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china focuses graphene for batteries - U,S, focuses on graphene for war

Chinese scientists develop fast-charging aluminum-graphene battery

Bulletproof Graphene: Paper-Thin Material Becomes Harder Than Diamonds On Impact

University at the forefront of sports footwear technology


Stunning discovery may change US military forever

Stunning discovery may change US military forever

In a huge breakthrough, scientists have developed a graphene-based material that could stop bullets and be used for armor.

Scientists may have just come up with a way to save an incredible amount of people thanks to an incredible technology known as graphene sheets. Researchers think they’ve found a way to make a bulletproof graphene that would allow them to create lightweight protective vests for police officers and soldiers.
This huge breakthrough was made possible by using two graphene layers to create this new materials, which is soft and light but incredibly strong, able to stop a speeding bullet or other objects. The material is as thin as aluminum foil, but once put under pressure it becomes very hard and rigid, so it could be adapted for a number of uses.....................

Graphene electricity

Graphene Could Double Electricity Generated From Solar | IFLScience
The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth every 40 minutes is enough to meet global energy demands for an entire year. The trick, of course, is harnessing it and converting it into useful electricity. A new study has revealed that tweaking graphene allows it to generate two electrons for every photon of light it receives.

Could graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy ...
Nov 23, 2017 - As if graphene wasn't versatile enough already, researchers at the University of Arkansas have now found a way for the two-dimensional material to be used as a source of clean and potentially unlimited energy. By tapping into the random fluctuations of the carbon atoms that make ...

[PDF]Self-Charged Graphene Battery Harvests Electricity from ... - arXiv
by Z Xu - ‎2012 - ‎Related articles
Self-Charged Graphene Battery Harvests Electricity from Thermal Energy of the Environment. Zihan Xu1†*. , Guoan Tai1,3†. , Yungang Zhou2,Fei Gao2,and Kin Hung Wong1. 1 Department of Applied Physics and Materials Research Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,. Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, ...

Graphene - A simple introduction - Explain that Stuff
Jan 30, 2017 - Graphene was first discovered in 2004, but what's caused such excitement is that its properties (the way it behaves as a material) are remarkable and exciting. Briefly, it's super-strong and stiff, amazingly thin, almost completely transparent, extremely light, and an amazing conductor ofelectricity and heat.

Graphene-coated solar panels could create electricity from raindrops ...
Apr 11, 2016 - Scientists in China are developing a solar panel that could be used to generate powerfrom an unlikely source—rain. Graphene, which consists of just a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure, was discovered a decade ago and has been put to several scientific uses. Previous work ...

Publications – Graphenea
What makes graphene so special is its sp2 hybridisation and very thin atomic thickness (of 0.345Nm). These properties are what enable graphene to break so many records in terms of strength, electricityand heat conduction (as well as many others). Now, let's explore just what makes graphene so special, what are its ...

Flowing salt water over graphene generates electricity | Ars Technica
Apr 14, 2014 - Hydroelectricity is one of the oldest techniques for generating electrical power, with over 150 countries using it as a source for renewable energy. Hydroelectric generators only work efficiently at large scales, though—scales large enough to interrupt river flow and possibly harm local ecosystems.


graphene plastic

Graphene-Polymer Composite - MIT Technology Review
May 27, 2008 - Graphene-polymer composites would be ideal for making lightweight gasoline tanks and plastic containers that keep food fresh for weeks. They could also be used to make lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft and car parts, as well as stronger wind turbines, medical implants, and sports equipment. What's ...

Super Strong Conductive Graphene Bio Plastic - YouTube
Feb 2, 2015 - Uploaded by Robert Murray-Smith
This is a bioplastic we came up with that has 0.5% graphene added to it and the idea 
of the video is to say ..

Graphene composites: introduction and market status | Graphene-Info
In fiberglass, fine fibers of glass, which are woven into a cloth of sorts, act as the reinforcement in aplastic or resin matrix. composite crossection image. While composite materials are not a new concept (for example, mud bricks, made from dried mud embedded with straw pieces, have been around for thousands of years), ...

Graphene-infused packaging is a million times better at blocking ...
Jul 13, 2016 - Graphene-infused packaging is a million times better at blocking moisture. "Million-Fold Decrease in Polymer Moisture Permeability by a Graphene Monolayer" ACS Nano. Plastic packaging might seem impenetrable — and sometimes nearly impossible to remove — but water molecules can still pass ...

The Rise of Graphene-Reinforced Polymers - Polymer Solutions
Mar 18, 2014 - A simulated view of graphene. Carbon fascinates us over and over again. It is present in all known life forms on Earth, it is sought after in the form of diamonds, and used widely in the form of graphite. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are valued for their light weight and strength. Eight allotropes of carbon.

Graphene makes plastic a million times more water resistant › Emerging Tech
Jul 15, 2016 - To better protect electronics during storage, researchers have developed a new water-impermeable form of plastic packaging using graphene.

Graphene for rubber and plastics
Items 1 - 11 of 11 - Graphene has enabled the mass production of a whole variety of high-performance polymers and rubbers. Plastics and rubber are used in a large variety of industries in which the durability is critical to the functionality of the application.

CVD Graphene on Plastic Substrate - CVD Graphene - Materials
This item has been replaced by CVD Graphene on PET Substrate.

Making dreams come true: Making graphene from plastic? - › Nanotechnology › Nanomaterials
Jul 2, 2014 - The research team led by Dr. Han-Ik Joh at KIST along with Dr. Seok-In Na at Chonbuk National University and Dr. Byoung Gak Kim at KRICT synthesized carbon nanosheets similar tographene using polymer, and directly used the transparent electrodes for organic solar cells. The research outcome was ...

graphene doping:

Story image for graphene doping from ExtremeTech

Lithium 'doping' turns graphene into a superconductor

ExtremeTech-Sep 10, 2015
Scientists from Canada and Europe have published results showing that “decoration” of graphene samples with lithium can change the behavior of electrons passing through it and turn the super-material into a superconductor. It's a property that was first predicted by a super-computer, now confirmed ...
Story image for graphene doping from Phys.Org

Ultrasensitive sensor using N-doped graphene

Phys.Org-Jul 22, 2016
A highly sensitive chemical sensor based on Raman spectroscopy and using nitrogen-doped graphene as a substrate was developed by an international team of researchers working at Penn State. In this case, doping refers to introducing nitrogen atoms into the carbon structure of graphene.

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Directa Plus to supply graphene for enhanced bicycle tyres
Industrial Minerals Dec 22, 2017
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