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Afghanistan: Seargent Bales,Murder,Rape,Abhu Graib and Mai Lai Massacres - Our 'Leaders are war criminals and We're all Endangered by Them

My response to Joseph Cannon's and others' theory that Seargent Bales was a 'lone' gunman-murderer and it was not Abu Graib and Mai Lai all over again and again........

Our 'leaders should receive the same 'justice' they handed out to Iraq's Saddam Hussein and to Libya's Gaddafi that brought REAL 'Islamo-fascists to power in those formerly secular Islamic countries at the expense of 3,000 murdered Americans at New York WTC on 9/11/01 ,thousands of wounded  and dead U.S. National Guard and U.S. soldiers  and untold hundreds of thousands Iraqis,Afghanis and Libyans  .We had better,as Americans,come to realise that our 'leaders' and the far right NATO Euro Rothschild fascists and Israeli Zionists whose private pArts they suck at our expense are the very Nazis that they warned us about since WW II.:

my posts to Joseph Cannon of re his theory that a malaria mrdicine caused Seargent Bales to go beserk :
 Saturday, March 17, 2012
 Did an anti-malaria drug cause the Afghan massacre?
by Joseph Cannon

No and neither should Abhu Graibe be blamed on Lynndie England when the real criminals were and are still at the highest levels of the U.S. government and military industrial 

complex that controls it to enrich
themselves as well as the gun,drug an petroleum traffickers they
The war criminals and arms and drug traffickers of Titan Corp are now
directly running  the DEA's and Titan's  Michele Leonhart is proof of
that.While many of their employees should be in jail  such as Makram
Chams who cashed Mohamed Atta's checks in Venice Florida pre 9/11/01
anf those responsible for the Skyway Communications penny stock fraud
whose DC-9 plane was busted by the Mexican army in Ciudad Del Carmen
in 2006 with 5.5 Tons of cocaine onboard.
Also there seems to be some question as to whether Staff sergeant Robert Bales
acted alone and this may have been a mass rape as well as a massacre
of innocents.
As Americans you have learned little since 9/11 or certainly have your
head in the sand
or perhaps up your own aholes I'm soory to say.My ex Congresssman Leon
Panetta has
turned out to be worse than the dirty old man that he also has become
in my humble opinion.
And whatever became of those Israeli 'translators' at Abhu Graib and
why was Lynndie England
considered more culpable than they ?
I'm more than a little ashamed for having ever been an Americon.I'll
let you guys can take the 'credit'
for it.
Don't forget to 'vote' for your favorite CIA scum.After all it is a
hypocrisy,(certainly not a democracy'),
isn't it ?

Lynndie England Unrepentant: Abu Ghraib Torture Was "Like Nothing"


Why did Obama Appoint Bush holdover Michele Leonhart to head the DEA?
November 23, 2010 by POPEYE

Leyva Zetas,Israel and U.S.Government Drug And Arms Terrorism: We’ve
purchased weapons from the “U.S. Government itself”


Oh,and here's another 'theory' you may have overlooked.

US forces raped two women in
Kandahar carnage: Probe mission

Press TV
March 17, 2012

The Afghan parliamentary mission investigating the recent massacre of
16 civilians by US forces in Afghanistan says two women were raped
during the deadly incident, Press TV reports.

Two members of the fact-finding mission, Hamidzi Lali and Shakiba
Hashemi, told the general meeting of Afghanistan’s parliament on
Saturday that the American troopers raped two Afghan women before
starting the massacre.

They said between 15 to 20 US soldiers were involved in the carnage. ..........

Charges against Bales expected within a week

By Deb Riechmann - The Associated Press
Posted : Sunday Mar 18, 2012 12:26:16 EDT
Allegations that 16 to 20 people were involved in the killings are “completely false,” according to a U.S. official familiar with the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.
Karzai seemed to endorse the skepticism about the U.S. account of a single shooter when he met with relatives of the victims in Kabul on Friday in a meeting covered by the news media. He recounted a story from one of the families about women and children being killed in four different rooms of a house, dragged into one room and lit on fire.
“That, one man cannot do,” said Karzai.
Many other officials and villagers have said it seemed impossible for a single soldier to carry out the attacks in both villages — one 1 kilometer north of the base and the other 1.5 kilometers south of the base. But the timeline is unclear. Some villagers have said the attacks, which they claim started around 2:30 a.m., occurred at separate times over an hour. Others have said attacks occurred simultaneously in the two villages.
In an attempt to prove there was only one perpetrator involved in the shootings, the U.S. military has shown Afghan officials footage from a surveillance video that shows a soldier walking up to the base, laying down his weapon and raising his arms in surrender.
Karzai said Friday that the video, which was shot by an aerial blimp above the base, was “not convincing” and accused the U.S. of not cooperating with Afghan investigators...............

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