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Sandy Hook Photos of the Dead ?:GE,Peter Lanza's Cable Network CNBC Interviews Victoria Soto sister Jillian Soto,who claims to have seen photos of dead children of Sndy Hook,Newtown,CT.

GE,Peter Lanza's Cable Network CNBC Interviews Sandy Hook Victoria Soto sister  Jillian Soto,who claims to have seen photos of dead children of Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.

Jillian Soto has returned to the media and CNBC to repeat the rumor or lie that she and Carlee and no doubt their Mommy  have photos of the dead victims of Sandy Hook that have been denied to us the American public ever since the event took place !And what happened to their brother?Is it true they that he has been exposed as an actor just as obviously as his sisters are role playing as well and doing a very poor job of it.

Here's the lie about having photos of dead children of Sandy Hook from their own Facebook link.:

This is why we continue to fight for gun control. This is Vicki's sisters Carlee is staring at a 

photo of two little six year old hands from SHS that were blown apart by an assult weapon,

 she could not take her eyes away knowing this is how those precious children and her 

sister died. It was not an easy death they did not just die they were shot 3-11 times each. 

When you vote for your elected officials think of what their stance on guns is, the 

information is easily available and important for all of us to know. I have the picture of the 

little hands but won't post it. Carlee said "that picture will be in my head forever". I won't do 

that to everyone......


 Jillian Soto,GE,Peter Lanza's Cable Network Interview Sandy Hook Victoria Soto sister who claims to have seen photos of dead children

In the  interview  Jilian Soto,the alleged sister of Victoria Soto,appears to be  nervous while being introduced by CNBC's Chris Mathews then proceeds to give the GE, Peter Lanza and GE Capital CNBC interviewer Chris Mathews everything he asks for and appears to read her script from a screen.I say Chris Mathews is connected to and with Peter Lanza because they are both part of the GE financial military insustrial complex whose very business is international mass murder violence and terrorism !Chris Mathews works for the same people that Peter Lanza does !
Victoria Soto's sisters are partying and appear to be independently wealthy from all those donations they have received from sympathetic Americans which is little more than a bribe-perk from Zionist Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama  who have never explained or been asked by CBNC or Fox News or CNN about why they purchased hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets themselves.And while Carlee and Jillian Soto dutifully lobby for Barack Obama and Emilie Parker Frank's Manatos and Manatos anti gun lobby their alleged sister Victoria allegedly lies in a near unmarked grave without the most humble headstone while they both jetset and party around the U.S.and the world !
You'd think that CNBC's Mr.'Harball' Chris Matthews would take some time and acknowledge and lament that Peter Lanza, if he exists, and is  the father of Adam 'child slayer' Lanza,(if he existed),is himself a member of the elite GE,CNBC,GE Capital money laundering corporate family AND THUS CNBC AND CHRIS MATHEWS HIMSELF IS NOT EXACTLY A DETACHED AND UNBIASED PARTY TO THE MASSCACRE BUT IN MANY WAYS ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE INCIDENT ITSELF AND SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILTY AND ADMIT THEIR CORPORATE TIES TO THE MASSACRE - IF INDEED A MASSACRE OCCURED !IN FACT CNBC SHOULD DEMAND THAT GE EMPLOYEE PETER LANZA HIMSELF APPEAR TO BE INTERVIEWED !
Also as a professed news agency,CNBC and 'Mr.Harball', Chris Mathews, should have insisted that Jillian Soto bring the photos of the dead children that she and her party hardy sister Carlee claim to have in their possession  and claim to be viewing on the Facebook page.Do their Sandy Hook families have the same photos and if so why don't they put  them up  for all of us to see or shut up and return their illicit monies received from naive Americans who have been conned by them and the government controlled media to believe them ?!

 Jillian Soto,GE,Peter Lanza's Cable Network Interview Sandy Hook Victoria Soto sister who claims to have seen photos of dead children

Remember the Soto 'family' if it really is a family, and if Manatos and Manatos' Emilie Parker Frank isn't the real 'Victoria Soto' ?......Well now sister Jillian Soto has returned to the media and CNBC to repeat the rumor or lie that dhe and Carlee and no doubt their Mommy dearest have photos of the dead victims of Sandy Hook that have been denied to us the American public ever since the event took place !

emilie parker frank Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.: Victoria Soto really ...

6 days ago by Tony Ryals
Victoria Soto really part of Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, Manatos-Homeland Security Terrorists ?:Emilie Frank,Robbie,Emilie Parker ? Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.: Victoria Soto really Janet Napolitano Manatos -Homeland ...

At the first link below  and from Carlle and Jillian Soto's claim, above,of having seen the photos of the dead Sandy Hook children you might think Victoria Soto's alleged sister Carlee has seen a photo of her dead sister - but no ! -she is reacting to or 'haunted' by a photo of herself acting at the event supposedly on December 14.2012 if indeed that is the day her pretending to be crying actually took place.But more important is what I and others believe to be the fraudulent claim  by both Carlee and  Jillian Soto have made on their Facbook page to have photos of the dead children that apparently Barck Obama and the U.S.government provided them with !

 Sandy Hook Hero Victoria Soto's Sister Haunted by Photo - Extra

18 Dec 2012 by Staff
The moment that Carlee Soto learned that her sister, Vicki Soto, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, had died in the massacre, the Associated Press snapped a photograph. The heart-wrenching image sums up the pain in a ...

I f adolecent bimbos can be given photos of the crime or death scene at Sandy Hook then why can't we the unbelieving public be provided with thesame photos,after all we have scene the bloody murder and mayhem reeked upon innocents in the Middle East by both W Bush as well as Barack Obama over the years that have no doubt been more gruusome than anything however bloody at Sandy Hook was could compare to.We are certainly more mature than Victoria Soto's alleged bimbo sisters are and unlike them we need proof and according to them they have seen it while we the doubting public have been denied.Why !? After all we are not related to Victoria Soto and so are less likely to be negatively impacted by the photos the government gave them but denied to us !

AND some of us sent money to the very family funds that allow Carlee to jetset around the world and get into exclusive baseball games and events that most of us could little afford.For that reason alone Carlee and  Jillian Soto OWE US THE PROOF THAT THEY CLAIM TO HAVE WHICH ARE PHOTOS OF THE DEAD CHILDREN OF SANDY HOOK NO MATTER HOW GRUESOME.And if the government and police took such photos as the Soto sisters claim to have in their possession then clearly photos were also taken of Peter and Nancy Lanza's dead murdering son Adam which we should be allowed to see as well.After all who in the world would believe a couple of adolecents and their mother who would prefer to spend every penny of the money they have received on themselves and not a penny on a simple headstone for their allegedly heroic sister and daughter Victoria Soto ? And no we can't believe the Rothschild and Zionist crime family  connected  Governer Malloy of Connecticut when he claims to have seen the 'open casket' of Noah Pozner either nor his good for nothing Chabad Lubavitch and Israel connected alleged mother Veronique Pozner either with her non kosher tattoos supposedly done in celebration of her Jewish sons death ! What kind of 'Jewish mother' goes out and gets herself tattooed in honor of her son's own death ?! Is their a rabbi in the house that can explain that one to me !? And for all we know with her alleged French or Swiss background Veronique Pozner alleged mother of allegedly deceased child Noah,could very well be the same as the Swiss Embassy's Veronique Pozner who headed their U.N. international gun control campaign for all we know.Maybe they would be so kind at the Swiss Embassy as to ask our dear leader Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro what he and Homeland Security Bi-Czar Janet Napolitano plan to do with over 200 million hollow point bullets before you go around the world telling Americans how many guns they can or can't have ! Gun control works both ways and national government  such as the U.S. have obligations before the people to disarm as well ! And yes to the Swiss Embassy that wishes to dactate  its policy to us - Americans should certainly not have less gun rights than are allowed in both Switzerland and in Veronique Pozner's beloved Israel.
And we should a real investigation rather than continuing cover up of 9/11 just as we should have a complete investigation into and no cover up of Sandy Hook.

wolfblitzzer0: Facebook,Michael Moore,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT ... 
13 Mar 2013 by Tony RyalsVictoria Leigh Soto. This is why we continue to fight for gun control. This is Vicki's sisters Carlee is staring at a photo of two little six year old hands from SHS that were blown apart by an assult weapon, she could not take her ...

  • Sandy Hook – Crime Scene Photos Released to Donna Soto???
    12 Mar 2013 by Emperor Constantine
    Check this out —> Here is Donna Fagan Soto, mother of Vicki Soto, writing on the official Victoria Leigh Soto Facebook page: ... Link to picture of Carlee Soto staring, tear on cheek, at an alleged crime-scene photo allegedly in the possession of Donna Soto: [link to] Notice also, that the majority of comments are in reply to deleted comments left by ... On top of that, crime scene photos of dead 6-year-old hands that were not even related to her?

    Erk says:
    Recent tweet from Chris Matthews ✔ @hardball_chris
    “Just had Jillian Soto on Hball. Her sister Victoria was killed defending students in Newtown. Pls watch again at 7:50-best case yet on guns!”
    I heard this was going to be on and watched it. Can’t find any video anywhere yet. It was rather disturbing on a number of levels. If I find video I will post it.
    liberty says:
    Here’s the link for the Jillian Soto interview with Chris Matthews, Erk.
    Erk says:
    Thanks liberty. Does it look like she is reading from a prompter the whole time (even with the stumbles and errors)?
    Hattie says:
    She’s reading from something. She doesn’t even know what she wants to say. A person with a passion for a cause knows what they want to say and they say it without teleprompters. They’ve researched an issue to the nth degree and can express their thoughts without even thinking about it. This girl (how old is she anyway, she looks to be in her teens) is simply spouting forth what she has been told to say or is reading and she doesn’t do it very well at all and with no depth of emotion. Her words come across to me as the words of someone who is frustrated they didn’t get their own way and now we owe it to them to do what they want. If she is being paid to perform, the producers should get a refund. And then the host ending the “interview” with “I wish you were a senator.” What the heck was that about? She’s a mere child with a LOT of growing up still in front of her.


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