Friday, January 1, 2016

Israel Unleashes Its ISIS False Terrorism On Own People

Israel Unleashes Its ISIS False Terrorism On Own People


The suspect in the 1st January 2016 attack.

Police sources have said that the Tel Aviv shooter is an Arab from the Wadi Ara in northern Israel, aged 29.

The police say that the shooter's father had recognized him from security footage of the attack, and had apparently called the police.

Sami Milhem is a a relative of the suspect, and has served as the suspect's lawyer.

Sami Milhelm says that the father of the suspect is a police volunteer.

Police have said that a copy of the Koran was found in the shooter's backpack.

Sami Melhem has told Israeli television that the suspect is emotionally unstable and not an adherent of ISIS.

"He is not sane. Lately he has been wandering around in a strange manner," Melhem told The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew sister publication Ma'ariv.

The suspect was known to the security authorities.

Manhunt underway for terrorist day after Tel Aviv shooting rampage. /Suspect in Tel Aviv shooting.

On 11 December 2015 Rami Adeeb Milhem, 22, was kidnapped by the Israeli military.

Soldiers Kidnap Eight Palestinians In Tulkarem.

Above we see the scene just after the 'terror' event in Tel Aviv on 1/1/16

Israeli police are investigating if the Tel Aviv shooting, of 1 January 2016, was the first terror attack inspired by ISIS.

On 31 December, a tweet was posted warning of an attack on the street in Tel Aviv. The tweet claimed to be representing ISIS.


ISIS is believed to be run by Mossad, the CIA and their friends.

The shooter in Tel Aviv.
The shooter has been described by a witness as being a "fairly small, light-skinned man holding an M16."

One witness described the assailant as "light-skinned and not Eastern looking."

Two Killed, Seven Wounded in Shooting at Tel Aviv Pub.

The Tel Aviv attacker is described as being light skinned.

Israel needs to pretend that ISIS is not a tool of Mossad?

Happy New Year!

"We are fortunate that the solutions are relatively simple.

"It begins and ends with education and non-participation. 

"Ignorance is the sole tool that keeps the Pathocracy afloat. 

"An awake populace can collectively choose to stop holding the pyramid above their shoulders by refusing to oil the gears of the machine."

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  1. Giving ISIS/Israel the excuse it wanted to attack Syria around the stolen Golan.
  3. I'm starting to think that instead of being the smartest people on earth as they like to tell themselves...the poor Jewish people are in fact the most ignorant fools alive...I mean if they can't tell that their own leaders raping and murdering the world's children on an industrial scale for political blackmail, and that controlling a worldwide debt based currency ponzi scheme, while carrying out a slow motion genocide in front of 7 billion other humans in 4k HD is not good long term PR for their own safety they really are thick as shit...may they reap what they have sown...
    1. Have ever seen footage of the fundamentalists in Israel. It's completely shocking. They're totally and utterly unreasonable, and they will just throw Palestinians out of their houses and take them for themselves. They are so full of hate they wouldn't be able to see anything.

      What about the genetic evidence which shows that the Palestine are pure Semitic, but Israelis are of many mixed races. The fake Israelites are throwing the genuine Israelites off of their land. These genuine Israelites, the Palestinians, are the direct descendants of the people who wrote the Torah, the Hebrew bible. The Romans were really horrible to them now they are being persecuted by the Israelis.
    2. They simply don't care about non-Jews - never have done & never will do.They're brought up from birth to regard the "goyim" as their enemy.Here's some reading for you all.
  4. It's important for the axis to have some sort of event in occupied Palestine which they can blame on ISIS because even some rubes are beginning to ask why this supposed Muslim enemy of America and Israel spends its time killing Muslims and destroying Muslim-owned property and has now for years acted as if israel is located somewhere south of Antarctica.

  5. And happy new year to you Aangirfan.

    You put in a lot of hard work, perhaps you're hoping you're going to help change the world; because it is so bad, we have to try. I find lots of interesting stuff here and I pass it on to other prominent people and sites. And stuff I find there that I post here. Let's hope ordinary people wake up and see what's going on.

    You work very hard at this, Aangirfan, and I do my small bit too. Let's hope eventually some of it pays off. Lets hope we finally see some of these bastards in prison, or all of them in prison.

    I had this fantasy the other day. I woke up and all in the news it said that there had been a coup in America. Obama may have even been behind it, and all the neocons had been arrested for treason.

    That grinning Blair should be the first to go to prison. When he was bombing Iraq hundreds of thousands were being killed or maimed, because it estimated that for every one person killed ten more people are injured. At the height of the bombing campaign he was boasting to the press that he was at it 15 times a night, or more. People have lost limbs, been made death and blind, thousands of families have lost love ones, and many mothers will probably never get over it, their lives ruined forever, and Blair is full of himself boasting about his sexual gymnastics. Bastard! No wonder you work so hard at this, Aangirfan.
    1. Happy New Year to you.

      - Aangirfan
  6. Some misinformed people here gave been here Putin bashing. Well I've got news for you, you've been fed US propaganda and you've fallen for it. From Stephan Lendman's site.

    Putin responded to Washington’s provocative Eastern European expansion, saying Russia “will be forced to aim our armed forces…at those territories from where the threat comes.”

    “It is (US-led nuclear armed and dangerous) NATO that is moving towards our border, and we aren’t moving anywhere.”

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused Washington of “inciting tensions and carefully nurturing (its) European allies’ anti-Russian phobias (as a pretext for) expanding its military presence and influence in Europe” - threatening world peace.

    Key US NATO allies Britain, France, Germany, Turkey and others march in lockstep with its aggressive anti-Russian policy. Its officials have just cause for concern.

    Russian lower house State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin called NATO a “cancer tumor” in Europe. World peace depends on its “disband(ment).”

    “This could be done in several stages,” he said. First “expel” America. Disbandment could “painlessly” follow - a vital step toward “strengthening security and stability on the European continent,” he stressed.

    Russia’s updated national security strategy cited other significant threats - including internally or externally instigated color revolutions, a US specialty, threatening its sovereignty by undermining and destabilizing its political integrity.

    US bioweapons threaten its security, the document saying its “network of…biological military labs is expanding on the territories of countries bordering Russia.”

    Its “independent foreign and domestic policy has been met with counteraction by the US and its allies, seeking to maintain” unchallenged global dominance, including by marginalizing, containing, weakening and isolating Russia, a high-risk confrontational policy assuring no winners.

    US-installed fascists in Ukraine pose a direct threat to Russia’s security. Their regime represents a “long-term source of instability in Europe and directly at the Russian border” - an intolerable situation forcing Putin to respond appropriately, at the same time fostering peace and stability.

    Moscow wants nuclear proliferation constrained, urging “the creation of appropriate conditions that will enable a reduction of nuclear weapons without damaging international security and strategic stability” - perhaps a first step toward eliminating these hugely destructive weapons once and for all.
    1. The Western ruling elite conquered the World a few centuries ago. They ransacked India and Africa, and made inroads into China. The opium wars. China was almost completely defeated. They only made a come back after the communist revolution.

      But the West never conquered Russia. Now you think that after plundering the rest of the world and nearly destroying it the Western ruling elite would have been rich enough, but no, they lusted after Russia's wealth too.

      So rich Western bankers funded the Russian communist revolution to break the country up and get rid of the Tsar. The Tsar had public banks and would not let Western private banks into Russia. Russia is also a country rich in raw materials too. Our running class wanted the lot no matter how many people it left dead.

      Western bankers gave that psychopath and criminal, Stalin, the money to fund his revolution. Like the way the West sponsors colour revolutions in the Middle East to destroy those countries, it was doing the same thing over a hundred years ago in Russia.

      The mega rich hate communism, but they will fund any terrorists, bandits, criminals, psychopaths, to get what they want in another country. And that's all its wealth, and then they they will turn its people into slaves and call it capitalism.

      And the stupid minded libertarians will say that they only way to end poverty is for people to work harder. That it is poor people's fault that they are poor. They say being poor is a choice, and that no one needs to be poor. So the answer to poverty is for poor people to go out there and work their nuts off(and most probably still never achieve anything) and then get successful by starting to their own businesses where they can exploit other poor people as well, the lame, the desperate, the unfortunate, the low intelligent, the sick, and turn them into slaves to be abused as objects. That's psychopathology.
    2. Welcome to the real world, Putin is no saint either, ure just another one who got fooled

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