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ISIS 'Blood Oil': Google Censors For OilTrafficking Israeli-Kurdish ...


Dec 27, 2015 - ISIS 'Blood Oil': Google Censors For Oil Trafficking Israeli-Kurdish 'YouGov' FounderUK PM Nadhim Zahawi Trafficking ISIS Oil To Israel

ISIS 'Blood Oil': Google Censors For Oil Trafficking  Israeli-Kurdish 'YouGov' Founder UK PM Nadhim Zahawi Trafficking ISIS Oil To Israel

Google Censors For  'Blood Oil'Trafficking  Israeli-Kurdish 'YouGov' Founder UK PM Nadhim Zahawi Trafficking ISIS Oil To Israel

 Boycott Israeli-Kurdish UK 'YouGov' Founder PM Nadhim Zahawi Trafficking ISIS Oil To Israel

Why is Google so interested in censoring and covering up for a high level UK Lord who in fact isn't even British and should not hold office in my opinion when so many more honest disenfranchised citizens are more ethically morally and intellectually qualified than this scumbag Nadhim Zahawi who also is interfering as a foreign agent in U.S. politics with his yougov USA websites?! Does the U.S.FCC ACTUALLY APPROVE OF A FOREIGN AGENT WHO IS ACTUALLY A MEMBER OF UK GOVERNMENT AT HIGHEST LEVELS AND RUNNING ILLEGAL OIL TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS THAT FUND ISIS?!

 Google Censored! - Boycott Israeli-Kurdish UK 'YouGov' Founder PM Nadhim Zahawi Trafficking ISIS Oil To Israel.Why is Google so concerned to censor for someone trrafficking 'blood oil' ?They also long ago censored any post in which I use the word 'pedophile'.I guess they have a fondness for blood oil traffickers and pedophiles.And why is yougov allowed to operate in the USA in the first place ?!



Dec 5, 2015 - www.webelieveinisrael.org.uk includes Nadhim Zahawi in its list of very close friends ofIsrael. ... Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil ... But Russia is getting along famously with Israel& its Prime Minister Benjamin .... gas industry" (no salary specified); research and consulting withYouGov plc, of which Ç

Bust oil firm advised by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi faces fraud probe


Sep 19, 2016 - Bust oil firm advised by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi faces fraud probe ... The BritishConservative Party's MP of Kurdish origin, Nadhim Zahawi. ... Zahawi, who ran YouGov before being elected in 2010, failed to find a buyer for the assets. ... incursion of Isis terrorists into Kurdish territory and the government's ...

Afren had oil fields in Nigeria and Kurdistan and was worth £1.6bn at its peak. The company’s downfall was triggered by an internal investigation two years ago that discovered an offshore vehicle set up by former chief executive Osman Shahenshah to pay him and 10 other executives tens of millions in secret bonuses.
The group referred to themselves as “the A team”. The report said the “unauthorised payments” were made by Afren’s Nigerian partners.
Zahawi said he had “absolutely nothing to do with the executive decisions at Afren” during his time as adviser. He added: “My role was specifically to do with finding a buyer for the Kurdistan assets.”
Afren paid $588m in cash for the rights to two undeveloped Kurdish oil fields in 2011. Zahawi & Zahawi, the MP’s consultancy, was hired as an adviser the following year and worked for the company until it collapsed last summer.
The Kurdish fields proved worthless and were written off. Zahawi, who ran YouGov before being elected in 2010, failed to find a buyer for the assets.
Alix Partners said in the progress report that creditors had received just $83m so far — less than 5% of the company’s outstanding debts. Shareholders were wiped out.
As Afren went into meltdown, Zahawi was recruited as chief strategy officer for another Kurdish oil specialist, Gulf Keystone Petroleum. The part-time job pays him £20,000 a month.
The company was lumbered with a huge debt pile and hit hard by the fall in the price of crude, the incursion of Isis terrorists into Kurdish territory and the government’s inability to make regular payments.
Since Zahawi came on board the company has launched a painful restructuring. Last week investors agreed to back a $25m fundraising that will give them 10% of the reshaped company. Creditors will own the rest in exchange for debt forgiveness. The stock closed on Friday at 2.08p, 99% down from its 2012 high.



Weiterlesen: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:CBY50HSm42MJ:https://www.mzw-widerstand.com/politik/jewish-mp-linked-to-isis/+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us .


It has been alleged that a UK Conservative Member of Parliament, Nadhim Zahawi(above), has been buying oil from ISIS and selling it to Israel. UK MP accused of ISIL oil trade. Nadhim Zahawi is the MP for Stratford on Avon and is the co-founder of  YouGov. In October 2013, Nadhim Zahawi became a member of David Cameron’s Number 10 Policy Unit.[9] Nadhim Zahawi was born in Iraq to JEWISH Kurdish parents. www.webelieveinisrael.org.uk includes Nadhim Zahawi in its list of very close friends of Israel. Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in GREEN In 2014, David Cohen, US Treasury under-secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence said that middlemen from Turkey and Iraq’s Kurdistan region were buying oil from ISIS terrorists. According to certain Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish officials, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and Turkish military intelligence have been supporting ISIS oil smuggling operations. UK, US turn blind eye to Islamic State oil sales British oil company Genel Energy is contracted by the KRG to supply oil for a major Kurdish firm accused of involvement in ISIS oil sales to Turkey. Nadhim Zahawi has owned shares in Genel Energy. Genel operates in the KRG with the backing of the British government. UK, US turn blind eye to Islamic State oil sales Nadhim Zahawi The ISIS oil smuggling route was investigated by two British academics at the University of Greenwich. Their research suggested that ISIS oil travelled through the port of Ceyhan, which is run by the Turkish government. Top Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi used offshore tax haven. Nadhim Zahawi visited the Taq Taq oil field being run by Genel Energy in November 2013. Top Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi used offshore tax haven. Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil ~~ US-NATO Ground Forces, Escalation in Syria Leading to Global WarCameron to Spend Billions Bombing and Then “Reconstructing” Syria, So These Rich People Get Richer. Iraq Demands ‘Immediate’ Withdrawal of Turkish Forces from Its TerritoryUS Building Military Airbase in Northeastern Syria. Auf Facebook teilen

Weiterlesen: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:CBY50HSm42MJ:https://www.mzw-widerstand.com/politik/jewish-mp-linked-to-isis/+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us .

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