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Sandy Hook Scam :Senator Joe Lieberman; Father Weiss of St Rose of Lima; Benjamin Spragg, former Newtown finance director; attorney, Anne Ragusa; Dr Charles Herrick, Danbury Hospital Psychiatric Chair; and last but not least: Joseph DiCandido, President of Nutek Aerospace Corp.

Sandy Hook Scam :Senator Joe Lieberman; Father Weiss of St Rose of Lima; Benjamin Spragg, former Newtown finance director; attorney, Anne Ragusa; Dr Charles Herrick, Danbury Hospital Psychiatric Chair; and last but not least: Joseph DiCandido, President of Nutek Aerospace Corp.

Check this out , Sandy Hoax is multi-million dollar money scam !: [excerpt]
“…People in Newtown are apparently starting to ask questions, at least concerning the appropriation of all that freaking money! Looking at the committee in charge of the United Way 10 Million Dollar mega fund, we see a few familiar faces: Former US Senator Joe Lieberman; Father Weiss of St Rose of Lima; Benjamin Spragg, former Newtown finance director; attorney, Anne Ragusa; Dr Charles Herrick, Danbury Hospital Psychiatric Chair; and last but not least: Joseph DiCandido, President of Nutek Aerospace Corp.
Who the hell is he?? All the rest are to be expected I suppose, we’ve got Israel, the Vatican, a couple of locals, the Pharmaceutical industry and …the Military Industrial Complex ……” from

  1. Jim Wiltse and the Greenberg (actuallyBergmanLoan Closet ...
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    22/03/2013 – Has the Soto-Greenberg clique now been fully exposed? That would surely be the case if the Soto cohort, Jim Wiltse, were determined to be an ...

    Sandy Hook— 22 March 2013
    Jim Wiltse and the Greenberg (actually, Bergman) Loan Closet
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    Jim Wiltse and the Greenberg (actually, Bergman) Loan Closet
    Another Deep-Level Mossad Mole Revealed
    Has the Soto-Greenberg clique now been fully exposed? That would surely be the case if the Soto cohort, Jim Wiltse, were determined to be an outright fraud.
    He is a fraud, yet the question is what is his real identity, versus the one he is masquerading under as a purported Soto cousin.
    It doesn’t even make any sense to rule out additional Greenberg, et al, operatives posing as Sandy Hook victims. The finding of one is sufficient to call it a grand conspiracy. In virtually everyone’s point of view there are three which are confirmed: Richard Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton, and the loan face of an unknown individual in the Greenberg family album.
    Yet, can other Greenberg moles be confirmed. It makes sense that this would be the case more so than not the case. What good would it do to only place two or three operatives when dozens could be achieved? It appears that two more have been discovered.
    Everyone knows that Jim Wiltse (alias) is a liar and a person who is conniving. So, who would be surprised if such a known fraudster would be found in the Greenberg album? All that has to be done is to find a reasonable look-alike, and this must immediately be investigated and pursued, because, the motive and culpability has already been established. With his showing as a phony Connecticut police officer and purported cousin of the Soto clan, he was always in tow for any interviews with the various Soto tribe members. The police officer claim was, in part, to give an air of authority over the Sotos, perhaps as a means of intimidating others from interviewing this teenage Greenberg cohorts. Moreover, all the police officer falsification demonstrates is the fact that the State Police are complicit in the scam.
    He has to be someone other than acclaimed. That is a starting point, since, surely, all that he represents is falsehoods. There was no massacre that day, as he claims. Continuously, in his interviews he promoted the claim of grand heroics by Victoria Soto, saying she was his niece. Yet, how can his claim to be related to her be regarded as anything other than fraudulent considering the fact that she didn’t do any heroics, since there was no massacre? Spewing that degree of lies means that until proven otherwise Wiltse is not a policeman or a relative of Victoria Soto.
    Does he look anything like her?
    How do these two bear any resemblance? They don’t even appear to be of the same cultural background. Claiming that they are related is inane:
    Obviously, the claim that he is Soto’s cousin is a fabrication. Let someone prove otherwise. Wiltse has the appearance of an entirely different Caucasian race than Soto, from mid-to-eastern Europe or westward. There is no evidence of even an iota of hispanic race in him.
    It would appear, though, that despite all the attempted, known deceit of Greenberg and collaborators, like the falsification committed by top-level Greenberg-Sexton operatives Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton and Richard Sexton,  another high level phony has been revealed. That’s Kenny Bergman, operating under the alias Jim Wiltse. Within the Greenberg album Wiltse has definitely been discovered, as well as on various Facebook sites in association with top-level operatives from the Greenberg-Sexton-Blumberg clan. Let him deny it: this post will prove it is him.
    As a result of extensive research by poster, iamrobbieparker , this revelation can now be categorically made. It is an easy presumption to make. A number of Greenberg collaborators have already been identified, not the least of which is Victoria Soto herself (real name unconfirmed), who has been identified in the Greenberg album holding in her arms the flower girl. Regardless, Wiltse himself is the ultimate fraudster, having immediate access to the most powerful news networks in the land,whose anchors and reporters pandered over him, giving him much time and audience. It was all so he can continuously seed great lies:
    Does he look like a grieving relative, a man driving a false agenda? Continuously, he gave such fleeting glances, whether to the left or the right, as he masquerading as a the falsely aggrieved.
    The Greenberg album, Facebook, and more. Is it him?
    It can be said, categorically, that Wiltse isn’t who he says he is, and for certain he is no relative of Victoria Soto or whoever is the woman picture with the Greenberg flower girl. Yet, who is he? Could he be the alias for a look-alike found on Facebook and also in the Greenberg photos, Kenny Bergman? It is the lips, nostrils, worry lines, and more which give this fraudster away. Yet, the formation of his lip structure is a major feature as well as the lines drawing down from the base of the nose:
                         Bergman                                                Bergman, alias Wiltse
    Plenty of make-up, but the two angular creases are evident, both going in the same general direction as Bergman.
    The images, once again:

    Keep note of the two creases; they are seen in both images.
    No doubt about it. What are Bergman’s main characteristics? They are his mouth, the wideness of his face in a certain area, that is in the temporal area, the liver/worry lines on the brow, the fine, thin nostrils, and the heavy eyebrows. In review of those characteristics he has:
    • heavy eyebrows, especially in the center and down towards the nose
    • expansive jaw area in the temporal area and mid-jaw
    • fine nasal bridge and thin, highly curved nostrils
    • Note: right eyebrow seems to have the heaviest density of hair
    • eyebrows flatten out on center area on brow, hen curve sharply downward
    • right eye appears to slant downward slightly more than the left
    • fairly thick hair density (darkness of follicles) on upper lip and chin even after shaving
    • receding hairline similar in both photos, with crop of hair in the center of the head
    This is the only view thus far of the side of the ear for Wiltse. The indentation in the upper edge near the temple is visible in both:
    Virtually impossible to see, but it appears that the inward curvature on the upper edge is there in both ears.
    An overlay is in order, as follows:

    In this case when the eye was used to line-up the face, there is a near exact match, which is significant, because of the difference in both resolution and in the angles of the head. Then, what is the same? Notice the tiny nostrils; they is a unique feature of this individual. There is that receding hairline, which also matches in both cases. The sideburns are the same; the ear similar, if not the same. Regarding the overlay the lips, nose, cheeks, jaw line, eye, eyebrows, and to a large degree chin and also neck all match. Therefore, it would appear that Wiltse really is a collaborator of the Greenberg cabal.
    Even at a first glance they appear the same. They have way too many similarities for there not to be great suspicion about this case:
    No one by the name of Jim Wiltse exists who is an actual cousin of Victoria Soto exists. That would make great sense, since it has become categorically clear that no one by the name of Victoria Soto died on December 14 in Sandy Hook. Therefore, since her death is a fraud, so too are fraudulent all those who protest and claim that death. That includes James Wiltse AKA Kenny Bergman.
    One more look, though, for those who are unsure. Now, these photos are several years apart, plus they are at a different photographic angle. Yet, look at the similarities in the upper lip, the tip of the nose, and the curvature of the nostrils. How are these not the same person?
    bergmanmouth bergmannose

    One more feature: the eyes. Wiltse has prominent skin folds the collapse over the upper eyeballs; not every person has these. Yet, do they both have it?
    bergmancompeyes bermaneyes33
    It can be seen, clearly, that Mr. Bergman also has that collapsing skin folds that encroach upon the size of the visible eyeballs.
    Who is Kenny Bergman?
    On many of his international trips with fellow Greenberg cohorts, Alissa and Kenny Blumberg:
    With a famous basketball player:
    With his entire family:
    Kenny J. Bergman, technically. His wife, in the back row, is Lori Hazan, also known as Lori Hazan Bergman.
    Studied at Boston University, he now lives in Hewlett, New York. He is friends with Nancy Richman Tucker and Sam Tucker. He is also very close to Kenny and Alissa Blumberg. His youngest son is Jesse:, while his oldest is named Victor, as seen on:
    His daughter, Daisy, is found on the following:
    Keep in mind that the Blumbergs are very close also to the Sextons and, of course, Greenbergs, so, regardless, they are surely collaborators in this hoax.
    See more:

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