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Guatemala,Uri Roitman: Moshe Bachar,Israeli Embassy Maintains Silence re "magic water"

Guatemala,Uri Roitman: Moshe Bachar,Israeli Embassy Maintains Silence re  "magic water"

La Hora 24-02-2016 by La Hora - issuu

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Feb 24, 2016 - Guatemala, MIÉRCOLES 24 de febrero de 2016 | Época IV | No. ... Caso Amatitlán: Embajada israelí guarda silencio por capturas ... La Hora consultó a la embajada de Israel, para conocer la postura de Bachar, pero personal de ....Roitman y los pasaportes: Q29 millones POR REDACCIÓN LA HORA ...


GuatemalaIsraeli Embassy guard silence re  "magic water"

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Embajada de Israel guarda  silencio ante capturas  por “agua mágica”

When Roxana Baldetti, in her capacity as vice president was questioned on 18 March 2015 about  the contract signed with the(Israeli Uri Roitman  company M. Tarcic Engineering Ltd. for Q137.8 million, so that this will provide a formula that would clean up Lake Amatitlan in nine months, the official said then that he had the backing of Israeli ambassador Moshe Bachar.
On that occasion, Baldetti said the ambassador of Israel, Moshe Bachar, who recommended the company in question.
"Having the support of an ambassador to a company, which gives me a guarantee," then said the vicemandataria.
Now, on the statements of Baldetti, Bachar declined to rule and simply said to the media that as an embassy, ​​the role of its trading unit was to present the company not recommend it.
However, he did not deny statements Baldetti and only said he would not comment on the claims of exfuncionaria.
Thirteen people were arrested yesterday for being allegedly involved in a corruption scheme involving individuals and former officials of the Vice President of the Republic and the Authority for the Sustainable Management of Lake Amatitlan Basin (AMSA). Time consulted the embassy of Israel, to know the position of Bachar, but communication staff reported that for the moment has no statement ambassador and "let justice do its work".
M. Tarcic Engineering Company Ltd., hired Elraz scientist Hanan, who was appointed by the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel to manufacture substances that may "endanger health."
However, with this remark Baldetti was blunt in saying that the news had no more validity if someone not confirmed.

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