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Putin,Russia,Ukraine,Nemtsov,:British-Israeli Foreign Agent Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan) Posing As John Kerry,Barack Obama Under Secretary Of State

Putin,Russia,Ukraine:British-Israeli Foreign Agent  Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan) Posing As John Kerry,Barack Obama Under Secretary Of State

Of course the U.S.'government' and City of London Zionist  prostitute  Barack Obama and his Republican fascist allies would not be employing British and or Israeli agents to the top posts of U.S. diplomacy as have been Victoria Nuland and black Canadian Zionist prostitute Susan Rice with her interest in the Canadian toxic shale oil pipeline across the U.S.without being traitorously allied to the degenerate British royals  we fought a war to free ourselves from as well as as to Israel - both controled by Rothschild Zionist interests.

  1. Sherwin B. Nuland * - Proxy - Highlight
    Jewish agnostics. , American science writers. Hidden categories: Articles ... His daughter Victoria Nuland, is the former U.S. ambassador to NATO. ... Interview with Nuland concerning his book Maimonides. *SherwinNuland's 2001

  • Introducing Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan), Whore for the British Empire! 
    by Review provided by EIR magazine.Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, didn’t disappear after she was caught on tape, conspiring with the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine to carry out regime-change in Ukraine. She’s still at Kerry’s side, joining him in his recent mission in Kiev, Paris, and Rome — as he embraced the Nazi coup in Kiev and escalated confrontation with Russia in a race toward thermonuclear war.
    By her actions, Nuland demonstrates that she is fully on board with the policies of her husband, Robert Kagan, a famous neo-con, whose 2012 book, “The World America Made”, has been an object of praise by Barack Obama.  Kagan, who has been directly involved under Cheney and Bush in turning the U.S. into an arm of British war-making, is currently a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and a columnist for the pro-war Washington Post. But his policy is deeply ensconced at the White House.
    Kagan — British Imperial MouthpieceThe central thesis of Kagan’s book is that the world the United States erected since the end of WWII has revolved around the integrated program of British-style free trade, “democratic” institutions, and “liberalism”, backed by a strong military order. While grudgingly admitting that the entire post-war period has been punctuated by continuous warfare, Kagan opines that the last sixty five years constitute a Golden Age for humanity!
    To quote, “There’s plenty wrong with our world, of course, but from the perspective of thousands of years of recorded history, in which war, despotism, and poverty have been the norm, and peace, democracy, and prosperity the rare exceptions, our own era has been a golden age”. (p. 4)
    The fundamental conflict for Kagan is between the “liberal democracies” and the autocratic states. Kagan defines liberal in the classic British sense, as in the British liberalism of Adam Smith, David Hume, Jeremy Bentham, the Haileybury School of British economics, and the bitter enemies of the American Revolution. He is a rabid supporter of British Free Trade, which has shipped out our industries and crushed the productive power of American labor. What Kagan admires in the British outlook is what has destroyed the U.S. economy during the period of the so-called Golden Age. The autocratic states that Kagan attacks are Russia and China in modern times, and Bismarck’s Germany in the 19th Century, which Kagan singles out for bitter assault in the book.
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LaRouche: Murder of Opposition
Figure Nemtsov ‘Smells Like Nuland’

by Dennis Small
March 2—Former Russian “young reformer,” and recent opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was shot dead Feb. 27 as he walked across the Bolshoy Zamoskvoretsky Bridge, adjacent to Red Square in Moscow. Vladimir Markin, spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee, said that Nemtsov was hit numerous times by shots fired by a gunman or gunmen who escaped by car; he died at the scene before emergency medical services arrived. Markin also stated that “the investigation is looking at several versions” as to who was responsible.
Western press headlines immediately declared Russian President Vladimir Putin’s responsibility for the assassination. Presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said: “Vladimir Putin noted that this cruel murder has all the signs of being a contract killing, and is absolutely provocational in nature.”
In fact, Putin had warned explicitly against precisely this kind of scenario, as far back as February 2012, when he noted that there were forces which “really want some kind of clashes; they are pushing for that, and are even prepared to sacrifice somebody and blame the authorities.... They are even looking for a so-called sacrificial lamb, somebody famous. They would off him—excuse me for the expression—and then blame the authorities.”
Lyndon LaRouche put a name on the operation, in remarks on Feb. 27:
“The idea that he [Nemtsov] was assassinated by Putin, in Putin’s interest, is crazy.... Who would have the motive to have shot this guy, in Russia? Victoria Nuland.” LaRouche added that the question must be asked whether or not Nuland “was part of the team that organized the assassination of this guy. It sounds like Nuland. To me, it smells like Nuland.... She’s on the list of the suspected criminals, for this case, as for other cases.”
Nuland, who is Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, is widely recognized as the architect of the 2014 coup d’√©tat in Ukraine, as well as the sponsor of the neo-Nazi organizations which led that coup. Just this past week, Nuland met in Washington with Andriy Parubiy, the leader of the fascist militias during the Euromaidan coup, and who is now the deputy speaker of the Ukraine Supreme Rada (Parliament). Nuland and Parubiy are pushing the U.S. to send lethal weapons to the Kiev government, which would throw oil on the fire in the region and likely unleash a broader conflict with Russia (see International).
As LaRouche and his associates have thoroughly documented, Nuland, Obama, and their British sponsors are hell-bent on bringing a “Maidan revolution” to Russia as well, orchestrating regime change to topple the Putin government; they have even activated a policy of threatened tactical nuclear warfare against Russia and China to force them to submit to the crumbling trans-Atlantic financial empire. That submission will not happen, however, as the Russian leadership has repeatedly made clear.

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