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San Diego Heaven's Gate Star Trek Suicide Cult And Immortal Software,Next Level Level 3 Titan Corp Immoral Behavior

San Diego Heaven's Gate Star Trek Suicide Cult And Immortal Software,Next Level - Level 3 Titan Corp Immoral Behavior

 San Diego Heaven's Gate Star Trek Suicide Cult And Immortal Software

titan corp  san diego  level 3 heavens gate level 2

Interesting that San Diego is not only former home to the Heaven's Gate Star Trek mass suicide cult software writers with their  'Next Level' but also the home to the military industrial complex of Level 2 well paid U.S. government tortuurs at Abu Graibe in Iraq and their Titan Corp with connections to 911  check caher for Mohamed Atta in Venice,Florida when he was an alledged flight student at Huffman Aviation at the school of Wally Hilliard close pal to Jeb Bush......Titan Corp in turn is connected to Skyway Communications penny stock fraud once bosted by Jeb Bush with Florida State contract and whose 747 airplane purchased through stock fraud against investors was caught in Mexico with tons of cocaine aboard all packed in suiutcases on the empty seats ! Titan was also the employer of Lebanese American Makram Chams whose Kwikcheck business mentioned in official 9/11 report cased checks for Mohamed Atta that were  sent from terrorist money laundering Islamic state of Dubai whose dictator Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum was later given 25% ownership in NASDAQ as a reward ! Makram Chams fled to Saudi Arabia immediately after 9/11 and sued his former Titan employers for $20 million from there.
Oh did I almost forget to mention that Titan Corp were U.S. government's official torturors at Abhu Graib,Iraq ?
Weirdly enough Jewish Zionist financier-con artist Carl Ichan involved and profited from   the penny stock fraud Genesisintermedia with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi and vulture fund con artist Paul Singer in Argintina debt etc.,that collapsed around 9/11 shortly after Jewish Zionist Larry Silverstein's recently insured WTC collapsed in NYC OWNS OR OWNED A LAS VEGAS HOTEL THAT HOSTED THE HEAVEN'S GATE SUICIDE CULT AND SOFTWARE WRITERS SHORTLY BEFORE THEIR ALLEGED SUICIDE IN 1997 AND ALSO DABBLED IN TITAN CORP STOCK....

portland imc - 2006.10.29 - The 'Genesis' of the Adnan Khashoggi ...
Oct 29, 2006 - las vegas (archive) .... After finding the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult on a ... Soon he'd sold rights to the story of the cult suicide to the Hollywood ... coincidentally the home of financier Carl Icahn, who will figure later in ... they held the bash at Icahn's Stratosphere Casino in Vegas, which ...
May 24, 2005 | From Bloomberg News
Barry Rosenstein, the hedge fund manager who joined financier Carl Icahn in a proxy fight with Kerr-McGee Corp., acquired a 3.5% stake in U.S. defense contractor Titan Corp. valued at about $66 million. Rosenstein's Jana Partners bought Titan's shares in the first quarter, months ahead of speculation that Titan may be bought by another company, Rosenstein said in a May 20 phone interview from the fund's office in San Francisco.

Abu Ghraib lawsuits against CACI, Titan (now L-3) | Business ...
On 9 June 2004, a group of 256 Iraqis sued CACI International and Titan Corporation (now L-3 Services, part of L-3 Communications) in US federal court.

Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq | Democracy Now!
May 12, 2004 - Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq ... Pratap Chatterjee of CorpWatch reveals the role of the private firms CACI and Titan in the ...

Heaven's Gate (religious group) - Wikipedia's_Gate_(religious_group)
Heaven's Gate was an American UFO religious millenarian group based in San Diego, .... However, it wasn't until the death of Nettles in 1985 and Applewhite's subsequent ... They believed "to be eligible for membership in the Next Level, humans .... Team, made a song about the Heaven's Gate Cult's beliefs titled "The Art of ...

A Suicide Cult's Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website ...
Oct 27, 2016 - On March 26, 1997, San Diego police discovered the bodies of 39 ... hitch a ride to the next plane of existence they call the Next Level weren't ...
Mar 27, 1997 - DEL MAR, California (CNN) -- The 39 cult members found dead in a hilltop ... San Diego County Sheriff's Department tape of the scene ... The true meaning of suicide is to turn against the next level when it is being offered.".

Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture ...
May 12, 2006 - Tom DeLay,Titan Corp,Skyway Communications, 9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,and Bloody Murder Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man ...

Titan Corporation - Wikipedia
Titan Corporation was a United States-based company founded in 1981, with its headquarters ... SkyWay's former DC9 aircraft, N900SA, was captured in April 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board. Investigation of the cocaine bust by Mad Cow Morning News led to the discovery that Titan had employed Makram Chams, ...

Titan Corp.,Skyway Communications,Cocaine,Pump and Dump - New Post
Aug 13, 2011 - Between 2003 and 2005 Titan Corp and a group of allied firms combined to issue a steady drumbeat of phony press releases, announcing ...

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Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland ...

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15 nov. 2007 - a subsidiary of Level-3 Corporation of San Diego,California that has done very well for itself financially in the 'war on terror'. Titan in San Diego ...

Secrets of the Black Budget Scandal — Daniel Hopsicker's ...

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7 may. 2007 - Between 2003 and 2005 Titan Corp and a group of allied firms combined to ... easily eclipses the drug trafficking payout generated by moving 5.5 tons of cocaine. ... government assistance at both the state and federal level. .... Titan Corp of San Diego, which became a subsidiary of L-3 Communications.

South Florida Aviation « Thirdring's Blog

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The DEA estimates that two thirds of the illegal drugs coming into the US pass .... a subsidiary ofLevel-3 Corporation of San Diego,California that has done very well ... Titan in San Diego strangely enough has been employer to a mysterious ...

Dots Connect… « Thirdring's Blog

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General Dynamics-Falls Church,Va, San Diego-Titan Corp-Michael Farkas … ... Hilliard-heroin-cocaine-Ecstasy-Israeli organized crime-DEA-Thomas Constantine ..... a subsidiary of Level-3Corporation of San Diego,California that has done ...

CorpWatch : Intelligence in Iraq: L-3 Supplies Spy Support › Industries › War & Disaster Profiteering

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9 ago. 2006 - L-3 Communications, a little-known but gigantic military contractor, provides 300 ... On March 10, Titan won a no-bid contract worth $840 million over 12 ... created a new high-level office where 100 private contractors work with 130 .... paying $2.65 billion for Titan, a San Diego-based military contractor.

political and science rhymes: Skyways Communications,'Cocaine One ...

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1 ago. 2013 - So the very Titan Corporation of Level-3 that Barack Obama's Zionist ... TO DEA LEONHART'S FRIENDS AT TITAN CORP OF SAN DIEGO ?

L-3 Communications Acquires Titan - Defense Industry Daily

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8 jun. 2005 - The acquisition of San Diego-based Titan would turn L-3 into.... ... approximately 5,000 of which are reportedly at the Top Secret level.

9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends ...

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The very same Makram Chams appears to be the Titan Corporation ... Corp did have 'business' in Florida promoting (and selling shares of ?) the Skyway .... Titan Corp Saudi litigation)in one Level-3filing which is almost as good as ... Makram Majid Chams of Lebanon,Saudi Arabia,Titan Corporation,San Diego,and Venice ...

Spy-Fund Story vs. Spy-Fund Story - DealBook - The New York Times

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18 may. 2006 - Homeland Security, SEC,Chris Cox,Makram Chams, Titan Corp, 9/11,etc.'. ... The penny stock connection is Brent Kovar's Skyways Communications although Titan Corp's parent company,Level-3 Communications,appears to be a .... the Homeland Security's corp whore,Titan Corporaton of San Diego.

political and science rhymes: Skyways Communications,'Cocaine One ...

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1 ago. 2013 - Makram Chams of Titan Corp 9/11 fame sues Daniel Hopsicker .... OF TITAN ORLEVEL-3 OF SAN DIEGO JUST LIKE MAKRAM CHAMS WHO ...

political and science rhymes: WTC,9/11:The 'Mad Cow' Daniel ...

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10 ago. 2013 - ... Titan part of Level 3 out of San Diego but who were Makram Chams ... Makram Chams,Skyway Comminications and the plane Hopsicker ...

Dots Connect… « Thirdring's Blog

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General Dynamics-Falls Church,Va, San Diego-Titan Corp-Michael Farkas … ... Florida Aviation – hijackers-Huffman Aviation-Makram Chams-Titan Corp-Michael D. Farkas … ... Michael D. Farkas –SkyWay, Titan Corp (L-3) ..... a subsidiary of Level-3 Corporation of San Diego,California that has done very well for itself ...

Higher Source: The Immortal Web Design of Heaven's Gate ...

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2 abr. 2014 - Heaven's Gate might have been the first high-profile cult to use a ... those with similar "computer programs" and "software" will resonate higher ...

A look back at the doomsday cult that funded its operations—and eventual mass suicide—by building websites.

On March 26th, 1997, 39 people in matching black sweatsuits and Nike sneakers were found dead in a rented mansion in a San Diego suburb. They were members of a religious group called Heaven's Gate, and they had committed suicide, cleanly and methodically, by ingesting large doses of phenobarbital and vodka. In each of their pockets, authorities found a five-dollar bill and three quarters—interplanetary toll fare.


Their motive was to hitch a ride to the "Next Level" on a heavenly spacecraft hidden behind the rapidly-approaching Hale-Bopp Comet. They didn't believe they were committing suicide. Instead, they were abandoning fallible physical "vehicles" in order to progress to the "Next Level" above human, a commitment they'd honed while living in isolated compounds in Salt Lake City, Denver, and the Dallas Forth-Worth area, before moving to their final resting place in Southern California.
Beyond the spectacle of their exit from this world, what's most interesting about Heaven's Gate, looking back, is their complicated relationship to technology. While we remember the Nike sneakers, the purple shrouds, and the bunk-beds meticulously lined with bodies, what most people don't know about these 38 devotees and their leader, Marshall Applewhite (known to them as "Bo" or "Do"), is that they paid for their lifestyle by building websites.
Yes, Heaven's Gate were web designers. The group ran a firm called Higher Source, and counted the San Diego Polo Club, a local topiary company, and a Christian music store among their clients. In the heady early days of the World Wide Web, this crew of androgynous roommates in matching close-cropped haircuts and baggy, modest clothes practiced what they called "Higher Source-computer programming" in Java, Visual Basic, SQL, and C++.

They also implemented Intranets ("we're proficient with Windows 95/NT, Novell Netware, and Unix, to name a few"), did systems analysis, and developed multimedia applications. They were a one-stop shop; of their graphic design, they promised, "Higher Source can go from 'cool' to 'corporate' like a chameleon."
Byond the technical know-how, what Higher Source brought to the table was their rigorous, collective work ethic. Unlike most web design firms, Higher Source's staff lived together in a spartan home and followed strict dietary and social rules—this made them, to say the least, an effective team. To the end. "Individually and collectively," the Higher Source site promised, "we have focused on outgrowing the artificial limitations this society has programmed all of us to accept in personal conduct and task efficiency…we can produce at a level of efficiency and quality unequalled in the computer industry."

Although their lifestyle might have been progressive, their design was far from cutting-edge. It's a little hard to tell, because all websites from the 1990s look equally ridiculous to our contemporary tastes, but they weren't very good web designers. A technical communications specialist quoted in a 1997 CNN story on the Heaven's Gate suicides put it this way: "I don't know what kind of money they were making. They have white outlines on the edges of the text that kind of mooshes it against the background."

Heaven's Gate Cult – Conspiracy by the Numbers - Extra Capsa

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11 sep. 2015 - I remember reading about the Heaven's Gate cybercult suicides in ... mind controlwaged on both the cult members and the public. ... (88 = Poison / Program); and they all wore Nike Decades (44 = Kill; ... So it would again appear that either Applewhite understood Gematria or his CIAhandlers were feeding ...

Mainstream Media is a Cult of Racist Mind Control CIA Infiltrated

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17 nov. 2016 - Mainstream Media is a Cult of Racist Mind Control CIA Infiltrated ... cult leaders like Jim Jones or Marshall Applewhite of Heavens Gate ...

Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You ...

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Buy Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivilize You ... the extent and details of its mind control programs (they actually bought up all of the ... Drugs as Weapons Against Us: TheCIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix .... The picture of the Heavens Gate cult leader on the cover is slightly ...

Heaven's Gate: Free Will or Mind Control? April 4, 1997

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West and others believe that members of "totalist" religious cults are subjected ... And their analysis ofHeaven's Gate practices, from the insistence that members ...

Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered

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How and When Heaven's Gate, the Door to the Physical Kingdom Level Above Human, May Be Entered. Organized Religions Are Killers of Souls. UFOs and ...

The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed ...

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17 sep. 2014 - It's not just text (though there is plenty of that); Heaven's Gate's ... of whom were several generations younger) as "God's astronaut program.

Heaven's Gate Revisited - 10 Year Later - Crystalinks

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23 mar. 2007 - These are metaphors the program wants you to believe, though they aid ... Ten years ago, 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult committed ...

A Living Member of the Heaven's Gate Cult Gave a Rare Interview to a ...

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22 dic. 2016 - A Living Member of the Heaven's Gate Cult Gave a Rare Interview ... Nearly two decades ago, 39 members of the cult killed themselves ... Christian School Bus Driver Lovingly Teaches Seven-Year-Old To Hate His Two Moms.

Two People Survived Heaven's Gate: We Talked To Them

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9 ene. 2017 - Heaven's Gate still exists today, having left behind two members to ... The term "cult" is a contentious one (what's the difference between a cult ..

Jewish Mafia on Wall Street:Businessweek stock criminal Gary Weiss defends BCCI Pakistan money launderer  :

pump me up scotty - barry minkow,garweiss sam antar meet heavens gate

The MadCow Morning News - Cached
13 Oct 2004 – ... in Rancho Santa Fe Ca. in March of 1997 in the Heaven's Gate cult mass ... After finding the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult on a balmy ...coincidentally the home of financier Carl Icahn, who will figure later in ...... from it about the San Diego FBI's criterion for employment. ...

An Interview With John Judge
(By Sherman H. Skolnick)
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: What do you think that this was?
JOHN JUDGE:  In  any  intelligence  operation,  you always go for
multiple bonuses.  Obviously, for some reason these  people  were
to  be murdered.  Their silence had to be secured, or they wanted
to use the incident as, in order to influence some kind of social
policy.  There were two  things  that were being discussed almost
immediately:  one was, censorship of the Internet; the other was,
whether people have the right to die  and  whether  they  have  a
right to be assisted in the suicide.
   This  was  at  the  time, early on, when they were saying that
Applewhite was still alive.   Now  they're saying that Applewhite
is among the dead.   But  they  had  the  I.D.s  right  from  the
beginning and it made me wonder whether Applewhite *is*, in fact,
among the dead.
SHERMAN  SKOLNICK:   In other words, Internet and euthanasia were
some of the subjects put and debated by the established media.
JOHN JUDGE:  And the spokesperson when CNN ran these issues right
from the beginning of the reporting  was  a person by the name of
Gerald Post(sp?).  And he had been on Crossfire five days  before
the  [Heavens  Gate]  incident,  arguing  the  "necessity,"  that
"Internet  was full of conspiracy theorists spreading hate and it
had to be censored."  His credentials that they gave were, he was
a professor at George Washington University, and among the topics
that  he  taught  was   a   class   in  political  psychology  --
psychological operations.  And this guy, Gerald  Post,  was  much
more  visibly  and correctly identified during the Gulf War, when
he commented on CNN and  other  media  as  an *open* agent of the
Central  Intelligence  Agency,  whose  specialty   was   domestic
psychological evaluation.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: And he had a connection with Heavens Gate?
JOHN JUDGE:  Only in the sense that, on the first day, he was the
first official spokesperson.
   And  you  have to take a close look at all the people that are
commenting.  Also, the story  about  the  one person who quit the
cult:  "Rio" is the only  name  given  so  far  that  I've  seen.
They're  hiding  his identity.  But he's alleged to have quit the
cult 5 weeks before this happened.   And then he turns up also as
the person who discovers the bodies and reports it to the police.
And this is classic for a provocateur.  In other words, if it was
an intelligence operation, he is the most suspect and they  won't
identify  him.   But  he worked with this guy -- Nick Matzurkis I
believe the name is?   He  runs  some  sort  of a computer gaming
industry.  And Matzurkis also subcontracted Heavens Gate  to  his
client,  so  he's  involved  with  their  business affairs.  [CN:
Matzurkis(sp?) received 2 computer disks in the mail from Heavens
Gate around the time  of  the  supposed  mass suicide.  The disks
were *not* material from their supposed web site.  Matzurkis  has
placed  the disks in a bank safe deposit box and last I heard had
not revealed any of the contents.]
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  In other words,  some of the first people that
showed up in the media were known commentators  on  CIA  domestic
JOHN  JUDGE:  Yes, there was an expert who worked for the CIA, an
expert   on   domestic   psychological   operations.    And   the
spokespeople  are  always  important  in  these  situations.   At
Jonestown, the  first  two  national  spokespeople  that  said it
wasn't unusual that all these people killed themselves  were  Dr.
Joly  West,  UCLA  Neuropsychiatric Institute (part of MK-ULTRA),
and also Dr. Robert J. Liston,  who along with Dr. West wrote the
original books about the Korean brainwashing, as a lie  to  cover
up  chemical  and  biological  weapons  used in Korea and also to
establish the need of the United States to do mind control.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  So  Heavens  Gate  may be another CIA/MK-ULTRA
operation, like Jonestown.
JOHN  JUDGE:   I  believe  so.   I  think  that  there's   enough
discrepancies  in  the facts.  The story that this Nick Matzurkis
has, that Rio spoke  to  him  and  said  he thought they might be
killing themselves:  he said he got the message  on  Tuesday  and
alerted  Matzurkis,  but  they  didn't  go  down  to  see  what's
happening until Wednesday.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: Are you going to write up something?
JOHN  JUDGE:   I am working with some other people to potentially
write something about this.
   I believe that they were  murdered.   I don't believe that any
group of people...  Even if you could convince yourself in a rush
situation, somehow, to kill yourself  when  there's  no  imminent
external threat, I don't think you would keep convincing yourself
over 6 or 7 days.
   It's  quite likely that there were more people in the compound
that left after the murders were done as well.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  The one who's played up these type of UFO with
Hale-Bopp stories is Art Bell, who  is a cousin of Warren Buffet.
Warren Buffet  is  some  type  of  dope/espionage  person  in  my
opinion,  whose  fortune  is  very  questionable  -- sort of like
Robert Maxwell.
JOHN JUDGE:  I  know  that  the  story  of  the UFO following the
comet, which has become part of this legend  (as  to  what  these
people  were  doing  and why they killed themselves at this time,
supposedly), came from an  amateur  astronomer who called the Art
Bell show.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  Art Bell is spread out all  over,  onto  major
radio  stations  that  would  not  find  your  comments  or  mine
acceptable  to  go on the air.  And all of a sudden, Art Bell and
his "UFOs in your backyard"  stories  are being promoted all over
the place.
JOHN JUDGE:  I've had no media calls although I did the  original
work  with  Mae  Brussell  on  Jonestown.   I've  had many calls,
though,  from  individuals  around  the  country,  asking  what I
thought about the Heavens Gate situation because of the work that
I have done.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  Is  it  also  possible  that  because  of  the
Clinton  White  House scandals escalating, that this is to make a
JOHN JUDGE:  There are certainly other much more important things
going on, including the move  by  Dexter King and the King family
to approach James Earl Ray, to try to re-open Ray's  trial.   And
that  was  dismissed this morning on NPR by Daniel Schorr, saying
that "the Kings were  just  feeding  into  a  new movie by Oliver
Stone."  Stone *does* want to make a movie of the  book,  *Orders
To  Kill* by William Pepper, who was a civil rights activist with
Dr. King. An excellent book.
   When you take the level  of  integrity and courage it took for
the King family to come forward and call openly for a  trial  for
James  Earl  Ray, and all you can do is smear them and dismiss, I
think it borders on being racist on their [NPR's] part.
   We have a national campaign going on right now to petition the
appeals court to act quickly:  to  test the rifle, to re-open the
trial.  We're going to have William  Pepper  and  perhaps  Dexter
King at our conference here in June.  And we also have a national
campaign   to   free   the   650   to   700   thousand  pages  of
still-classified documents.
   The last time that  there  was  a  public statement by Coretta
Scott King was in the 1970s, that she believed that there  was  a
conspiracy  in  the  case.   And  the reason it came out was that
James Earl Ray's attorneys had won a remand of the case.  And the
press had  asked  the  Kings  what  they  thought.   And within a
two-week period, in which King's widow made that first  and  only
statement  blaming  a  conspiracy, two of the main family members
were killed.   First  the  brother,  A.D.  King,  was found fully
clothed behind the house, in a swimming  pool,  drowned.   A  man
that didn't swim and didn't like to go in the water.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK: And then King's mother was murdered.
JOHN  JUDGE:   That's  right, and then the mother was murdered in
Ebeneezer Baptist by  Martin  Wayne  Chenault(?).   And they were
both witnesses to the physical wounds on Dr. King.
   The person who did it, Chenault, was  linked  to  a  guy  that
called  himself Abraham Israel -- he had different names he used.
His real name was David Hill.  He was from Cleveland, but tied to
Field Marshall Cinque of the Symbionese Liberation Army.
   Chenault joined a group called  "The Troop or the Truth."  And
they had a list of civil rights leaders they were going to  kill.
And  they were programmed killers.  He came out of there grinning
like  Arthur  Bremer  [convicted  of  attempted  assassination of
George Wallace], and he asked, "Did I hit anybody?"  And he had a
gun in his hand.  They did no ballistic or autopsy  work  on  Dr.
King's  mother,  to find out if there had been a second assassin,
whether Chenault was just a patsy in there popping the gun off to
take the blame.  He  was  put  into  prison,  but David Hill then
disappeared  from  Cleveland   and   founded   something   called
"Hilltown,"  which was about 20 miles from Jonestown, in the bush
in Guyana.  And he  claimed  to  have  8,000 American Indians and
blacks there, and  he  worked  to  ensure  elections  for  Forbes
Burnham, the CIA plant that took over the country.
SHERMAN  SKOLNICK:   Your  coalition,  the Coalition On Political
Assassinations, holds  conventions  or  conferences  from time to
JOHN JUDGE:  We do  an  annual  conference,  and  we  also  do  a
regional  conference  every year in Dallas around the anniversary
of the JFK assassination, November 22nd.
SHERMAN SKOLNICK:  You do everything possible to keep this before
the public.
JOHN JUDGE:  Yes,  we  do,  although  there  is very definitely a
press blockade of this material.  Almost despite anything we  do,
we  can't  get  coverage.   Even  an  hour on C-Span would get us
national attention.
   We have a web site,
   Our e-mail address is,
   One of my tapes  is  distributed by Prevailing Winds Research.
It's called "Cults, Lies, and Videotape."  (Phone:  805-899-3433;
Fax:  805-899-4773; BBS:  805-899-4737.)  I did  it  two  summers
ago.  The tape has a lot of my analysis on different cults.  Many
of  these cults were created whole cloth and were infiltrated and
are run by the government.   The  idea of infiltrating the occult
societies as control systems goes back at least to World War  II,
when  the  Office  of  Naval  Intelligence hired Jack Parsons and
Alestair  Crowley,  [self-proclaimed   "Beast"  of  Revelations].
Crowley sent  his  disciples  into  all  the  various  cults,  to
infiltrate them and find out how they worked.

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