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Israel's Apartheid Non Semitic White Jews Vote For National Zionist (NaZi) Jewish Identity;Real Semites Need Not Apply

Israel's Apartheid Non Semitic White Jews Vote For National Zionist (NaZi) Jewish Identity;Real Semites Need Not Apply

Israeli Cabinet Backs Controversial Nationality Bill

New York Times-8 minutes ago
JERUSALEM — The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved contentious draft legislation that emphasizes Israel's Jewish character above its ...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. Credit Jim Hollander/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
JERUSALEM — The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved contentious draft legislation that emphasizes Israel’s Jewish character above its democratic nature in a move that critics said could undermine the fragile relationship with the country’s Arab minority at a time of heightened tensions.
The promotion of a so-called nationality law has long stirred fierce debate inside Israel, where opponents fear that any legislation that gives pre-eminence to Israel’s Jewishness could lead to an internal rift as well as damage Israel’s relations with Jews in other countries and with the country’s international allies.
The vote on Sunday also highlighted political fissures within the governing coalition amid increasing talk of early elections. The bill, a proposal for a basic law titled “Israel, the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” passed 14 to 6, with two centrist coalition parties opposing it. Parliament still has to approve the bill for it to become a law.
Answering critics who have questioned why such legislation is necessary 66 years after the foundation of the state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the push for legislation.
“There are many who are challenging Israel’s character as the national state of the Jewish people,” he said before the cabinet vote. “The Palestinians refuse to recognize this and there is also opposition from within.”
He added, “There are those — including those who deny our national rights — who would like to establish autonomy in the Galilee and the Negev,” referring to areas of Israel with large concentrations of Arab citizens, who make up more than 20 percent of the population..............

Cabinet approves 'Jewish state bill'
International-Jerusalem Post-6 hours ago
Israel's response to the Jerusalem synagogue attack
Opinion-Los Angeles Times-13 hours ago

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Chicago UK,Barack ObamaWhite House,Israeli Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel,Bill Ayers,Bernardine Dohrn and UK SERCO Bank Pimp Valerie Bowman Jarrett,SOS Children's Villages

Chicago UK,Barack ObamaWhite House,Israeli Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel,Bill Ayers,Bernardine Dohrn and UK SERCO Bank Pimp Valerie Bowman Jarrett,SOS Children's Villages

  • Obama's (Jewish) woman in Tehran | Rehmat's World

    Nov 6, 2012 - On November 5, Alex Fishman claimed at Israeli daily YNet that Barack Obama's senior advisor, Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born 1956), is secretly ...
  • Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett's Father-in-Law Linked to OPEC ...

    Sep 26, 2012 - Valerie Jarrett's mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, co-founded the ... “are being brutalized like savages,” he accuses the Jews of “stealing the ...
  • Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November... - Beyond Shahs ...

    Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956) is a Senior Advisor to the President of the United States and ... [5] One of her great-grandfathers was Jewish.
  • Who Controls the White House? | Who Controls America?

    _Daley Rahm I. Emanuel(Ashkenazi Jew) - Former Chief of Staff ... Valerie B. Jarrett[Bowman](Ashkenazi Jew/Negro) [3] – Senior Advisor

  • Although americanthinker is obviously a pro Israel Zionist digital rag the below can still be skimmed for some interesting fact as to CHICAGO Zionist influence in Barack Obama's or Barry Soetoro's political life in Chicago.Obviously Israeli American Chicago Mayor and Obama mentor FBI Jewish COINTELPRO terrorists  Bill Ayers  and   his wife Bernardine Dohrn.
    Not surprising that Valarie Jarrett is power power behind the Obama White House throne with not only pro Israel Zionist connections but also of course Rothschild-ean City of London connections.This also seems to be a chief requirement of influence within the Obama White House aside from pro Zionist Israeli connections which is what being a servant of the White Eastern European Jewish Zionist mafia  of the City of London is
    all about.

    The British pro ZIONIST military industrial complex of SERCO that coincidentally pre planned and held a meeting at New York's World Trade Center Twin Towers on 911 or September 11,2001 has received more U.S. goverment contracts particularly with the U.S. NAVY AND MILITARY INCLUDING WHERE THE D.C.NAVY YARD AARON ALEXIS CONTRACTOR ALLEGEDLY WENT BESERK AS WELL AS FORT HOOD THAT HAS HAD AT LEAST TWO INSIDE JOB TERRORIST INCIDENTS A WELL.
    It has only been publicity surrounding Obama $1 billion plus Obamacare giveaway to SERCO that finally led to him canceling that deal,officially,anyway and it is still not clear just how much medical data they and Israel received through the TRAITOROUS OBAMA REGIME feeled with foreign agents he han picked himself.
    BritishPetroleum has been a client and beneficiary of the Obama WHITE HOUSE AS WELL. Resident Obama has served the needs of the British Empire that he called his grandfather a 'nigger' for doing likewise,touch a degree that his pro British Empire KENYAN granfather would be jealous.And in doing so of course he serves he needs of Israel or vice versa.

    British-Canadian black female Zionist Susan Rice who lied about Moamar Gaddaffi feeding Viagra to his troops to induce them to rape their fellow Libyans was later appointed U.S.UN AMBASSADOR as her just reward and then national security advisor.She like Bill CLINTON WENT TO THE UK ON A RHODES SCHOLARSHIP EVEN THOUGH CECIL RHODES IS INFAMOUS FOR ENRIHING HIMSELF BY MONTROUS TREATMENT OF BLACK AFRICANS.She represents her husbunds Canadian oil intersts at the White House and her replacemement as UN U.S.Ambassador to the UN is NOT an American of course but ZIONIST City of London Irish born Samantha Power wife of Jewish Zionist Sunstein and City of London servant cASS sUNSTEIN WHO HAS SUGGESTD NAZI LIKE PY OPS AGAINST THOSE WHO DON'T BUY HIS AND ISRAEL'S AND THE CITY OF LONDON'S 'OFFICIAL VERSION' OF WHAT HAPPENED IN THE U.S. ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001.

    aangirfan: NAZIS AND ZIONISTS

    Jan 17, 2013 - ("Nazis sent 18 million to death camps") advertises SOS Children's Villages, so does the CIA's Dalai Lama. "I heard ...

    1. 911,Iraq,Libya:UN 'U.S.' Ambassador Samantha Power(Mrs ...

      Sep 21, 2014 - Jan 21, 2010 - Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled ... U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made the . ... Susan Rice and her husband are really at least Canadians but in realty as I have said ... Same can be said for Samantha Power's Ireland.

    Her(Valerie Bowman Jarrett) mother was a child psychologist who helped establish the Erikson Institute, which (Hillary Clinton-like) specialized in “child advocacy.” The Erikson Institute got funding from the Woods Charitable Fund. If that sounds familiar to readers here, it’s because Barack Obama and Bill Ayers eventually served together as board members at Woods.  - AmericanThinker

    46. Angelina Jolie (née Angelina Jolie Voight) [With SOS Children’s Villages named Nathalie Nozile as first Jolie Legal Fellow to protect Haiti’s vulnerable children; “Nathalie has .. unique perspective of growing up in an SOS Village .. returns to help strengthen Haitian judicial system .. a force…just wait and see”; father's side, Czechoslovak and German descent; mother's side French Canadian and Iroquois; eleven years old at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute; at 14, dropped out of acting classes; dreamed of becoming a funeral director; black clothing, purple hair; moshed with live-in boyfriend; ‘punk kid with tattoos’; "I collected knives and always had certain things around. For some reason, ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me”; estranged from father Voight who claims she has "serious mental problems"; trophy abductions of children from SOS orphanages; baby tattoos with heavy bruising show geographical coordinates detailing where her four children, three adopted, were plucked; Maddox (Cambodia); Zahara (Ethiopia); Shiloh (Namibia biological) and Pax Thien (Vietnam); ongoing corruption and extortion of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR; est. December 14, 1950)].....................

    SOS Children's Villages Mothers in China - Abel Danger
    Dec 7, 2011 - Hanne and Maurice Strong - SOS Children's Villages Mothers in China - Lesbian-Friendly Child-Trafficking - Entrapment and Extortion Service.

    Marine Links British Bankers to Pedophile SOS Groomers ...

    Aug 7, 2012 - Valerie Bowman Jarrett (nee Bowman) [Revised August 7, 2012. ... develop pedophile grooming service at SOS Children's Villages in Chicago] ..

    All in the family: Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communists

    Read more:
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    Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful figure in the White House, rivalling President Obama in the scope of her influence over the fate of the Republic. Her personal Secret Service detail attests to the importance of her role in our government – in a position that is unelected and unconfirmed by the Senate. She has served as the godmother of Barack Obama’s political and personal life, from introducing him to his future wife Michelle Robinson to integrating him into Chicago’s political machine and power structure.

    Professor Paul Kengor provides fascinating details about her background, and that of other key members of Obama’s Chicago circle, in an interview with Jamie Glazov of Front Page Magazine. The entire interview should be read, but here are some key excerpts of information that ought to receive far wider public scrutiny.
    She was born in Shiraz, Iran in November 1956, the time of the Suez crisis. She was born Valerie Bowman to American parents—Dr. James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her father was a pathologist and geneticist at a children’s hospital in Shiraz as part of a U.S. aid program to assist developing countries. The family eventually returned to America, specifically Chicago, in 1963. Her mother was a child psychologist who helped establish the Erikson Institute, which (Hillary Clinton-like) specialized in “child advocacy.” The Erikson Institute got funding from the Woods Charitable Fund. If that sounds familiar to readers here, it’s because Barack Obama and Bill Ayers eventually served together as board members at Woods.
    Now her Chicago roots are more disturbing — and indicative of her ideology. They also connect her to Obama and his ideological roots.
    Valerie’s maternal grandparents were Robert Rochon Taylor and Dorothy Taylor. Robert was the first African-American head of the Chicago Housing Authority. Dorothy, a native of Berkeley, was active in early Planned Parenthood. That’s ironic, given Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project,” her 1926 speech to a KKK rally in Silverlake, New Jersey, and her championing of racial-eugenics. Then again, Sanger’s penchant for “race improvement” has never halted liberals’ veneration of her.


    In response to a comment on the foregoing video Abel Danger replied, "Google 'virtual pedophile matrix' and see what comes up." So I did and the gaping rabbit hole became even deeper. It is a seemingly bottomless pit. I will post just a few of the things which came up in my search results below.
    I have been meaning to do some research on the worldwide SOS Children's Villages ...

    Marine Links British Bankers to Pedophile SOS Groomers and Jarrett's Women and Girls

    August 7, 2012
    United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the British Bankers’ Association to the sponsors of ‘Mothers’ at SOS Children’s Villages in a matrix of pedophile groomers spread across over 134 countries, allegedly directed by Valerie Jarrett, the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls.
    McConnell claims the British Bankers’ Association agents hired Jarrett to develop SOS Children’s Villages in Illinois into pedophile grooming centers where entrapped clients could be forced to participate in a global BBA Libor Minus Sex Per Cent protection racket.......................

    Valerie Bowman Jarrett (nee Bowman) [Revised August 7, 2012. Matrix 5 advisor to the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle POTUS 44, Barack Obama; she is the Chair of Obama’s allegedly extorted White House Council on Women and Girls; she was allegedly hired by British Bankers’ Association to organize ‘Mothers’ at SOS Children’s Villages into a matrix of pedophile groomers in over 134 countries; she allegedly developed SOS Children’s Villages in Illinois into pedophile grooming centers where entrapped clients are forced to participate in the global BBA’s Libor Minus Sex Per Cent protection racket; she is a former member of the allegedly extorted board of the Chicago Stock Exchange (2000–2007, as Chairman, 2004–2007); she is senior advisor to Obama for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs; she is the former co-chairperson of Obama-Biden Transition Project and therefore co-sponsor with same-sex extortionists, Kristine Marcy and Lena Trudeau of the NAPA Matrix 5 RICO community; she was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman; when she was five, the family moved to London for one year, returning to Chicago in 1963; her mother, Barbara T. Bowman was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute to provide advanced knowledge in child development for teachers and other professionals working with young children; as a child she spoke Persian and French; she was married in 1983 to Dr. William Robert Jarrett, son of Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett a pedophile (?) buddy of Obama’s pedophile mentor, Frank Marshall Davis; former Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development working for Chicago Mayor Harold Washington; former Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard Daley during which time (1991) she hired Michelle Robinson, then engaged to Barack Obama, away from Sidley Austin where they were mentored by terrorist boss Bernardine Dohrn; former Commissioner of Department of Planning and Development from 1992 through 1995; she was the former Chair of the Chicago Transit Board from 1995 to 2005; she was the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago Medical Center; former Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago; she was one of three Senior Advisors to President Obama; she holds the re-titled position of Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, managing the White House Office of Public Engagement, the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Urban Affairs and the White House Office of Olympic, Paralympic, and Youth Sport]"
    “[Spoliation inference BBA agents have used Valerie Jarrett’s White House connections to develop pedophile grooming service at SOS Children’s Villages in Chicago] CNDA Ceremony Celebrates 'New Beginnings' The 15th annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards came at a difficult time for the nation – but a time of optimism that cities in general and Chicago in particular will receive renewed attention under the Obama Administration. CNDA featured a Friend of the Neighborhoods Award for longtime Chicago urban policy powerhouse Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama, assistant to the president for intergovernmental relations and public liaison. She appeared via video hook-up to accept the award, given to an individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to Chicago’s neighborhoods and to the field of development in general. Jarrett's work as an attorney, a deputy chief of staff, the Commissioner of Planning and Development, Chairman of the CTA and CEO of The Habitat Company has touched virtually every community in Chicago. With her leadership as a member of numerous boards, including both the Chicago and National LISC boards, the University of Chicago and the Chicago Stock Exchange, it is no surprise that her guiding hand has helped the nation elect our first Chicago-rooted, community organizing President. The ceremony began with a return appearance from The Second City, which also kicked off last year’s ceremony. Their act touched on themes like the presidential transition, the Burnham Plan centennial, the 2016 Olympics bid, and a new era for Chicago more broadly, Goldstein says. Major co-sponsors of the event, along with LISC/Chicago, included Bank of America [BBA agent], The Chicago Community Trust, Harris Bank, Northern Trust [BBA agent], Charter One, Citibank [BBA Libor panel bank], The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, Chase [JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase, is a BBA Libor panel bank and a BBA board member with allegedly extorted executives at Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered], Community Investment Corporation, NationalCity, and State Farm Insurance. … The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Outstanding Non-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project, given to a non-profit community organization for a real estate project that meets community needs, involved local residents in the planning process, overcame obstacles and demonstrated creativity in its design and financing. This year's winner is SOS Children’s Villages Lavezzorio Community Center, added to the Villages’ twelve single-family homes and four duplexes to make its complex serve not only residents of the Village, but also members of the surrounding community. The inviting, colorful facility offers case management and counseling services as well as child care, after-school care programs, a computer laboratory and job training assistance to those who live in the Children’s Village and all of Auburn Gresham.”
    “The BBA is governed by the Board, which meets 4 times per year and comprises the BBA Chief Executive and the Chief Executives of the largest banks operating in the UK, both retail, wholesale and from overseas. The Board represents the whole of the BBA membership. In addition to this the BBA Council meets twice yearly.
    The BBA Board is made up of senior executives from:
    Barclays Bank plc
    BNP Paribas
    Citibank NA
    Credit Suisse
    Deutsche Bank AG
    Hampshire Trust plc
    HSBC Bank plc
    J.P. Morgan Europe Limited
    Lloyds Banking Group
    Santander UK plc
    Standard Chartered Bank
    The Royal Bank of Scotland plc”
    “[Spoliation inference that Jarrett, Obama and BBA agents are throwing Standard Chartered executives under the money-laundering bus to decoy attention from pedophile grooming for the global BBA’s Libor Minus Sex Per Cent protection racket] (Reuters) - A New York bank regulator's broadside against Standard Chartered Plc over transactions tied to Iran left investors and the bank questioning the action, which on Tuesday wiped $17 billion off the bank's value. The White House signaled its strong interest in the case, saying the U.S. government takes alleged violations of economic sanctions "extremely seriously." London-based Standard Chartered said it has been in talks with U.S. authorities over its Iran transactions since early 2010 and said the public accusations by New York came as a shock. The state's banking regulator, Benjamin Lawsky, called Standard Chartered a "rogue institution" and threatened to revoke its state banking license on Monday. Lawsky, head of the state's Department of Financial Services, accused the bank of hiding 60,000 secret transactions worth $250 billion over nearly a decade. The transactions generated hundreds of millions of dollars in fees, Lawsky said. Chief Executive Peter Sands scrambled back from vacation to help the bank plan a defense and limit damage to its reputation.”
    “[Spoliation inference that BBA agents at Standard Chartered in Jakarta hired Obama’s transgendered nanny to groom the 8-10 year-old child as a pedophile entrapment expert in the late ‘60s launched SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia in the early ‘70s as an institutionalized continuation of pedophile grooming of one of its citizens Barry Soetoro] Standard Chartered Inaugurates Three New Branches in Jakarta with further network expansion plans ahead Opened 10 new branches in 8 months to serve Indonesian customers in 8 cities JAKARTA, 11 February 2011 – Standard Chartered, the London-based international bank that has been in Indonesia for 148 years, announced the addition of 3 new branches to its existing branch network through the inauguration of three new branch offices in Jakarta today. All three new branch offices are located in major business district areas including Kuningan, Gajah Mada, and Permata Hijau. The new branches are positioned to cater for the diverse financial services requirements with focus on retail and affluent segments. The opening of the branches coincides with the launch of the Bank’s customer service initiative, “Service Is My Passion”, which spells out the customer service commitment of the Bank and the promise to excel in this space. At the first of three new branch opening ceremonies in Jakarta today, Standard Chartered Indonesia Chief Executive Officer Tom Aaker, said: “When we started our first operational activity back in the old town of Jakarta in 1863, we already aimed to be part of Indonesia’s development in many years. Time passed quickly, and now we are proud to be able to serve many Indonesian customers in eight major cities.”
    “HSBC has a mulit-year global partnership with SOS Children's Villages, improving the lives of thousands of SOS children worlwide. In the US, HSBC has provided financial support to foster children of SOS Florida and SOS Illinois. HSBC also was a major sponsor of the 60th Anniversary of SOS that was held at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC., hosted by SOS Jordan Ambassador, Her Majesty Queen Noor. In March 2011, HSBC announced that SOS Children’s Villages would once more be a major partner in “Future First," the bank's flagship global education program that will tackle child poverty through education projects.”
    “[Spoliation inference that BBA agents at HSBC launched SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia in the early ‘70s as an institutionalized continuation of pedophile grooming of one of its citizens Barry Soetoro] HSBC has apologised for "shameful" systems breakdowns that failed to stop the bank from laundering money for terrorists and drug barons as it set aside $700m (£445m) for potential fines in the US and another $1.3bn for mis-selling financial products in the UK. The bank insisted that those responsible for the rule breaches in the US and Mexico had left the business and that bonuses had been clawed back from staff who allowed billions of illegal dollars to be funnelled through the financial system. Given that clawback has only been possible since 2010, attention focused on former chief executive Michael Geoghegan and Sandy Flockhart, the former boss of Mexican operations, who left this month due to ill health, as likely candidates for clawback. Other bonuses have been cut.”
    “[Spoliation inference that BBA agents at HSBC launched SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia in the early ‘70s as an institutionalized continuation of pedophile grooming of one of its citizens Barry Soetoro] HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services group in the world, with a network which spans across 85 countries and diverse 296,000 work force all over the world. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, HSBC seek to find the world's potentials through 7,200 offices in both established and emerging markets. HSBC is acknowledged as the world's leading international bank. HSBC has a very long history in Indonesia. It has been operating in Indonesia since 1884 in Jakarta (formerly known as Batavia). It initially served the important sugar trade and then expanded to Semarang and Surabaya. However, the bank faced obstacles along the way as the bank was forced to close operation during World War II and in the mid 1960s. However, HSBC was granted with a new banking license in 1968, and the bank has remain steady ever since. Now HSBC served its customer in Indonesia through 49 branches inclusive of 5 HSBC Amanah branches, in 6 major cities across Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Batam and Medan. Our services is supported by more than 3,000 employees, today HSBC Indonesia has grown into Indonesia's leading international bank, offering wide range of services in retail banking and wealth management, corporate and investment banking, institutional banking, treasury capital markets and Syariah banking services.”
    “[Spoliation inference that BBA agents at Standard Chartered launched SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia in the early ‘70s as an institutionalized continuation of pedophile grooming of one of its citizens Barry Soetoro Standard Chartered executives under the money-laundering bus to decoy attention from pedophile grooming for the global BBA’s Libor Minus Sex Per Cent protection racket] SOS Children's Villages has been present in Indonesia since the early 1970s, when it started working in Lembang, near Bandung on West Java. The work of our organisation has adapted to the changing needs of the people of Indonesia; in some areas emergency relief programmes were set up as a response to natural disasters or armed conflict. Many of these have led to more permanent support, and SOS Children's Villages now supports children, young people and families in eight locations throughout the island state. At present there are eight SOS Children's Villages in Indonesia, eight SOS Youth Facilities, eight SOS Kindergartens, one SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, two SOS Vocational Training Centre, eight SOS Social Centres and eight Family Strengthening Programmes. … Situation of the children in Indonesia There are 74.4 million children under the age of 18. Despite recent improvements, many children continue to face hardships. Due to the economic situation of their families, some children have to leave school and go to work. It is estimated that around seven per cent of children between the ages of five and 14 are involved in child labour. Children work in all sectors, often under unfavourable conditions, and most do not attend school. Child domestic workers are often found in middle class households in urban areas. Other working children can be found begging, cleaning cars or selling merchandise on the streets. Although it is difficult to know exactly how many children are involved in prostitution, it is believed to mostly affect girls from poorer families or those who have run away from their families. The number of child marriages is relatively high with over one fifth of children being married early; this figure increases to 30 per cent in rural areas. Many of these marriages end in divorce. Girls who cannot return to their families of origin often turn to prostitution to make a living. … Young children can be looked after in the SOS Kindergartens, older children in Lembang can attend the SOS Hermann Gmeiner school and young adults can live in special houses where they are supported by professionals. The SOS Social Centres provide health counselling and vital support to families in the community through the SOS Family Strengthening Programmes; working in collaboration with local agencies, they assist families with income generation, parental skills or legal support to allow them to stay together. When children can no longer stay with their families, they are cared for by their SOS mothers in one of the SOS families.”
    More to follow.
    This was the only comment on that article but an extremely important one to note:
    Very concerned to read in Inside Housing (an oline trade rag) that 350 children whose parents (single mothers mostly) are tenants of Peabody Estates were taken to Michelle Obama's Private Residence in London recently by Peabody officials. The pederastic entrapment and grooming programme has burst into everyday life; targetting those in social housing. They are ramping up the volume, whilst Me-Jah! confuse public perceptions with insider type of operation involving the latest 'Maddy' case developing of 12 year old Tia Sharp who went missing on Friday 3rd. The codes were there in the first Press Release but people are blind, gushing sick sentimentality and being traumatised in the process. Plenty of games fixing going on and I strongly suspect the 'missing 7 Camaroons' and 'disqualified' Family Man Collins and family have been sacrificed at one of their after hours Olympic Village orgies.
    Peabody Estates
    We have homes available right across London, whether you're looking to rent or buy or are eligible for social housing.

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    In Chicago, Jarrett’s family joined a circle with some other interesting characters:
    Frank Marshall Davis was an African-American born in Kansas in 1905 who eventually moved to Chicago and joined Communist Party USA. Notably, he joined the party after the signing of the Hitler-Stalin Pact, a time when many American communists, particularly Jewish-American communists, left the party. They left because Stalin’s signing of the pact facilitated and enabled Hitler’s invasion of Poland and start of World War II. Frank Marshall Davis, however, was undeterred. He joined after the pact
    Worse, Davis, in Chicago, worked for one of the most egregious communist fronts in the history of this country: the American Peace Mobilization. Congress called the American Peace Mobilization “one of the most notorious and blatantly communist fronts ever organized in this country” and “one of the most seditious organizations which ever operated in the United States.” The group’s objective was to stop the United States from entering the war against Hitler—again, because Hitler and Stalin were allies. American communists were allows loyal Soviet patriots. They literally swore allegiance to the USSR and its line.
    In my book Dupes, I publish the original Soviet Comintern document acknowledging that the American Peace Mobilization was founded on the Comintern’s initiative in Chicago in September 1940. There, the Comintern and Communist Party USA attempted to organize a coalition of leftists and “progressives” who would keep America out of the war and out of any support for Britain or anyone opposing Hitler and Stalin—who, again, were allies.
    Okay, how does this involve Valerie Jarrett? Jarrett’s grandfather, Robert Taylor, was involved with the American Peace Mobilization, as was Frank Marshall Davis.
    Taylor also served with Davis on another communist front, the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, whose members masqueraded as civil-rights crusading “progressives.” The two served on the board together.
    And there’s more. Valerie Jarrett has additional family roots in these things. Both Taylor (Jarrett’s grandfather) and Frank Marshall Davis—who would one day meet and become a mentor to a young Barack Obama in Hawaii in the 1970s—would have often encountered another politically active Chicagoan, Vernon Jarrett. In fact, Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis worked together on the very small publicity team (a handful of people) of the communist-controlled Packinghouse Workers Union.
    Who was Vernon Jarrett? He would one day become Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law.
    So, to sum up, Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, worked with the literal relatives of Valerie Jarrett—her grandfather and future father-in-law—in Chicago’s Communist Party circles in the 1940s.
    Now all of this is obviously pure coincidence. To suggest otherwise would result in being branded a conspiracy theorist. Professor Kengor studiously avoids suggesting any such thing, and sticks to the facts. Because everyone knows there was never a communist conspiracy. And Barack Obama’s life story is completely transparent.

    Read more:
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    Resident Obama Signs Secret Agreement To ExTEND U.S.Troops In Afghanistan;U.S. Bombs In Syria Kill Civilians;Biden Booed In Turkey

    Resident Obama Signs Secret Agreement To ExTEND U.S.Troops In Afghanistan

    FILE - U.U.S. Marines prepare to depart at the end of operations for Marines and British combat troops in Helmand, Afghanistan, Oct. 27, 2014.

    Report: Obama Broadens US Combat Role in Afghanistan

    The New York Times says resident Barack Obama has signed a classified order extending the role of US troops in Afghanistan for another year More

    Smoke rises over the Syrian city of Kobani, following a US led coalition airstrike, seen from outside Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border Monday, Nov. 10, 2014. Kobani, also known as Ayn Arab, and its surrounding areas, has been under assault by extremists

    US-Led Airstrikes in Syria Kill Over 900: Monitoring Group

    British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the toll includes more than 50 civilians, five of them women and eight of them children More

    VOA News
    A leading U.S. newspaper says U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a classified order extending the role of U.S. troops in Afghanistan for another year.
    The New York Times said in a report posted late Friday on its website the order "ensures" American troops will have "a direct role in fighting in the war-ravaged country for at least another year."   
    Obama had said earlier this year the U.S. military would not have a combat role in Afghanistan in 2015. He had said the 9,800 remaining troops in Afghanistan would be limited to training Afghan troops and searching for members of al-Qaida.........................................

    'Biden, get out': Protesters heckle VP in Turkey

    USA TODAY - ‎50 minutes ago‎
    WASHINGTON - Vice President Biden announced in Istanbul on Saturday that the U.S. will provide nearly $135 million in additional humanitarian aid to help feed civilians affected by the ongoing war in Syria.