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Freddy Gray:Did Baltimore Police Murder Rey Rivera For CIA,Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson

Freddy Gray:Did Baltimore Police Murder Rey Rivera For CIA,Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson

Agora Inc with its many fraudulant financial websites is a CIA as well as City of London Rothschild operation that has defrauded billions of dollars of Americans' wealth into offshore accounts over the decades.The founder is James Dale Davidson who also founded the National Taxpayers Union that is
used to trick the middle class or former middle class into its lobbying for international billionaires,many
Jews or white people who lie about being 'Semites.Before his death the British Lord or Lard William
Reese Mogg was a part owner.He udsed to meet regularly with the head male of the Jewish Rothschild crime family.They seem to have no qualms about hiring pedophiles and ex Maryland Republican Congressman Bauman who had to resign freom the House of Representatives over a pediphile or under age male prostitute scandal.More recently in Nicaragua the American  School pedophile Vahey who also had an Agora Inc connection to International Living of Nicaragua and owned property belonging to them.
When Rey Rivera''s body was found it was over a week after the fact it was alleged or assumed that he 'jumped' to his death from the 14th floor of the Belvedere Hotel.Conveniently the surveillance video happened not to work that day !
Rey Rivera was used as a patsy for Agora Inc's notorious Porter Stansberry's Rebound Report and was protected by Utah  SEC attorney Brent Baker who let him and James Dale Davidson off from charges of illegal pump and dump of biotech penny stock fraud money laundering operations even removing all mention of them and James Dale Davidson that was on original complaint against Jamezs Dale Davidson. Attorney Brent Baker's partner in this corrupt action was an SEC attorney  named
Karen Martinez who stragely turned up in an Examiner article insinuating Rey Rivers was crazy even though she knew she herself had removed charges and protected both Stansberry and Davidson from prosecution for running illegal pump and dump of Endovasc and Genemax that were whose share price was blamed by them on 'naked short selling' a term made up by them and later even used by the SEC itself to 'explain' the
collpse of the entire stock market in 2008 !Below is the portion of charges removed vby the SEC and Brent Baker and Karen Martinez.It is known that Brent Baker later received a bribe from Davidson's Utah pal Patrick Byrne of the Novastar Financial and illergal pumps and dumps and stock manipulations !You can read the entire originasl quoted below at this link and verify for yourelf that these charges were completely removed in a rewritten complaint afterr the fact !


Marketing the False Inside Information
15. Agora's newsletters, including, claim to be "a service featuring independent, original and thoughtful research into the process of wealth creation."
16. Instead, the newsletters contain nothing more than baseless speculation and outright lies, fabricated to induce investors to pay Agora (or its subsidiaries) for subscriptions or purported inside information.
17. The subscribers paid Agora for the alleged insider information only to later discover that the inside information was false.
18. On or about May 14, 2002, at least 15 of Agora's Internet newsletters disseminated an e-mail, written by Stansberry promising quick profits based on inside information. The heading on the e-mail stated: "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY ON MAY 22ND ON THIS SUPER INSIDER TIP." A true and correct copy of the May 14, 2002, e-mail is attached hereto as Exhibit A.
19. The e-mail claimed analysts at had come into possession of certain details about the pending approval of a major international agreement that "will create more than $2.5 billion in profits for one small company." The e-mail identified the issuer as a company that was involved in the nuclear energy field and would benefit from the arms reduction treaty between the U.S. and Russia.
20. Stansberry's May 14, 2002, e-mail maintained investors would "make a fortune" because had a "senior executive inside the company" as a source for its inside information. claimed this executive was "definitely in a position to know the intimate deals of this agreement" and when it would be approved. Therefore, the e-mail announced that was in a position to "tell you EXACTLY WHEN the deal will be finalized and announced to the public."
21. The e-mail encouraged recipients to stake their entire investment portfolios on this unnamed company and suggested investors would be able to double their "investment dollar in a single day." Finally, the e-mail stated "can even tell you exactly which day to buy (May 21st) and which day to sell (May 23rd). There is nothing else you have to do."
22. The e-mail did not give the name of the company but indicated it was listed on the NYSE and offered to sell a full report including the name of the company to subscribers for $1,000.
The USEC Report Contains False Information.
23. Once the reader purchased the tip for $1,000, the reader received a report that identified USEC as the company with the impending contract approval ("USEC report"). A true and correct copy of the USEC Report is attached hereto as Exhibit B.
24. Agora's web site attributed the May 14, 2002 e-mail and the USEC report to Jay McDaniels. Jay McDaniels is a pseudonym for Stansberry.
25. The USEC report claimed USEC and Tenex, a Russian governmental agent corporation, had reached an agreement for Tenex to sell dismantled nuclear warheads to USEC at a reduced rate under a pricing agreement.
26. The USEC report indicated that both the U.S. and Russian governments were required to approve the pricing agreement before it became effective. The USEC report claims that, based on information from a company insider, the pricing "agreement will be approved just prior to the upcoming Bush-Putin Summit." Referring again to the pricing agreement, the USEC report states that "[a]ll it needs are the politicians to sign off on the deal" and "according to my source, that will happen-finally-on May 22nd."
27. Stansberry eventually identified Steven A. Wingfield as the insider who purportedly provided the inside information regarding the May 22nd signing date of the arms reduction treaty between U.S. and Russia. Steven A. Wingfield is USEC's Director of Investor Relations.
28. Stansberry claimed Wingfield told him the U.S. and Russian governments would approve the agreement between USEC and Tenex on May 22, 2002, the day before the start of the Bush-Putin Summit. Wingfield made no such statement to Stansberry.
29. Wingfield told Stansberry the same thing he told all analysts who called the investor relations department at USEC. Stansberry asked Wingfield about the pending approval of the USEC-Tenex contract by the U.S. and Russian governments. Wingfield responded to Stansberry, as he did to all analysts, by saying USEC "expected it would be approved in the near future."
30. Wingfield did not tell Stansberry, directly or indirectly, that the pricing agreement with Tenex would be approved by any governmental entity on May 22, 2002. No one at USEC knew when or if the pricing agreement would be approved.
31. Stansberry had no basis whatsoever for the claim in the USEC Report that the approval of the USEC-Tennex contract would occur on May 22, 2002.
32. The pricing agreement between USEC and Tennex was approved on June 19, 2002. On that date the Department of State and USEC separately announced approval of the pricing agreement by both the U.S. and Russian governments.
Market Activity in Response to Agora's False Information
33. From January 2, 2002, through May 13, 2002, trading volume in USEC common stock averaged approximately 189,000 shares a day at prices ranging from $5.78 to $7.37 a share.
34. From May 14 through May 23 volume averaged 3,340,138 shares a day with closing prices ranging from $7.85 a share on May 14 to a high of $9.98 a share on May 20. There was also a significant increase in the volume of options trading in USEC stock during this period.
35. On May 22, USEC failed to make the announcement promised by the Agora e-mails and the USEC report and that day the price of USEC stock fell from $9.54 to $8.20 a share, a drop of nearly 15%.
Agora's On-going Efforts to Disseminate False Information to the Investing Public
36. Agora promoted other securities in its newsletters. Even after Agora became aware of the Commission's investigation, its newsletters have continued to publish e-mails promoting numerous securities accompanied by fantastic claims of quick profits or inside information.
37. For example, Agora publications have touted stocks that it claims will double or triple in value over the next year. Other Agora publications claim to provide information that allows an investor to "turn $10,000 into $114,280 by April 18, 2003."
38. Agora continues to promise its subscribers, "Almost Unbelievable Profits - 4.5 Times Your Money in 48 Hours."
39. As recently as the first week in April 2003, Agora published articles making similar claims of exorbitant profits. In each instance, recipients of the e-mails are offered "free" copies of the headlined reports if they subscribe to one of the various Agora newsletters at a cost of from $69 to $1250 a year. The money-making investments featured in the reports are typically microcap issuers with cures for cancer or AIDS or a technological breakthrough. Some of the tips are characterized as being based on "secret" or "inside" information.
40. In some instances, the individual writing the reports Agora provides to its subscribers has an undisclosed relationship to the company being promoted.
41. For example, James Dale Davidson is the editor of Agora's Vantage Point Investment Advisory, a financial newsletter with a worldwide circulation. In December 2002 and January 2003, Agora distributed e-mails written by Davidson to its subscriber base. These e-mails promote several unnamed microcap issuers and offer to provide reports naming these issuers if the recipient of the e-mail paid $149 to subscribe to the Vantage Point newsletter.
42. Among the issuers promoted in this manner have been GeneMax Corp. and Endovasc Ltd., Inc. Davidson is an officer, director and, indirectly, a substantial shareholder of these two issuers. Neither the soliciting e-mail nor the subsequent company report discloses Davidson's relationship to the companies.
to be continued

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