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'Is my director talking?':CNN and Gay Fascist Anderson Cooper,ZionistWolf Blitzer Continue To Support Zionist Jewish Terrorism In America and Elswhere

CNN and Gay Fascists Anderson Cooper,Wolf Blitzer Continue To Support Zionist Jewish Terrorism In America and Elswhere

It had already been documented long before CNN's gay fascist Anderson Coper used the world wide internet as his and CNNs digital bully pit to denounce any and all who couldn't believe CNN,CNBC and Fox News's lies and disinfo ops re Sandy Hook,that Anderson Cooper had been involved in staging false news in Egypt,Syria etc in order to further Israeli Zionist causes and wars and terrorist acts....
In 2005 Wolf Blitzer and CNN were sued for $100 million by British Israeli Michael Zwebner 'business' partner of high level   Israeli criminals ex PM Ehud Olmert and convicted rapist ex Israeli President Moshe Katsav all because I used an alias 'wolfblitzzer0' on a scam penny stock promotion 'm,essage board' called to denounce their frauds and penny stock shares money laundering ops against Americans !

Although Wolf Blitzer had direct contact with Jewish Rabbi in Prave in Sandy Hook who disclosed that the CIA were among the first on the scene of Adam Lanza's massacre of over 29 students and teachers !So why didn't gay fascist Anderson Cooper and Zionist Israeli Wolf Blitzer react to the 'news scoop'that CIA were in and around Newtown and Sandy Hook CT.from the beguinning if not sooner ?

CNN,Wolf Blitzer:Sandy Hook Newtown,CT. Synagogue: Urbina Family Caught In Fraud ? Rabbi Praver amits CIA present at Sandy Hook Newtown Elementary shooting ...

1. "Rabbi Praver was at the aftermath of the (Sandy Hook) tragedy early on to provide emotional support.


Isla Vista Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!! ''Is My Director Talking?''

Just saw this video today…so I just had to mention it in my series….the original credit for the 
actual video I show in my own video goes to Youtuber Russianvids I own NOTHING and owe this 
dude everything for the info he found.

In the video, one of the supposed ''Isla Vista Massacre Victims'' says ''Is my director talking?'' so 
indeed, we find out that this girl is a Crisis Actor probably along with the girl next to her.


    The release of The Hunger Games in 2012 caused a storm of protest from parents and psychologists who said the movie was too violent for youngsters.
    The film depicts a totalitarian world in which teenagers are forced to kill each other in a  gladiatorial-style contest.
    It was initially given a 15 certificate by the British Board of Film Classification, but this was lowered to 12A after producers agreed to cuts. 
    This meant that children aged 12 and over could see it on their own, while younger children could go with an adult. 
    Some parents said children had become distressed watching the film, and experts said there was a danger that the violence depicted on the screen could become ‘hard-wired’ into young children’s brains. 
    At one point in the film, many of the contestants die in a bloodbath, while in another scene, a boy is mauled by a pack of mutated dogs before being shot in the head with an arrow.
    The film also shows a girl of 12 being stabbed with a spear and another teenage girl’s skull being hit with a rock.....

  1. 26 33 39 | The Stabbing Victims in the UC Santa Barbara ...

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    hace 3 días - Let us close by examining CNN's reporting the relationships of the three stabbing death victims. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office identified the three men found ... Oregon · 33 44 | THE UC Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax, Robert. ... Radio Interview · 113 and 33 | The Real Roots of ...

Neanderal Hybrids Found In Santa Barbara California Burial Mound
More Neanderthal hybrids are found in a Santa Barbara California burial mound. This skull type represents the Maritime Archaic migrations to North America from 7000 BC- 2000 BC

[link to]

BUSTED!! Santa Barbara Police Audio Claims 2 SUSPECTS WI

New Videos Show Suspicious Evidence Of A Santa Barbara Psy-Op

glass there before incident

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