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Maidhc Ó Cathail,Gordon Duff,CIA George Tenet,Menachem Gilad Atzmon,veteranstoday,ICTS International 9/11 Mass Murder,Norway

 I posted comments to Maidhc Ó Cathail in response to his recent blog post of August 29, 2011  titled, 'Exploiting Terror'.Strangely he who should be the first to be shocked by the use of his writing by Gordon Duff and veteranstoday.com  to further the dark pro-Libyan war of NATO,chooses to censure my comment and polite communication to him instead,so I post it here instead.
At least I have informed him that his pals at veteranstoday.com are either sponsored or encouraged by the very Zionists of the Israeli government he claims to criticse in the first place.In fact that's exactly what they themselves do.They spew all sorts of anti-Israel pap while it appears obvious that besides an association with ex CIA DIA George Tenet,who covered up for Israelis and Zionists involved in 9/11, JUST AS MICHAEL CHERTOFF DID,they also have Israeli Gilad Atzmon on their staff who appears to be an agent sabateur who has advocated blowing up a synagogue ! Worse,he has hidden and never acknowledged his obvious
family relationship to Menachem Atzmon,who continues even after his 9/11 terrorist role as head of ICTS International that allowed the two planes the U.S.government claims his the WTC in the first place,to operate particularly in Europe out of the Rothschild's,Geert Wilders,Uri Rosenthal's and Queen Beatrix's Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam where among other things they allowed Nigerian Islamic terrorist Mutallab to board flight 253 on Christmas 2009 that gave Barack Barry Soetoro Obama and the Methodist Jewish Zionist Janet Napolitano who replaced Chertoff as head of Homeland Security,to virtually rape Americans from young children,to 90 year old ill patients,to even a former Miss America in 2010 ! ,Maidhc Ó Cathail's at veteranstoday besides yelling about bombing innocents in Israel to give thermselves 'credibilty',have also had both Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva and Pakistan General  Hamid Gul, SUSPECT IN THE MURDER OF  U.S.
SOLDIERES IN AFGHISTAN,as members of their writing staff ! This is why

By alligning himself to Gordon Duff and thus to ex CIA DIA George Tenet who besides covering up mass murder on 9/11,also runs stock and money laundering operations with Duff and Agora Inc., of Baltimore, etc.,Maidhc Ó Cathail only shows his own cedibility can't be trusted any more than his dangerous friends can.
Still I found Maidhc Ó Cathail of interest and will post a portion of it below my letter to him with a link.But my years of experience in following the internet investigating stock fraud and later 911,WHEN IT BEGAN TO BE APPARENT THAT THAT WAS HOW IT WAS GREATLY FUNDED,has accustomed me to not be surprised when the very poeple who are least reputable,are coincidentally most aware of valuable 'intelligence' and subject matter of interest to me.My first contact with Gordon Duff in fact occured after the Christmas 2009 'crotch bomber' incident when the Nigerian Islamic Mutallab took flight 253 from Sciphol to Detyroit with his supposed 'crotch bomb' that failed to go off but led to all sorts of business for Israeli connected airport  'security' companies that ex Homeland Security Czar  and Israeli terrorist Michael Chertoff promoted and present Homeland Security Czarina Janet Napolitano and her TSA bought with our increased international debt rather than investigating ICTS International that brought us 9/11 in the first place !

 Dear Maidhc Ó Cathail,
ICTS Europe,(the same as ICTS International),was also doing some
‘security’ work during the London subway bombings and also allowed
both Richard Reid the shoe bomber to board a flight from De Gualle
shortly after 911 as well as the Islamic crotch bomber Mutallab to
board flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas 2009 and had a
‘security’ role at Moscow airport earlier this year when a supposed
Islamic bomber killed over 30 people – I thought you would find it of
some interest that according to ICTS’ own website,they also play some
unexplained ‘security’ role in Norway as well.
Because I respect and appreciate your investigative writing that has
also been posted on Gordon Duff’s,et.al.’s,veteranstoday.
con website I
also wanted to bring to your attention the fact that their writer Gilad
Artzmon appears to be a relative of both Menachem Atmon of ICTS infamy
as well as Tzipora (Tzipi) Malka Livni of Israeli war crimes
infamy.Gordon Duff appears himself connected to ex CIA George Tenet
with all his ties to lies of 911 as well as to the CIA stock fraud and
money laundering In Q Tel and Agora Inc of Baltimore,,(that may or not
be related to Agora newspaper monopoly of Poland), which explains
why Duff placed Agora´s Lila Rajiva as a staff writer until I raised
internet hell about it.Certainly not your fault that they would use
your good investigative reporting to bolster their credibility but in
light of Gilad Atzmon’s undisclosed relations to the upper levels of
Israeli fascism and to people who had direct roles in 911 and probably
London subway bombings as well as Richard Reid the shoe bomber and
Mutalab the Islamic crotch bomber and possibly a role in Moscow
airport bombing earlier this year,etc,such as his relative Atzmon of
ICTS International or ICTS Europe,it would be in all our interest if
you investigated my contentions and verify for yourself.

Contact ICTS Europe Systems
http://www.ictseuropesystems.com/contact.html If you would like to
receive further information about ICTS Europe Systems, or have us
contact you in relation to … Norway, ICTS Norway S/A,

ICTS Norway – [ Translate this page ]
http://www.ictsnorway.no/ – Cached Marknadskommunikation med fokus på
Internet och varumärken.:

ICTS-International Consultants Wed Targeted Security has long been
synonymous with air safety – Aviation Security. ICTS is a world leader
in this area and has during the last two decades gained a prestigious
reputation for its professional integrity, service, quality,
innovation and commercial success in their various businesses.

ICTS was formed in 1982 and has since become the market leader when it
comes to safeguarding services within the aviation industry. Year 2003
encompassed ICTS Europe for more than 700 000 flights.
August 30, 2011, 11:38 pm 
from Maidhc Ó Cathail's,'Exploiting Terror',with link,that led to my communication to him above.:
Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski’s War on “Dangerous Emotions”
By Maidhc Ó Cathail
August 29, 2011
In the wake of any major terrorist event, it’s generally worth noting who is especially quick off the mark to exploit the tragedy.

Within hours of planes striking the World Trade Center on 9/11, the then former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak was in the BBC’s London studios calling for a “war on terror” against “rogue states” which just happened to be enemies of Israel (none of whose agents, unlike Israel’s, were seen filming and celebrating as the twin towers collapsed into their own footprint). And two years ago, soon after ICTS International, an Israeli security firm established by former intelligence officers, allowed a young Nigerian without a passport to “slip through” Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to board Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day, former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, the son of a suspected Mossad operative, was on CNN touting one of his client’s full-body scanners as the answer to America’s airline security problems.
In the case of the July 22 twin terror attacks in Oslo and on Utøya Island, however, some of Israel’s more provocative propagandists appear to have been wrong-footed by Anders Behring Breivik’s apparent admiration for their Islamophobic rants. While the likes of Bat Ye’or, Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller were seen scrambling to distance themselves from Breivik, Norway’s massacre has indeed been seized upon by others with their own, albeit less transparent, ties to the Jewish state............

The Polish foreign minister’s legal crusade against “dangerous emotions” had already received a significant endorsement in a May 11 op-ed piece in The Economist magazine from someone writing under the pseudonym “E.L.,” who described Sikorski as “an old friend of mine.” Reproducing one such comment in Polish which was considered “simply too unpleasant to translate,” E.L. cited “another rather milder one” which “merely accuses Mr Sikorski of being the ‘husband of an orthodox Jew, an enemy of Poland controlled by his father-in-law,’ bent on the ‘the destruction and destabilisation of Poland’ and a ‘hidden, ruthless traitor.’” Having disclosed that Sikorski was an “old friend,” E.L. somehow neglected to mention that the Polish foreign minister’s wife accused of betraying Poland to foreign interests is a former editor of The Economist. As for the op-ed writer’s own identity, it may be more than a coincidence that the name of the holding company owned by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, which manages its investments in The Economist Group, owner of The Economist magazine, is E.L. Rothschild.
Sikorski’s allegedly influential father-in-law, Harvey Applebaum, is a partner in Covington and Burling, an international law firm which advises multinational corporations on significant transactional, litigation, regulatory, and public policy matters. Among its more controversial clients are Chiquita, the first major U.S. corporation to be convicted of financing terrorism; and Halliburton and Xe Services (formerly Blackwater), two of the biggest beneficiaries of the “war on terror.” Its current and former attorneys include such proficient pro-Israeli warmongers as John Bolton, senior fellow at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (a former employer of both Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski); Stuart Eizenstat, Special U.S. Envoy for Holocaust Issues during the Clinton administrations; and the aforementioned Michael Chertoff.
Having covered the demise of the Soviet Union as a Warsaw-based correspondent for The Economist during the late 1980s,
Anne Applebaum has long been one of the most prominent anti-Russian advocates of economic and political “liberalisation” in the former Soviet Bloc and beyond. In a 2004 op-ed in The Washington Post, she dismissed as “Freedom Haters” those who saw “insidious neocon plots” behind the supposedly disinterested “democracy promotion” of George Soros and what she sarcastically referred to as “the evil triumvirate” of the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and Freedom House, which she praised for “diligently training judges, helping election monitors and funding human rights groups around the world for decades, much of the time without getting much attention for it.” Prefiguring her husband’s current concerns, Applebaum bemoaned “the international echo chamber that the Internet has become” in which such cynical ideas “have traction.”
In the wake of Norway’s terror, Anne Applebaum’s response was as swift as it was revealing. Within 48 hours, she had an op-ed piece in The Washington Post entitled “Norway massacre and anti-government obsession.” Sounding a similar note to Sikorski, she opined that Breivik’s obsessions “sprang from an insane conviction that his own government was illegitimate.” Applebaum, however, seemed more concerned about Americans who might think like Breivik. Coining the term “illegitimists” to describe Breivik’s supposed American analogues, she cited Birthers, who claim that Barack Obama isn’t American-born, as the contemporary right-wing manifestation. “It is not accidental,” Applebaum observed, “that the one note of sympathy for Breivik in the U.S. media came from the birtherist and illegitimist Glenn Beck, who helpfully compared the young Norwegians murdered by Breivik to Hitler youth. Presumably if they are Hitler youth, then they deserved to die?”
It is hardly accidental either that Applebaum, who has lauded Daniel Pipes as “one of the best” American analysts of the Middle East, omitted to mention that the Birther movement is spearheaded by Orly Taitz, a Soviet Jewish emigré and pro-Israel activist who had lived in Israel for years prior to her inciting Americans against their president; or that Glenn Beck — whose over-the-top exposés of influential figures such as George Soros conveniently serve to discredit more measured critiques — is engaged in a mutual love affair with the Israeli right-wing, whose backing has been crucial to his lucrative career of demagoguery.
After the Norway massacre, of course, it’s going be even harder for genuine critics of government to publicly express their displeasure. From now on, anyone who questions the bona fides of such avid “freedom lovers” as the Sikorskis and their powerful transnational associates risks being labelled a potential “Breivik” whose “dangerous emotions” need to be kept in check.
Maidhc Ó Cathail is an investigative journalist and Middle East analyst.



WTC,,9/11,Logan Airport Boston,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad Atzmon,Gordon Duff,Menachem Atzmon, ICTS International

By Tony Ryals

On setting fire to synagogues, Gilad Atzmon:
Re: Congress, AIPAC-Israel and 9/11
“I’m not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a
synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act.”
It may be that VeteransToday's and   US Army War College's Alan
Sabrosky's threts to murder innocent  Israeli citizens which I believe
like Gilad Atzmon's statement about bombing a synagogue and
VeteransToday's and Gulf War Veteran Ken 0'Keefe's leading the human
shields movement in Iraq and his actions as a Palestinian anti-Gaza
blockade activist are all acts of U.S.government agent
provocateurs,has been removed from youtube in order to protect the
guilty.All of those phony macho posers and particularly money thief
and launderer Gordon Duff whose pal Bud Burrell an ex Viet Nam war
criminal and money launderer for the UK Rothschild CRIME FAMILY ARE
Former Director US Army War College Alan Sabrosky: "Israel should be
scrubbed off the face of this Earth" 100% mossad operation
I have heard the rumor repeated over and over in comments from readers
on veteranstoday Gordon Duff's posts there that his mother is or was
Jewish.In other circumstances this would mean little than that more
than likely she was a woman whose ancestors came from some place in
Eastern Europe and that they were white and NOT OF 'SEMITIC'
ORIGEN,which is the case of the majority of those who erroneously call
themselves Jewish or 'Semitic' today.He's as white as Snow White.
Perhaps Snow White was part of a Zionist 'sleeper cell' for all I know
cause just about all 'Jews' I've met look like their ancestors,as is the case of
most Europeans,
suffered Vitamin D deficiency in their northern agrarian past and thus
could never have originated in Palestine or Israel or anywhere in the
Middle East regardless of what their families religious mythologies
'taught' them in the first place.But it is important to the question
of whether or not he is an agent provocateur using his anti-Israel or
even anti-Jewish tirades to deceive and manipulate his audience in the
same way Alex Jones does to lead people away from Zionist
perpetrators of 911,particularly Menachem Atzmon's ICTS International
that 'guarded' Logan Airport Boston on 911.Gordon Duff got on his
Veterans Today soapbox after ICTS allowed Mutallab,the Islamic
Nigerian 'crotch bomber' to board flight 253 from Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas 2009 but carefully ommited to
mention Gilad Atzmon's relative Menachem Atzmon's role in both 911
Logan Airport as well as his continued control of ICTS International
and or ICTS Europe on Christmas 2009!



Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, VeteransToday, 9-11 Israel / Mossad / PNAC Neocons Connections

Since this video by Dr. Sabrosky is very very popular right now, I thought I would look into it a bit.

Will quote Dr. Sabrosky -- "I had strong suspicions that something was very wrong"
Dr. S. continually uses the term "secondary explosions" as do all the phony news reporters in the YouTube video referenced below, all coincidentally parotting the same phrases "secondary explosions" "devices"  etc...

Dr. Fetzer has already shown that the explosions were not "secondary.".......


Fetzer says Dr. Jones says
“beyond the impact of the planes and the modest fires required tremendous energy of precisely the kind produced by controlled demolitions. His best guess as to the explosives used is that they were probably an enhanced form of thermate.”

Indeed, there are multiple reports of unusual "security lapses" in the Twin Towers during the two weeks before 9/11. Sections of floors were shut off and normal security practices were breached, while teams of "engineers" were given free access. Professor Jones has estimated that it would have taken 40 men only 10 trips each to plant sufficient thermate to bring one of them down.


Transcript:  The Dynamic Duo radio show of May 17, 2007, Genesis Communications Network – www.gcnlive.com

Dr. Fetzer critiqued a 2007 study of Dr. Jones published in the online only Journal of 9-11 studies, I think the first official "research paper" put out by Dr. Jones.  The following of quotes from the paper that Dr. Fetzer talks about as well as Dr. Fetzer's comments.
“An investigation well beyond the scope of this paper would look for
purchases of aluminum and iron-oxide powders (and sulfur) in multi-ton-quantities prior to 9/11/2001.”
Steven Jones quote re. his 2007 first paper.........

While Dr. Fetzer a very long time ago suggested that maybe the reason for the pre-explosions were to loosen the core beams, Dr. Fetzer has now come to believe that the pupose of the pre-explosions, which though measurable and measured by Columbia U., was to drain  the sprinkler systems of all their water, as the basement filling with water after the pre-explosions was noted by people present there.  That way, the fires, which maybe started from the "fire balls" that we saw right after the alleged plane crash, could continue burning and perhaps spread about the building.  The idea was to have those scattered small superficial fires play a very large role in the official story.  The alleged plane crashes were supposed to happen at the exact same time as the pre-explosions in the sub-basements so that the pre-explosions would not be taken account of and noticed and would be thought just to be a result of the plane crash.  But they miscalulated that Columbia Univ. as well as FAA and radar data would prove that the pre-explosions actually happened several seconds BEFORE the alleged plane crashes and fireballs.

So the big boom explosions that destroyed the towers really was not a procedure that required preliminary, absolutely crucial, steps.  The building were blown to kinddom come in one fell swoop.  Any "pre" things we observed were for the purpose of supporting the official story and making it seem more believable.

We do not have to prove what actually happened.  We just have to rule out things that are suggested that seem highly implausible and we need to say why.  What chuck does is present KNOWN substances and their actions that could provide just as strong an explanation of the data, or the "evidence" as does the DEW hypothesis.  For that reason, his information is extremely valuable, but again we know nothing about DEWs except that they act in mysterious ways, and we have no proof that "thermite or nano-thermite" was present or if present played any substantive role other than perhaps being inserted "red herring" data to keep us off investigation more true ideas.  Remember, the JFK assassination, according to Dr. Fetzer, was heavily salted with fake evidence to make investigation almost an impossible task.  But even though we cannot prove what did happen, we can do a whole lot through open discussion by making strong arguments for what most probably did not happen.  IT is just a process of ruling out things.........

Because people are either not smart enough or too lazy to study the stuff Prof. Fetzer taught for 30 years, the end result is that the truth on most everything in this society is getting lost.  And the oligargarchs are sitting back and enjoying the ride.  Even when all hell breaks loose, guess where everyone is going to end up:  the rest of us in their concentration camps and the oligargarchy under the Denver airport in the very best emergency bunkers.

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