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Bill Bonner,Agora Inc.:Proof that New York Times Arthur Sulzberger, Paul Krugman, involved in Israeli International Stock Fraud Money Laundering Against Americans

James Dale Davidson, and NOT Bill Bonner,(as erroneously claimed by The New Times' article about Mr.William Bonner's Saint Simon mansion in France  below), is the real founder of CIA and stock fraud money laundering connected Baltimore,Maryland based Agora Inc 'holding' company. James Dale DSavidson aka James Davidson in SOME SEC FILINGS ETC., is also the founder of the far right wing newsmax.com that is occasionally cited or promoted by  Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'News' channel.Davidson has always claimed to be founder of Agora Inc.with its web of interconnected scammy websites that mainly tout penny stocks or other mortgage gold or other financial frauds and are VERY connected to the CIA as William Colby's employment there before his mysterious death in the 1990's attests..Since James or Jim Dale Davidson  and Porter Stansberry were taken to court by the SECi n Utah  for touting or promoting the 'biotech' penny stocks Endovasc and Genemax as well as the nuclear refining and recovery stock 'USU' or USEC in 2003,using his Agora Inc 'Vantage Point' website and mail promotions,he has been quiet about his claim to having founded Agora Inc..Instead Bill Bonner,a long time associate of James Dale Davidson and accoring to Porter Stansbery,(personal communication), a childhood friend,takes full credit for founding Agora Inc.in his stead.In 2006 an old acquaintance of Porter Stansberry named Rey Rivera had a mysterious 14 floor fall from the Baltimore Belvedere Hotel shortly after his name was used by Bonner and Davidson and Stansberry and the Lord William Rees-Mogg of the UK,et.al. on a sleazy stock promotion
scam called the Rebound Report.Unfortunately Mr.Rivera never rebounded from the inexplicable fall and the video surveillence at the hotel happened to not be working that day.While the main steam media that reported the incident at all tried to make Rivera appear delusional by emphasizing his interest in the Massons and the local Masonic Lodge before his death.However the Masons are often connected to other far right fascists such as those who founded Agora Inc in the first place and they are not as mysterious as main styream media would have us believe.They probably had interest and or shares in some of the worthless 'public companies' that Rey Rivera's name was used to promote on James Dale Davidson's,William  Bonner's,UK Lord William Rees-Mogg's and Porter Stansberry's,et.al.'s Agora Inc Rebound Report were promoting.Of course The New York Times like the Nazi guard on Hogan's Heroes would assert they 'know nothing'.In fact the claim below in the NY Times that Bill Bonner is the sole founder of Agora Inc is about as blatent a lie as their claim that Saddam Hussein had WMDS in Iraq before the U.S.invasion.
Ex CIA DIA George Tennet who among others lied about 9/11 to  bring us to war,also founded the CIA's penny stock money laundering operation,In-Q-Tel,and met with Agora Inc. employees in New Orleans in 2004.Both touted the Iraeli connected money laundering penny stock fraud called Ionatron that erroneously claimed to detroy IEDS or Improvized Explosive Devices from roads in Iraq and Afghanistan,etc.. They wer successful in getting corrupt Senators such as Hillary Clinton to vote to give it several million dollars that further allowed them to promote it and dump millions opf shares,stealing billions of dollars from American investors to fill CIA and Israeli and Agora Inc offshore accounts.And that's not even the tip of their massive fraud iceberg.........

Yes bad enough that Arthur Sulzberger never faced justice for war crimes against both the American  well as Iraq citizens his lies cost the lives of or for the NY Times cover up of what really happened at the WTC in his own city of New York.At the very least he knew the planes alledged to have hit it came from Logan Airport Boston where his fellow Israeli Zionists of ICTS International allowed them to take off from as they owned Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops through their stock fraud that bought the contract out on Logan at that time.As for Paul Kruger he has known about Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson and CIA and UK Lord William Rees-Mogg's Agora Inc. and their lies,)including starting the rumor-lie that various penny stocks whose unaudited penny stock shares they illegally pumped and dumped such as Endovasc and Genmax led in the end to SEC Chairman and fellow Beltway criminal and parasite,Christopher Cox, to make a list of  banking and mortgage stocks from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to Goldman Sachs shares,etc.etc., collapsing due to 'naked short selling' when obvioulsy it was insider dumping that the corrupt criimal SEC of W Bush and now Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama aids and abets!).The New York Times of  Arthur Sulzberger and his Nobel in econimics fraud,Paul Kluger know all this and have no doubt profited from it and The New York Times has promoted Bill Bonner and even James Dale Davidson's useless 'books' and as you can see below even when doing a story on Bill Bonner's French Sant'Simon estate never connect to the fact that it was bought with massive fraud against inmvestors !

Field Marshal Judith Miller and her publisher Arthur Sulzberger deserve medals for their role as the tip of the spear in the WMD hoax. The neo-con lads at FOX and CNN also deserve proper recognition for their role in this quagmire and for distinguished service in the post war cover-up.
The fact that Sulzberger's war mongering publishing company has usurped the privilege of writing the first draft of history should alarm one and all. Sulzberger is a neo-con crook who for ideological reasons and personal profit deliberately misled the nation and beat the drums of war. This shameless propagandist does not have the moral fiber or intellectual integrity to craft the first draft of our history books - especially the chapter on the Iraq war.
If you want to get to the bottom of the WMD hoax - kill your TV, cancel your cable and avoid Sulzberger publications - including the Boston Globe. If enough media consumers canceled their subscriptions to Sulzberger's war mongering rags - maybe the share holders in the New York Times Publishing Company will get the message and fire both Arthur and Judith.....

 Yet, to read the editorials and listen to CNN pundits, one would believe that all we have here is a wicked special prosecutor out to muzzle a free press martyr - Judith Miller, a neo-con insider who collaborated with the architects of the war. This last week, the media has shifted gears and some mass media hacks are now questioning whether Karl Rove deserves a government check.

-Ahmed Amr

3 Dec 2011 – Two quiet, celebrity-shy professors have reached the top of the economics field — with work that goes far beyond the profession's usual labels.

The Ochs-Sulzberger family, one of the United States's newspaper dynasties, has owned The New York Times since 1896.[13] After the publisher went public in the 1960s, the family continued to exert control through its ownership of the vast majority of Class B voting shares. Class A shareholders are permitted restrictive voting rights while Class B shareholders are allowed open voting rights....

Why Sulzberger is bad news for the Palestinians? (by Ahmed Amr ...
His grandfather, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, attended Zionist Congresses as a boy. He published the New York Times through World War II and up to the fifties and ...
The Zionist Agenda: They Totally Control Goliath
Remember how Tarpley and Chaitkin [George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography] described the way the Zionist B’nai B’rith, the Zionist American-Jewish Committee, and the Zionist Sulzberger - owned New York Times, all cooperated with the Rothschild banking cabal through its agent Max Warburg, whose brother, Paul Warburg, founded the United States Federal Reserve? "This seal of approval for Hitler, coming from a famous Jew, was just what Harriman and Bush required, for they anticipated rather serious ‘alarm’ inside the U.S.A. against their Nazi operations." And, " … on March 31, 1933, the American-Jewish Committee, controlled by the Warburgs, and the B'nai B'rith, heavily influenced by the Sulzbergers (New York Times), issued a formal, official joint statement of the two organizations, counseling ‘that no American boycott against Germany be encouraged,’ and advising ‘that no further mass meetings be held or similar forms of agitation be employed.’".......


A French Chateau Seen Through American Eyes

Ed Alcock for The New York Times
The Château de Courtomer, built in the late 1780s, is a three-story, 38-room mansion that stands near the Normandy village of Courtomer.More Photos >

Published: March 31, 2009

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Ed Alcock for The New York Times
The wood floor in the fumoir, or smoking room, also is on the national historic registry. More Photos »
In the late 1780s, when Antoine de Saint Simon, a French marquis, wanted to build a grand chateau in Normandy, he hired a royal architect who modeled it after one of the wings at Versailles.
More than two centuries and several noble clans later, the Chateau de Courtomer now belongs to an American woman, Elizabeth Bonner. And she is renovating it slowly, trying to make the 38 rooms and the 1,600 square meters (about 17,500 square feet) feel like a home.
Just how did an 18th-century chateau end up in the hands of a woman from Baltimore?
It was her husband Bill Bonner, the founder of Agora, a financial publishing company based in Baltimore, who first saw the chateau, with its imposing limestone facade and grand salons. He was looking for a place to hold his company’s training seminars and a friend suggested the chateau, which is in Courtomer, a small village in the Normandy countryside about 160 kilometers (100 miles) northwest of Paris.
The three-story chateau has a sweeping succession of rooms on the ground floor, including salons, a dining room that seats 40, a library and a fumoir, or smoking room, with an intricately patterned wood floor that is listed on the French national historic registry. Also on the registry is an elegant stone staircase, watched over by a portrait of St. Simon, which leads up to the 27 bedrooms.
The property, 145 hectares (365 acres) of gently rolling land complete with a moat, also includes a caretaker’s house, stables, a run-down orangery and a small stone temple once used for worship.
Despite previous renovations, the chateau was in dire need of repairs when Mr. Bonner’s company purchased it in 2005 for 1.4 million euros (about $2.6 million at the time), to be used as a place to hold corporate retreats.
It proved to be a daunting undertaking, in large part because of demanding building codes that govern the conversion of historic buildings for public use. Among other things, it required a wheelchair-friendly elevator to be installed in a way that did not alter the historic facade.
It also called for several features that Mr. Bonner and others felt were ruining the chateau’s charm, including the installation of bright emergency exit signs above each door, giving the long hallways on the upper floors the feel of a second-rate hotel.
The conversion was becoming a money pit as well. Finally, after three years of fits and starts, Mrs. Bonner came up with a simple solution: instead of turning the chateau into a corporate retreat, she would take over as the sole owner and the chateau would be used as a home that could be rented out.
It would not be her first restoration: Mrs. Bonner had restored eight historic houses in Baltimore, as well as a home near Poitiers, in central France, that she and her husband bought 13 years ago and still own. So she knew what she was getting into.
“We’d like it to look like an American’s idea of what a French chateau should be like,” said Mrs. Bonner, 52, adding that the French classical style is too austere for her taste.
Her touch is already apparent. A portrait of Mrs. Bonner’s grandmother as a young woman hangs in the dining room. And in the entryway, sitting on an easel, is a large painting of a horse that Mrs. Bonner’s stepson did for her, in the style of the French Romantic artist Théodore Géricault.
With the help of a friend in Paris who specializes in 18th- and 19th-century furniture and art, Mrs. Bonner started furnishing the bedrooms — many of which have original moldings, fireplaces and French doors — with period pieces she finds at estate sales, including armoires and writing desks. She also periodically looks for art at the St. Ouen flea market outside Paris.
And in a chapel that anchors a corner of the ground floor, she plans to paint the ceiling blue with white stars and restore the massive walnut altar. She hopes to complete the finishing touches within the next year and start renting the chateau.
Of course, all of these changes come at a price. Mr. Bonner estimates that four times the original 1.4 million-euro price has been spent on restoration. And the spending is far from over — fixing up the gardens, orangery and temple could take up to 10 years.
“Nobody does this for financial reasons,” he said. “But there’s a richness that it adds to your life.”


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