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Material re VeteransToday Agent Provacateur Kenneth O'keefe compiled by Jo Ann Wescott

 Since I posted the material below by a Jo Ann  Wescott complaining of Kenneth O'Keefe's shady finances, new claims of fraud by Salem-News and Veterans Today agent provocateur O'Keefe have come to light in part thanks to Kenneth O'Keefe's own recent article in Veterns Today.In light of so many who really are victims of government repression it is sick of this George Tenet CIA agent provocatuer,Kenneth O'Keefe crying his crocodile tears and pretending so cynicallt to be some kind of Palestinian martyrWhile Veterans Today and thus ex CIA Chief,9/11 liar and money launderer George Tenet ,who created the CIA's In-Q-Tel
not only for corporate spying and sabotage but also for bringing thse 'proivate' cpompanies public and using them to defraud Americans in stock scams and stock shares money laundering ops Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff would know of Tenet's connection to Agora Inc of Baltimore where Lila Rajiva joined Veterans Today briefly to attack Julian Assange who I believe they feared knew about CIA and Agora Inc. as well as use of Swiss and other offshore accounts not SO MUCH BY INDIAN BILLIONAIRES AS ASSANGE LATER LIED - BUT BY SCUM LIKE George Tenet and other war profiteers such as Veterans Today is really aligned to whether they be foreign or domestic.So note that the very fronts for Veterans Today's Ken O'Keefe being supposedly investigated in the UK are indeed the very same ones mentioned as suspicious by
JO Ann Wescott and disappeared fom the internet and Wescott apparetly harrassed by Kenneth O'Keefe and his Salem-News and Veterans Today dirty tricksters with their ex CIA Chief George Tenet  connections and ties to CIA stock money launderers of James Dale Davidson,Lord William Rees-Mogg,Bill Bonner and Porter Stansberry with his Alex Jones connections and on and on........ Note O'Keefe's and Veterans Today's sensationalist title,'US Congressional Bill Lists Ken O’Keefe As Hamas, Al Qaeda Linked Terrorist'.When you get into the article little is provided to even show the U.S.government has put him on a terrorist list but based on his far right and even military and CIA connections he ought to be. But what becomes obvious in Ken O'Keefe's Veterans Today tirade is  his concern that the UK authories are threatening his illicit money raising schemes based upon his false promotion of himself as something other than an ex Gulf War veteran just like Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh and so many others lesser known.And like McVCeigh,Kenneth O'Keefe appears to be a government agent saboteour considering the CIA and U.S.military company he keeps at Veterans Today alone.And if the U.S.government  really did put him on an Al Qaeda connected list as he appears to erroneously have claimed,what would that mean when military and CIA connected Veterans Today writers have already so correctly piointed out - ex Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the CIA created Al Qaeda themselves in the 1980's to fight the 'gawdless' commies..And you'd think Moslims would themselves be insulted by both  Veterans Today's Gordon Duff and Kenneth O'Keefe hide behind Islam the way phony patriots used to drape themselves in the U.S.flag. :

'I have never referred to Aloha Palestine, the Samouni Project or Trade Not Aid as charities and I have taken no wages for my work since early 2009, and yet I have been arrested by one government for fraud, accused of or linked to terrorism by two others.' - Kenneth O'Keefe

US Congressional Bill Lists Ken O’Keefe As Hamas, Al Qaeda Linked Terrorist

The traitorous US Congress is now entertaining a bill that would direct the ‘Secretary of State to submit a report on whether any support organization that participated in the planning or execution of the recent Gaza flotilla attempt should be designated as a foreign terrorist organisation.’  

'' There is always a way for governments to violate the rights of the people, in this case the facilitators are Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins, primary agents in the hijacking of my Trade Not Aid mission. These crooks falsely alleged that I had defrauded them by saying my mission was a “charity” when in fact it is and always has been a non-profit social enterprise. Their actions fit the classic profile of infiltrators aligned with or working directly for Special Branch, a notorious element of the UK police who make infiltration, subversion and even murder  their business.....
Additionally, my bank statements prove that I take no pay. So who is the “fraudster” exactly?  The police, government, mass-media and the banksters perhaps?
The fact is that my history of activism, social enterprise and ability to articulate the crimes of the powers that be is what has made me a target.   In terms of where I invest my time, the majority of it is dedicated to social enterprise.  Accordingly, I won a fellowship position with the prestigious London School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2010. I was also featured in Social Enterprise Magazine twice. Both times highlighting my Aloha Palestine trade mission for Gaza....

Featured in Social Enterprise Magazine for my Aloha Palestine Mission to conduct SafeTrade with Palestine under the auspice of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
So the record shows my position over and over and over again, Trade, Not Aid, is what is needed in Palestine and what I have spent years to develop.  This is completely undeniable and a matter of public record.  Yet the police arrested me because they saw merit in Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins claiming I said I represented a “charity”. It is the most pathetic, transparent excuse to steal my property and thwart my humanitarian work and why should any of this surprise us? It shouldn’t, because the British government is every bit as traitorous in its bend over subservience to the Apartheid state of Israel, as is the American government; traitors all.
So I have no money, again 100% verifiable, because I take no salary and do not even cover my expenses. In fact I have incurred provable debt for the work I have done. In particular with the playground I built in Gaza for the Samouni children..........
 Whats more, although I have the legal and moral right to take some pay for the work I do, from the money I raise no less, I have not taken any pay since early 2009 and that was a pittance which was agreed by the donor who supported the launch of Aloha Palestine. How many directors of charities, organisations or social enterprises work for free? I don’t know but I have, and the reason I do not take pay is because there is never enough money to do all that needs to be done. So I do the best I can with the limited resources I have got....

What is even more astonishing is that I have absolute proof that Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins are guilty of the fraud they accused me of. The police know this because proof has been given to them beyond what I have posted here. Despite this, the police have used the allegations of fraudsters who are 100% provably guilty of soliciting donations for a charity that did not exist, as the basis of arresting/harassing me on that very same charge.
What’s more, these same people have attempted to give cover for their theft of Trade Not Aid cash, donated items and vehicles by launching an un-Godly slander campaign in which they have said I am a thief, conman, womaniser, adulterer, that my children are illegitimate, that I am a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘white supremacist’, that I was nearly arrested in Gaza twice, that my Palestinian wife is ‘worse than me’ and that I have effectively stolen from the Samouni family in order to fatten my pockets.
This is a classic example of ‘Ritual Defamation’ as practised most effectively by the greatest liars and defamers of our time, the Zionists.
I have never referred to Aloha Palestine, the Samouni Project or Trade Not Aid as charities and I have taken no wages for my work since early 2009, and yet I have been arrested by one government for fraud, accused of or linked to terrorism by two others.
Will the UK police arrest the real fraudsters? Not a chance.  Why?  Because their objective is the same as Israel and Americas, perpetual harm for the people and nation of Palestine.  Anyone in or from these nations who seriously endeavours to effect justice in Palestine is in effect, regarded as an enemy of the state.
Back to the pitiable traitors Myles, Cuthbert and Jenkins, here they are soliciting money for the non-existent charity ‘Palestine Aid’.................
 Jez Cuthbert, one of the accusers whose testimony was used by UK police to arrest me for fraud, committing fraud himself....

The main hijacker of Trade Not Aid Catherine Myles committing fraud by soliciting donations for a charity that does not exist.
With initial cover by the UK police, Palestine Aid is what these same scoundrels attempted to turn Trade, Not Aid, into. And this attempted transformation reveals something extremely important to understand if we truly care about the people of Palestine, and that is that a trade mission like mine is hugely problematic to the Zionist/EU partnership.  Why?  Because my Trade Not Aid mission will aggressively expose the EU’s disgustingly immoral trade with the Apartheid state of Israel, trade that amounts to over 25bn Euros annually, while the people of Gaza live in abject, donor dependent poverty.................
  Not only can we establish that those accusing me of fraud are in fact fraudsters and thieves, but the police have been informed by myself, my solicitor and others that the primary fraudster, Catherine Myles, has had at least £10,000 (but probably twice that or more) deposited in good faith to her account for the benefit of the Trade Not Aid mission, and that money is still completely unaccounted for. The UK Police have the authority to verify what we have alleged, and if they were not stooges for the powers that be they would have established beyond any doubt that Catherine Myles has zero credibility, and furthermore she is a thief who has stolen over £10,000 of donations, holding it for purposes unknown for over 6 months now… with police cover no less. So who are the fraudsters?..............

Say hello to the Trade Not Aid hijacking crew; Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn) Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), Cath Jenkins and Yousef Khalfan.
It has become crystal clear to me that the whole reason for this travesty is to justify the police stealing my property and casting doubt on my integrity. At this point it looks like the UK police will conclude their sham investigation by returning my stolen property after six months and saying it was all a “civil matter”. At which point I have to rely on the corrupt UK “justice” system to recoup this stolen money and property. This all takes time and money and more importantly it delays the mission. Which is the whole point now isn’t it, to get me to give up or at the very least to delay it all, water it down, Zionize it and make it another bullshit band-aid on a gushing wound ‘aid mission’.- Kenneth O'Keefe


What's certain is that none of the characters surrounding the ex military scumbag and ex 'human shield' or spy in Iraq and sababteur ,Kenneth O'Keefe, are credidible. From Mary Rizzo and Zionist posing as anti-Zionist
Galid Atzmon of Palestinian Think Tank disinfo op.Gilad Atzmon also part of VeteransToday and obvious danger to American veterans and Americans in general  is a relative of 9/11 Israeli perpatrator Menachem Atzmon of ICTS International .Veterans Today's stock fraud money launderer 'Major' Gordon Duff,  who has admitted ties to 9/11 terrorist ex CIA Chief George Tenet who founded CIA's In-Q-Tel for fraud and money laundering and corporate sabotage and terrorism against the very American public he was sworn to protect.Duff has admitted ties not only to  George Tenet but has been involved with Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva who alleges to be and probably is from India and probabnly has ties to not only the CIA financial terrorists of Agora Inc. but also to India's dangerous for America 'intelligence' agency,RAW.ALL ARE OBVIOUSLY FAR RIGHT AND FASCIST.
Regardless of the danger and dishonesty of all involved probably inccluding this Jo Ann Wescott whose complaints of money laundering and theft I found before it was dissappeared from Google,I belñieve it probably has some vto as to explainming O'Keefe's probable illegal self enrichment.After all how do the Atzmons and Gordon Duff and George Tenet fill their offshore accounts.Just as Gordon Duff admitted in personal email to me when he defended hiring the right wing Agora Inc.-RAW prostitute Lila Rajiva and I mentioned the frauds and securities scams of Agora Inc's James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Mark Skousen and Porter Stansberry,(that  Alex Jones promoted and did voice over for in a video titled EndofAmerica2012 that was also promoted on CNBC,Fox News and CNN,etc.,even though all those 'news' outlets had every reason to know it was a right wing fraud with not only Baltimore and offshore far right connections but also Washington,D.C. connections that was mainly a hype of Stansberry's ongoing gold tout fraud),and Bud Burrell who has made theats againsat my life.Duff responded by saying he was directly connected to George Tenet who in turn is directly connected to the 9/11/01 mass murders and had put in '10b' in stock scam with them,meaning no doubt $10 billion dollars ! And that means  he fully expexcted that fraud and money laundering using worthjless 'securities' or U.S.penny stocks for offshore money laundering to yield many times that amount in money defrauded from former U.S. middle class to fill his and his crime partners offshore accounts.So the couple million dollars stolen by O'Keefe while the SEC or IRS or DOJ, pretends to look the other way is all VERY believable .
Here's the link to all my emails from Gordon Duff at the time I was complaining to him about putting Lila Rajiva on the VeteransToday writing staff and just before they began a hate campaign against their fellow right wing disinfo agent,Julian Assange.:

And Ken O'Keefe as an ex military soldier,conveniently given a dishonorable discharge in advance of Iraq invasion, was most likely a CIA,W Bush plant in Iraq only posing as being concerned about the mass bombing and murder of Iraqi citizens,just as he more recently became as a self promoting pro Palestinian boat highjacker and more than likely faked being a victim of Israeli soldiers on the boat where the yoiung Turkish American lost his life just prior to that.

And of course we all know Rupert Murdoch's Fox is not a credible source so the very fact they allowed a self promotional story to be released regarding his 'human shield' activity only further strengthens the argument that he, like those around  who defend him at one moment and attack him the next but are all part of his milleu, are not to be trusted either.Mary Rizzo actually rooted for the recent mass murder bombings and mayhem in Libya just as Gordon Duff  andhis pal  the whiteIsraeli  scumbag who lies about being a semite turned anti semite,Gilad Atzmon,who appears to be a close relative of U.S. and NATO protected  Israeli terrorist and known stock fraudster and IRS cheater,Menachem Atzmon.,2933,80955,00.html

'Human Shields' Booted After Criticizing Iraq's Instructions

Thursday, March 13, 2003

AMMAN, Jordan  —  Five volunteers who went to Iraq to serve as "human
shields," including two Americans, were forced out of the country
because they were critical of the government's choice of sites to
protect, the head of the group said Wednesday.

They had chosen locations "essential to the civilian population," such
as food storage warehouses and water and electricity facilities, said
Ken O'Keefe, of Haleiwa, Hawaii.

But the Iraqi government wanted the shields in more sensitive
locations, he said. He did not elaborate, but some earlier activists
have also left Iraq, reportedly after being told they would be posted
at potentially strategic targets, such as oil refineries and power

"They removed us from the sites we had chosen because we were critical
of the integrity and the autonomy of the Iraqi authorities," said
O'Keefe, 33. "I was escorted by Iraqi intelligence officers to the
border, because I say what I believe and the Iraqi government wants
submissive easy robots."

The other four deported with O'Keefe were American John Ross, Eva Mern
from Slovenia, Gordan Sloan from Australia, and Tolga Temugi from

"The Iraqi government was acting absolutely very stupid," O'Keefe
said, dressed in a long Arabic dishdasha robes while talking to The
Associated Press at a small hotel in downtown Amman. "If they had only
cooperated and let us do part of what we wanted to do, we could have
worked with them also to protect these sites and we would have brought
in more people to stay."

"I certainly have no great admiration for Saddam Hussein, I was only
going to help the people," he said, blaming the plight of the Iraqis
on the previous American governments that supported Saddam.

Over 100 people from around the world have gone to Iraq as human
shields and the Iraqi government has made visa issuance and extensions
more convenient to accommodate them.

Seven more peace activists -- from the Iraq Peace Team, a project of
the activist group Voices in the Wilderness -- are set to leave Amman
for Baghdad on Thursday to join other IPT members.

"This delegation may be the last IPT team to get into Baghdad prior to
full-scale war," said the head of the delegation, Shane Claiborne, 27,
from Philadelphia.

About 17 Egyptian doctors, pharmacists and lawyers who arrived in
Amman on Wednesday will be leaving in few days to Baghdad to serve as
human shields, visit hospitals to assess their medicine storage and
offer other support.

A group of 14 Jordanian unionists of different professions will also
join the mission.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Jo Ann Wescott vs. The Truth
By Michael Langston
Misusing funds, cheating donors, pocketing money intended for
children, having affairs with women behind his wife's back, and even
going so far as to be a serious threat to someone's life: These are
just some of the charges and accusations that are being hurled at Ken
O'Keefe by someone on Facebook who calls herself "Jo Ann Wescott."

9/11 TRUTH
Written by Jo Ann Wescott
Ken O Keefe
1;Universal Kinship Society.
Umbrella business CCEPTING FUNDING FOR OTHER PROJECTS OF KO’K. Can not find any
financials for this company e.g used to collect funds for P10K Human
Shields 2003. It lost its US
tax exempt status last year for failure to file for three consecutive years.
Under this banner are- P10K, Deep ecology inc, Aloha Palestine, Trade
NOT Aid and TJP. Purpose
according to Guidestar (verifies purpose as filed with IRS as
educational film making)
Registered August 25,1999
Involuntarily Dissolved
Annual Filings
2005 Delinquent
2004 Delinquent
2003 Delinquent
2002 Not Required
2001 Mar 10, 2003 Processed
2000 May 16, 2003 Processed
1999 May 16, 2003 Processed
Late filings, note that Ken caught up with his filings in 2003 because
at that point he used Universal
Kinship Society (founded per IRS as an educational film effort)to run
funds through for his Iraqi
Human Shield effort. After 2003 UKS never made any further filings and
was involuntarily
dissolved. Could not access figures, but I am sure an accountant would
know how to do this
2;Deep Ecology Inc.
According to info on KOK left Deep
Ecology Inc in November
According to
KOK is President and Director of this successful business still on 01
January 2011
The annual estimated turnover for this business is up to $2.5 million.
Ken denys that he has anything to do with this company.
3; 2003 Human Shield -
KOK instigated about 60 people to travel in convoy on buses to Baghdad
to act as human shields in
the Bush bombings.
In the video you tube- human shield( 40
min documenray by
Journeyman) it is stated that the volunteers pay $850 each for their
expenses. The video also states
that there were about 60 people on the buses. 60 x 850= $ 51000
On the web page for Human Shield, KOK has listed his estimated
costings for the journey.
Travel costs 5900-8900
Phone 600-1000 “
Laptop 1200-2000 “
Camera 2500 “
misc 1000-2000 “
Total expenses necessary 122000- 18400
KOK says on his site that any left over funds will be donated to the
people.. which people?
We have received many emails from people who say at the time there
were a lot of unanswered
questions of where the money had gone and rumours of it going to
Hawaii. We do not have the
time or resources to check it out… The paypal of this company is still
active and donations are still
able to be accepted. We have no way of accessing them to see how many
donations are being and
have been received .
The following are two accounts of a gentleman that was there. They are
very worth reading.
John Ross – Life and Death at the Daura Refinery | 1000Memories
John Ross – Endgame in Baghdad: as Bush Triggers the Genocide of the
Iraqi People, Human
Shields Go.

Non-profit” 4. P10K
Immediately following being kicked out of Iraq, Ken went to Palestine
with his P10K idea. Here is
the link to the P10K donate site.
Although claiming to be a non-profit, no UK or Hawaii entity by that
name can be found. Note that
it is written that all expenditures had been halted and all financial
records would be made public.
This was never done. All left over monies would go to a “Palestinian
charity”, which charity? Note
Ken writes that if the P10K forces did not materialize by Sept 2005,
P10K would be no more.
However using the internet wayback machine, Ken was still pushing this
project up til the time he
joined Free Gaza in summer 2008….
ext: Ken volunteered for Free Gaza. Info on this can be obtained from
Greta Berlin who is highly
respected. Ken volunteered to captain the boats but did not have the
proper captain’s license. The
license he holds still is a 6-pac (for a 6 passenger commercial dive
boat)This resulted in having to
find someone to replace Ken at short notice because FG needed
qualified licensed captain. Ken did
not return to Cyprus with Free Gaza. Instead he stayed behind
friending Lauren Booth (Sarah Booth
Business 5. Aloha Palestine.
Incorporated October 16, 2008 as a Private Limited Company (same as
Samouni)-later changed to
a Community Interest Company, January 7, 2010. IMPORTANT to note,
while CIC directors are
entitled a salary, the only persons other than Ken on the board of
Aloha Palestine were his wife and
Jack Adams (both added Oct 2009) Jack Adams resigned in May 2010
shortly before the Mavi
Marmara incident,Fadwa was terminated April 8,2011.
Incorporation papers (note at the bottom you will see Sara (Lauren)
Booth. She subsequently
removed herself from Aloha Palestine and is not seen on any further
documentation. October Strike
notice sent for overdue financial filings for first year of business (08-09)
Filed on: 19 Oct 2010
Form: GAZ1 – First notification of strike-off action in London Gazette
(Section 652)
Financials, filed more than a year late. Year ended October 2009,
filed after receiving strike notice
in January 2011. Note that Ken was in Gaza at the time so Fadwa was
the one meeting the
company income £36,888
left after expenses £198
Today received Companies House monitoring alert for Aloha Palestine:
All documents for Aloha Palestine are purchasable here:
what has happened to the money donated
There a lot of unhappy people asking about their funds with this too
6;2010 Road to HopeIn light of this, surely you
know how things run in activism and surely you know that a big part of
it depends on donations.
The “kidnapping” took place in Libya, while RTH’s convoy was there. A
ship was required for the
transportation of the convoy’s vehicles to Egypt. The charterer of the
vessel had to pay a freight.
RTH asked for people to donate money in order for the freight of the
vessel to be paid. The money
was gathered. According to RTH and Ken, who was the convoy’s leader,
the freight was paid to the
The exact amount of freight paid still remains a mystery though, since
according to Ken’s writings
one time it was $55,000, the other $75,000 and the third $82,500.
Whatever the exact amount they
allegedly paid (and this is where the term “allegedly” needs to be
used since the burden of proof,
i.e. the payment or wire receipt of the money paid to the ship owning
company still lies with RTH
& Ken up to this date), we are still talking about a 5-digit number,
which was raised from
At some point RTH & Ken said that the money was safely
recovered….whatever that means.
First, what is the exact amount of money recovered? Second, what
happened to the money?
RTH & Ken wrote and promised that RTH would go through an internal
review with regards to this
whole incident. The outcome of the review remains unknown, as of this
writing, and a
considerable number of donors is still not informed as to whatever
happened to the money
they donated for a humanitarian cause.
It still remains a mystery to what happened to a 5-digit amount of dollars.
7; 2011 Samouni Project;
: Samouni Project incorporation papers. A Limited Private
Company with Noor, Mousheera and Ahmad Salti (also
resides in the UK) as board members and Ken listed as
Managing Director.
Again, another PLC
total so far $7,325
these accounts are all Kens and we have no idea how much has gone into them
Paypal> purpose ~ Ref: class-rooms-1312065437
Paypal> shop payments also go here^^^^
Paypal > The Samouni Project purpose ~ Samouni Project
Paypal > Donations go to
Paypal >
This is Kens personal website where he explains about himself on all
the topics he is “ expert” on.
This is a sample page…….
Invest in TJP;
I am very blessed man who works full-time for the creation of a better
world. I chose this life and
abandoned my paradise life in Hawaii as the owner of my own whale
watching & dive business,
living on the beach, with money, doing what I loved. Hawaiian
Independence and human rights
work put me on this path much less travelled, a path of dubious
existence and financial insecurity.
Nine years later I remain on that path, financially impoverished, but
in real terms a very rich man
indeed. Invest in me or not, I will continue this work. Thank you to
all those who have helped me
one way or the other, I feel good in knowing that I have not let you down.
Ken O’Keefe
you “click” to donate
the good

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