Friday, February 28, 2014

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:All Bodies Removed At Cover Of Night.Why ?

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:All Bodies Removed At Cover Of Night.Why ?

I wouldn't even have thought it legal to drive off declare all alleged shooting victims dead without professional medical examination,prevent emergency medical responders from seeing the alleged victims AND THEN just leaving bodies siting unrefrigerated or preserved ALL NIGHT in a scholl or anywhere else !If these are international or even natonal standards in the handling or lack thereof of dead human bodies it is a miracle America or at least Connecticut hasn't been visited by the black death yet !
I like to see Medical examiner Carver III or Govorner Malloy explain this and whether or not they ever did such a thing as living tensd of dead bodies hanging around rotting overnight at the scemne of a crime that would only guartantee destruction of evidence at the crime scene and if done in the future may very well cause an outbreak of diseade !Anyone involved in the area of public health should be lobbyig the state and federal governments to assure that dead hman bodies will NOT be left overniht where they fell in the future !
Furthermore it doesn't appear anyone saw or filmed them removing those alleged dead bodies even at daybreak !

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