viruses that infect human cells and animal cells because they thought it would be important to know, in a general way, how viruses cause disease.
"One of the viruses that was studied was the rous sarcoma virus, a virus that affects chicken," she said. Though you might think this chicken virus had nothing to do with human viruses, rous sarcoma virus was the first retrovirus to be studied. Later, in 1983, when the retrovirus known as AIDS was identified, the knowledge gained from working on a mere chicken virus enabled relatively rapid progress in developing treatments for that disease.
Bargmann said she hopes to fund similar research building blocks to serve as a foundation for understanding some of the towering issues of science.

Creating a cell atlas

So what's on her list of proposed projects for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the new "Biohub" partnership between University of California, San Francisco; Stanford; and University of California, Berkeley?
"The Chan Zuckerberg science plan is to focus on developing the technologies for making a cell atlas," she said. "We want to identify every cell type in the human body, their location, their numbers, their neighbors and their molecular components."
Essentially, creating a cell atlas is an engineering problem, said Bargmann, "just as the human genome was an engineering problem ... and putting a man on the moon was an engineering problem."
As she sees it, a cell atlas is similar in scope and in vision to the Human Genome Project, in which scientists from around the world mapped the genetic blueprint that creates a human being. Like that project, Bargmann thinks a Cell Atlas will require "a lot of different partners working together, different organizations, different funding agencies, multiple countries, extensive collaboration."
Bargmann's view that collaboration and technology are essential to solving the "next generation of challenging problems" is shared by Chan and Zuckerberg. After all, the founder of Facebook views science through a familiar lens of technology and networking.

Science networks

"Most of the big breakthroughs that have happened through the history of science are not done by a single person, but they're done by groups of scientists either working together or working separately and sharing data or building tools to push the whole field forward," Zuckerberg said during Wednesday's announcement. "If you can make those connections happen faster, then you take progress that might have taken 10 or 15 years for people to make those connections, and you make that happen now."
In selecting a science president, Chan and Zuckerberg spent the past couple of years talking to scientists all over the country, Chan explained, and that pointed them toward Bargmann.
"Mark and Priscilla have been taking this idea of going into science incredibly seriously," Bargmann said.
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Chan and Zuckerberg are "refreshing people to work with," she said, not only "open to other people's ideas" but still open to learning. Yet, there's one more important commonality between Bargmann and the couple from Silicon Valley.
"My father worked at Watson Laboratories, which was the IBM experimental computer science laboratory from 1961 to 1965 at the birth of computing," she said, adding that as the daughter of a computer scientist and statistician, she's had exposure to progressive technologies for most of her life.
Did that help Chan and Zuckerberg choose her? Bargmann said, "Absolutely not. I don't believe he knows that."

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Story image for russia syria israel from The Times of Israel

Russia: Mossad, other foreign agents killed in Aleppo strike

The Times of Israel-Sep 22, 2016
Russian state media reported that Israeli Mossad agents and other ... Iran, Syriaand Russia — were killed in the strike, according to “battlefield ...

Story image for russia syria israel from Jerusalem Post Israel News

Netanyahu explains Russia's interest in cooperating with Israel

Jerusalem Post Israel News-21 hours ago
"I think Russia has variegated interests. ... Netanyahu can offer Putin reciprocalIsraeli restraint in Syria, where Russia maintains a strategic .

U.S. Coalition Intelligence “Operations Room” Inside Syria, Destroyed by Russian Missile Attack: Thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Officials Killed, Report

U.S.-Russia-Syria 2
The US and its allies  had  established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20,  this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel.  
According to Fars News, this intelligence facility was attacked by Russiain the immediate wake of the US Air Strikes against Syrian SAA forcesat Deir Ezzor in support of the ISIS-Daesh terrorists. The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”
“The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,”
The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

The Fars report conveys the impression that the Operations Room was largely integrated by Israelis. In all likelihood, the US was “calling the shots” and the facility was coordinated by Washington’s regional allies, in close liaison with (and on behalf) of the US military and intelligence apparatus.
With the exception of the Fars report and Sputnik Arabic, this Russian attack directed against a US-led coalition intelligence facility has not made the headlines. In fact there has been a total news blackout. The accuracy of the Fars report is yet to be fully ascertained.
What is significant is that the Operations Room situated in rebel held territory in the Aleppo region is manned by the main state sponsors of ISIS Daesh and Al Qaeda inside Syria, namely the US, UK (largely involved in the air raids), plus four countries of the region: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar. The respective roles of the four regional countries relating to recruitment, training, logistics and the financing of terrorism have been amply documented.
This Operations Room (i.e Combat Information Center) in the Aleppo region as well as field operations rooms in other regions (in territories controlled by rebel forces) are in permanent liaison with the US, Israeli and allied military command and control.
We will recall that in October 2015,  Obama announced that he was dispatching US Special Forces to operate on the ground inside Syria in the alleged counterterrorism operation against ISIS-Daesh. These US Special Forces would “involve fewer than 50 Special Operations advisers, who will work with resistance forces battling the Islamic State in northern Syria but will not engage in direct combat” (WP, October 30, 2015).
They will not engage in combat, they will be involved in”advisory” activities, –i.e. both within rebel formations as well as in the field operations rooms.
In recent months (May 2016), Washington confirmed that another 250 US special forces were to be deployed on the ground in Syria. A select number of intelligence officials were no doubt assigned to the field operations rooms.
This dispatch of US special forces coincided with the influx of  thousand of newly recruited “jihadist mercenaries” who joined the ranks of the various terror formations.  “Thousands of terrorists” were reported to have crossed the Turkey-Syria border in early May 2016, to be deployed against government forces in the Aleppo region.
The Operations Room in the Aleppo region was used to coordinate actions on the ground, drone surveillance as well as air-strikes.  According to the Fars report, the intelligence personnel assigned to the US led coalition Operations Room destroyed by Russia was  involved in coordinating US and allied sponsored terrorist attacks in Aleppo and Idlib. In all likelihood, the Operations Room destroyed by Russia was also involved in the planning and implementation of the Deir Ezzor attack by the US Air force against Syrian SAA forces, carried out in the immediate wake of the Geneva ceasefire agreement.
The Syria based “Operations Rooms” were also in liaison with US and allied command as well as Special Forces on the ground (including Western military personnel hired by private mercenary companies) embedded within the various rebel terror groups including ISIS-Daesh and Al Nusra.
The existence and location of the Aleppo region Operations Room facility must have been known and (until recently) tolerated by both the Syrian government and the Russian military. And until recently no action was taken.
According to the Fars News Agency report (yet to be fully confirmed), it would appear that Moscow chose to target the Aleppo region (“semi-secret”) Operations Room in the immediate wake the Pentagon’s decision to order the USAF airstrikes against Syrian government forces involved in combating the ISIS-Daesh terrorists in Deir Ezzor.
The Russian attack against a US-NATO intelligence facility reported by Fars News Agency has not been picked up by the media, nor has it been acknowledged at the official level.
Assuming that the Fars New Report is accurate, the Russian attack against the US led coalition operations room has significant implications. Does it create a precedent? Russia attacks a US-led intelligence facility in reprisal for the Deir Ezzor attack against Syrian forces
It constitutes a potentially dangerous watershed in the evolution of the war on Syria, which should be seen within the broader context of military escalation.
Yet at the same time the Operations Room is an undeclared intelligence facility. Washington has not acknowledged it and Moscow has not provided an official confirmation of the attack. The Russian media is mum on the subject and so is Washington. Neither side has interest in making this issue public.

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Child Services Investigates Hillary Clinton's and Saudi Spy Huma Abedin's Weiner - AGAIN

Story image for hillary clinton weiner anthony from New York Daily News

Huma Abedin smiles day after new Anthony Weiner scandal revealed

New York Daily News-5 hours ago
Huma Abedin, sporting a tight smile and sunglasses, held both her son and her tongue Thursday morning. The top advisor to Hillary Clinton ...
Did Anthony Weiner homeschool a 15-year-old?
American Thinker (blog)-8 hours ago

"It raises a lot of questions about whether this is criminal behavior,” Cohen said.
Anthony Weiner sexting led to his downfall as a politician.

Anthony Weiner sexting led to his downfall as a politician.

And while the texts show Weiner was aware the girl was a high school student, Cohen said it legally doesn't matter if he knew she was 15 or not.

What Does Anthony Weiner's New Sex Scandal Mean for Hillary ...

People Magazine-Aug 30, 2016
"I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly ...
Children's Services launches Anthony Weiner probe
Highly Cited-New York Post-Aug 31, 2016
Anthony Weiner Just Couldn't Help Himself: Anatomy of an Epic ...

 Experts say police could pursue criminal charges if Anthony Weiner sent sexts to 15-year-old teen

Russia Claims Israeli Mossad Other Foreign Agents Killed In Syria Bombing

Russia Claims Israeli Mossad Other Foreign Agents Killed In Syria Bombing

Russia: Mossad, other foreign agents killed in Aleppo strike

Citing ‘battlefield sources,’ state media says its warships bombed 30 officers from Israel, Qatar and Western countries

Russian state media reported that Israeli Mossad agents and other foreign military officers were killed in Aleppo on Tuesday in a Russian missile strike
According to the Arabic-language version of Russia’s Sputnik news agency, some “30 Israeli and Western officers” died when they were hit by three Kalibr cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in a “foreign officers’ coordination operations room” in western Aleppo, near Mount Simeon.
In addition to the Mossad agents, the Russian report claimed, military officials from the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Turkey — virtually every country hated by Iran, Syria and Russia — were killed in the strike, according to “battlefield sources.”
The foreign officers were “directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib,” the Iranian Fars news reported, referring to the rebel groups that control the Syrian cities.
The Israeli government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
More than 300,000 people have been killed since Syria’s conflict erupted in March 2011 with protests calling for the ouster of President Bashar Assad.
There was meant to be a halt to the fighting around Aleppo, beginning on September 13. Despite several alleged breaches, the truce had led to calm in the city, and last week, the Syrian army announced that it would observe a freeze on fighting until midnight on September 19.
Once the Arab country’s largest city, Aleppo has been a horrific battleground since 2012, divided between government- and rebel-held areas. Over the summer, the 250,000 people living in the opposition districts endured more than 40 days under complete blockade after government forces captured all roads out of the area.
Rebel reinforcements broke a hole in the blockade in August. But in heavy bombardment over the following weeks, more than 700 civilians were killed. Syrian troops backed by Russian airstrikes retook the roads and clamped the siege back on. Then the truce came into effect, sealing both sides’ positions in place.
News agencies contributed to this report.

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NY 'Islamic Terrorist' Worked For U.S.(ISRAELI)Homeland Security Contractor Summit Security

NY 'Islamic Terrorist' Worked For U.S.(ISRAELI)Homeland Security Contractor

Summit Security is gubmint approved and gives blow jobs to top Homeland Security employees......Or dildo satisfaction for female Homeland Security Department pervs such as ex Homeland Security and now University of California president Janet Napolitano....He traveled to Pakistan and married there in the same year 2011 that he was working for government security contractor Summit Security even though he had a child from high school sweetheart in NJ.

My mistake,Rahami married a woman in and from Pakistan not Afghanistan. Nice of his Congressman  Albio Sires to facilitate his request to allow her to enter the U.S. so easily.I only wish `my`U.S. GOVERNMENT TREATED ME LIKE THAT AND INVESTIGATED MY COMPLAINTS RE AGORA INC-CIA-ISRAELI  STOCK FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING AND GOT MY MONEY BACK RATHER THAN IGNORING ME,EVEN THOUGH THE NY POST MENTIONED ME IN 2006 IN AN ARTICLE TITLED , ``CIA INC STINKS``, BY CHRISTOPHER BYRON.Of course this mention only led to an attack upon me in defense of the CIA by the NY Times and more death threats from the fraudsters the U.S.SEC PROTECTS AND AIDS AND ABETS IN THEIR STOCK FRAUDS AND CORPORATE SABOTAGE OF U.S. PUBLIC COMPANIES AND WORTHLESS ``PENNY STOCKS`` MAINLY INCORPORATED IN NEVADA.....If the U.S. SEC weren`t corrupt it could have saved billions of dollars by listening to me and probably lives such as that of Rey Rivera who was employed by DECEASED Lord William Rees-Mogg`s and James Dale Davidson's and Porter Stansberry`s CIA connected Agora Inc of Baltimore. Rivera took a mysterious 14 floor fall from Belvedere Hotel there in 2006 while employed by Agora Inc`s Stansberry and his ``Rebound Report``,one of many mail fraud ops by that criminal operation.Instead the SEC aided and abetted their ``naked short selling`` lie and ex SEC Chair Chris Cox claimed that all bank and finance stocks including those of Goldman Sachs were ``naked shorted`` when in fact even the term is a lie.

 Mr. Rahami's wife, Asia, who left the country days before the bombing, is now in the United Arab Emirates ...

Official: Wife of N.J., NYC bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami headed to U.S.
CBS News‎ - 2 hours ago
Ahmad Khan Rahami's wife – Asia Bibi Rahami – is ... FBI wants to speak with men who found bomb in New York ... New Jersey Congressman Albio Sires confirms Rahami .

...armed guard services for the Department of Homeland Security;

Summit provides world-class security and investigative solutions to federal, state and local government agencies, such as Protective Security Officer armed guard services for the Department of Homeland Security; entitlement fraud investigations and background screening for state, county and city agencies; multilevel security services for regional transportation infrastructure; and security details for government responses to natural disasters.

Summit Security:

Summit is a federal General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 84 approved security and investigative services vendor – Contract No. GS-07F-0425X – for New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico and the District of Columbia.

As per GSA contract, we staff such government agency positions as:

    Investigators and Supervising Investigators, including Multilingual
    Mystery Shoppers
    Government Compliance Monitors
    Uniformed Security Officers (Armed & Unarmed)
    Certified Fire Safety Directors
    Executive Protection Specialists
    Uniformed Aviation Traffic Officers (Unarmed)
    Shift and Site Security Supervisors (Armed & Unarmed)
    Project Managers
    Security/Risk Assessment Consultants
    Command Center Specialists



Ahmad Khan Rahami, Accused NYC Bomber, Traveled to Pakistan Undetected by U.S.
Ahmad Khan Rahami was not on terror watch lists that would’ve alerted authorities to his travel outside the United States.
09.19.16 4:12 PM ET
ELIZABETH, New Jersey — Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man arrested for this weekend’s series of bombings in New York and New Jersey, had traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan several times without detection by the U.S. government, officials told The Daily Beast.
Rahami’s travels and time spent in Pakistan are the subject of intense scrutiny by U.S. investigators who are now trying to determine whether the suspect became radicalized during his travel and what connections, if any, he may have had to foreign terrorist organizations or militants.
Rahami has made at least three and possibly four trips to Pakistan over the past 10 years, one official said. It’s not clear where he traveled within the country and particularly if he spent time in areas near the border with Afghanistan that have been the frequent target of U.S. drone strikes aimed at terrorist groups.

Rahami’s father also was in Pakistan as recently as July 2011, according to the family’s attorney, who informed a judge in a civil suit to which the elder Rahami was a plaintiff that he was not expected back in the country in time for a court proceeding the following month......

A senior U.S. official told The Daily Beast that Rahami’s oldest brother is in Pakistan now.
Two U.S. officials told The Daily Beast that Rahami was not on any U.S. government terrorist watch lists. Had he been, it’s possible that federal authorities would have been alerted if Rahami traveled outside the United States.
U.S. Rep. Albio Sires told the Bergen Record that Rahami contacted his office via email in 2014 seeking an immigrant visa for his wife in Pakistan who was 35 weeks pregnant and whose Pakistani passport had expired.......

 Here's what's known about Rahami:

Rahami was accused of stabbing one of his brothers in 2014, but a grand jury declined to indict him, despite a warning from the arresting officer that Rahami likely was "a danger to himself or others," court records show. He also was accused of violating a domestic-violence restraining order in 2012.
Rahami has a child with a woman he dated while attending high school in Edison, New  Jersey, but the two have since had a tumultuous relationship. Rahami often was hundreds of dollars in arrears in child support, and their custody case was called before a family court judge six times in five years, records show.
A judge on Tuesday granted her request for temporary full custody of the child after she went to court, citing the terror investigation.
In 2011, the woman went to court to stop Rahami's overnight visits with the child, but a judge found she hadn't provided evidence to show that their child was in danger of being taken out of the country. A judge approved a visitation agreement between the two in May 2014, ordering that the child spend Christmas and Thanksgiving with her — and the Muslim holy days Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha with Rahami.
Following the 2014 stabbing, the FBI looked into Rahami after his father expressed concern his son might be a terrorist, law enforcement officials said Tuesday. During the inquiry, the father backed away from talk of terrorism and told investigators that he simply meant his son was hanging out with the wrong crowd and acting like a thug, the officials said.
Rahami's father told reporters Tuesday that he called the FBI at the time because Rahami "was doing real bad."
William Sweeney, the FBI's assistant director in New York, said Monday that that at the time of the bombing, Rahami apparently was not on the FBI's radar.
Federal investigators said that Rahami purchased components for the bombs on eBay, and had them shipped to a business where he worked in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. They said he worked there until Sept. 12, but didn't identify the store.
Rahami had worked as an unarmed night guard for two months in 2011 at an Associated Press administrative technology office in New Jersey. At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.
AP global security chief Danny Spriggs said Rahami worked night shifts and often engaged colleagues in long political discussions, expressing sympathy for the Taliban and disdain for U.S. military action in Afghanistan. Rahami left that job in 2011 because he wanted to take a trip to Afghanistan, Spriggs said.
Customers at a fried chicken restaurant owned by Rahami's father where he had worked said his demeanor changed after taking trips overseas and he started wearing more ethnic clothing.

Rahami has made five trips overseas over the last six years, according to Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur, who was briefed by the FBI on Tuesday. MacArthur represents the district including Seaside Park.
On a trip to Pakistan in 2014, Rahami emailed his local congressman seeking help  because his pregnant wife had an expired passport.
Democratic New Jersey Rep. Albio Sires said his office wrote a letter to the U.S. embassy in Pakistan to check on the status of the case and the woman received a visa.



Wednesday, 21 September 2016


'Ahmad Khan Rahami and his brother Mohammad Khan Rahami in Pakistan' (Facebook).

One of Ahmad Khan Rahami's sisters, Aziza, 'posted material on Facebook'.
'New York bomber' Ahmad Rahami.
"She shared a post about claims that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the U.S. government as an 'inside job' with the intention of smearing Muslims.
"She shared a post with claims that the attacks were carried out by 'Israel with the agreement of many Zionists'."

If the Facebook posts are not fake, then the Rahami family know all about false flag terrorism.

Aziza posted a quote from Anwar al-Awlaki, who reportedly worked for the CIA.
Ahmad Khan Rahami's alleged journal praises Osama bin Laden, who reportedly worked for the CIA.

Manhattan bomber's journal / 'New York bomber' Ahmad Rahami.

One of the people above is Abdelhamid Abaaoud, suspected of being the 'mastermind' of the Friday 13th attack in Paris. PARIS TERRORISTS 'WORKED FOR THE SECURITY SERVICES'

Ahmad Rahami seems to have been protected by the FBI.

Ahmad Rahami's father, Mohammad Rahami Sr, says: "Two years ago (in 2014), I call the FBI.

"My son he's doing really bad, ok?
"He stab my son and hit my wife...

"But they checked it almost two months. He's ok. He's clear. He's not... terrorist."

Rahami's father called FBI 2 years / 'New York bomber' Ahmad Rahami.

A grand jury decided not to prosecute Ahmad Rahami back in 2014.

Ahmad Rahami was arrested for STABBING.

Yousef al-Khattab (above) is actually Joseph Leonard Cohen

In 2011, Ahmad Rahami was employed by Summit Security.

Manhattan bomber's journal

On 18 September 2016, five other members of the Rahami family "were pulled over and taken into custody...

"At the time, it was alleged that the five people were armed and en route to JFK Airport. 
"On 19 September 2016, those family members were released without being charged."

'New York bomber' Ahmad Rahami.

The CIA's Graham Fuller, "whose daughter married the uncle of the 'Boston Bombers', the Tsarnaevs".

"The style of bombings in Seaside Park, New Jersey and the Chelsea neighborhood remind investigators of the Boston Marathon bombings."

'New York bomber' Ahmad Rahami.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, who worked for the CIA front known as USAID, and who married a top CIA man's daughter.


Ahmad Rahami, arrested in connection with the 2016 New York and New Jersey bombings

Maria is the former partner of Ahmad Rahami.

Maria is the mother of Ahmad Rahami's daughter.

Maria says of Ahmad Rahami: 'I think he was brainwashed.' 

Maria says that Ahmad Rahami had travelled to Afghanistan.
Reportedly, Ahmad Rahami visited Karachi in 2005.
The CIA's Raymond Davis, who was allegedly organising acts of terrorism in Pakistan. Blackwater/Xe cells have been conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan
Was Ahmad Rahami forced to work for the CIA?


Ahmad Rahami allegedly praised Anwar al-Awlaki (above), who reportedly worked for the CIA.

Ahmad Khan Rahami.

On 21st October 2010, Al Qaeda's Anwar Al-Awlaki was 'invited to the Pentagon for lunch after 9 11'.

Pre-election terror attacks can sometimes hurt the party in power.

Partido Popular lost in Spain after the 2004 train bombings.
Israel's ruling Labor Party lost to Netanyahu after the 1996 Hamas attacks.
After a terror attack, the public usually turn to the party which seems more authoritarian and tougher on terrorism.
Osama bin Laden's threatening video just before the 2004 election in the U.S. helped George W Bush.


A rapper, Orlando, from a group called Party of 5ive, has offered a hip-hop homage to Ahmad Rahami's First American Fried Chicken restaurant.

Orlando says the Rahamis were so hospitable that they would allow him and his friends to host rap battles in the back of the restaurant.

Suspect's Restaurant Inspired and Hosted Rappers
 - New York Times

Ahmad Rahami may have been mind controlled, by the security services, while in prison, after being hassled by the police?

Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror / FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US / Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. - The New York Times

"Around four years ago Ahmad Rahami disappeared for a while...

"He spent over three months in the Union County Jail on 'assault charges'.

"A grand jury declined to indict Rahami on the charges. 

"He also spent a day in jail in February 2012 for allegedly violating a restraining order and another day in October 2008 for unpaid traffic tickets, an official said."

Ahmad Rahami: Fixture in Family's Business


"Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was taken into custody on the morning of 19 September 2016, in Linden, New Jersey.

"Witnesses say he was found sleeping in the entryway of a bar and the owner called the police.

"Rahami was shot in the right shoulder and taken from the scene in an ambulance."


The suspect 'Rahami' is arrested.

In the 17 September 2016 attacks in New York, the authorities appear to have a patsy.
In 2011 Ahmad Rahami and his family filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the police in Elizabeth, New Jersey had subjected the family to discrimination and false arrest.

The Rahami family claimed that the police tried to shut down their chicken restaurant, First American Fried Chicken, too early each night with 'baseless' tickets and summonses.



Reportedly, the authorities often harass Moslems before using them as patsies.
A "frequent patron" of Rahami's restaurant told The Times that Rahami "wore Western clothing, hung out on the sidewalk with friends, and often slipped his regular customers free food."

The customer also noted Rahami was obsessed with fast cars, specifically Honda Civics "custom built to race."


Ryan McCann, 33, said Rahami has been working behind the counter at his father's eatery - First American Fried Chicken - for about five years.

"He’s a very friendly guy, very Americanized."

Chelsea bombing suspect is identified.

"Authorities were able to identify Rahami with the help of a cell phone left behind with an unexploded pressure cooker found on West 27th Street."

Chelsea bombing suspect is identified Jew York Post‎
The Alt. Right are Zionists.

Harris Gordon (left) with three friends in New York
Netanyahu Knows a Pre-election Terror Attack Could Aid Trump . -

Mysterious incidents across US raise fears of terrorism; people taken into custody in New York

Trump, Like Netanyahu in 1996, Is Poised to Capitalize on Terrorism.

NYC explosion victim describes chaotic scene. - Daily Mail


Ahmad Khan Rahami: What's known about bombing suspect
15 hours ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami remained hospitalized Tuesday after a shootout ... In 2011, the woman went to court to stop Rahami's overnight visits with ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor. ... Albio Sires said his office wrote a letter to the U.S. embassy in Pakistan to check on the ...

Ahmad Khan Rahami charged with planting explosives in New York ...
21 hours ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami is being held on $5.2 million bail and is also ... Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Muslim cleric who was killed in a 2011 ... Investigators are looking into Rahami's overseas travel, including a visit to Pakistan a ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.

Bomb Suspect Vowed 'Death to Your Oppression,' Feds Say ...
2 days ago - A picture of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man believed to be ... who was killed in a 2011 drone strike and whose preaching has inspired ... Meanwhile, investigators are looking into Rahami's overseas travel, including a visit to Pakistan a ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.

Federal terrorism charges filed against Ahmad Khan Rahami in NYC ...
18 hours ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami vowed to martyr himself rather than be caught after ... was killed in a 2011 drone strike and whose preaching has inspired ... Investigators are looking into Rahami's overseas travel, including a visit to Pakistan a few ... Summit's vice president of security services, Daniel Sepulveda, said ...
1 day ago - Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, arrested following shoot-out ... On Tuesday morning, security footage emerged which appears to show ... In 2011 he spent time in Quetta, Pakistan, which is a stronghold of ...... Comment: Theresa May, prime minister of the United Kingdom, addresses the summit meeting.

The Latest: Bomb suspect worked as unarmed security guard ...
Ahmad Khan Rahami worked as a night guard for two months in 2011 at an ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor. ... The officials also said that Ahmad Khan Rahami had traveled to Pakistan in recent years.

Ahmad Khan Rahami's father contacted FBI in 2014 over terrorism ... › US News › New York and New Jersey bombings
1 day ago - Associated Press reports Rahami worked as unarmed security guard for one of its administrative offices in 2011. ... New York and New Jersey bombings: who is suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami? .... Conflicting information filtered out from friends and officials about visits by Rahami to Afghanistan or Pakistan.

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10 hours ago - AP global security chief Danny Spriggs said Rahami worked night shifts and ... /article/Ahmad-Khan-Rahami-What-s-known-about-bombing-9235861.php ... In 2011, the woman went to court to stop Rahami's overnight visits with the ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.

NYC, New Jersey bombing suspect charged with use of a weapon of ...
19 hours ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami already facing attempted charges in ... who was killed in a 2011 drone strike and whose preaching has inspired ... Meanwhile, investigators are looking into Rahami's overseas travel, including a visit to Pakistan a ... At the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor.

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10 hours ago - AP global security chief Danny Spriggs said Rahami worked night ... by the FBI shows Ahmad Khan Rahami, wanted for questioning in ... Rahami worked as an unarmed night guard for two months in 2011 at ... the time, he was employed by Summit Security, a private contractor. ... A WIFE FROM PAKISTAN.


Ahmad Khan Rahami, Accused NYC Bomber, Traveled to Pakistan ...
2 days ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami was not on terror watch lists that would've alerted authorities to his travel outside the United States.

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1 day ago - The man, Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, was charged with several crimes, .... of trips Mr. Rahami made overseas, particularly several to Pakistan.

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2 days ago - Here's everything we know about Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in ... One yearlong visit resulted in his marriage to a Pakistani woman, ...

Ahmad Khan Rahami's father contacted FBI in 2014 over terrorism ... › US News › New York and New Jersey bombings
1 day ago - New York and New Jersey terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami worked as an .... and officials about visits by Rahami to Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Ahmad Khan Rahami: New York bombings suspect arrested after ... › US News › New York
1 day ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized US citizen, taken into custody as ... Albio Sires, said Rahami contacted his office from Pakistan in 2014 ...

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2 days ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami: Bombing suspect's 'personality changed after visits to Pakistan and Afghanistan'. Officials said they were still searching ...

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2 days ago - Ahmad Khan Rahami, suspected for bombings in New York and New Jersey, reportedly travelled multiple times to Afghanistan and Pakistan in ...

Wife of Ahmad Khan Rahami left U.S. days before bombings - NY ...
1 day ago - Rahami's wife came to the U.S. from Pakistan sometime after 2014. ... Wife and mother of Ahmad Khan Rahami left the country just days before ...

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US terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami visited Taliban stronghold Quetta in Pakistan. Ahmad Khan Rahami was born in Afghanistan and majored in criminal