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9/11,Sandy Hook,Newtown CT.,Rob,Emilie Parker,Dylan,Ian Hockley, IBM Serco Hampshire UK,U.S.Homeland Security, 9/11,7/7/05

Sandy Hook,Newtown  CT.,Rob,Emilie Parker,Dylan,Ian Hockley, IBM Serco Hampshire UK,U.S.Homeland Security  

(Serco CEO Christopher Rajendran) Hyman's life changed when he found himself in the World Trade Centre on 9/11. He does not want much of this "traumatic" experience to appear in print but admits it made him, a workaholic who sleeps for only a few hours a night, want to spend more time with his family. "I decided to do things that previously I'd thought a bit naff, like taking my wife's birthday off to go shopping. I mean, how naff is that?''.........


Robbie Parker father of                                              
                                               Emilie Parker RIP                   Robbie Parker Forgives

If this Provo Utah Department of Defense employee named and looking like Rob Parker of Sandy Hook is the same person then he has a lot of explaining to do.Robbie Parker aleged father of Emilie who died at Sandy Hook  does not appear to be at least directly to Serco but his apparent employment with SpotterRF radar technology makes defense or military government employment even more suspect in light of all the possible U.S.government links to Sandy Hook such as similar terrorist drill being conducted nearby that very day.Ian Hockley,father of allegedly killed son Dylan on he other hand has a closer known connection with British government military and prison agency Serco by way of his emploment in Hamphire England with IBM that also has a branch in Hamphire as well as business ties with Serco.
Homeland Security and U.S.military are most likely clients to SpotterRF as well as any of Serco's fascist mlitary or social engineeering and control -technologies'.And it must not be forgotten that even First Selectman   of Woodbury,Connecticut,Gerald Stomski  who advised Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung on school security before her death or disapearance also has dreams and patents for entering a similar line of security business.

First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski

Robby Parker CSSBB

Robby Parker CSSBB

Quality Assurance Engineer at SpotterRF
Provo, Utah Area 
Departamento de defensa y del espacio exterior

Robby Parker CSSBB's Experience

Quality Assurance Engineer


Public Company; 11-50 employees; Defense & Space industry
May 2010Present (2 years 10 months)

Software Engineering Intern


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; HPQ; Information Technology and Services industry
May 2009August 2009 (4 months) Bengaluru Area, India

Thai Language Instructor

Missionary Training Center

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry
August 2006April 2009 (2 years 9 months) Provo, Utah Area


Sandy Hook Conspiracy - Freemason CTChip - Robbie Parker - New
Sandy Hook Conspiracy - Freemason CTChip - Robbie Parker - SpotterRF - SERCO - SATAN! ... Debunking Myself Robert Parker Serco - (Chrissy Sumer re-upload) ...Department Of Homeland Security Makes Targets Of Americans .... happens to look exactly like the Mormon in utah that works for Defence and Space which ...

Is CNN:s Anderson Cooper sending a coded OWL-message? | Hela ...
Jan 27, 2013 – Foto: A man named Robert Parker works for SpotterRF: "Radar for an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for ...

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Presumably there is no relation between Robbie Parker of Provo,Utah and Sandy Hook and Robert Parker of the American unit of the British Serco military/prison complex at link below except for the fact that both live from parasitising the U.S.government and its military industrial complex and the Amerivan populce tht is forced to sustain it with debt.

Robert Parker | Serco North America | Email, Senior Information ...
Robert Parker is the Senior Information Technology Analyst III of Serco North America. Lead411's profile includes an email address,, linkedin, ...


Pile Maker: SERCO = English Halliburton or Worse?
Oct 4, 2010 – Couldn't embed this one: If you've come this far, you deserve a cartoon!

What ever is the NSA doing outsourcing national security when returning veterans and decent Americans cant't even find work  !?  The U.S.has been taken not only by Israeli Zionists but by their elite British partners in international arms,drugs,   and financial crimes.Serco serves  the interests of BP and Royal Dutch Shell and both Holland or the Netherlands and the UK continue to protect and collude with the Israeli government terrorists  ICTS International  of 9/11/01 infamy who allowed flights 11 and 175 to take off from Logan Airport Boston and allegedly hit the WTC ! The U.S.should halt all military contracts to purchase BP fuel and investigate the UK's penetration of U.S.intelligence and military and government.Barack Obama as well as his Republican allies are all the real traitors and part of the terrorism not the solution.

  1. SI International/Serco | Crocodyl
    Nov 16, 2009 – SI International, Inc. of McLean, Va., is a key NSA contractor now owned by Serco Inc. of the UK, the world's largest outsourcing company.

  1. Loxton lets Grosvenor House offices, Redditch to Serco - Property ... › Latest News
    Jan 23, 2013 – Fast expanding Serco Healthcare have taken a six year lease on a 6,300 sq ... Ian Parker, Partner at John Truslove Surveyors who negotiated the deal for ...Hollis Hockley achieves 100% letting on Hatch Warren Farm offices, ...
  2. USA - Serco › Home › Geographical Regions › Americas
    Sep 23, 2012 – Serco's history and market presence has helped enable the Institute to build up a broad range of material on the US ... Hockley, Tony, and Nieto, Daniel, 2004.... Ball, Ian; Dale, Tony; Eggers, William D; Sacco, John, 1999 ...

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    27 Nov 2012 ... Serco and G4S making a killing by British outsourcing craze ... Serco said: “All
    our contracts have been awarded following competitions ...
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    The Military Beast Series - Serco Group is a government services company based in Hook ...

Serco Group - RationalWiki

Serco Group controls time.... - Cached 
1 Mar 2012 ... Serco also has the contract to control the setting Greenwich Mean Time. Not bad
for a company established in 1929 as the subsidiary of the ...Serco also 'controls' prison,military and civilian safety or lack thereof.......

Serco Group PLC, SRP:LSE company performance -
Get latest Serco Group PLC (SRP:LSE) share price including interactive charts, historical prices, comparative analysis, forecasts, business profile and more.

Sandy Hook massacre: Tragic letter by British victim Dylan Hockley ...
Dec 16, 2012 – Ian and Nicole Hockley lived close to house Lanza shared with his ....Peter Missen, 55, who worked with Ian at IBM in Hursley, Hampshire, for ...

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Jan 4, 2013 - Uploaded by thepaulstalservice
RIP Victoria Soto Facebook  Page - December 10th, Since Removed from Internet. Page created 4 DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING!

UK police will be allowed to confiscate material from journalists
2013 02 15
Police are set to be given new powers to seize confidential material from journalists. In a worrying blow to Press freedom, the changes may also mean journalists will be forced to identify whistleblowers to the police. Critics said the Home Office proposals, which follow recommendations made by Lord Justice Leveson, would undermine investigative journalism and free speech. It is feared that the changes ...

SI International/Serco | Crocodyl
Nov 16, 2009 – SI International, Inc. of McLean, Va., is a key NSA contractor now owned by Serco Inc. of the UK, the world's largest outsourcing company.


Note coincidentally that Ian Hockley is from the same UK ,Hampshire county ,where the Mormon Rob  Parker's, (who couldn't stop laughing about the death of his daughter Emilie who he conveniently opened a memorial fund for himself about as soon or sooner than the public or news media even knew that she was dead !) ,employers of Serco are headquarted in the UK.Just another coincidence['m sure.Wbat a 'British Services Company' is doing in America over ten years after 911 that was caused by foreign security failures of the Israelis of ICTS International and the Securacom scam of Marvin Bush and the Kuwait Al Sabah royalty in the first and being funded by Zionist  Homeland Security among others in the first place  ?

Marine Links Bankers Front-Running Broker, Serco Clock to Cameron Libor Underground Bombs

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the British Bankers’ front-running stockbroker’s (Panmure Gordon) Serco clock to David Cameron and his late father Ian Cameron to synchronized short-selling orders a few milliseconds before Serco insiders transmitted the simultaneous trigger signals which detonated London Underground bombs during a simulated (?) spread-bet training exercise on 7/7/2005.

McConnell notes Serco’s banker HSBC – founded by David Cameron’s great, great grandfather, Sir Ewen, to fund the opium trade – is a Libor panel user of Nortel’s Entrust PKI and Serco clock technologies needed to front run the international capital markets before they respond to synchronized acts of sabotage, assassination and deception. 



Dylan Hockley: How mother of British victim fell in love with ...
Dec 15, 2012 – Lost joy: Nicole and Ian Hockley with their son Dylan, left, who was killed in the ... And in a poignant interview with the local newspaper in Newtown, ...Hampshire, with her husband Ian for 18 years until the family moved to ...



Besides the Hamphire UK origens of Dylan Hockley's father Ian Hockley who claims his son was killed in Sandy Hook,           Newtown,CT., on Decmber  14,2012 is the  fact that he is employed by IBM that is so intricatley tied to  and with Serco of the Hampshire UK where Iam Hockley is coincidentally from,with its military industrial tentacles around the world and throughout the U.S.government's agencies and from national security to the UK and U.S.prison system.The fact that IBM is so intimately involved with this Zionist UK -SECURITY- FIRM IS JUST ANOTHER SIGN THAT IBM HAS NEVER REPENTED FROM ITS ROLE IN THE NAZI SURVEILLENCE MACHINE OF ADOLF HITLER ET.AL..

IBM which is also intimitely connected to Serco THE BIGGEST GOVERNMENT APPROVED  TERRORISM Enterprise you've never heard of and one that should not be operating much less receiving untold amounts but equalling  at least hundreds of millions of dollars  of money from the U.S.government post 9111 even though it was foreign or Israeli  run security on 911 that led to thiose events in the first place ! To allow much less pay SERCO to operate in the almost to ask for another 911 !

It is also interestng to note that the British preacher who oversaw the funeral of Dylan has BBC as well as probable UK 'INTELLIGENCE' CONNECTIONS WHICH IS THE SAME AS SAYING CIA,ETC. CONNECTIONS.

It is also interestng to note that the British preacher or  Reverend, Clive Calver,who oversaw the funeral of Dylan has BBC as well as probable UK 'INTELLIGENCE' CONNECTIONS WHICH IS THE SAME AS SAYING CIA,ETC. CONNECTIONS.And remember BBC that has sold itself as UK's foremost source of 'news' is really a propaganda machine for the militaristic and financial interests of  international billionare elites and their prostitutes such as the Reverend Clive Calver and Ian Hockley the presumed father of deceased Sandy Hook elementary school student Dylan Hockley. .

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.,Reverend Jim Solomon,UK Rev Clive ...
Jan 24, 2013 – ... who would never have made it on BBC if he were not part of the UK's MI5 and ... While Adam Lanza attended the Newtown Catholic Saint Rose of Lima at a .... Rev Clive Calver went straight to the school after hearing of the ...


Serco Group PLC
Address: Serco House 16 Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, Hampshire RG27 9UY, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 1256 745900
Transit: Hook



Serco Chosen By IBM To Implement Bradford Council's IT › NewsNews by MarketICT - Traducir esta página
Date : 30 June 2005. Serco Group plc ("Serco") today announced that it has been chosen by IBM as sub-contractor to implement Bradford Council's IT platforms ...

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    Serco's Homeland Security Solutions. The 21st century has presented a significant set of global challenges to the security and prosperity of our nation. Serco ...
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    Homeland Security Infrastructure Solutions - Serco
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Serco has been providing mission-critical support to the Department of Homeland Security and its legacy components for over 20 years. We support DHS as ...
  3. Serco wins $190m Department of Homeland Security contract › NewsInternational News
    Date : 10 August 2009. Serco Inc., the US subsidiary of Serco Group, a provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal ...
  4. Serco Inc
    Serco Inc. headquartered in Reston Virginia, provider of professional, technology and management services to federal government, state and local government, ...


    SERCO THAT SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE IN THE U.S. and being part of UK and probably ISRAELI 'intelligence' or spying should never be trusted with the interests and safety of American citizens or soldiers,is being fed off the near empty tit of AMERICAN DEBT.And it puts us as Americans at risk.Its interests are BP or even Dutch Royal Shell's interests above and beyond America which should hire its own citizens or ex military and patriotic towards AMERICA AND Americans and the U.S.Constitution rather than for and too UK elites who are mostly Jewish Zionists as well as ISRAELI INTERESTS THEY ALSO REPRESENT.

     Have you recently travelled on a train in northern England? Or on London's Docklands Light Railway? Or perhaps been caught by a speed camera?

    If the answer to any of these questions was yes - or you have spent any time in custody or the armed forces -chances are you have dealt with the support services company Serco. With almost 48,000 people helping to service 600 largely public-sector contracts around the world, Serco is probably the biggest company you've never heard of.

    Christopher Rajendran Hyman
    Next Wednesday, the company's ambitious young chief executive, Christopher Rajendran Hyman, is expected to announce a strong set of results with a bumper £13bn order book. In the past six years Serco has doubled its turnover to an estimated £2bn a year and almost trebled its profits to about £100m after benefiting from the switch from public to private sector.

    The City is usually sceptical about such low profit margins, but Hyman, a 42-year-old who combines the zeal of Cliff Richard with the determination of Seb Coe in his racing days, manages to make such margins seem like a good thing while at the same time buying firms that improve matters.

    "One of the things we find around 37 countries, is what people find acceptable. What sort of money should people make out of the public sector," he explains in the company's headquarters close to the river Thames in Richmond.

    An Indian Pentecostal Christian from South Africa, Hyman is an unusual chief executive in many ways, not least his enthusiasm for what he calls the values of doing business. He gave a speech on the subject at the Business in the Community conference last year which made seasoned executives sit up and take notice, such was his enthusiasm for putting people first so that the rest - profits, investors, power - would follow...........

    Hyman became one of a handful of non-whites to study at his university. He then worked for Arthur Andersen in South Africa until he won an 18-month exchange with Ernst & Young, which brought him to Britain. After four months, the accountancy firm gave the hard-working young man a permanent job. His switch to Serco in 1994 felt like a coming home and he tells a story of the boss's wife helping out when his own wife had a disabling migraine.

    Serco's share price has performed solidly rather than spectacularly and this may be because of its emphasis on such touchy-feely sentiments. Hyman admits: "This may not go down very well but I put people first, then customers, then shareholders. If [our] people are happy, everyone else is happy."

    The company flouts corporate governance norms since the former chief executive, Kevin Beeston, is now executive chairman. He deals with governmental relations while Hyman focuses on customers. "We've never structured it to fit the mould. We do what's right for the business and over time the roles have evolved."

    Hyman's life changed when he found himself in the World Trade Centre on 9/11. He does not want much of this "traumatic" experience to appear in print but admits it made him, a workaholic who sleeps for only a few hours a night, want to spend more time with his family. "I decided to do things that previously I'd thought a bit naff, like taking my wife's birthday off to go shopping. I mean, how naff is that?".........

    Jane Mansour . Richard Johnson   Managing Director of Serco Welfare to Work.


WTC,9/11:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT,Dawn Hochsprung,Veronique Pozner, First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski and his Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC

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    Feb 9, 2012 – Ever since the judgment of Lord Hoffmann in Lawson v Serco Ltd [2006] UKHL 3; [2006] ICR 250, the territorial scope of the protection from ...
  4. Lawson v Serco revisited | New Law Journal
    Jul 16, 2010 – Ismail Ravat joined Halliburton, a British registered company that is a Lawson v Serco [2006] IRLR 289, which set out certain categories of ...
  5. Serco's paper trailer raises accountability questions | Crikey
    Nov 1, 2010 – Crikey has taken a closer look at the extent that Serco contracts ...Halliburton/KBR may be after every government service contract in the world ...
  6. Halliburton's Army: How a Well-connected Texas Oil Company ... - Page 208 - Google Books Result
    Pratap Chatterjee - 2010 - Business & Economics
    Both companies had some work in Iraq already—Serco managed air traffic control at ...Services, Shaw Group, and PAE Government 208 HALLIBURTON'S ARMY.


SERCO = English Halliburton or Worse?

Couldn't embed this one:

If you've come this far, you deserve a cartoon!


All about Serco

And in their spare time Serco organises the Queen's flights around the world and ... but he was in the World Trade Center when the terrorists struck on 9/11.
Serco began life in 1929 when Radio Corporation of America formed a UK subsidiary, ... (Source: One Society 9/11, Daily Mail 13/3/11, Financial Times 30/3/11) ...
Dec 3, 2012 - Uploaded by BananaLips75
Hi Chrissy, everyone! We just touched on SERCO in our latest podcast. Has there been any confirmation on ...


Charles Schwab rumored to be bought by HSBC  at time of London subway bombing of 7/7/05,shares of Schwab are pumped up from formerly sinking share price while the rest of the stock market collpsed in U.S. and UK stock markets as a result of the London subway bombing. 

  • Schwab Says It Doesn't Want to Be Taken Over - New York Times
    Schwab Says It Doesn't Want to Be Taken Over ... Published: July 8, 2005 ... takeover speculation centered on whether HSBC Holdings might purchase Schwab.
  • Ex-HSBC chief Aldinger joins Charles Schwab
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    Director, Charles Schwab Corp ... Mr. Aldinger was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC North America Holdings Inc. (a financial services company in ...
  • [PDF] 

    Schwab v. BofA amended complaint - Thomson Reuters News ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by JT DEMANDED - Related articles
    Apr 30, 2012 – Plaintiffs Schwab Short-Term Bond Market Fund, Schwab Total ..... Defendant HSBC Holdings plc is a United Kingdom public limited company ...

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