Sunday, January 29, 2012

CIA George Tenet and VeteransToday Connected Money Launderer Gordon Duff Complains of Washington D.C. Insider Trading...He is one !

Paradoxical that Gordon Duff knows so well the corruption he condemns
because as a Beltway insider and admitted associate of 911 cover up
artist and major stock fraud money launderer,ex CIA Chief George
Tenet,Gordon Duff is part of the same corruption he pretends to
condemn.His buddy CIA Tenet is connected to the money launderers of
Agora Inc Baltimiore whose employee Rey Rivera took an unexplained 14
foot fall from Belvedere Hotel Baltimore in 2006 after the scandal of
his name being connected to Agora Inc stock criminal and gold touter
Porter Stansberry.James Dale Davidson who started the Clinton killed
Vince Foster rumor was the founder of Agora and has ties to the
highest level of far right fascists from Washington,D.C. to the UK and
Lord William Rees Mogg and the Rothschild crime family.
Although my second link below might indicate that I am a supporter or
fan of Julian Assange that is not the case.I believe Duff and Agora
Inc.'s Lila Rajiva were running a dirty tricks campaign against the
corrupt Assange for the very reason that he had obtained enough data
on their far right stock shares money laundering pals and Swiss and
offshore accounts that made him dangerous to them.Thus the million
dollar book offer from Rupert Murdoch and the fact that in the end
rather than exposing the Zionists that Duff and Rajiva and Agora and
Tenet are intimately connected with in the U.S.,UK,Israel and
elsewhere Assange in the end made the most outrageous claim that
Indian billionaires were the most significant Swiss and international
money launderers.And thus their psy ops against Assange ended in a
Assange's new 'job' at Russia Today just shows how the far right elite
have penetreated Russia as well and the Rothschild crime family of
which Duff appears to be allied with it's non Semitic white  Jewish
billionaires control Russian media just as they control BBC,Al
Jazeera,CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC and Murdoch's disinfo 'news' agency in the UK
and U.S.such as London Times,Fox,WSJ,etc.,etc. And Duff is allied with
them as sure as he is allied to the Zionists he would have us believe
he wishes to throw Molotov cocktails at.......

WTC,,9/11,Logan Airport Boston,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad
Atzmon,Gordon Duff,Menachem Atzmon, ICTS International
Julian Assange,Wikileaks:Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff is A
CIA,George Tenet Prostitute,So is Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva

Below is from personal email to me where Gordon Duff first disclosed his relationship to ex CIA
Terrorist and stock shres money launderer George Tenet who founded the CIA's In-Q-Tel for that purpose pre to 9/11/01.I thought I posted our entire email communication but perhaps not.Will do so soon.Duff has since ackknowledged wht he told me in private on his own fraudulent VeteransToday website.The '10 b' means ten billion dollars a lot of money for a retired low ranking military officer.
When he says ' some of your characters were involved',he means people who defrauded me in a penny stock scam with Stanford University connections called Endovasc that probably includes Beltway banker David P Summers and almost certainly a Mr.Bud Burrell of Arizona who has thrweatened my life and has connections to high ranking ex FBI officer who helped cover up 1993 WTC bombing and worked with him in a fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim with deaceased billionaire  Houston attorney
John O'Quinn and Wes Christian. Also his threat to me was posted on now closed website of Geico billionaire son Patrick Byrne of the stock fraud operation who in turn bribed ex Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to lie about shares being 'naked shorted',a term made up by Beltway m,oney launderer with Bush and Clinton ties named James Dale Davidson.....

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:29 PM,  <> wrote:

 I am having a bit of an out of body experience from this.  I went through a
 short sell issue with 4ccontrols a couple of years ago.  we dropped maybe

 some of your characters were involved.

 odd invited to see the pope..

 which, as you know..makes no sense whatsoever.

 g Gordon (Duff, Veterans Today editor)

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