Thursday, February 6, 2014

9/11,Barack Obama's Religious Dark Age:9/11CIA,Isreli MossadNeed Religion For Mind Control

Barack  Obama's Religious Dark Age:CIA,Isreli MossadNeed Religion For Mind Control

Our so-called 'religious leaders' are nohing more than tools of mind control who  allow U.S.foreign policy or lack thereof to be justified as 'God's will'.  The fall of so-called communism or the Russian industrial state was used by theww west to push its decadent corporate approved religious pabum not only around the world but particularly in former Eastern European communist block in a divide and conquer strategy - something tha could not have occured until the fall of 'atheistic' communist Russia that allowed organized religion like a form of organized crime to once again raise its sinister head.
The very reson Obama is criticising China,Iran,, about 'freedom' of religion in the first place is because it is a means of mind washing andd manipulating and conytrolling the thoughts of 'the masses' or even members of a countries elite wo are taken in and deceived by U.S. CIA,UK  or Israeli Mossad 'intellligence' agencies working for their masters the interntionally elite usually Zionist billionaires not certainly not for the U.S. or UK public

I could go into the U.S.and Israel's role in stirring up hated in India in recent years using the old Hindu vs. Moslem baiting to do and planting bombs in areas or allowing American 'Christians' or CIA posing as Christians to do or being the handler of Jewish American David Headley as he organized the shooting rampage in Mumbai erroneously called INDIA'S '9/11' that coincidentally led to the death of anti-terrorism
investigator Hermant Kerkare who had been investigating both Hindu bombs on trains that were blamed on Islam as well as Arizona'sKenneth Haywood  and other of White Campbell a right wing CIA 'Christian' facade posing as a non religious 'business'.
And after all whether it was Moslems who pulled of September 11,2001 all by themselves or it was the Israelis and their rigt wing 'Christian' allies in he U.S.'intelligence' and miitary the result was and is the same and the Israelis were only rewarded with more freedom to launder money in financial crimes and to use U.S.corpoate laws to commit more corporate fincial sabotage as well as pentrate the very NSA that should be protecting us from members of the Zionist fascist police state of Israel and it Zionist UK Lords of the City of London.
Israel uses religion to divide and expolit around the world including  in Christian nations in general and particlurly  in the U.S. where the white racist elite feel paricularly at home with 'white  Semites' who are
in fact not Semites at all but  white Europeans have spent centuries brainsashing their proginy ino believing they were Semites.And we are all tyrnized into placating this delusional religion because their delusions are part of the collective 'Christian' delusion we have inherited by default.

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