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Michele Leonhart,Titan Corp criminals control DEA - Try to Frame Venezuela Hugo Chavez for their OWN Skyway Communications DC-9 Captured In Mexico With 5.5 tons of Cocaine In 2006 !

Michele Leonhart,Titan Corp criminals control DEA - Try to Frame Venezuela Hugo Chavez for their OWN Skyway Communications DC-9 Captured  In Mexico With 5.5 tons of Cocaine In  2006 !

Note that since this post was posted,the Titan Corp's and DEA's Michele Leonhart has been asked by Senator Grassley of Iowa to explain the sadistic treatment of a San Diego university student attacked by the San Diego DEA who protect Michele Leonhart's own  Titan Corp colleagues located in San Diego even though they know all about Titan execs' involvement in the Florida Skyway Communications penny stock money laundering operation that bought the DC-9 that was caught as documented below,with 5.5 tons of cocaine onboard in April 2006 at Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche,Mexico ! Why doesn't Senator Grassley ask DEA and Titan exec Michele Leonhart about that or does he just want to try to frauidulantly pin the blame on Hugo Chavez and protect Leonhart's Titan Corp cronies as well !? Also in light of Titan Corp's viscious history of torture,rape and murder at Abu Graib prison in Iraq,the DEA's treatment of university
student Chang shows that Michele Leonhart has brought the unrepent' spirit of criminality and sadism with her from Titan Corp to the DEA she now heads at the pleasure of the corrupt Zionist prostitute Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro.Note that even far right San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter who is said to receive all sorts of campaign bribes or 'donations' from Michele Leonhart's 9/11 and drug  and torture connected Titan Corp colleagues has been forced to protest the actions  Titan's  DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart ! In light of all this and the fact that the DEA is charged with the responsiblity to investigate the Titan Corp's own DC-9 cocaine plane of their Skyway Communications stock fraud and money laundering operation caught with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board in 2006 in Mexico,the corrupt Michele Leonhart should HERSELF be forced to step down as head of the DEA.Unfortunately both Senator Grassley and San Diego Congressman  Duncan Hunter with his own Titan Corp campaign donations conflict of interest remain silent on the even bigger issues surrounding Administrator Michele Leonhart'S OWN Titan Corp cover up conflicts of interest and their criminal history torture,drug trafficking,money laundering and employing Makram Chams in Venice,Florida pre 9/11 when his Kwik Check cashed checks from Kalid Sheik Mohamed,now in military court in Guantanamo,sent via Dick Cheney and Haliburton's crony,Sheik Al Rashid bin Maktoum's Dubai !  :


 Rep. Says Man Trapped in Cell Shows Problem at DEA


 Man abandoned in DEA cell steps forward

The case of a detained college student who was forgotten in a holding cell for more than four days suggests a breakdown in procedure and oversight within the Drug Enforcement Administration, a California federal lawmaker said Thursday.
Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter said in a letter sent Thursday to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart that the treatment of 23-year-old Daniel Chong raises concerns about the agency's handling and monitoring of individuals in custody.



The San Diego DEA’s Dirty Secret

If the San Diego DEA is looking for suspects with more than a little bit of coke dust sticking to their lapels or a few marijuana seeds in a car ashtray, we’d like to help....

Nine college students got together on a Friday night recently in an off-campus apartment in San Diego to commemorate a group of teenagers calling themselves the Waldos, who met during the school year back in 1971 promptly at 4:20 pm every day beneath a statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School to smoke pot.
At the San Diego office of the Drug Enforcement Administration, this harmless bit of frivolity apparently caused something of a hissy fit. The next day, Apr. 21, DEA agents with guns drawn burst through the door at the apartment of a friend of Daniel Chong, and took all nine people inside into custody.
The result—as is now well-known—was that Daniel Chong, a senior engineering student at a California university, was handcuffed and then abandoned for nearly five days in a federal holding cell, where he was forced to drink his own urine to stay alive.Chong says he suffered kidney failure and nearly died.
But that wasn’t even the worst thing that happened.......

While in complete darkness in a  5-by-10-foot cell, Chong grew so desperately hungry that he ingested a powdery substance in a bag left in the cell.
It turned out to be methamphetamine.  Chong began hallucinating. In a fit of suicidal despair he broke his glasses, carved the words "Sorry Mom" on his arm, and then swallowed a shard of the shattered lens, slicing his esophagus.

Too much time on their hands

When the truth came out, the recriminations began. Observers were forced to consider which was worse: was the DEA that inept, or—a more sinister note—whether they were capable of having done it intentionally. But this begs the real question:
Can’t the San Diego DEA find a more worthy opponent than college kids smoking pot? The answer—which is ‘no’— lies at the heart of America’s  endless Drug War.
The San Diego DEA’s big dirty secret is this: they cost a lot of money but don't add value to the human enterprise.  DEA Agents are men and women with literally nothing to do of any real social utility… and they know it......

The parasitic rich and U.S. national security

Two San Diego corporations were instrumental in a mammoth operation that supplied more than 30 American aircraft to the Sinaloa Cartel, two of which were busted in the Yucatan, one carrying more than 5.5 tons of cocaine, the other 4 tons. 
These guys got caught with more than 10 tons of cocaine, and suffered no legal recriminations. Zero. Zip. Either somebody taught them how to walk on water, or they’ve got immunity.
They don’t get much bigger than San Diego defense contractor Titan Corporation, today a division of L3, one of America’s largest defense contractors.
And there’s also Argyll Equities LLC, a shady Texas “investment bank” transplanted to La Jolla, California,  a city whose La Mesa Resort has hosted top Mobsters and Mafia conclaves for decades.
Both companies sit in plain sight in San Diego. Bringing down either one would be a feather in the cap of any ambitious DEA Special Agent.............

ere's how it went down:

The operation started unraveling at 6:30 pm on the evening of April 10, 2006. The last rays of sunlight were glinting off the wings of a sleek silver American-registered DC-9 airliner circling the international airport in Ciudad del Carmen, a hardscrabble industrial town set on the edge of the vast green jungle of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
Waiting on the ground were a half-dozen officers from Mexico’s Federal Police (PFP) dressed in civilian clothes, scanning the sky nervously from the air-conditioned chill of the airport terminal. They were not there, as soon became plain, to interdict the drug shipment on the Dc-9 as it landed… 
They were there to protect it.

When the DC-9 rolled by, the waiting bystanders were treated to a quick glimpse of the  plane’s unusual color scheme: a gold-bordered blue stripe running down the side, and the Great Seal of the United States on the fuselage next to the door, containing the familiar eagle clutching twin olive branches, surrounded by blue-and-white with gold trim.
The plane looked as if it might be carrying US government potentates home from the international conference recently held at a posh hotel in Cancun, on drug interdiction, which was ironic, because inside the plane, which carried no passengers, were 128 identical black leather suitcases stuffed with what turned out to be 5.5 tons of cocaine.
Around the Seal on the side of the DC-9 was a legend: “SkyWay Aircraft, Protection of America’s Skies.”

It was a 'milk run,' until it wasn't

The plane, it would be learned, belonged to SkyWay Aircraft in St Petersburg, FL, from whose airport it had taken off five days earlier.
The American-registered DC9 airliner (N900SA) was busted while flying what evidence indicates was a “milk run”—a routine flight flown many times before without incident.
When you’re flying a commercial airliner carrying 128 suitcases—but no passengers—you’re clearly not expecting any serious scrutiny.
The big question in the seizure of 5.5 tons of cocaine, as in all big seizures, is why it happened in the first place. Which brings us to Titan Corp…
If corporations really were people, as Mitt Romney asserts, Titan Corp— awash in criminal charges, political payoffs and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal—would have long ago gone down on a three strikes charge.

Even more bizarre, the embattled San Diego defense contractor has unexplained and inexplicable—but deep—ties to SkyWay Aircraft. At SkyWay Aircraft’s inception in 2000, Titan Corporation put up $72,386 for 1,113,627 restricted shares of a company with no employees and no product located 3000 miles away.
San Diego is on the other side of the country from Miami, where SkyWay was brought to life.  Yet Titan made an early investment ($70,000) in a company which didn't have enough cash on hand to buy paper clips. The company's founder made reference to Titan's investment six times in early SEC filings.
Why did Titan do it? What did they see in a company which never produced anything but planes to fly cocaine?
Titan has always been extremely well-connected. The company used to be the biggest campaign contributor of San Diego’s perennial Congressional powerhouse, Randy Cunningham… at least until he went to prison.
Word is, they perform the same function for House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter.  Not only has he proudly earmarked hundreds of millions of dollars for Titan, he's also obstructed efforts to investigate the company, which is his largest campaign contributor.
Yet if drug officials are correct in asserting that only 10% of drugs being transported into the U.S., then Titan Corporation participated in a scheme that brought 100 tons of cocaine into the U.S. before getting busted with ten...................


Justice Department IG Expected to Investigate

WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is pressing for answers in the alleged mistreatment and detainment by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of a University of California-San Diego student.

In a letter to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, Grassley specifically asks about an investigation by the Department of Justice Inspector General and the DEA’s cooperation with the Inspector General. He also inquired about the DEA’s general detention policies and the detailed actions by the DEA in the case of the California student.

“Judging from the press reports, the Inspector General will have a lot to look into,” Grassley said. “And, if the allegations are true, the DEA and its agents need to be held accountable for the treatment of this young man.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Here’s a copy of Grassley’s letter to Leonhart.

May 4, 2012

Via Electronic Transmission

The Honorable Michele Leonhart
Drug Enforcement Administration
700 Army Navy Drive, Room 12060
Arlington, VA 22202

Dear Administrator Leonhart,

I write today regarding reports of the alleged mistreatment of Daniel Chong, a University of California-San Diego college student, by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in San Diego. If the reports are accurate that Mr. Chong was left for five days in a five-by-ten foot windowless cell without the basic human necessities of food, water, or a bathroom, the actions of the DEA raise serious and troubling questions.

According to media reports, Amy Roderick, a DEA spokeswoman states “seven suspects were brought to county detention after processing, one was released and the individual in question was accidentally left in one of the cells.” In the same article, Mr. Chong himself states that, from his cell, he heard occasional footsteps, doors opening and closing, and the sound of muffled voices and that he even saw shadows beneath the door. If that is true, it is difficult for me to comprehend how no one could have heard what he says were his own repeated cries for help over his course of time in the cell. I appreciate that Acting Special Agent-in-Charge William Sherman has expressed his “deepest apologies” to Mr. Chong and has willingly opened an internal investigation into the matter, but I am not sure that will be enough to put the matter to rest.

The physical and psychological trauma that Mr. Chong was subjected to because of the apparent neglect by the DEA is the most troubling to me. The article asserts that Mr. Chong resorted to survival skills to stay alive and when he was eventually found he was immediately “taken to the hospital and treated for cramps, dehydration and a perforated lung – the result of ingesting some broken glass.”

As Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, I have a distinct responsibility in conducting oversight over the DEA. Further, given the alleged actions give rise 

to serious constitutional violations; I would appreciate expeditious responses to the following questions.

• What is DEA’s written policy on the detention of suspects at DEA facilities? Please provide a copy of all relevant policy and training manuals that reference procedures for handling detainees in DEA custody at DEA facilities.
• Is there a shift supervisor responsible for oversight of the facility and the detainees?
• What are the policies and procedures of the facility for the handling of a detainee, from intake to discharge?
• Is there a log system in place to maintain and track the detainees? If yes, please explain the process.
• Routinely, holding cells are monitored by surveillance cameras for the protection of both the detainee and the law enforcement official. Is this technology available at the DEA facility? If so, is someone responsible for monitoring the cameras?
• Is there a system in place to indicate when someone is located inside a holding cell (ie. strobe light indicator)?
• What was the reason that Mr. Chong was originally apprehended in the raid? Was he interviewed or the subject of questioning? If questioned and determined to be innocent, why was he returned to the holding cell instead of being released?
• Was Mr. Chong searched for weapons and contraband before placing him in the holding cell? Was the holding cell searched for weapons and contraband before receiving Mr. Chong?
• Can you explain where the methamphetamines came from? Was it inventoried as evidence or contraband on DEA records? If so, please provide the chain-of-custody records for the methamphetamines found in the holding cell?
• How would it have been possible for Mr. Chong to hear others in nearby rooms and for them not to have heard his reported cries for help?
• Mr. Chong asserts that “when they opened the door, one of them said: ‘Here’s the water you’ve been asking for.” How was Mr. Chong finally discovered? Was Mr. Chong discovered by someone from the DEA? Please provide a timeline showing the time when Mr. Chong was received into the county facility until the time he was discharged.
• It is my understanding that the Department of Justice Inspector General (OIG) has initiated an investigation into the DEA’s conduct in this matter. What if any contact has the DEA had with the OIG? Will DEA cooperate with the OIG’s inquiry?

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this important matter. I look forward to your prompt response no later than May 11, 2012.


Charles E. Grassley
Ranking Member

Michele Leonhart is more proof Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro colludes with the same W Bush criminals and fascists, including Jewish Zionist criminal Michele Leonhart, whose infiltration of the DEA allows heroin to continue to enrich the Hillary Clinton and Rudi Giuliani connected Jewish Russian mafia who have been allowed to land at Guantanamo, possibly with Afghanistan heroin, and whose Gulfstream II linked that crashed in Yucatan,Mexico in 2007 with over 3 tons of cocaine after its Guantamo landing, is linked  to the same shell companies that held Hillary Clinton Gulfstream II used during her 2008 Presidential camnpaign.No wonder the Russian  Zionist prostitute President Vladimir V. Putin  cheers us on to our self destruction in Afghanistan,he is as much a part of this international conspiracy of elite criminals as his Israeli and American government allies who are all enemies to their own people.

 In Russia, a Top Rabbi Uses Kremlin Ties to Gain Power
8 May 2007 – Putin's Support Gives Clout to Chabad Sect ... Rabbi Lazar is a follower of Chabad-Lubavitch, a Hasidic sect based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, ...


New Heads of DEA, DOJ's OPR Have Skeletons in House of Death Closet


Leonhart, Ashton Now in Key Posts; Cover-Up Continues
Two long-time Justice employees were recently appointed to high-ranking posts in the department despite their past roles in helping to enable a cover-up of a U.S. government informant’s participation in multiple murders in what has become known as the House of Death case.
As the final days of 2010 ticked down, the U.S. Senate confirmed Michele Leonhart as Administrator of the DEA, and Robin Ashton was appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder as head of the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).
Leonhart, a left-over from the Bush administration, was named Deputy Administrator of DEA in 2003 and Acting Administrator in November 2007. In that latter post, Leonhart has authorized DEA raids on dozens of medical marijuana operations in cities where those businesses are legal under state law and despite DOJ policy adopted in 2009 discouraging such raids.
Ashton, described in a DOJ press release as a “veteran career prosecutor,” was the deputy director for the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys from 2001-2005, “where she worked closely with the 94 U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and provided oversight of the litigation divisions and operational components.” Most recently, Ashton served as the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney for Management in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colombia.
As head of DOJ’s OPR, Ashton will oversee an office responsible for investigating DOJ attorneys accused of misconduct and will report directly to Holder.
Both Leonhart and Ashton have been the subject of past coverage by Narco News in relation to the House of Death mass murder case and the subsequent, still-ongoing government cover-up. The House of Death is so named for the home in Juarez, Mexico, that was used as a tomb for a dozen victims of a vicious narco-trafficking cell affiliated with the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes drug organization............

 Who Controls the Justice Department? « Who Controls America?
19 Jun 2011 – http://www.justice.gov/crs/director-bio.htm. Michele M. Leonhart(Ashkenazi Jew) – Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration ...

“Just as the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades, with the national debt climbing toward $10 trillion, Leonhart chose an expensive outside jet charter company instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes for her trip to Bogotá, Colombia last fall,” reported Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers.
In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined “DEA official's private charter cost $123,000,” Taylor reported that the DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart's trip from L-3 Communications, which bills itself as the nation's sixth largest defense contractor, and which made more than $32 million from the DEA  in 2008 for transportation services, while the company's largest subsidiary, "Titan Group of L-3 Communications," had a $70,000 investment in a shell company in Miami with no employees, no earnings and no prospects, but which somehow wound up as the true and legal owner of a DC9 carrying a cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine.
Some might suggest that had been the purpose of the investment all along. 
-Daniel Hopsicker,Tough on Chavez,Soft on the American Drug Lords

9/11 Guantanamo Trial of Kaliad Sheik Mohamed to Cover up for Michele Leonhart's Titan Corp,Israeli Mossad Menachem Atzmon's ICTS International,et.al., that allowed  Saudi terrorists and Egyptian Mohamed Atta to board at Logan Boston in the first place if they did at all, and for Dubai Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin  Maktoum's Dubai banking system that sent the checks to Mohamed Atta that Khalid Sheik Mohamed alledgedly sent to  Venice,Florida to be cashed  by Titan Corp employee Makram Cham's Kwik Check in the first place.Why isn't DEA Chief Michele Leonhart answering questions in Guantanamo herself ? She obviously knows more than the obvously insane or drugged Khalid Sheik Mohamed being used in Barack Obama's and Attorney General Eric Holder's,et.al.'s,Nazi like military tribunal trial in Guantanamo .


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other '9/11 plotters' back in court....

 'Proud' of attacks
Self-proclaimed 9/11 "mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four others - Waleed bin Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali and Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi - are expected to be tried together.
They are accused of planning and executing the terror attacks of 11 September 2001, which saw hijacked planes strike New York, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania and left a total of 2,976 people dead....


I guess the 9/11 Makram Chams connected and Abu Graib torture and rape connected and DC-9  cocaine traffickers of  Titan Corp,such as DEA Chief Michele Leonhart, are hoping for a death bed confession from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that their Skyway Communications and Titan Corp 'Cocaine One' drug trafficking DC-9 plane caught in Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche Mexico with 5.5 tons aboard in April 2006 was really his and not theirs even though all the history and paper work,including U.S.government and SEC filings for the fraudulant penny stock pump and dump Skyway Communications whose defrauded investors  bought the plane for DEA Chief Michele Leonhart's  Titan Corp say the opposite !

Michele Leonhart who Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro appointed to head the U.S.DEA is not only another corrupt official parasite of the W Bush regime but a CEO of Titan Corp that is directly tied to
the DC-9 called Cocaine One at the same time.And it was dubbed Cocaine One several years back by reporter Daniel Hopsicker NOT because of any connection to Venezuela President Hugo Chavez but precisely because its connections go right to the White House of W Bush and now Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Obama who knowingly continuees the cover up for the W Bush REGIME and the CIA and Michele Leonhart's DEA and Titan Corp and its fascist Zionist allies THAT IN MANY WAYS STILL CONTROL THE WHITE HOUSE FROM A DISTANCE AND WHO ARE DIRECTLY IMPLICATED IN MANY ASPECTS OF 9/11/01 ITSELF.It was the Israeli American attorney Michael Farkas who incorporated the penny stock fraud 'company' Skyway Communications in Florida in the first place and ex Governor Jeb Bush even provided Florida government money and credibilty to as a legit company.It was the Kovar father and son who ran it and bragged of their CIA and White House connections whose promotion of its worthless shares and lies about its plane to ground cell phone technology that provided the money to buy the DC-9 nbow being blamed on Hugo Chavez for some insane reason in the first place.And it was DEA Chief Michele Leonhart's  colleagues and 9/11 and Abu Graib connected tortutres and rapists who really have dirct 'investment' links, documented in U.S SEC filings, who were the real owners,(by way of Skyway Communications stock fraud),who owned the DC-9 caught in Ciudad Del Carmen,Yucatan,Mexico by the Mexican army with 5.5 tons of South American cocaine aboard in the first place.Based upon the U.S.government's own 'logic',the U.S. President should be chargewd with cocaine trafficking before Hugo Chavez could be  !

Remember also that Titan and its parent company Level 3 are the very U.S. 'security' contractors who were responsible or evaded responsibilty for torture at Abu Graib in the first place along with teir Israeli Arabic 'trasnslators' who should ghave been executed rather than being allowed to go back to Israel with cash from their rape and looting ops !Remember that Titan Corp who DEA Chief Michele Leonhart really represents as one of their corporate whores,has even used U.S.taxpayer money to hire their own private planes to fly her to South Amerrica as DEA head when government planes should have been used instead !Remember that it was Titan Corp who Michelle was and is still a part of,who were also employers of Lebanese American Makram Chams who ran an illegal gambling boat off the coast of Venice,Florida under their employ and also the very Kwik Check 'business' in Venice Florida mentioned in the official 9/11 Commission report that cashed Mohamed Atta's checks from Dubai while he studied or partyed at the terrorist flight training school of Jeb Bush's pal Wally Hilliard in Venice,Florida !

This is what DEA  'Chief' Michele Leonhart appointed by  Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, stepson of Indonesian mass murderer Lolo Soetoro really represents.:

"The contractors named as defendants in the lawsuit are CACI International Inc. of Arlington, Va., and New York-based L-3 Communications Corp., formerly Titan Corp.":


 Quote from: jimd3100 on September 22, 2010, 05:54:17 PM

The Abu Ghraib photos, what we saw was the tame stuff. It gets much worse.......

"Donald Rumsfeld, the US defense secretary, had given warning that the worst was yet to come when he gave evidence to the Senate armed services committee on Friday. He said he had looked at the full array of unedited photographs from the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad and found them "hard to believe".

"The officials told the US television network NBC that other images showed soldiers "acting inappropriately with a dead body". A videotape, apparently made by US personnel, is said to show Iraqi guards raping young boys."

Raping young boys?!?!? Well, at least they weren't Americans disgracing their uniforms, so I suppose it could be worse....sheeesh...this is f**king sick.

"Thus far, no videos of abusive treatment have reached the public. But still photographs, first aired last week on CBS News' "60 Minutes II" have spawned a worldwide wave of revulsion that has damaged America's image overseas and sparked a political storm at home."

"Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters, "The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here. we're not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience." He did not elaborate."

Videos of homosexual rape, and murder. That is what is out there..........

 "Baath Party member, A.A. (his attorney asked that his name not be used for safety reasons) was lying on a mattress. A.A. had been classified as a “high-value target” because of suspected terrorist activities. He was placed under the supervision of the OGA -- an acronym that stands for Other Government Agency but in practice means the CIA. Officially, A.A. was a “ghost detainee”; he did not exist."

"One December night in 2003, Adel L. Nakhla, a chunky, broad-shouldered Egyptian American interpreter with a soft, almost feminine voice, went to Cell 43 in Abu Ghraib's Tier 1A. He was accompanied by Army Specialist Charles A. Graner Jr., a reservist convicted in January 2005 of abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib"

“Get up, you criminal. You're pretending to be asleep,” A.A. later recalled the man he recognized as Nakhla saying. Then he asked A.A. to walk backwards toward him."

"That December evening in Abu Ghraib, A.A. said he encountered Nakhla, who had been sent to Iraq by Titan, which held a $369 million contract to supply civilian translators for the Army. (Titan, owned by L-3 Communications, recently extended the contract -- now worth $1.05 billion, according to Joe Walker, spokesman for the Army's Intelligence and Security Command.) A.A. says he recognizes Nakhla in the now-infamous Abu Ghraib photographs. That night, Nakhla told him to step on a platform in the doorway of the cell. He climbed up. His hands were shackled behind his back."

“You son of a bitch,” Nakhla said, as A.A. recalled. “You move your legs from the surface.” He took his feet off the platform and stepped into the air, hanging now by the arms that were handcuffed behind his back. This is known as a “Palestinian hanging,” a form of torture reportedly once used by Israeli troops. A.A.'s friend, Manadel al-Jamadi, died in the same position in November 2003; a photograph of al-Jamadi, dead and packed in ice, was shown, along with other Abu Ghraib photos, on 60 Minutes II on April 28, 2004."

"As A.A. sat at a table at the hotel, he waved his hands to show how his feet moved when he dangled in the air. “I tried to put my hands out … and to put my feet back on the bar, but Abu Hamid [as Nakhla was known by the prisoners] said, ‘Don't,'” he recalled. “He was right behind me. I heard whistling in my head. I cried out to Abu Hamid for help. I told him, ‘Abu Hamid, I am dying. Abu Hamid, I am going to die.' I hoped he would influence [Graner] for my sake because he is an Arab. But he was even worse than Graner."

“When Abu Hamid saw that I was going to put my feet back on the bar, he became very angry,” he says. “He cursed. I started to sweat, and I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was lying on the floor. I don't know who untied me or who put me on the floor. … This was the last I saw of Abu Hamid and Graner.”

Meet Adel L. Nakhla, aka Abu Hamid, he's the guy leaning against the wall. Wearing a U.S. Military uniform....

"A civilian interpreter named as a suspect in the abuse of Abu Ghraib prisoners has been fired, but his wife said he has not left Iraq."

"Adel L. Nakhla worked for Titan Corp. as an Arabic translator at the facility near Baghdad. He told Army investigators he was present during some of the abuses, including the now-infamous human pyramid of naked, hooded detainees."

"The Pentagon referred the case of a civilian worker at Abu Ghraib to the Justice Department for possible prosecution on Thursday. Officials refused to say who is involved."

"Nadine Nakhla answered the door to her Washington suburb home on Friday night and said her husband was still in Iraq. She referred other questions to Francis Hoang, the Washington lawyer who is representing her husband."

"Hoang, who did not return telephone messages left at his office late Friday, graduated from West Point in 1995, served as an officer with an Army military police battalion and was a top prison official at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, according to his biography on the firm's Web site."

"Wil Williams, a Titan spokesman, confirmed that Nakhla had been fired but would not give more details. Williams said military authorities had not notified the company of any possible criminal charges."

While government 'intelligence' controlled media such as  UK's CIA and MI6 controlled Telegraph digital rag below try to pin the DC-9on Hugo Chavez for their own fascist agenda,it is obvious that it is they themselves are the major drug traffickers in into both the US as well as into the EU.Hillary Clinton has used a Gulfstream II linked to the same shell companies  of Russian Jewish oligarchs, meaning Russian mafia, that were used to shelter anther Gulstream private jet that both landed in Guantanamo as well as crashed in Yucatan,Mexico with at least 3.5 tons of cocaine aboard in 2007.One year before that the DC-9 now being blamed by them on Hugo Chavez,was captured by the Mexican army in Ciudad Del Carmen with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.And NO ONE at that time mentioned Hugo Chavez because he had nothing to do with it ! The did however, anyone investigating,mention Skyway Communications controlled by the Kovar father and son with both CIA as well as W Bush White House connections and Titan Corp of now DEA Director Michele Leonhart's Titan Corp among other US fascist ties with US government connections !

My first interest in  the Skyway Communications and Titan Corporation DC-9 was the very fact that Skyway Communications was a 'penny stock' fraud and illegal 'pump and dump' of its worthless shares based upon outrageous lies such as that it was developing airplane to land cell phone communications post 9/11 when we had already been told by our own government such systems already existed as was demonstrated when even W Bush administration wife of .... among many others made her supposed last call home to her hubby after reporting that the 15 Saudis with plastic cookie cutters were atackingf her and the other passengers!(Bsed upon that we should havce attqacked W Bush's Saudi allies and NOT Saddam Hussein and hundreds of thousands of innocent Irtaqi citizens in the first place !)........

"Three brothers and sisters were detained together and brought to the prison, the two sisters are still in the quarantine and one of the three brothers was killed while the troops were torturing him," he said. "They took him to the quarantine and brought him dying to his brother's (Ali Alizzi) cell and threatened him that if he will not talk or confess, he would face the same fate."

The prisoner died in his brother's arms, he said.

"Hagerstown, Maryland - Three Iraqis and a Jordanian filed federal lawsuits Monday alleging they were tortured by U.S. defense contractors while detained at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003 and 2004."

"Neither U.S. civilian nor military authorities have charged private contractors with crimes at Abu Ghraib."

"The contractors named as defendants in the lawsuit are CACI International Inc. of Arlington, Va., and New York-based L-3 Communications Corp., formerly Titan Corp."........

 "Three brothers and sisters were detained together and brought to the prison, the two sisters are still in the quarantine and one of the three brothers was killed while the troops were torturing him," he said. "They took him to the quarantine and brought him dying to his brother's (Ali Alizzi) cell and threatened him that if he will not talk or confess, he would face the same fate."

The prisoner died in his brother's arms, he said.

"Hagerstown, Maryland - Three Iraqis and a Jordanian filed federal lawsuits Monday alleging they were tortured by U.S. defense contractors while detained at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003 and 2004."

"Neither U.S. civilian nor military authorities have charged private contractors with crimes at Abu Ghraib."...



 Trial of 'The Turk', one of the world's top drug lords, threatens to expose Chavez regime's involvement in cocaine trafficking

 The testimony of a Mr Big of cocaine trafficking is embarrassing Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez.

Ever since he swept to power on a Left-wing, "anti-imperialist" ticket, it has been one of the bitterest points of contention between Hugo Chavez and his Norteamericano foes.
Claims that Venezuela has deliberately turned a blind eye to the trafficking of vast quantities of US-bound cocaine have been furiously denied by the country's president, who insists it is just another Washington plot to discredit him.
Now, though, backing for the US version of events has come from an unlikely, if arguably well-informed source - an alleged Venezuelan drug lord who claims that dozens of "top level" figures in the Chavez government, including ministers, generals and judges, were on his payroll.
Walid "The Turk" Makled, a portly Venezuelan of Syrian descent described as "the king of kingpins" by US officials, went on trial in Venezuelan earlier this month, where he faces indictment over a $1.4 billion (£1 billion) drug empire that he claims was built with help from Chavez officials.
A part-owner in a Venezuelan airline, "Aeropostal", Mr Makled, 48, is said to have pioneered the use of passenger airliners to export cocaine out of Latin America, a bigger, faster shipping method than the small private jets and boats traditionally used by smugglers.

One of his planes, a DC-9 nicknamed "Cocaine One" by drug enforcement officials, had nearly six tonnes of the drug on board when it was searched by police in Mexico; the drug was stashed in 120 suitcases scattered across the 90 passenger seats, according to a separate indictment brought in New York.
Mr Makled, whom the US says is one of the world's top three drug barons, is said to have exported up to ten tonnes of "product" out of Latin America every month, some of it heading across the Atlantic to lawless west Africa, which serves as a "transit warehouse" for the market in Britain and Europe.................

However the other true side to the story as I and others have stated since the 2006 capture of 'Cocaine One',named for U.S.Presidential plane Air Force One at the time and NOT any plane connected to Hugo Chavez is this.:

 "Adel L. Nakhla worked for Titan Corp."

Titan Corp.:

"On March 2, 2005, the company admitted to illegally providing $2 million to the 2001 re-election campaign of President Mathieu Kérékou of Benin, and agreed to pay $28.5 million in fines and civil penalties.Titan pled guilty and paid the largest penalty under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in history for bribery and filing false tax returns."

"Mathieu Kérékou, was President of Benin  from 1972 to 1991 and again from 1996 to 2006. After seizing power in a military coup, he ruled the country for 17 years, for most of that time under an officially Marxist ideology, before he was stripped of his powers by the National Conference of 1990. He was defeated in the 1991 presidential election, but was returned to the presidency in the 1996 election and controversially re-elected in 2001."

"Titan Corp briefly partnered with SkyWay Communications and owned stock in several other corporations related to SkyWay. SkyWay's former DC9 aircraft, N900SA, was captured in April 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board. Investigation of the cocaine bust by Mad Cow Morning News led to the discovery that Titan had employed Makram Chams, a Lebanese national. Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, Florida, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the 9/11 terrorists ($70,000 from the UAE) was sent, according to the testimony of FBI agents during the 9/11 Commission hearings."

 Note below a number of older articles, many but not all,posted on ther internet by me and you will find no mention whatsoever of Hugo Chavez and nothing has changed exceopt that if one could in any way link him it would mean he was connected in crimes against humanity along with DEA Chief Michele Leonhart and her employers at Titan Corp which is not likely.The truth is that Titan Corp who now control the DEA and who have been linked to drug trafficking and the DC-9 they care now trying to pin on Hugo Chavez as well as crimes against humanity in Iraq along with Israelis they employ and protect to this day that even Nazis would be ashamed of !Yet Michele Leonhart is proud just as is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who have allowed Guantanamo to be used not just for torture but also by Russian Jewish mafia to land and use as a base to traffic Soth American cocaine anbd probably Afghanistan opium heroin out of ! This is yoiur 'taxpayer dollars at work' or better said your countries and your children's growing debt while these scumbags and perverts place the profits in offshore accounts just as Mormon Zioinist Mitt Romney does and will if he replaces the pervert and mass murderer Barack Barry Soetoro Obama ! I really can't even understand why a single American will even bother to vote in the next 'election'....-Tony Ryals

SD Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,cocaine.. - San Diego ...

30 Jul 2006 – What Tom DeLay and Titan Corp and Jeb Bush have aided by endorsing Skyway Communications is one of the largest cocaine trafficking ...

Mexico,CIA,Guantanamo Rendition Plane, Cocaine, Homeland ...

15 Nov 2007 – Titan in San Diego strangely enough has been employer to a mysterious .... At least three companies to which “Cocaine One's” twin was registered have been looted, .... skyway communications cocaine rendition penny stocks ...
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Google,Bullseye Stox Tout:SEC Prostitute Mary Schapiro,L3 Titan

28 Jan 2012 – The Market Rallied an average of 1% accross the board today. We watched ... SD Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,cocaine.. - San Diego .

HillaryClinton State Dept.,U.S. Ambassador Arnold Chacón owe ...

28 Mar 2012 – And no one asks about the Level 3-Titan Corp and DEA Chief Michele Leonhart connected DC-9 cocaine plane of Skyway Communications ...

Titan Corp. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Titan specialized in providing information and communications products, solutions, ... [1] The company had 12000 employees worldwide, with annual revenues in the ... Titan Corp briefly partnered with SkyWay Communications and owned stock in ... N900SA, was captured in April 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.

Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking ...

12 May 2006 – Tom DeLay,Titan Corp,Skyway Communications, 9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,and Bloody Murder Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man ...

  1. Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07

    28 Jan 2008 – the Skyway Communications penny stock 'pump and dump' scam. ... in Campeche,Mexico in April 2006 with over 5 tons of cocaine aboard. .... Titan Corp Saudi litigation)in one Level-3 filing which is almost as good as the ...
  2. Florida,Charlie Crist,Republican Skyway Communications stock ...

    7 Oct 2006 – The Republican 'company', Skyway Communications of Lakeland, Florida ... Enters Sales and Marketing Agreement With Titan to Provide High-Speed .... ATTACK www.madcowprod.com/05172006.html 'COCAINE ONE' DC9 ...
  3. "Hyena Pack" Owned DC9 Busted in Mexico

    9 Apr 2008 – The ring controlled SkyWay Communications, as well as the firm's twin ... of the DC9 airliner— dubbed “Cocaine One” because it was painted to look like .... The clearly pleased David Stinson, before signing on with Titan, was ...

    22 Jun 2006 – Nor is it the first time SkyWay Aircraft has been the recipient of unexplained government favoritism. ... may have been responsible for the last doomed flight of “Cocaine One.” .... be among the most popular parallels for high-flying communications satellites, .... Titan Corp Link to Company in 5.5 ton coke bust ...
  5. Campeche 4.10.06

    The busted DC9 we've dubbed "Cocaine One", had an identical twin. .... SkyWay Communications Holding Corporation Enters Sales and Marketing Agreement ... Under terms of the contract, SkyWay grants The Titan Corporation the rights to ...
  6. Lexington Comair Crash

    27 Apr 2008 – All told, the police reportedly pulled 5.5 tons of cocaine from the plane, some $100-million worth. ... The plane was licensed to SkyWays Communications. ... such as this one in partnership with San Diego's Titan Corporation, ...
  7. LiveLeak.com - "Cocaine One" and "Cocaine Two" – ongoing CIA ...

    4 days ago – [1] 00-00-01 96-08-18 CIA Drug Trafficking of Crack Cocaine to Los Angeles County, .... SkyWay Aircraft, which owned the DC9 busted in Mexico 18 months ago with 5.5 ... Titan Corp., as well as elements of American military and civilian ..... of whichL-3 Communications, Net Command Tech Inc, and Triton ...

    28 Mar 2012 – And no one asks about the Level 3-Titan Corp and DEA Chief Michele Leonhart connected DC-9 cocaine plane of Skyway Communications ...
  9. Mexico Cocaine Bust tied to John Negroponte's Dept.Homeland ...

    25 May 2006 – Mexico Cocaine Bust tied to John Negroponte's Dept. ... connection involving Republican Brent Kovar's Skyway Communications,Titan ... and appear to have permission to paint their cocaine import plane to look like one.
  10. 5 ton coke bust- planes owners- Tom Delays appointee, and CIA ...

    17 posts - 4 authors - 13 Jun 2006
    One of Michael Farkas' companies merged with it. In 2004, SkyWay Communications announced a deal with Titan to sell SkyWay's product to ...

Titan Corp.,Skyway Communications,Cocaine,Pump and Dump ...

13 Aug 2011 – Titan Corp.,Skyway Communications,Cocaine,Pump and Dump ... Companies in the network were looted of well in excess of one billion dollars ...

Narco News: Third Cocaine Plane Surfaces and is Tied to Web of ...

29 Jan 2008 – Drug War Beginning to Look Like One Giant Cover Story .... Skyway Communications, the parent company of Skyway Aircraft in Clearwater, ... and marketing partnership agreement with The Titan Corporation, a multi-billion ...

National Corruption Index :: Khalid bin Mahfouz

1 Nov 2010 – One of Skyway Communications' planes turned up in Mexico, via Venezuela, ... outside of Paris, also from Venezuela, also carrying tons of cocaine. ... The defense conglomerate Titan Corp issued a press release about some ...



Tough on Chavez, Soft on the American DrugLords
Why did Obama Appoint Bush holdover Michele Leonhart to head the DEA?

Nov 18 2010
by Daniel Hopsicker
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"The New American Drug Lords" 

In a much-criticized move, Acting DEA administrator Michele Leonhart spent more than $123,000 to charter a private jet, instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes, to fly to Colombia two years ago.
The level of disapproval would have been even higher if it had been known that the DEA chartered the jet from a contractor with a major investment in a shell company in Florida  that owned a DC9 caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico.
“Just as the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades, with the national debt climbing toward $10 trillion, Leonhart chose an expensive outside jet charter company instead of one of the DEA’s own 106 planes for her trip to Bogotá, Colombia last fall,” reported Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers.
In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined “DEA official's private charter cost $123,000,” Taylor reported that the DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart's trip from L-3 Communications, which bills itself as the nation's sixth largest defense contractor, and which made more than $32 million from the DEA  in 2008 for transportation services, while the company's largest subsidiary, "Titan Group of L-3 Communications," had a $70,000 investment in a shell company in Miami with no employees, no earnings and no prospects, but which somehow wound up as the true and legal owner of a DC9 carrying a cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine.
Some might suggest that had been the purpose of the investment all along.

An organization some say doesn't exist

The DC9 figured prominently in the indictment in Manhattan last week of Syrian-born Walid Makled-Garcia, 43, a former crony of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.
Calling him “one of the world’s most significant narcotics kingpins,” Michele Leonhart and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara placed responsibility for the now-infamous DC9 drug plane  squarely on the shoulders of Makled, who was recently arrested in Colombia.
In the press release announcing the indictment, there is no mention of the American-registered DC9's very American owners.
Leonhart, whose nomination to be the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration was expected to be confirmed Wednesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, was not expected to be asked to explain the discrepancy.
Makled's fate became a political football this week as well, as the U.S. and Venezuela fought  over which country's request for Makled's extradition should be granted by Colombia.
The story featured high drama, political intrigue, and the by-now familiar lack of candor which is a defining characteristic of the DEA and its interminable "War on Drugs."
The amazing but-true fact is that the DEA is paying millions for jet charters to a crooked defense contractor (more about that in a moment) with connections to both Chavez Cocaine Capo Walid Makled, and a camera and publicity-shy criminal organization which the DEA denies even exists.
The American Drug Lords.

"Proper arrangements should be made before you land."

The affadavit filed in Federal Court in Manhattan with the indictment  accuses Makled of directing the operation from Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela. 
The DC9 was forced to land by mechanical problems at an airport in Campeche, Mexico, where proper “arrangements” had not already been made.
The plane was surrounded by Mexican soldiers, and soon thereafter, things went awry.
“On or about April 11, 2006, "co-conspirators not named as defendants herein” possessed 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico.
“On or about April 11, 2006, Makled coordinated the transportation to Mexico” of  said 5.5 tons of cocaine,  states the indictment. 
It was clear from remarks by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and Acting DEA administrator Michele Leonhart that the “co-conspirators not named as defendants herein” would not turn out to be associated with any rogue U.S. Defense Contractor, or with the ex-CIA or ex-NSA personnel who had manned SkyWay Aircraft in St. Petersburg.
Both were at pains to emphasize that Walid Makled will not have received his just desserts until he has been extradited to U.S. to face the music.

A big shout out to our friends in Plan Colombia-Land!

"Even among global narcotics traffickers, Makled-Garcia is a king among kingpins, who allegedly coordinated a vast international narcotics trafficking organization,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.
“These charges emphasize our commitment to pursue those who flood the United States with poison for their own financial gain.  We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners in Colombia and elsewhere to bring Makled-Garcia to justice in the U.S.”
"Due to the outstanding work with our partners in Colombia and elsewhere, Makled-Garcia is behind bars and awaiting extradition to the United States for the crimes in this indictment,” said Leonhart.
"He is a foreign drug kingpin with a long history of drug trafficking, and he has built a vast global drug trafficking empire on illicit proceeds. These charges emphasize our commitment to pursue those who flood the United States with poison for their own financial gain.”
In case Colombia’s President can’t take a hint, she said it again. “We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners in Colombia and elsewhere to bring Makled-Garcia to justice in the U.S.”
Walid Makled seconded the sentiment. He has insisted upon extradition to the United States, where he said he will reveal "all he knows" about alleged drug activity by officials in the Chavez government.
"With what I have, with what I have, I have enough for them (the United States) to intervene in Venezuela... immediately" Makled said.

The "Amen Corner" begins weighing in

It was The Extradition Super Bowl. The stakes were high. The U.S. was competing with Venezuela in a contest to see who would get Makled.
The arguments made by Acting DEA administrator Leonhart and U.S. Attorney Bharara were echoed by a veritable “Who’s Who in the Amen Corner” of the American foreign policy establishment.
"One of the world's top drug kingpins may soon be telling U.S. prosecutors everything he knows about Venezuelan officials who have abetted his cocaine smuggling operations," wrote Roger Noriega of  The American Enterprise Institute. 
“Slowly but surely, Chávez is being unmasked as a deadly kingpin of a criminal.”
Makled implicated high-level officials, from both civilian and military branches of the government of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez as being complicit in the drug trade,” wrote Joel Hirst of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Hirst apparently thinks no one remembers the overheated rhetoric of the drug war being used dozens of times before, always promising we can "turn the corner" in the drug war, if only...
“Extradition of Makled to Venezuela would be going too far. The information he possesses would serve to expose and end some of the most flagrant drug trafficking in the region.”
However, Colombian President Juan Santos yesterday rained all over their foreign policy parade.  Spurning a U.S. request to extradite the alleged cocaine kingpin, he said that Walid Makled will be sent back to face charges in his home country of Venezuela."
Makled's fate would thus seem sealed.
The fate of another "player" in the drama, much closer to home,  has not yet been decided. 

"Corruption that would make a Roman Senator blush"

Why did Titan, a multi-billion dollar defense contractor in San Diego, loan money to a company with no employees 3000 miles away being incorporated by Michael Farkas, a stockbroker in Miami whose checkered past includes being suspended by the SEC?
Whatever the reason, it wasn't by accident.
Just before Skyway went bankrupt four years later, the company's stock price got a boost from a fawning press release issued by Titan announcing its agreement to purchase from SkyWay a half-billion dollars-worth of a product which didn’t exist, from a company about to go bankrupt.
"We are excited about the possibilities Sky Way Aircraft System technology offers," said Titan's David Stinson.”
It was a clear case of corporate fraud, letting insiders cash out. Skyway investors, excited by Titan’s lie about the company’s non-existent prospects, were soon left holding the bag,  swindled out of $42 million.
Why did a billion dollar defense contractor with sensitive government defense and intelligence contracts loan money, its name and prestige to a soon-to-be-bankrupt firm whose owners were stripping it of everything not nailed down?
Titan officials did not return phone calls seeking comment. But the trail of clues left behind spoke for them.

"Flying the Ollie North Memorial Charter "

Titan’s David Stinson, had previously been the Executive Vice President of Intergraph in Annapolis Maryland, which cut a deal that first opened the Defense Dept’s money spigot for Brent Wilkes, the convicted Republican fraudster in San Diego whose close ties with fellow convicted Republican fraudster, former San Diego Congressman  Randy “Duke Cunningham, led to his downfall.
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush provided another Republican link to the SkyWay fraud.
As SkyWay lurched towards bankruptcy, another organization issued a glowing press release touting the company’s bright future, then-Governor Bush’s Florida Dept. of Transportation announced SkyWay had been chosen as Florida’s primary provider of airport security applications.  
"I participated in the installation at the FDOT (Florida Dept of Transportation)," one of Skyway's earliest employees told us.  "The guy in charge told us airports in Florida all got the word that the State of Florida would reimburse them one hundred percent for  airport upgrades performed by SkyWay that had anything to do with Homeland Security."
Perhaps the biggest clue was divulged in a May 31, 2005  in the New York Times story headlined "C.I.A. Expanding Terror Battle Under Guise of Charter Flights."
"The controversy (over CIA rendition flights) has breached the secrecy of the agency's flights in the last two years, as plane-spotting hobbyists, activists and journalists in a dozen countries have tracked the mysterious planes' movements," the paper reported.
"Behind a surprisingly thin cover of rural hideaways, front companies and shell corporations that share officers who appear to exist only on paper... the Agency has concealed its ownership behind a web of shell corporations that appear to have no employees and no function apart from owning the aircraft."
In 2001, SkyWay founder Michael Farkas even incorporated a company called "Shell Corporation."
Long-time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover denied for decades the existence of the Mob, while at same time he was vacationing every year with his boyfriend Clyde at a Mob resort in La Jolla, CA.
While the FBI's headquarters in Washington, D.C. still bears his name,  he is a discredit to the Bureau, as well as the butt of jokes.
The CIA and DEA should take note.  The chances of that happening, however, are remote as those of either organization ever catching Osama bin Laden. 




"In a Feb 16, 2009 story headlined 'DEA official's private charter cost $123,000'"? This is the article: DEA official's private charter cost $123,000

"Colombian President Juan Santos yesterday rained all over their foreign policy parade. Spurning a U.S. request to extradite the alleged cocaine kingpin, he said that Walid Makled will be sent back to face charges in his home country of Venezuela"? Did he "rain on their parade"? Or did he work out a deal for Makled's extradition to the US behind the scenes? Who is this Juan Manuel Santos, who succeeded Alvaro Uribe as President of Colombia? Colombia election race starts, Santos favored

[Reuters, Feb 27, 2010] "The race for Colombia's presidency began Saturday, with former defense minister Juan Manuel Santos the favorite after the South American nation's popular incumbent was blocked from running for a third term.
The Constitutional Court's decision to bar a referendum on re-election heralds an end to President Alvaro Uribe's eight-year rule, during which the U.S. ally beat back left-wing guerrillas, stabilized the economy and drew investors.
With Colombian politics fixated for more than a year on the re-election issue, and polls showing Uribe would have won easily if allowed to run, Friday's ruling represented a starting gun for other presidential aspirants....
'The happiest man in Colombia today is Juan Manuel Santos,' said one of his rivals in the May 30 presidential election, Gustavo Petro, of the leftist Democratic Pole party.
Uribe's former defense minister -- who also held the finance portfolio in a previous government -- is closely associated with the U.S.-backed security policies that have made Uribe the nation's most popular president, and helped Colombia escape its past image for violence and chaos.
Uribe backs Santos, who heads the president's Social National Unity Party. But Uribe's alliance partner, the Conservative Party, could put up its own candidate....
Santos met Uribe in the city of Cali Saturday to plan their political strategy for the election.
'We are going to win,' Santos predicted. 'I will find the way for this great coalition to have a single candidate.'....
Economists said the political transition could cause a short-term wobble in the peso currency and local TES debt markets. But they forecast long-term stability, with the next leader likely to follow the conservative Uribe's broad policies, perhaps with more emphasis on social development.
Under Uribe, foreign money has poured back into Colombia, a top coffee exporter and Latin America's No. 4 oil exporter

We can expect this Santos administration to be a carbon copy of Uribe's rule. Uribe has a long history of collaborating with the CIA's and DIA's Colombian druglords. According to a 1991 intelligence report from the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Uribe "worked for the Medellín cartel" and he was a "close Personal Friend of Pablo Escobar." In turn, this cartel was using the BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International], the CIA's money laundering machine. From a Congressional report on the

"BCCI's clients for money laundering included Panamanian General Manuel Noriega, for whom it managed some $23 million of criminal proceeds out of its London branches; Pablo Escobar, of the Medellin cartel; Rodriguez Gacha, of the Medellin cartel; and several members of the Ochoa family."

Even "mainstream" media sources, like Time Magazine, reported that General Manuel Noriega was on the CIA's payroll: "Upon taking power, he allowed the U.S. to set up listening posts in Panama and is believed to have served as a conduit for U.S. funds to Nicaraguan contra rebels fighting the leftist Sandinista government." The CIA also used the BCCI to launder funds for other druglords, such as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the CIA's mujahideen leaders, who fought the Soviet army and Soviet-backed regime in Afghanistan. THE CIA AND HEROIN FINANCED THE MUJAHEDEEN: Hekmatyar "received more than $1 billion in covert U.S. aid" and he became one of "the world's biggest heroin dealers." Note that "many high-ranking members of Pakistan's political and military establishment" were getting their cut from this heroin trade. CIA and Saudi funds were laundered through the BCCI and also through Pakistan's ISI.

"The U.S. was competing with Venezuela in a contest to see who would get Makled"? So why are the US and Hugo Chavez both eager to obtain Walid Makled's extradition? The explanation from the US "mainstream" press has been something like that Chavez wants to hide his relations with Walid Makled. However, he could not be so naive as to think that the CIA and DEA are in the dark about these matters. Then I found this report dated August 20, 2010: Venezuela seeks drug lord's extradition:

"Venezuela seeks the extradition of Walid Makled, the man believed to have murdered Colombian drug lord Wilber Varela, alias "Jabon" was arrested in Colombia Thursday.
Colombian national police commissioner Oscar Naranjo announced that Makled, a Venezuelan citizen, was arrested in a suburb of the Colombian border city of Cucuta, in a joint operation with the U.S.'s Drug Enforcement Administration.
The Venezuelan Prosecutor General has requested that Caracas's First Tribunal approve a request for Makled's extradition. The Venezuelan is wanted for extradition by a New York district court on drug trafficking charges and is one of the world's most wanted men on Interpol, due to his alleged involvement in numerous murders in Venezuela.
Makled is believed to have connections with FARC's principal cartel and would trade weapons for cocaine with the the guerrilla organization. Naranjo said that Makled's criminal organization, which he called 'one of the most powerful mafia organizations in South America,' exported an estimated ten tons of cocaine to the U.S. each month.
Makled is believed to be responsible for Valera's assassination on January 30, 2008 in Merida, Venezuela. Valera, leader of the notorious Norte del Valle cartel, was one of the world's most wanted drug lords at the time of his death.
Investigators allege that Makled took advantage of his family's control of Venezuelan airline Aeropostol to launder money."

EUREKA! So Makled is the prime suspect in bumping off Valera? On this thread, Suitcase-Gate, CIA Drug Plane Scandals Meet, I posted links and sources, which indicate that Hugo Chavez and US client Uribe, now Santos, are competing for turf in Norte del Valle cartel operations! The markets for this cocaine are international in scope. Hugo Chavez's Venezuela 'supplies half of Britain's cocaine':

"Last year, about 250 tons of cocaine are thought to have passed through Venezuela - up to a five-fold increase on 2004. Much of this ended up in Britain.
Anti-drugs officials estimate that more than 50 per cent of all the cocaine consumed in Britain has been trafficked through Venezuela - under the "revolutionary" regime of Mr Chavez. The figure could be as high as two thirds....
Senior commanders in Venezuela's security forces are thought to be profiting from the trade and actively helping the smugglers, notably by allowing them to use military airfields....
Colombia remains the world's largest producer of raw coca, which is refined into cocaine. In the past, most of the narcotics were smuggled northwards to the Caribbean, for onward passage to Europe or America. But today the cocaine is more likely to go over the eastern frontier into Venezuela.
Here, drugs bound for Europe are loaded onto long-range aircraft and flown across the Atlantic to West Africa
. Small countries with little ability to police their airspace or coastlines, notably Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Sierra Leone, are key transit points. The flights are unloaded at these locations and the drugs shipped onwards to Europe.
Under Mr Chavez, Venezuela has become the crucial link in this chain. Drug-runners are relatively safe from arrest inside his domain....
In 2006, a DC-9 aircraft carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine was seized after landing in Mexico. The plane had departed from Simon Bolivar Airport in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. Officials believe that such a huge quantity of drugs could only have been loaded onto the DC-9 with the collusion of the airport's security authorities....
Wilber Varela, the leading figure in Colombia's Norte del Valle cartel, lived in Venezuela until he was murdered in January, possibly by a rival trafficker. After the demise of the Medellin and Cali cartels, the Norte del Valle network is a leading force behind the drugs trade."

So Norte del Valle became the successor of the Medellin and Cali cartels, who were funding CIA operations? And that "DC-9 aircraft carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine was seized after landing in Mexico" had "departed from Simon Bolivar Airport in Venezuela's capital"? Gee, how about that! This is the same DC-9, which Daniel Hopsicker traced to SkyWays and other CIA "shell" companies. This Norte del Valle cartel also came up in inquiries of Álvaro Uribe’s administration, in which Santos played a leading role, as I said earlier: The DAS scandals - April 13, 2006:

"the DAS, the government’s Administrative Department for Security...incorporates aspects of the FBI, the CIA, and the ICE (immigration). Plus, it is not part of any cabinet ministry like Defense or Interior – it is a part of the Colombian president’s office....
During Álvaro Uribe’s administration...between 2002 and 2005 the DAS was essentially at the service of paramilitaries and major narcotraffickers. It drew up hitlists of union members and leftist activists, and even plotted to destabilize Venezuela.
All of this happened under the tenure of Jorge Noguera, Uribe’s DAS director from August 2002 until he left under a major storm cloud of scandal in October 2005....
Diego Montoya (“Don Diego”), the most powerful leader of Colombia’s most powerful drug cartel, the Norte del Valle organization, is on the FBI’s ten most-wanted fugitives’ list alongside Osama bin Laden. That...didn’t stop the DAS from helping Montoya to avoid capture. 'Giancarlo [Auqué, who served as DAS intelligence director before Ariza] and Jorge Noguera passed secret information to Diego Montoya, and the idea was not just to help him avoid capture, but to let him know that an informant in his own organization was revealing his location.'......
'Carlos Robayo, alias ‘Guacamayo,’ was for years the right hand of the Norte de Valle boss. Two years ago, Semana witnessed ‘Guacamayo’ calling one of his contacts in the DAS and asking him to remove [from DAS archives] arrest orders, background information, photographs and fingerprint data for a dozen people. He also demanded that these materials be brought to where he was. Less than two hours after ‘Guacamayo’ made his call, a DAS detective arrived with the package.”....
Rafael García, the imprisoned former DAS official,...contends that Noguera and others were drawing up plans to kill high officials in the Venezuelan government, including leftist President Hugo Chávez."

Yeah, Noguera from Uribe's office wanted to eliminate the rivals of Uribe and his gang in cutting deals with Norte de Valle. Major international drug markets in Europe and Africa are at stake, as well as those in the Western hemisphere. Seven Colombian army officers, who collaborated with Norte de Valle, were either students or instructors at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, "formerly called the School of the Americas — at Fort Benning, Georgia." Thus when Walid Makled bumped off a leader of Norte de Valle, he made some powerful enemies among Uribe-Santos sponsors in Washington, as well as with Hugo Chavez, who has been portrayed as the our “number one enemy” in Latin America.

Thus, in addition to oil, there are drug trafficking profits to fight over between Chavez and his superpower enemy. In case there is any doubt as to where Santos stands on this, look again at what happened during the Uribe administration, when Santos was Defense Minister. In May 2007, Salvatore Mancuso, the former Commander of the right wing United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, testified that "the paramilitaries, branded 'foreign terrorist organizations' by the U.S. State Department in 2001, were aided by high ranking Colombian military officers in training and logistics." Among Mansuco's "collaborators" was then Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos. Bases of AUC (The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia) "are set up in Venezuela's oil-rich provinces in contact with the CIA. The paramilitary groups are destabilizing Venezuela by means of criminal activities, extortions, and kidnappings for ransom.... Caracas is fully aware that it must remain alert. Geopolitically, the US has always viewed the oil-rich Venezuela as its own backyard, and B. Obama's Administration is no exception from the rule."

"The affadavit filed in Federal Court in Manhattan with the indictment accuses Makled of directing the operation from Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela"? There certainly a lot of "blacked out" portions of this affadavit. It would sure be interesting to see the uncensored version. Were the blacked out portions of this document classified information?

"'With what I have, with what I have, I have enough for them (the United States) to intervene in Venezuela... immediately' Makled said"? Isn't that interesting! Maybe he thinks that he can help out with a "regime change" operation against Hugo Chavez, in exchange for mercy from the US for the "unpardonable sin" of bumping off a CIA-favored drug lord from that Norte de Valle cartel.

"Why did Titan, a multi-billion dollar defense contractor in San Diego, loan money to a company with no employees 3000 miles away being incorporated by Michael Farkas"? Farkas takes us to Iran-Contra and BCCI financier Adnan Khashoggi. 'COCAINE ONE' BUST LIFTS VEIL ON GLOBAL NARCOTICS CARTEL:

[AUGUST 8, 2006] "SkyWay Aircraft had been leasing a 'repair' facility for more than $20,000 a month at DFW Airport in Dallas—even though the company had nothing to repair— from Richard Rainwater, called 'George W. Bush’s biggest supporter' and 'the power behind the throne' in news accounts during Bush’s first Presidential campaign....

Based at the Clearwater-St. Petersburg International Airport, both 'Cocaine One,' and its twin, a second DC9 (N120NE) were being used by an operation which includes the former head of the CIA proprietary airline used to ferry TOW missiles to the Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime in Iran, as part of the Iran Contra Scandal.
Adnan Khashoggi lieutenant Ramy El-Batrawi, who supplied one of the two DC9’s, is the former President of an admitted CIA subsidiary airline.
Jetborne International, a company supposedly owned by El-Batrawi’s long-time boss, Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, folded after being indicted for illegally ferrying TOW missiles to Iran, an 'enterprise' which netted someone—though not the U.S. Government or the Contras it was supposedly funding—a tidy bit of change a U.S. Senate investigation estimated to be $16 million dollars.
The Tower Commission Report into the Iran-Contra Scandal first exposed Jetborne as a CIA proprietary. When it came time to begin shipping the missiles, said the report, Oliver North had asked a CIA official for the name of a 'reliable' charter airline.....

Ramy El-Batrawi and Adnan khashoggi’s other major connection [was] with the founder of SkyWay Aircraft, Miami attorney Michael Farkas. Their hidden connections may reveal a larger, previously secret organization.
Last month the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Khashoggi and Ramy Al Batrawi, his lieutenant for the past 20 years, with stock fraud in U.S. District Court for Central California. Both men are both currently on the lam after being accused of orchestrating a $130 million fraud, called the “Stockwalk case,” involving the stock price of another firm headed by el-Batrawi called GenesisIntermedia.
GenesisIntermedia was incorporated by the long-time attorney of the man once reckoned by the U.S. Government to be the biggest drug smuggler in American history...CIA pilot Barry Seal.....

Along with GenesisIntermedia, the stock of two other companies was used to generate fraudulent loans in the Stockwalk scam. One was a company called Holiday RV. Stores. The other was Imperial Credit Industries.
Michael Farkas is involved with both firms.Holiday R.V. Stores was owned and controlled by Michael Farkas, through a holding company he founded called Atlas Recreational Holdings.
Michael Farkas and Adnan khashoggi were partners in a $300 million scam. It was called 'the largest brokerage industry failure in more than 30 years.'
Michael Farkas, is also on the board of Genesis Realty, founded by Ramy El-Batrawi, a man who is clearly no piker when it comes to pilfering money from a public company….....

Michael Farkas’ connections to right wing Israeli political parties, and to Israeli Mossad, have already been ably covered by others. Farkas was listed in 2005 as president of Manhigut USA. This is the US branch of the Israeli Manhigut Yehudit, involved in fundraising for the radical settlers who were trying to resist the Gaza withdrawal.... [Farkas] is also the American sales agent for anti-missile technology developed by Israel Aircraft Industries and is a Director of spy technology company CCS ....

SkyWay Aircraft was presumably still a gleam in Mr. Farkas’ eye when Titan put up $72,386 for 1,113,627 restricted shares of the Company which became SkyWay."

One of Barry Seal's bases of operations for the CIA's Nicaraguan Contras was in Mena, Arkansas, when Bill Clinton was governor in the 1980's:

"Mena, Arkansas [is] this small town in the Ozark Mountains west of Little Rock.... It was here in the 1980s that Contra mercenaries were trained in guerilla flying techniques, ones that could be used to smuggle and deliver arms. Arms were stockpiled and flown from Mena to Central America, where the cargo was exchanged for cocaine from the Medellin Cartel. The planes returned to Mena and unloaded their precious cargo into CIA hands to be sold on the streets of the US.... It was a business arrangement made at the highest levels of our government, conceived and executed in the offices of the White House, the National Security Council, and the CIA.... A Governor named Bill Clinton knew about CIA cocaine in Mena, abetted the operation, and with his chief of personal security actively sabotaged nearly all official and media investigations into it. What's more, Clinton's state-of-the-art presidential campaign was funded by money looted from BCCI, the CIA's money laundering bank of choice. Money donated by very old Clinton friends with ties to the CIA leadership.....
Congressional testimony suggests that a deal was struck between the CIA and the Medellin cartel based in Colombia. It is known that Medellin made payments to the CIA through Felix Rodriguez.[24] Barry Seal, a Medellin asset in the US with links to the Secret Team, was probably the 'liaison officer' to the Mena operation. In all likelihood, Seal was one of several such CIA-Medellin liaisons at bases throughout the US Southeast. Milian Rodriguez (no relation) presented testimony & documents at his trial that showed several million dollars in cash had been paid by the Medellin cartel to the Contras, buying access to the aircraft pipeline...."

If Michael Farkas was an "American sales agent" for Israel Aircraft Industries, it isn't difficult to see how he and Khashoggi became business partners in a number of black market and "gray market" deals. Al Schwimmer, the "founder and longtime chairman of Israel Aircraft Industries," and Khashoggi were business partners in the Iran-Contra transactions. From the Walsh reports:

"(President Reagan's national security adviser} Robert McFarlane, along with CIA Director Casey, was an early exponent of the view that the United States should reopen ties with Iran to influence events after the death of the Ayatollah Khomeini....

In January 1984 Iran was officially declared by the State Department to be a sponsor of international terrorism, making it subject to additional arms-export restrictions.

Against this troubling backdrop, McFarlane dispatched Michael Ledeen, an NSC consultant, in the spring of 1985 to sound out Israeli officials about the possibility of establishing contacts inside Iran, in hopes of building ties with more moderate factions there. During the 1985 arms shipments, Ledeen acted as a conduit for information between Israeli officials, Israeli and Iranian arms brokers, and the NSC staff. By using Ledeen as a private intermediary, McFarlane pretended not to have official NSC involvement in these overtures.....

Ledeen admitted that he asked Israeli arms brokers Adolf (Al) Schwimmer and Yaakov Nimrodi to open a bank account in October 1985 to cover Iran arms sales expenses.....

McFarlane heard shortly after his Washington meeting with (director general of Israel's Foreign Ministry David) Kimche about a request from (Iranian entrepreneur Manucher) Ghorbanifar for 100 TOW missiles. On July 7, 1985, Kimche, Nimrodi, Schwimmer, Ghorbanifar and international financier Adnan Khashoggi met in Geneva, where Ghorbanifar proposed the TOW missile sale to strengthen his position in Iran. As in earlier meetings, Ghorbanifar claimed he could obtain the release of American hostages as a result. On July 8, 1985, Kimche, Nimrodi, Schwimmer, Khashoggi and Ghorbanifar met with Ghorbanifar's Iranian contact in Hamburg, West Germany. The participants discussed TOW missiles and hostages, and the possibilities of U.S.-Israeli cooperation on the matter..."

I have notice that when Michael Ledeen appears on those CSPAN TV programs, he is sometimes introduced as a former National Security Council "consultant." We are expected not to notice Ledeen's role in selling arms to a "terrorist state" and his praise for Ghorbanifar as "one of the most honest, educated, honorable men I have ever known." Ledeen also provided "deniability" for the Pentagon in GW Bush's administration when they decided to reopen the Ghorbanifar channel. I have to wonder if all of Ledeen's talk about "regime change" in "axis of evil" Iran is intended to coverup his own relations with Iran. I don't think that we have the whole story on this, that's for sure. There is no question that the Bush-neocon “Axis of Evil,” consisting of Iran, Iraq under Saddam Hussein's rule, and North Korea was intentionally misleading. It was not Saddam and Iran, who were in an “axis” against the US. It was the US and Iran, who formed a regional “axis” to overthrow Saddam since Robert Gates was CIA director in 1992: The Shia Fellas: How the Bush Administration and the Neocons got into bed with Iran's agents in Iraq .

"Skyway investors, excited by Titan’s lie about the company’s non-existent prospects, were soon left holding the bag, swindled out of $42 million"? This front company called “SkyWay” bears an eerie resemblance to another front by that name, which Khashoggi was involved with and which goes back to the BCCI. A Wolf in Sheikhs Clothing: Bush Business Deals with 9 Partners of bin Laden’s Banker:

"Earlier, during the 1980’s, Sheikh Adham and his successor as Saudi Intelligence Director, Abdul Khalil, secretly acted as BCCI nominees in a hostile take-over of Washington D.C.’s largest bank, Financial General Bankshares, that soon became First American Bankshares. First American was, in fact, a Bank of Credit and Commerce International front for [Khalid Bin] Mahfouz that was set up in the U.S. with the pivotal assistance of billionaire Jackson Stephens, a lavish financial backer of many political campaigns for both Bush presidents....
One of Kamel Adham's close contacts, Adnan Khashoggi...who is a life-long friend of the bin Laden family and was the arms merchant at the center of the whole Iran-Contra scandal. In 1985, Sheikh Mahfouz's Saudi National Commercial Bank loaned Khashoggi 35 million dollars to purchase weapons to illegally sell to Iran, at the behest of Oliver North. Kashoggi's father was the physician to the bin Laden patriarch, Mohammed, and he got his start in business by arranging a large truck import deal for Salem bin Laden, Osama's older brother.

When Salem bin Laden died in Texas in 1988, Sheikh Mahfouz inherited his interests in Houston, so close was their life-long relationship and also that of their fathers, who likewise, were friends and business partners. The family patriarchs of both the bin Laden and the bin Mahfouz clans emigrated into Saudi Arabia from the same ancestral valley in Yemen in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Thus it was, in 1976, that Salem bin Laden employed James R. Bath, a long-time friend of George W. Bush since their days together as flyers in the Texas Air National Guard, as his business representative in the U.S.. Then in 1979 and 1980, Bath, while still an agent for Salem bin Laden, invested 50,000 dollars in Bush's first oil company, Arbusto Ltd..

Until the early 1990s, Bush's friend, James Bath, was also involved in multiple business ventures in the Houston area with Sheikh Mahfouz, BCCI's largest shareholder, including their company, Southwest Airport Services, refuelers of the presidential plane, Air Force One, when it came there.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Bath and Sheikh Mathouz, 'The Saudi King's Banker,' along with former Texas governor John Connally, owned the money-laundering Main Bank in Houston, which moved highly suspicious amounts of one hundred dollar bills and funded political campaigns during the late 1970s and 1980s.

During his Arbusto period, in 1979, James Bath purchased a Houston mansion for Mahfouz at 4.3 million dollars, with the payment made through none other than James Baker III’s law firm, Bakers and Botts. In 1990, during his Harken period, Bath obtained a 1.4 million dollar loan from Mahfouz. Bath was also the sole director for Mahfouz's Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd, which did a brisk business with Saudi Sheikhs and began in the Grand Cayman Islands in 1980 as a company briefly called Cotopax Investments.

It should be noted that several unusual business behaviors of Mahfouz’s Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd. demonstrated a pattern reminiscent of money laundering. First, within a month of its incorporation, the temporary board at Cotopax named Bush’s friend James Bath as company president, changed the company name to Skyways and then resigned en mass, leaving Bath as a sole director. Second, the Cayman Islands are an effective tax-shelter and haven for banking secrets. Third, one of the original subscribers to Cotopax, a company called Cayhaven Corporate Services, Ltd., was also a subscriber to 'I.C., Inc.' In reality, IC Inc. was the same entity as ICIC, which is the International Credit and Investment Corporation of Grand Caymans, termed BCCI’s “bank-within-a-bank” in the Kerry Committee report. Thus, James Bath’s Skyways Aircraft Leasing is an enterprise related to Mahfouz’s BCCI via 'IC Inc.'

Curiously, Mahfouz’s 'IC Inc.,' the company related to George W. Bush’s friend James Bath, was found by investigators to be at the very center of a chart drawn by Oliver North, in North’s own White House safe, that showed the private banking network supporting the Iran-Contra operation...."

This series of article was deleted even from non-mainstream sources, such as globalresearch.ca, after "Bin Laden’s banker," Khalid Bin Mahfouz won "libel" claims in courts in England. Khalid Bin Mahfouz died on August 16, 2009. But this does not mean that these bogus libel claims have ended. His son Abdulrahman bin Mahfouz and his partner in Muwafaq, Yassin al-Qadi, are also part of this money laundering system for US intelligence operations. At any rate, Bush's Arbusto & Harken, like Skyways Aircraft Leasing, were just front companies, like the Skyway, which was founded by Michael Farkas, a more recent business partner of Khashoggi. In many ways, Venice served as another "Mena," a base for CIA drug running and other covert operations. 'Venice was a quiet Mena, Arkansas': former drug pilot:

"'Venice was a kind of quiet Mena (Arkansas),' said our [CIA] pilot informant.
'Jackson Stephens had built this huge headquarters next to the airport. And he was in charge. But I do remember seeing Porter Goss around the airport a lot.'
At that time, Goss was a CIA Agent assigned to Latin America. He later became a Florida Congressman from Charlotte County, where he eventually became head of the House Intelligence Committee. In 2002 he was named Director of the CIA under George W. Bush...."

Also The war for control of the Venice Airport:

"Venice was home to the headquarters of Beverley Enterprises, owned by Jackson Stephens, known as President Jimmy Carter’s roommate when both men were at the Naval Academy, we previously reported, in 'Welcome to TerrorLand.'
Jackson Stephens’s name is almost invariably linked to America’s super-secret National Security Agency, the NSA, as well as to—it must be said—the massive cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas during the 1980’s in support of the Contra war in Nicaragua."

As I said in my comments on that thread, Jackson Stephens was also "a lavish financial backer" of the Clintons' "political campaigns," as well as for the Bushes. Also note that these BCCI investors, former Saudi intelligence chief Sheik Kamal Adham & Iran-Contra arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, and Wallace Hilliard "bought Huffman Aviation in 1999 and hired Rudi Dekkers to run it."

"The CIA and DEA should take note. The chances of that happening, however, are remote as those of either organization ever catching Osama bin Laden"? That's very "remote." This farce called the "hunt for Osama Bin Laden" goes on and on. THE 9.11 HEROIN CONNECTION: The Biggest Censored Story of the 21st Century:

"Just three weeks after Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi arrived on July 3, 2000 to attend the flight school at Huffman Aviation in Venice, FL., the owner of the flight school, Wallace J. Hilliard, had his Learjet surrounded by DEA agents with submachine guns on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport.
Agents found 43 pounds of heroin, arrested everyone onboard, and confiscated the plane.
Any honest prosecutor in the country would have instantly linked the huge heroin haul discovered on the flight school owner’s plane to Mohamed Atta’s arrival at his flight school, and understood that he was looking into the heart of a continuing criminal conspiracy.
Before 9/11, someone with big clout in the Bush Administration was buying heroin from Osama bin Laden."

I agree with Daniel Hopsicker on this point, based on what I found about Mohamed Atta. In addition to the BCCI connections of Huffman, which I mentioned earlier, Atta's own history gives us some clues. Going back to my comments here, The war for control of the Venice Airport, Atta's mentor in Hamburg, Mohammed Haydar Zammar, "fought alongside Hekmatyar's troops against the communist Afghan regime" and he also fought in Bosnia. That's the same Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who was the CIA's favored Afghan drug lord. The FBI and India also traced $100,000, which was transferred to Atta in Florida back to "ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad." India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links. As I said previously, "many high-ranking members of Pakistan's political and military establishment" were also getting a cut from this heroin trafficking by Hekmatyar and other mujahideen warlords. This heroin trafficking by the CIA & ISI was still going strong in 2001, and there is no sign that it is ending. HEROIN, TALIBAN & PAKISTAN

"Pakistan's illegal heroin economy has kept its legitimate State economy sustained since 1990 and prevented its collapse. It has also enabled it to maintain a high level of arms purchases from abroad and to finance its proxy war against India through the jehadi organisations....
The use of the heroin dollars for such purposes started after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1988. In the 1980s, at the instance of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US, the Internal Political Division of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), headed by Brig (retd). Imtiaz, who worked directly under Lt.Gen.Hamid Gul, the DG of the ISI during the later years of Zia-ul-Haq and during the first few months of Mrs.Benazir Bhutto's first tenure as the Prime Minister (1988-90), started a special cell for the use of heroin for covert actions

"The DEA chartered the jet for Leonhart's trip from L-3 Communications"? And this firm's "largest subsidiary" is "Titan Group of L-3 Communications"? This L-3 Communications seems to be an umbrella for CIA and/or Pentagon contractors in covert operations involving criminal activity. You probably recall the lawsuits against CACI and Titan, now part of 3-L, about what happened at the infamous Abu Ghraib in Iraq. 3-L also swallowed up MPRI. This is a case, which has not received nearly as much attention from the media as Titan & CACI in Iraq. Among MPRI's worst atrocites was Operation Storm. Serbian immigrants seek answers about the horror: Class-action suit: U.S. mercenaries were behind Croatian offensive in Balkan War

[September 05, 2010] "On Aug. 4, 1995, artillery shells started falling on a village in Krajina, where the Mijics lived in what had been Yugoslavia before ethnic conflicts tore it apart. The Mijics harnessed their horses Soko and Cestar to a wagon and joined the crowd of fleeing villagers. It was 2 in the morning, the artillery fire lighting up a neighbor who had been traveling with them. He was decapitated by an incoming shell....
But there is an unexpected, albeit difficult to prove, twist to the Mijics' story: The class-action lawsuit recently filed in Chicago, to which Zivka is a party, alleges that American mercenaries were behind their suffering.
As her lawyers see it, during the Balkan War of the 1990s, America began to 'outsource' some of the dirty work of war and diplomacy to private contractors. They allege that behind the early morning attack that the Croats dubbed 'Operation Storm' was a northern Virginia-based consulting company called MPRI Inc., made up of former high-ranking U.S. military officers that included a chief architect of Operation Desert Storm a few years earlier in Iraq....
MPRI was acquired in 2002 by another defense contractor, L-3 Communications. Officials from L-3 say the lawsuit is baseless....
Since the events, the company has consistently denied involvement in the Krajina offensive. But it has benefited from speculation that it took part in it, said a former senior U.S. diplomat deeply knowledgeable in the Balkan Wars.
'The perception that they did run it helped turn them from a small company to a major contractor,' the diplomat said. 'Afterwards, everyone wanted them to do what they thought MPRI had done in Croatia.'....
The Mijic family lived in Krajina, a Serbian enclave inside what became Croatia, which the Croatians were determined to eliminate in 1995.
'Upwards of 180,000 Serbs would flee the province under duress, the worst single incident of ethnic cleansing in the entire sequence of Yugoslav wars,' R. Craig Nation, a historian at the U.S. Army War College, wrote about Operation Storm in his study 'War in the Balkans, 1992-2002.'....

The Croatian army, described in the lawsuit as 'a rag-tag rifle-carrying infantry' was ill-equipped for the bombing task, said Anthony D'Amato, another attorney on the case.... Where did the Croatians come by their newfound skill?
'They hired MPRI,' said D'Amato, a Northwestern University law professor who has participated in a number of war-crimes lawsuits.....
Peter Galbraith, U.S. ambassador to Croatia at the time, acknowledged the contract's existence as a witness in the recent trial of Slobodan Milosevic at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal. Croatian leaders are currently on trial there, and testimony and previously unavailable documents produced at those trials makes the suit against MPRI possible.
For example, Slobodan Prajak, a Croatian military official currently on trial in the Hague, explained who was in charge of the operation by testifying: '…that's why we have the organization MPRI in Croatian army, with the top American generals whom we paid and who helped us to prepare Storm and Flash.'

The notion that a U.S.-backed company would secretly orchestrate a successful Croat offensive in what at the time had been a Serbian-dominated conflict isn't far-fetched, given the military and diplomatic situation, D'Amato argued.
Richard Holbrooke, a U.S. assistant secretary of state, was looking for a formula to end the fighting.
'As diplomats we could not expect the Serbs to be conciliatory at the negotiating table as long as they had experienced nothing but success on the battlefield,' Holbrooke wrote in a memoir, 'To End a War.'
Whether MPRI was also hired to direct the Croatian offensive could be answered in a courtroom at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse."

No wonder that Obama chose Holbrooke to serve as US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He seems to have no problem with farming out illegal operations to private contractors. That ICTY kangaroo court in The Hague could really backfire on its creators in this MPRI case! I posted tons of information on this on LF. Operation Flash was the prototype for Operation Storm:

"The United States not only monitored the complete Operation Storm, but they also actively participated with the Croatian Military in its preparation, and in the end directly initiated the operation. The green light from the White House and then President Clinton for Operation Storm was passed on by Colonel Richard C. Herrick, then US military attaché in Zagreb....
Prior to Operation Flash, which was supposed to serve as a dress rehearsal for Storm, at exactly midnight, six hours prior to the beginning of the operation, Herrick and Šaraè were called into the police and were informed that the planned action would begin in a few hours time. In the Police Ministry, at exactly midnight, the staff of Operation Flash was formed, which was transferred to the Defense Ministry at 6 a.m. When the staff was moved, the American military attaché moved with it. He constantly requested updates and sent them directly to Clinton in the White House. Each morning, the American President was informed of the preparations and every part of the operation. The Americans were thrilled by the way Flash was carried out, they realized that this model of cooperation with the Croatians was ideal, and could be decisive in the battle against Miloševiæ in BiH and could ultimately result in removing him from power. The Pentagon coordinated the entire action via Richard Herrick, and the CIA activities were coordinated by Marc Kelton, head of the CIA branch in Zagreb, who cooperated closely with Miroslav Tudjman, then head of HIS....
The first word that Croatian officers might have to stand trial for the events during Storm was heard in 1997. The US immediately responded and requested on a dozen occasions in discussions with the Hague Prosecutor that Storm, as a militarily-clean operation, be left alone, as Nacional has learned from a high-ranking diplomatic source. At that time, there was a problem concerning the extradition of Mladen Naletiliæ Tuta to the Hague, and the US promised Croatia that the Hague would not raise charges for Storm if they handed Naletiliæ over. Naletiliæ was extradited, and Carla Del Ponte outwitted the American administration and began with her demands that the Croatian generals be investigated as suspects in Storm...."

Well, the US may have been willing to sacrifice some "Croatian generals" in The Hague, but not one of their precious KLA commanders. According to Janes, KLA commander Agim Ceku "masterminded the successful HV [Croatian] offensive at Medak [in 1993] and in 1995 was one of the key planners of the successful Operation 'Storm'." Operation Storm had "led to the massacre of many ethnic Serbs and the eviction of more than 200,000." The nominal "UN Administrator" in Kosovo rewarded Ceku for his performance in Operation Storm by appointing him to be Chief of Staff of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), again bringing Ceku and MPRI together:

"The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), known for its connections to organized crime in general and the Balkans narcotics traffic in particular, was officially dissolved. In fact it was transformed into the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). Modelled after the US National Guard, funded by US military aid, the KPC is trained by Military Professional Resources Inc (MPRI), a mercenary outfit based in Alexandria, Virginia. The MPRI had also been involved in the training and command of the Croatian forces that drove over 200,000 ethnic Serbs from the Krajina region of Croatia in 1995."

Ceku later became "Prime Minister" of Kosovo, but another KLA leader Hashim Thaci became Prime Minister of an independent Kosovo in February 2008: Kosovo: The US and the EU support a Political Process linked to Organized Crime: Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is part of a criminal syndicate, including the "syndicate" run by Osama Bin Laden. MPRI was also caught with Al Qaeda guerrillas with a branch of the KLA in Macedonia. German Intelligence and the CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorists in Yugoslavia

"Commander Hoxha had ties with the CIA, the BND and with the Austrian military intelligence service which has devoted great attention to this region and has very good connections with the KLA....
Samedin Xhezairi, also known as Commander Hoxha, joined the Kosovo Liberation Army when armed conflict in Kosovo began, fighting in three operation zones. He was a fighter in Chechnya, trained in Afghanistan and acted as the commander of the Mujahideen 112th Brigade operating in the summer of 2001 in the region of Tetovo [Macedonia]. In August of the same year 80 members of the 3/502 battalion of U.S. paratroopers evacuated him from Aracinovo [Macedonia], together with his Albanian extremists and 17 instructors of the U.S. private military company MPRI which was training the Albanian paramilitary formations."

I have to wonder if Titan and MPRI were merged with 3-L Communications to give them more powerful legal and political protection. These operations involving criminal activity took place during the last few Republican and Democratic administrations. Much of these operations remain classified, and what we do know may be the tip of the iceberg.


Puzzling vagaries in official story

The 128 black leather suitcases stuffed with 5.5 tons of cocaine once again highlighted the “puzzling vagaries” in the U.S. Government’s official story about the war on drugs, where the "bad guys" somehow manage to slip more than 300 tons of cocaine a year into the country under the nose of a government that can read the make of a golf ball from outer space.
And of course there were the numerous unexplained 'anomalies' in Vasquez Guerra’s ‘escape’ that left unanswered questions, and a bad smell, given the “sensitivity” of the circumstances., which were special circumstances, indeed.
Take the DC9's appearance, for example: An official-looking Seal beside the door, with an image of a U.S. Federal Eagle in the center,  read: SKYWAY AIRCRAFT. PROTECTION OF AMERICA'S SKIES."
It was so close to being identical to the seal of Homeland Security that it had led aviation observers, and even eagle-eyed planespotters, to repeatedly conclude, in the two years before it was caught, that it belonged to the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security.
Moreover, it sat on the tarmac at Clearwater-St. Petersburg International Airport less than one hundred yards from the U.S. Coast Guard’s major Caribbean air station...with no questions asked. There was nary a peep from the Coast Guard (a DHW Agency).
"We never could figure out how they could get away with that," one SkyWay employee told us.
"They had the same seal on the fleet of Hummers, and local cops in Tampa pulled them over and made them take it off. But not the Coast Guard. Never."
When questioned, officials at the Coast Guard Station have repeatedly refused to comment.
And then, of course, when the DC9 landed in Ciudad del Carmen, it was met by a Falcon business jet belonging to the Mexican Government, flown in by two pilots from the Mexican Federal Government’s Water Commission.
The term used by sociologists today to describe this particular set of circumstances is usually "State-Sponsored Organized Crime."

"Say hello to my little friend."

Later, the paper trail from the DC9  led Mexican investigators to the discovery that the plane had been purchased using drug money from a Mexican currency exchange which had extremely close ties to former Mexican President Vicente Fox.
Worse yet, money from the currency exchange had been knowingly laundered through the 4th largest bank in the U.S.
Wachovia Bank, we all learned a year ago, when it signed a consent decree with the U.S. government, had laundered an orders-of-magnitude and even-more stupefying amount of money than observers could have guessed in their wildest imaginings.
The figure given out was $385 billion. Some of it was used to buy the DC9.
All of it, the full $385 billion,  came from sources which federal prosecutors said “cannot be verified.”
Money which “cannot be verified” is usually presumed to come from Tony Montana, whose business—the global drug trade—has weathered the Great Recession somewhat better than most.
Wachovia Bank was allowed to plead guilty to laundering a fraction of that amount, was fined $160 million, and then sold off to Wells Fargo Bank.
What Wachovia's cut was for washing all that drug money is a figure yet to be revealed.   
But reportedly Wachovia's bankers were tittering behind their hands all the way to Salt Lake City, home of Wells Fargo.
The U.S. government is clearly still treating some elements of the drug trade—the well-heeled ones—as more equal than others.
Wachovia's nasty habit of moving money around for Mexican drug smugglers provided the clean cash necessary for the purchase of a fleet of American planes, including the DC9, which cumulatively flew at least 22 tons of cocaine.

Mexico's official drug policy: Catch & release?

While the date remains vague, Carmelo Vasquez Guerra was eventually taken into custody by Mexican authorities. 
And even in Mexico, piloting 5.5 tons of cocaine would seem to call for more jail time than robbing a corner liquor store.
So reporters there assumed they’d heard the last of him for some time.
Imagine their surprise, as well as their chagrin, when Francisco Gomez of Mexico City's El Universal newspaper discovered Vasquez-Guerra had been released from prison less than two years after being arrested.
And he was just one of six high profile drug traffickers imprisoned in Mexico who have been inexplicably released recently, Gomez reported, before asking: With certain favored drug traffickers, was the government of Mexico's drug policy catch and release?
Questions about why and how the man got his freedom were received with official blank stares.
It wasn't just that there was no official explanation.
There was no explanation at all. Reporter Gomez learned that Vasquez-Guerra was free by reading his name in an international headline which said he had been arrested in Africa flying a plane carrying 550 kilos of cocaine.
This was seen as proof, according to the laws of physics, even in Mexico, that he was no longer in prison.

Proof of Al Qaeda in the Magreb! Or maybe Fort Lauderdale

Carmelo Vasquez-Guerra had flown a drug flight on a Gulfstream II business jet,  from Venezuela across the South Atlantic to Guinea-Bissau on the coast of West Africa, where it was busted... by mistake.
The bust was 'pilot error.' Vasquez-Guerra had landed at the wong airport, meaning, an airport where the Guinea-Bissau military weren't ready to back up a truck to unload his plane when it landed.
Government Customs officials were allowed to inspect the plane, and it was busted.
Then... wonder of wonders! Under  circumstances more murky than a cloudy night during a duststorm, he was once again released from jail.
And two weeks later, after being busted in the neighboring country of Mali, home of Timbuktu, he was released yet again.
Timbuktu is where the interdiction of the Gulfstream became a key event in the ongoing drama between the U.S. and Venezuela whose reverberations are still being felt, because that's where an unidentified official from the Dept. of Homeland Security announced the discovery of a drug pipeline pumping cocaine from Venezuela across the Atlantic to West Africa, where Al Qaeda in the Magreb took over, delivering it to Europe.
The example the official cited? Carmelo Vasquez-Guerra's flight aboard a Gulfstream II, a plane whose home was the world-famous Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, not previously known as a hotbed of Islamic jihadist activity. It was owned by a man named Luis Bustamante. 
From the FARC to Chavez to Al Qaeda... It was a terrorist tri-fecta, and maybe the closest thing to a wet dream that grizzled old U.S. drug warriors like General Barry McCaffrey have had since 1957, when Jane Russell starred in “The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown.”
It's too bad that none of it;s true. But that hasn't seemed to matter.
The saga of the DC9, completely ignored by the mainstream media, was followed closely on this website—and only on this website—until the same thing happened again eighteen months later.
Then a Gulfstream II took off  from the eerily-quiet Clearwater St. Petersburg International Airport, just as the DC9 had... and was caught in the Yucatan, just as the DC9 was... only this time it wasn't carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, but "only" four.
Tons, that is, of cocaine.
Also, the Gulfstream (N987SA) hadn't needed to get painted to fool people into thinking it was a U.S. Government plane...
Because it had been one.



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Investigation Edit

Wally Hilliard Venice, Florida: Mohammad Atta 'trains' at Huffman Aviation, a flight school on Venice Municipal Airport, run by Dutch national Rudi Deckers, owned by retired insurance salesman Wally Hilliard, since 1999/2000.
Wally Hilliard owned Health Insurance Businesses in Green Bay, Wisconsin, before he retired to Venice, Florida.
Wally Hilliard and Ron Weyers, founded AMS, American Medical Security Group, as a joint venture with United Wisconsin in 1988.

Myron du Bain Edit

Wally Hilliard’s links to American intelligence go back (at least) to November of 1981, when his insurance company, Wisconsin Employer’s Group, was bought out by Myron Du Bain, a World War II OSS/CIA operative and the Chairman of Fireman's Fund of San Francisco. Myron Du Bain’s life-long ties to the CIA included two stints at the helm of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).
As President of SRI during the late 60’s, he faced regular protests over the institute's controversial military contracts, including studies on chemical warfare and LSD. The Stanford campus was up in arms over SRI’s involvement in LSD experiments being conducted at the Veterans Hospital in Redwood City (where author Ken Kesey first took LSD).
With oilman Gordon Getty and Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz, DuBain founded an exclusive private San Francisco supper club. In a quote in his obituary, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was characterized as “Du Bain's longtime friend,”.
"Insurer, China Sign Agreement" read a press release from May 14, 1980. "Fireman's Fund Insurance Companies and the People's Insurance Company of China have established a working business relationship and a joint commitment to "explore other areas of mutual interest."
“The Stanford Research Institute, a noted research organization of the United states, has been invited to conduct a comprehensive study on the Hong Kong,” read a Chinese wire service report from the early 1980’s. “A contract was signed here today by Myron Du Bain, Chairman of the board of the U.S. institute, and Peter Wrangham, Executive Director of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.”

Sam Miller Edit

In the late 1960s, Sam Miller worked as a sales manager at Association Life in Milwaukee, where Wally Hilliard was an agent. (1967)
In 1976, Miller took a job as vice president of sales and marketing at Wisconsin Employers Group, which Hilliard and Weyers had started seven years earlier. A year later the company had doubled in size, built a second building and bought a small life insurance company. It was undergoing tremendous growth.
Sandy Weil got to know Sam Miller after aquiring Wisconsin Employers Group. In those days, any agent not licensed with Wisconsin Employers Group simply could not compete in the small market.
Sandy Weil recruited Miller to be COO and VP of Amex Life Assurance, San Rafael California.
In 1994 Weil recruited Miller again to be senior vice president of Travellers Group and chairman of National Benefit Life and Primerica Life of Canada.
Weil was President of American Express and chief executive officer and chairman of Citigroup Inc.
Miller had also known Thomas Hefty, chairman, president and chief executive officer of United Wisconsin, since the late 1970s, when Hefty was the state's deputy insurance commissioner.
The two got reacquainted in the fall of 1995, when Hefty approached Miller with a job offer.
At the time, Miller was working in New York City for Travelers Group as senior vice president and chairman and group chief executive of its Canadian and New York operations.
Miller joined United Wisconsin as an executive vice president that December. In April 1996, the board voted to buy out Hilliard and Weyers and take full control of AMS.
The $170 million sale was completed on Dec. 3. The same day, Miller officially took over as president of chief executive of the firm, which changed its name to American Medical Security Holdings Inc. Unofficially, however, Hilliard and Weyers stepped down in August. The two still work for the company on a project basis.

Eugene Gorab Edit

The new owner of Venice Airport. Runs Greenfield Partners and is associated with Sternlicht Holdings III inc. Barry Sternlicht who owns Sternlicht Holdings is on the National Advisory Board of JPMorgan Chase

Dr Gene W Ray Edit

Dr. Gene W. Ray cofounded Titan Systems Inc. in 1981 as a defense contractor. Prior to 1981 Ray worked for defense contractor Science Applications International Corp., where he was a member of the board of directors and held managerial positions, including executive vice-president and general manager of the systems group.
Ray is linked to many other companies, including Decision Sciences Corporation (DSC), who recently (2008) appointed Steven D. Oesterle as president and CEO. Oesterle was Partner and MD of Giuliani Parteners LLC, involved in managing the govenrment response to Sept.11, running the FBI investigation into 9/11 and destroying the WTC steel.

Suspects Edit

believed professional Spy
WorcesteradamAdded by Worcesteradam
Wolfgang Bohringer, aggressive, threatening behaviour, told police he worked for CIA, Mohammad Atta's closest associate.
Thomas Kean, New Jersey Governor, Chair 9/11 Commission --- sold property through BMI
Richard Ben-Veniste, 9/11 Commission --- linked to underground CIA drug running and Meyer Lansky
Philip Zelikow, Executive Director 9/11 Commission --- co-authored 'Catastrophic Terrorism' in 1998
Michael Chertoff --- Sabotaging Ptech investigations
Dick Cheney --— former PNAC member, former chairman of CFR, was in bunker on 9-11
John Ashcroft ---
Porter Goss --- Various, on the morning of 9/11 had meeting with ISI chief, who allegedly wired 100K to Mohammad Atta
Steven Hatfill --- suspect Anthrax Attacks, SAIC linked
Wayne Allan Downing --- 'retired' 4 star Army Special Operations Command General, since 1996. Post 2001 - National Director and Deputy National Security Advisor for combating terrorism, SAIC connections

Yasin al-Qadi, Ptech, worked with Osama, escorts American politicians visiting Saudi, linked to Dick Cheney, Muwafaq Foundation
Khalid bin Mahfouz --- non-exec director and 20% owner of BCCI, Muwafaq Foundation
Makram Chams --- His sister told people he was working for the FBI in San Diego, where terrorists lived. Had once worked for the Titan Corporation, ran a convenience store which was frequented by 9/11 terrorists in Venice, was somehow 'friends' with Mohammad Atta.

Saudi Binladin Group --- for links with Huffman Aviation
BMI inc. --- holding company, owned PTech
Southern Cross Aviation --- based out of Mena, Arkansas during CIA drug smuggling their, links to the Netherlands today, supplies passenger jets like 737s, 757s, 767s
Titan Corporation --- briefly partnered with SkyWay Communications and owned stock in several other corporations related to SkyWay. SkyWay's former DC9 aircraft, N900SA, was captured in April 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine on board. Investigation of the cocaine bust led to the discovery that Titan had employed as a contractor Makram Chams, a Lebanese national. Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, Florida, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the 9/11 terrorists ($70,000 from the UAE) was sent, according to the testimony of FBI agents during the 9/11 Commission hearings. Titan is headquartered in San Diego, where 4 of the hijackers lived in the run up to 9/11.
Historically, The Titan Corporation was a defense department contractor involved in areas such as wireless communications, navigational systems, information systems, and other high-technology projects. Following a reduction in defense spending in the early 1990s, Titan redefined itself by seeking commercial applications for new technologies it had developed. In 1999 the company's stock rose 760 percent and was named the top performer on the New York Stock Exchange.

Planes Edit

  • United Airlines Flight 175 a Boeing 767-222, from Boston to LAX
  • American Airlines Flight 11 a Boeing 767-223ER, from Boston to LAX, yet no flight 11 data on the BTS database
  • United Airlines Flight 93 a Boeing 757–222, from Newark to San Francisco
  • American Airlines Flight 77 a Boeing 757-223, from Washington Dulles to LAX, yet no flight 77 data on the BTS database

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