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WTC,9/11:Daniel Pearl,Asra Nomani,Mansoor Ijaz,Hollywood Prostitute Angelina Jolie in Land of Fraud and Money

Daniel Pearl,Asra Nomani,Mansoor Ijaz,Hollywood Prostitute Angelina Jolie in Land of Fraud and Money

Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut about a love story between a Serbian policeman and his rape victim has met with sharp criticism among Bosnian Serbs who said the work was biased and anti-Serb.

The movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey” set during the 1992-95 Balkan war has received critical acclaim in the US............

And where  is Angelina Jolie's movie about her felllow UN colleagues' complicity with ex CIA Chief James Woolsey's,'s Dyncorp in the cases of forced prostitution in Bosnia  ? I guess she'll claim the evil Serbs made them do it.James Woolsey in turn is directly connected with Pakistani-American Mansoor Ijaz who was a Fox News 'Middle East expert' and promoted the lie,with Woolsey.that Iraq was loaded with 'WMDS' or 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and somehow connected to the deaths at the Twin Towers or WTC IMMEDIATELY AFTER 9/11 that lead to lots of U.S.Pentagon  financed 'business' for Dyncorp .And it is Mansoor Ijaz who should have starred prominently in that lieing movie Mighty Heart about the death of Daniel Pearl as well as ICTS International of Israeli government connected Menachem Atzmon and his Shin Beit partners who were guarding Logan Airport Boston 9/11 and who are directly connected  to Richard Reid the shoe bomber who Daniel Pearl was supposedly in Pakistan to investigate !But Angelina is a first class Zionist prostitute and made the lieing Israeli and Zionist propaganda film that if anything covered up the real strory behind the death or disappearance of Daniel Pearl anyway ! :

Bosnia: The United Nations, human trafficking and prostitution

By Tony Robson
21 August 2002
There is mounting evidence that the United Nations has carried out a cover-up of the role played by its personnel in human trafficking and prostitution in Bosnia—a trade that has grown astronomically since the establishment of the Western protectorate seven years ago.
An American woman who served with the International Police Task Force (IPTF) in Bosnia recently won a case of unfair dismissal against a US State Department sub-contractor, after she was sacked for reporting an alleged prostitution racket involving other serving officers.
Kathryn Bolkovac was an employee of DynCorp Technical Services, one of the US government’s top 25 service providers with 23,000 employees worldwide. In Bosnia DynCorp provides maintenance support for the US military, as well as recruiting American officers for the international police force through its UK subsidiary, DynCorp Aerospace Operations Ltd. DynCorp has earned $1 billion since 1995 for providing maintenance to the US military worldwide. The contract to provide recruitment for the IPTF is valued at $15 million............

“When I started collecting evidence from the victims of sex-trafficking, it was clear that a number of UN officers were involved from several different countries, including quite a few from Britain,” she said. “I was shocked, appalled and disgusted. They were supposed to be over there to help, but they were committing crimes themselves. But when I told the supervisors they didn’t want to know.” - Kathryn Bolkovac



Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie's Adoption Agent Admits Fraud ...
Angelina Jolie News25 Jun 2004 – A woman who helped actress ANGELINA
JOLIE adopt her Cambodian son MADDOX has pleaded guilty to visa fraud
and money laundering.


Rudolphus Lubbers was United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
from January 2001 till February 2005. Under his supervision Jolie was
named UNHCR ambassador in August 27, 2001. Lubbers also wrote the
foreword in Jolie’s book Notes from My Travels (2003), a book about
her travel experiences as UNHCR ambassador.

Mr. Lubbers resigned as UNHCR commissioner based on press coverage of
an allegation of sexual harassment. These allegations were first
reported to the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services
(OIOS). In June 2004 and published by The Independent newspaper:

“(…) the allegation against Lubbers is substantiated in that Lubbers
did engage in unwanted physical contact with the complainant, a
subordinate female staff member. New allegations that came to OIOS’
attention during the investigation were also examined and indicate a
pattern of sexual harassment by Lubbers. (…) OIOS is also of the view
that Lubbers abused his authority as High Commissioner by his intense,
pervasive and intimidating attempts to influence the outcome of this

Mr. Lubbers didn’t sexual harass just one woman, but five. Lubbers
denied the imputations of course. These women have been too afraid to
go public out of fear of  "retaliation and public humiliation."

Several UN stuff members even witnessed Lubbers "groping" Jolie in
public. Did this kind of intimacy happen in consent with the actress?

The “sex-for-food” scandal and the numerous sexual exploitations by UN
Peacekeepers over the past years are speaking volumes about the kinky
ways of the UN. Hollywood and the United Nations aren’t so different
after all.



I often use the term prostitute to describe men as well as women and financial prostitution  such as that of Angelia Jolie's to the Saudis or Zionists,(Saudi Arabian royals are just Zionists in Islamic clothing),who pay for such trash propaganda 'movies' as  anti-Serb Blood and Honey and the Daniel Pearl  Zionist propaganda film A Mighty Heart  that covered up CIA Al Gore and James Woolsey pal Mansoor Ijaz's role in  Pearl's death as well as for the Israelis of ICTS International who,at best,allowed 9/11 to happen and like Ijaz are major stock fraud money launderers against Americans and probable international terrorists is certainly a prostitute in the worst sense of the definition.But because she goes around the world collecting the children of the poor like some collect species of animals going extinct we are so supposed to be sympathetic to her criminal hypocrisy or extreme moronic stupidity.I feel for those kids the way I would the children adopted by 'Momma Dearest' Joan Crawford and would humbly suggest that a whole village in Africa could be fed and the children remain with their real parents rather than being hauled off to the Hollywood Angelina Brad Pitt  children's zoo created by those two idiots to flatter their egos with the lie of what good people they are say in comparison to Serbs or Pakistanis or the African parents whose children they snatched away.

If Angelina Jolie had even a  minute fraction of the ethical director role she so fraudulently and hypocritically tries to portray   in her anti-Serb or Serb hate film sponsored by her Zionist Hollywood masters just as her role as black woman in the Daniel Preal snuff film that never brought forth the connection between Richatd Reid 'the shoe bomber' that Pearl had stayed at Asra Nomani's rented palace in Pakistan to investigate and
the Israeli ICTS International 'security' company that allowed Reid to board that American Airlines from
De Gualle Airport a month after 9/11 to fly to Dulles with his so-called shoe bomb just as they had allowed
Mohamed Atta and his Saudi gang to board flights 111 and 175 from Logan Boston that according to U.S.official story collided with the WTC in New York on September 111,2001! Yet the prostitute Angelelina Jolie's movie and apparently Daniel Pearl's wife's very poorly written  or CIA ghost written book or screenplay never mentioned ICTS International even once ! And neither is well known CIA and Bill Clinton operative Pakistani American Mansoor Ijaz whose connections in Pakistan are the very ones who beheaded Pearl !Note,Hollywood prosttiute Angelina Jolie's performance in the CIA propaganda film,'A Might Heart ' that covered up not only for CIA connected money launderer and terrorist  Mansoor Ijaz,(by making sure his role or name was never mentioned in the movie), but also for the Israelis of ICTS International who 'guardred' Logan Airport Boston on  9/11/01 but were also 'coinicidentally' the ones who allowed him to board American Airlines flight from De Gualle Airport Paris,France only month month after 9/11 and facilitated his trip along with El Al and the Israeli government  from Schiphol Airport to Israel just before 9/11 even though they themselves called him an 'Islamic terrorist' !

Global Jihad - Daniel Pearl    Cached 
Daniel Pearl was investigating possible links between ISI and Richard Reid established through Khalid Shaik Mohammed. In many countries, Pakistan included, ...

What Was Daniel Pearl Doing In Pakistan?  Cached

"While U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl had in general told people, who came into ... after 9/11, was with a phone call to a number in Manhattan [to Ijaz Mansoor].

WTC,9/11,ICTS International,NY Mosque:Netherlands Geert Wilders,Barack Obama Declare 9/11 Official April Fools Day     

Daniel Pearl in Pakistan - Asra Nomani and Mansoor Ijaz - as well as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg have also come forward to give their advise and opinion ...


The point of the article was that ICTS knew shoe bomber Richard Reid was ... its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which ...

Richard Reid | Criminal State                 Cached 
7 Feb 2010 – ICTS International, the security screening company at Schiphol, was ... RichardThe Shoe Bomber” Reid “slipped through” ICTS security at ...


And just in case anyone might forget who the true terrorists were at the time they must remember the chaos of Bill and Monica Lewiski through the real Blood and Money terrorism being perpetrated by a white 'Jewish' woman named Madeline Albright who apparently had well connected ancestors from that region up to and during WW II and herself thus had a conflict of interest in decisions to bomb a people - Serbs - who she seemed to loathe and have a prejudice against herself.Below from 1999 documents it is Angelina Jolie's far right fascist bosses who use her for their pro Israel,U.S. and NATO  propaganda films who were the major war criminals and terrorists in Serbia,Bosnia,Kosovo,etc... Not Slavs or even Christians or Muslims with a grudge against one another did the damage and reaped the horror and destruction that Angelina Jolie's side reaked !

  1. US-NATO bombs fall on Serbia: the "New World Order" takes shape - Traducir esta página
    25 Mar 1999 – The editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site emphatically opposes the US-led NATO attack on Serbia. The massive air assault against a ...
  2. Reason Why I Hate USA - American Bombing of Serbia - YouTube Mar 2008 - 2 min - Subido por SerboRussianUnion
    In March 1999, the member states of the NATO alliance launched a 78-day bombing campaign against ...

Behind and beyond the propaganda: Why is the US bombing Serbia?

By David North
2 April 1999
Also in Serbo-Croatian
Why are the United States and NATO bombing Serbia? The simple answer, according to all the governments involved in this enterprise, is to stand up for human rights and stop the "ethnic cleansing" of the Albanians in Kosovo.
This theme has resonated throughout the media, which has gone so far as to proclaim that the attack on Serbia represents an entirely new type of war, i.e., one whose purpose is purely humanitarian. As Max Boot of the Wall Street Journal declared in the edition of April 1:
"Though it may seem odd to link foreign policy and altruism, it seems clear that NATO's purposes in Kosovo are primarily humanitarian. Whether the mission goes badly or well, the objective is simply to stop the ethnic cleansing of Kosovar Albanians. The F-16s and B-2s, in short, are being used in an act of international charity on a grand scale."
One cannot help but imagine how Orwell would have responded to this extraordinary contribution to Newspeak: bombing described as charity! This seems to open up intriguing possibilities. Why not simply proclaim this war to be a vast philanthropic exercise and rename the mission, Operation Generosity?.....


Serb's Boycott Jolie's Propaganda Film | SHOAH

29 Jan 2012 by admin
Angelina Jolie's directorial debut In The Land of Blood and Honey could become one of the most controversial movies this year. Press wrote about this movie, we all know the plot, we all know the story. But…do we really?
9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Pakistan General Ahmad,Mansoor Ijaz,WSJ,Asra Nomani,ICTS Israel, Crescent Hydropolis,Fox News,Stock Fraud and Bloody Murder
by Tony Ryals

Mansoor Ijaz,Fox News Middle East expert,(ha),and hedge fund money launderer with ex CIA Chief James Woolsey who ran the illegal pump and dump money laundering operation called Crescent Hydropolis on the AIM or Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange together with U.S.Lt.General James Alan Abrahamson,and Lt Gen Tom McInerney (USAF Ret),who,like Ijaz Mansoor,is a Rupert Murdoch Fox News military expert as well.Crescent Hydropolis 'underwater hotel' stock fraudster and money launderer,claimed to build underwater hotels in Dubai,Oman,Las Vegas and elsewhere but was really just a money laundering operation with an Isle of Man account and mailing address.This is an example of how UK stock markets and US. SEC and NASDAQ,etc.,collude with each other as 'intelligence' and supposed securtiy agents to defraud their own citizens to fund government connected criminal activity and possibly fund activities,even terrorism,that would not stand government and congressional or parliamentary oversight otherwise. While I commend Daniel Pearl's ex Wall Street Journal colleague Asra Nomani who shared her house with Pearl and his wife Marrianne in Pakistan shortly before his disappearence and subsequent beheading I am left with some reservations.For instance as a Wall Street reporter and now Georgetown journalism professor investigating his death why has she remained silent about Mansoor Ijaz and his coauthor and business partner ex CIA James Woolsey of Dyncorp and Booz Allen Hamilton 'consultants' etc.,role in getting him beheaded in the first place ? You don't need FOIA or Freedom of Imformation Act documents to know that or to know they have been involved in government protected stock fraud.In fact even the UK government has protected them and allowed them to launder money at the London Stock Exchange's AIM using the Isle of Man as well !
Also why did Mariane Pearl 's book not mention mention the scumbag Mansoor Ijaz and give him appropriate credit for his role in the beheading.Also very strange that, while Daniel Pearl was sent by the WSJ to Pakistan to investigate shoe bomber Richard Reid's connections there, no one has been sent to Israel to investigate his,(Richard Reid's), visit to that country presumably only for the purpose of crossing into Palestinian territory to visit HAMAS !Logically it is obvious that Richard Reid would never have been able to take that trip without the blessings of the Israeli government itself.And then he is allowed to board that American Airlines flight from Paris with a shoe bomb he supposedly got from Hamas terrorists there ! How in Heil was Richard Reid allowed to carry a shoe bomb from Israel and only get caught by passengers fluying on another flight from Paris to the U.S. after that Israel Palestine visit ?...........

Angelina Jolie's Blood and Honey meltdown

13 Jan 2012
Angelina Jolie's Blood and Honey meltdown Angelina Jolie Photos (1551). Angelina Jolie suffered a "complete meltdown" making 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. The star had a breakdown one day while she was in the ...

Asra Nomani likes to forget that even according to the ridiculous movie and book supposedly written by Mariane Pearl,(whose role was played so absurdly by the white ‘actress’ Angelina Jolie),that Daniel Pearl’s main reason for being in Pakistan was to investigate Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ who had closer ties to Israel and the securities,(stock),and securirities,(safety),criminals of ICTS International and Menachem Atzmon and the Mossad who controlled Logan Airport,Boston on 9/11/01 and were responsible for the death of 3 thousand human beings in NY WTC that day as well as the million plus slaughtered including thousands of American soldiers killed and wounded as a result of false flag war fraud.When the ugly Hollywood Zionist prostitute Angelina Jolie make MOVIE ABOUT THAT !?

AND AS THE  'SECURITY'  FOR AMERICAN AIRLINES AT DE GUALLE AIRPORT A MONTH LATER ALLOWED RICHARD REID 'THE SHOE BOMBER' TO BOARD AN AMERICAN AIRLINE FLIGHT TO THE U.S. WITH HIS 'SHOE BOMB'.They also, with Israeli El Al Airlines and the Israeli government facilitated Richard Reid's flight to Israel under guise of 'visiting the Hamas' pre 9/11 and they are also responsible for allowing the Nigerian 'Isalamic terrorist',Mutallab, to board flight to 253 on Christmas 2009 from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport that they STILL control,to Detroit with his 'crotch bomb' that Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama covered up.

It’s obvious that justice wasn’t served when another Washington, D.C. and CIA connected Mansoor Ijaz who has been ex CIA director James Woolsey’s partner in stock fraud and money laundering and fraud against Americans through Crescent Hydropolis NY based Bloomberg protected hedge fund, is never mentioned by Zionist shill Asra Nomani when she lays the blame to distract from any real investigation into the death of her supposed friend and WSJ boss Daniel Pearl,( just like Daniel Pearl’s Zionista daddy Judea Pearl seems to be protecting Israelis of ICTS International who allowed Richard Reid to board at De Gualle Airport with his ‘shoe bomb’ one month after allowing the presumed Islamic Saudi Mohamed Atta terrorists to board at Logan Boston on 9/11/01 a month before that. ).
It was Mansoor Ijaz ‘advice’ and connections in Pakistan that got Daniel Pearl murdered in the first place. And Asra Nomani who was there knows all this and if she was a Wall Street Journal ‘reporter’ she is an embarrassment,(or a good example of the pseudo-journalists WSJ hires),because she doesn’t even know of her fellow Beltway parasite Mansoor Ijaz’ involvement in stock fraud,particularly but not only Crescent Hydropolis,with James Woolsey,Lt.General James Alan Abrahamson and Lt. General Mcinerney on the London AIM stock exchange that had the backing of Dubai war AND MONEY LAUNDERING criminal Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country sent $100,000 from Pakistani Kalid Sheik Mohamed to Mohamed Atta, pre 9/11, in Venice,Florida where he was hanging out at Jeb Bush’s pal Wally Hilliard’s terrorist flight school,Huffman Aviation.This Snake of Dubai Sheik Mohamed al Rashid Maktoum was then rewarded with over 20% ownership of the U.S.NASDAQ FOR HIS MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS IN DUBAI AS A CONSOLATION PRIZE FOR NOT BEING ALLOWED TO BUY CONTROL OF U.S.PORTS THROUGH DUBAI PORTS.Asra Nomani and other phony ‘professional’ reporters made sure to not write about Sheikh Maktoum’s take over of 20%+ of NASDAQ and SEC Chairwoman Mary Scapiro and IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s self dealing and millions of dollars for their treasonous act of selling it to him in their roles as FINRA execs before their retired to their Barack Osama Obama approved SEC and IRS positions in the U.S. ‘government’.

Asra Nomani is a sick joke and she is also the only Moslem I know of, besides Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’, who was given VIP treatment and an easy and welcome pass to travel to Israel.Maybe Israel welcomed her because she is such a good Moslem ? Ha.
Asra Nomani likes to forget that even according to the ridiculous movie and book supposedly written by Mariane Pearl,(whose role was played so absurdly by the white ‘actress’ Angelina Jolie),that Daniel Pearl’s main reason for being in Pakistan was to investigate Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ .And yet if Daniel Pearl had wished to do real investigative journalism re Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber', he would have been in his own country of Israel investigating because as any fool who is familiar with the background knows,it was Israel and El Al Airlines and particularly Israeli money launderer and 9/11 mass murder suspect Menachem Atzmon and his ICTS International(who allowed 911 to happen in the first place by allowing Atta and his gang to board flights 175 and 11 from Logan Airport ,Boston on 9/11/901 with their plastic cookie cutters in the first place), who also facilitated Richard Reid’s vacation in Israel,( supposedly to visit Hamas) !
If you or I were to wanted to enter Israel to visit Hamas do you think Israel and ICTS and El Al would facilitate and aid our visit ? I don’t think so.However if you are Richard Reid the shoe bomber or the great Islamic WSJ ‘reporter’ and Georgetown University journalism fraud Asra Nomani, Israel gives VIP treatment.Why!?
Why !?

While I feel this is a good documentaion of the other side,i.e.-the non NATO,U.S.,UN  fascist side that side Angelina Jolie represents,paradoxically much of the below is from Gordon Duff,'s Veterans Today who have their own CIA connected corrupt war and money laundering agenda.It's sort of like scum versus scum but it does bring forth the corruption and war criminalty of the NATO U.S.mass bombing of innocent Serb citizens under the excuse of protecting innocent Serb Muslimsd,which is certainly a lie.All were and are harmed the military industrial and fascist war machine of the U.S. and NATO,.We are all endangered as Americans that it has spent completely out of control and international elites and fascists now control the U.S.military industrial complex just as Dwight Eisenhower warned us of.Angelina Jolie propagandisizes for them.:

Logan Airport Boston,9/11,Menachem Atzmon,ICTS
International,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad Atzmon,Alan
Sabrosky,Gordon Duff,Kenneth O'Keefe,

Serb’s Boycott Jolie’s Propaganda Film


Serbs Say: Boycott Angelina Jolie’s “IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY”?


Sir Vojislav Milosevic, Director, Center for Counter-Terrorism&World Peace

Who Really Ordered The Creation Of “IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY”?

Saudi Arabia sponsored the movie and Angelina with $10 million.

Oscar-winning producer Graham King’s GK Films has announced that Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie will make her feature film directorial debut with a love story set during the Bosnian war.

Based on an original screenplay by Jolie, the ambitious story follows a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the war, and the effect that the war has on their relationship. Angelina had two personal advisers on the screenplay:

Google – Veterans Today -

General Wesley Clark, NATO commander who orchestrated 78 days bombing campaign on Serbia & Montenegro, year 1999, and  Richard Holbrook, who worked on recognition of terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, who were put on the list of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations by State Department.

YouTube – Veterans Today -

Documentary about how Albanians from Brooklyn, New York, are smuggling weapons form the USA to Kosovo via Albania. It also shows that former Clinton administration officials such as Richard Holbrooke and former presidential candidate / NATO supreme commander General Wesley Clark, support The KLA an independence of Kosovo from Serbia.

Richard Holbrooke (U.S. Special Envoy) with the KLA terrorists

The veteran diplomat had been taken to the Washington hospital, after collapsing during a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Dec. 2010. Soon after, he died.

War and drugs: Wesley Clark, Richard Holbrook, Florin Krasniqi who smuggling weapons form the USA to Kosovo via Albania.

Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut about a love story between a Serbian policeman and his rape victim has met with sharp criticism among Bosnian Serbs who said the work was biased and anti-Serb.

The movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey” set during the 1992-95 Balkan war has received critical acclaim in the US.

The film is slated to be premiered in Serbia and the Serb-populated part of Bosnia in May, and Jolie has said she would like to attend the screening.

Authorities have turned down a request by some war veterans’ organisations to ban the film.

A. Jolie – who is a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees – has also been exposed to a barrage of criticism from the press and calls for a boycott to “show her she isn’t wolcome“ in the country.

Vecernje Novosti (daily news) : Angelina arrogantly refuses to even consider the real story about Romeo and Juliet from Sarajevo, the real couple murdered on May 19th, 1993. His name was Bosko Brkic, he was Serbian. Her name is Admira Ismic, she was Bosnian.

They were both killed when they tried to escape from the Muslim part of Sarajevo on Vrbanja bridge to the Serbian part of the city. They also add the movie In The Land of Blood and Honey states there was 300,000 Bosnians killed, and 50,000 Bosnian women raped, and that it shows only victims on Bosnian side.

At the end of the movie, Angelina present, so called “the facts” about the Muslim’s females who were raped during the civil war, and she put the figure of 50.000 !!!??? Bosnian Foreign Minister, at that time, Haris Silajdzic, claimed the same (see the documentary) fake facts.

He talked about the “rape camps, in which 40.000 -60.000 women are raped and are being raped while we are speaking now”. Pure lie: Bosnian Muslim government used inflamed numbers in order to provoke US military attacks on Serbs. And they did.

Newsweek reporter Alexandra Stiegelmayer used the numbers 30.000-50.000, but acknowledge  she had no evidence to back up claim.

Draft report of EU talked about 20.000 rapes on all 3 sides in the war: Muslim, Serb and Croat side.

But, after an exhausted investigation the UN concluded that 2.400 rapes have been committed by all 3 sides in Bosnia conflict.

Angelina Jolie, listen and read carefully: 2.400 rapes on all 3 sides in Bosnian conflict. You are good will UN ambassador – talk to them, ask for the real facts.

Serbian websites have been flooded with pictures allegedly showing Jolie in pornographic acts before she became a celebrity. The pictures are reportedly accompanied with comments like “once a prostitute – always a prostitute”.

Internationally acclaimed Serbian film director Emir Kusturica has declined to comment on Jolie’s film, calling her a „propagandist“ not a filmmaker.

Emir Kusturica says that he would never invite Angelina Jolie to the festival Kustendorf, saying: She belongs to the cinematography which is actually a hidden propaganda. She came here to make a movie only about Bosnian victims, then the question is – why not about Serbs? That has nothing to do with the reality, she simply knows nothing about our problem.

Emir Kusturica

Angelina Jolie‘s directorial debut In The Land of Blood and Honey could become one of the most controversial movies this year. Press wrote about this movie, we all know the plot, we all know the story. But…do we really?

And that’s where the story starts. I’m about to make this report a little bit personal, just by saying that normal people live in a little European country Serbia. Why am I writing this? Well, simply because I have a lot of friends there, and when we talked about Jolie’s movie I was quite surprised that – they’re about to boycott it.

But why, I asked, the movie stars some famous Serbian actors, you should be happy that a big star like Angelina Jolie is behind the whole thing! Happy with what – they asked – once again we’re the bad guys who rape and kill the poor Muslims. She did not even try to make a movie based on the historical facts, and you call that professionalism? You call that a big directorial debut of a big Hollywood star? It’s not even an original anti-Serbian propaganda and people out here are totally against this movie.

The fact is that Angelina Jolie now tries to give the political context to the movie in American media, but she goes even further – right after the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, in which Serbs were represented as killers and rapists, actress and director announced the action against the “genocidal creation” Republic Srpska.

Petar Djokic, Minister of Labour, Veterans and Disability Protection of Republika Srpska, says that it is clear the whole thing is the part of a new attack on Republika Srpska. Only with a new approach:

Angelina continues an attack on us. Starting with the OHR and other international organizations, their aim was always to bust the RS, and even to abolish it. And now that they have not succeeded, they want to start another war – through art. Hollywood movie should be animated by the world public and that the Serbs are again on a pillar of shame. How is it possible that the Serbs in their own home are criminals and aggressors? It is obvious that Angelina has received a lot of money to do it, it’s all being orchestrated! All of this was commissioned by extreme Islamic policies, that the Serbs would be displayed, normally, like criminals, killers, murderers and rapists. And that it would be presented that the only victims are Muslims, which is a total lie.

And, some comments on Angelina’s work:


It is completely true, and if Angelina Jolie comes toSerbia, i will be there to protest. Hey, it is maybe difficult to believe, but whatever happened inBosniaandCroatiaduring the 90′s was really tragic, and yes Serbs were responsible for war crimes, but for god sake, it was war and we weren’t the only one. Serbs were also killed, massacred, raped, but no one cares about the Serbian victims. Instead, it is only Serbs, the bad guys. We are not monsters, animals, we are human beings and we want to be treated as such, we are not mad animals, killers, we are people like everybody on this planet. Angelina Jolie has no right to film a movie like this, filled with stereotypes, and glorifying one side while spitting in the face of the other, while wrongly telling the facts.


I just can’t believe that someone wrote something like this! Thank you very much! And, yes, we are humans believed it or not! Our anger is a product of political games leaded by USA, to make us war criminals! I just can’t figure out one thing – Americahate Islamic people all over the world, but only here, in Bosnia, they are on Muslim side… They did not commit any crime! I’m Serb from Bosnia, and they killed every single man in my village including a baby from 15 months and including my grandmother (with cutting her head off)! READ THIS ANGELINA AND SHAME ON YOU! You are represented as a good person, adopting children, yeah right, if you really are a good person, you wouldn’t talked about something that you don’t known, because that is very painful issue for all Serbs from the RS! Greetings to the journalist fromSarajevo!


She should stick to her photo modeling …it’s the only thing she’s good at. Also, if you are going to make a movie that has smth to do with our history, perhaps you should first open a book and learn smth about it. Shame on you! There are a lot of Serbian families inBosniawhose children, husbands, wives, mothers etc were raped, tortured and murdered, they don’t deserve this kind of humiliation! You don’t know how that feels, the worst thing that has happened to you is probably breaking a nail! You are just another ignorant American who probably doesn’t even know her own history! Funny how you weren’t “inspired” by what Naser Oric was doing!!! There are a lot of movies based on these years and history! What decent woman would have an affair with a married man and then say how she’d never do that because her dad left her mom when she was a kid, and then you do what the other woman did to your mom?!



You are a horrible person, adopting kids is just your mask to hide what kind of person you really are! Don’t stick your fake nose in smth you don’t know! You’ve never seen someone kill and torture your family and friends in front of you! I hope you burn in hell! You are only popular because of physical appearance, you are a horrible actress and an even worse “director”!


Thank you for your support. I hope you will once come toSerbiato see whit kind of people lives here! I would like to ask A.J. what about NATO bombing ofSerbia? What about bombing childe hospital in the center ofBelgrade, what about little girl Milica, what about all other victims of NATO bombing? Where is your story about cluster bombs thrown over Serbian cities, what about Uranium ( 4.5 Billion years of poison!!!) What about your army killing all over the world, Guantanamo etc. What about… AMERICAN GENOCIDE?! You are the last one on this planet that have right to talk about genocide and crime!



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