Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Did you say Camelot ? While of course the name in U.S. was associated with John Kennedy that is another different thing,but I just did a google search of 'Michael Zwebner camelot' to find that I had written about it years ago in relation to Israelis Ehud Olmert's and Moshe Katsav's association with British Israeli Michael Zwebner, who even after all his British scams, was allowed t enter the U.. and run untold numbers of U.S.pnny stock frauds against Americans to benefit all sort of Zionist causes.He sued his fllow Zionists Wolf Blitzer and CNN for $100 million in Florida in 2005 because one of my many alias on a penny stock promotion 'mesage board' or stock promotion webasite calld wolfblitzzer0.
In regards to your blog on the Spanish political party using a catch phrase so similar to CIA and Zionist City of London prostitute Barack Obama's 'Yes we can', well yes, that's suspicious.

Israel President Moshe Katsav aids massive penny stock fraud ...‎Cached
Feb 27, 2006 ... (Above from Michael Zwebner 'UCSY' press release whose link can be ....
Astonishingly, Camelot revealed it knew he was an un-discharged ...

wolfblitzzer0: CNN Wolf Blitzer,Michael Zwebner,IDF:UCSY 'Air ...‎CachedSimilar
Oct 16, 2013 ... CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp . .... million
National Lottery branded phone cards, Camelot's biggest marketing ...

Air Water International (AWTI): From the January 5, 1997 "The Mail on‎CachedSimilar
Nov 18, 2003 ... Michael Zwebner, founder of Cardcall (UK) won a contract to ... National Lottery
branded phone cards, Camelot's biggest marketing deal to date ...

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