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9/11,Israel,Mar -A-Lago Hotel:Did Donald Trump Procure Virginia Roberts For Child Rapist Jeffrey Epstein,Bill Clinton,Jeb Bush,Prince Andrew , Alan Dershowitz,

9/11,Israel:Did Donald Trump Procure Virginia Roberts ForChild Rapist Jeffrey Epstein,Bill Clinton,Jeb Bush,Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz,

In a 2011 interview with her attorneys, Virginia Roberts, one of the teenagers preyed upon by Epstein, said he had told her he had "compromising" information on Bill Clinton and that the former president "owes me a favor."...

On top of it all financial fraudster Donald Trump knows that Israeli  government agents,Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel and Shin Beit,(Mossad), were in control of Logan Airport on 9/11 or September 11,2001 and yet persists in using his pals at Fox News,CNN,CNBC,etc., to propogate the lie that it was Arabs celebrating that day in NJ and NY as they watched the WTC tragedy - AND YET AS HE KNOWS THEY WERE ISRARLIS AND ISRAELIS WERE BIGGEST WINNERS IN THE 9112 FALSE FLAG AS WELL AS ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD FASCISTS  IN CONTROL OF UK CITY OF LONDON AND THE NETHERLANDS WHERE ICTS INTERNATIONAL ISRAELIS HAVE CONTROLLED SHIPHOL AIRPORT LONG BEFORE TAKING OVER THE BOSTON LOGAN AIRPORT JUST PRIOR TO 911.TRUMP KNOWS THAT IT WAS HIS PAL LARRY SILVERSTEIN AND ISRAELI AUSTRALIAN FRANK LOWY WHO NMADE WINDFALL PROFITS FROM THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WTC IN NYC AND NOT ARABS AT ALL.

Now Trump Knows Truth About 9-11 | American Free Press

Jan 9, 2016 - Activist tells Donald TrumpIsraelis, not Muslims, were only ones caught celebrating after 9-11 attacks. By John Friend —. An activist recently ...

Someone Tell Trump: It was Jews, Not Arabs, Dancing on 9-11

Dec 24, 2015 - Donald Trump has his story just a little bit mixed up about the ... one of the “unsubstantiated rumors that implicate Israel” in the 9-11 attacks and ...

Israelis – Not Muslims – Cheered in Jersey City on 9/11 ...
Nov 27, 2015 - The corporate media don't like Donald Trump. ... Articles about Israeliscelebrating 9/11 would have come up in any search to correct Donald ...

WTC,9/11,Logan Airport, Boston:Israeli ICTS 'Security ...

Jul 18, 2007 - WTC,9/11,Boston Logan Trial:Israeli ICTS 'Security';Frank,Kennedy, Kerry Psych ... ICTS International perhaps had duties in Dulles Airport as well as the ..... Menachem Atzmon of ICTS International has had direct familiar and ...

9-11 Archive 2014 - Christopher Bollyn

Nov 6, 2014 - Gilad Atzmon Confirms Shaul Eisenberg Connection to ICTSIsraeliCartoon Depicts ... Atzmon, one of the heads of the Israeli company, International ... for passenger screening operations at Boston's Logan Airport on 9-11.

Mar-A-Lago Halloween Party, Palm Beach, Florida.

AkhaldanSolo reminds us of Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Hotel and Resort.

One of Jeffrey Epstein's girls was Virginia Roberts.

Virginia Roberts' father worked for Trump's Mar a Lago hotel.

Virginia Roberts was reportedly employed at Trump's hotel as a 'towel folder'.

Epstein's Rabbit Hole: Mossad,MI6,KGB Spy,Sex Trafficking and Hollywood.



In a 2011 interview with her attorneys, Virginia Roberts, one of the teenagers preyed upon by Epstein, said he had told her he had "compromising" information on Bill Clinton and that the former president "owes me a favor."...

The Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Won't Use in a Fight Against Hillary Clinton

Palm Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a financier and political donor. He is also a convicted sex offender who is the subject of ongoing litigation from at least a dozen of his then-underage victims.
Flight logs show Bill Clinton traveled at least 10 times on Epstein's private jet, dubbed the "Lolita Express" by tabloids, and he is widely reported to have visited Little St. James, Epstein's private island in the US Virgin Islands. That's where, according to attorneys for Epstein's victims, many of the worst crimes against minors were committed by Epstein and friends who traveled there with him.
In a 2011 interview with her attorneys, Virginia Roberts, one of the teenagers preyed upon by Epstein, said he had told her he had "compromising" information on Bill Clinton and that the former president "owes me a favor."
Yet despite Bill Clinton's ties to Epstein and Trump's stated willingness to make Clinton's sexual past an issue in the campaign, Trump will almost certainly avoid bringing up Epstein's name. Because in addition to haunting Bill Clinton's past, Epstein also haunts Trump's....................

In 2000, both Trump and Epstein reportedly attended a small party hosted by media magnate Conrad Black, who in 2007 was convicted and served time in prison for fraud and obstruction of justice (the fraud charges were overturned on appeal). Black is currently an enthusiastic supporter of Trump's presidential bid.
Mark Epstein, Jeffrey's brother, testified in 2009 that Trump flew on Jeffrey's private jet at least once. Meanwhile, message pads [see below] from Epstein's Palm Beach mansion that were seized by investigators and obtained by VICE News indicate that Trump called Epstein twice in November of 2004..
Garten said Trump had never been to Epstein's home. But a 2002 story in Vanity Fairlisted Trump as one of a small group of mega-rich businessmen, including newspaper publisher Mort Zuckerman and Revlon chairman Ronald Perelman, who periodically dined with Epstein at his Palm Beach estate. And a 2003 story in New York reported that Trump had dined at Epstein's Upper East Side home, a nine-story building that is reportedly the largest private residence in Manhattan.
That dinner, for 30 people, was also attended by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, businessman and philanthropist Les Wexner, former British Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson, and Bill Clinton aide Doug Band.
"The dialogues are so engaging," Epstein told the magazine at the time, "that serving even the most extraordinary food sometimes seems inappropriate."

Exclusive: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas to ...

Aug 2, 2015 - But this month, one of his companies, the elite Mar-a-Lago Club resort in Florida, ... for an assistant golf-course superintendent, an assistant hotel manager and a banquet manager. ... Investing In High Dividend Yield Stocks.

Trump's $550M golf empire may be in the weeds: Experts

Jul 23, 2015 - They are Mar-a-Lago; Trump Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida; Trump ... Clubcorp's stock market value of $1.6 billion is almost exactly 1½ times its ...

Court Papers: Trump Ate At Jeffrey Epstein's House ...

Nov 26, 2015 - Alessi testified that Trump would come over to Epstein's home for dinner ... was one of thousands of people who has visited Mar-a-Lago.
But he apparently ate at the servants’ table. Trump’s associates this year have downplayed the relationship between him and Epstein, the financier who was accused of sexually abusing minors in the 2000s...

Trump has distanced himself from the financier, who pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage prostitute. In July, a source close to Trump told Politico that “there was no formal relationship” between the Trump and Epstein. And in January, a Trump spokesman told Gawker that the candidate only knew Epstein because he would occasionally go to the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago, “the hottest and most luxurious club in Palm Beach.” And Epstein’s former “houseman,” Juan Alessi, testified that while Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz received massages at the Palm Beach mansion, Trump never did because “he’s got his own spa.” (Dershowitz has in court papers categorically denied any untoward behavior, calling allegations against him “salacious and false.”)
But court papers — in one case previously unreported — suggest that the Republican frontrunner for president had a closer relationship with Epstein than he has recently let on, dining at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and riding on his private jet.
Alessi testified that Trump would come over to Epstein’s home for dinner — though he added that Trump “never sat at the table” but instead ate “with me in the kitchen.” In another deposition, Epstein’s brother Mark testified he once flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with both him and Trump, who were “friends.” Asked why Trump was on board, Mark Epstein replied, “You’ll have to ask Donald. I think he wanted a ride back to New York.”
Reached by phone Wednesday, Mark Epstein declined to comment beyond what was in his deposition. A call to Juan Alessi was answered by a man identifying himself as his son John, who said that Juan did not want to talk about the Epstein case.
In 2002, before those allegations surfaced, Trump told New York magazine that Epstein was a “terrific guy” who he had known for 15 years. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”........................

Jeffrey Epstein: inside the decade of scandal entangling ... › World › Florida

Jan 10, 2015 - Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein go for a stroll together through New .... allow Epstein to plead guilty to just one count of soliciting prostitution from ... an hour as a changing room assistant at Trump's Mar-A-Lago beach club, 

One Question the Media Refuses to Ask Donald Trump

Donald Trump, you have some explaining to do. ... “'An American woman calledVirginia Roberts – now a married, 31-year-old mother of three – has filed an .

Trump And Epstein | Dublinmick's Breaking News

Jun 24, 2015 - Virginia Roberts was 15 years old when she got to know Epstein in 1998. ... Roberts, was a maintenance man at Mar A Lago, Donald Trump's ..


What will happen when they ask Donald Trump about his ...

Sep 4, 2015 - Donald Trump was Epstein's friend, although he would prefer for you to think ... Before the Virginia Roberts scandal became public, New York ...

So what prompted Trump to speak of Clinton and "that island"? To the best of my knowledge, no published article links Clinton to Epstein's island. More to the point, I can't help but wonder how Trump knows about the things that Epstein got up to on "that island." Did Trump visit the place? 

Maybe The Donald accidentally blurted out more than he intended.

Donald Trump was Epstein's friend, although he would prefer for you to think otherwise... 

When the story broke, Trump’s spokesman told Gawker, “Mr. Trump only knew Mr. Epstein as Mr. Trump owns the hottest and most luxurious club in Palm Beach, and Mr. Epstein would go there on occasion.” With that, the media backed off the story and forgot about the Trump connection.
That disingenuous statement does not cover the length and breadth of the Trump-Epstein connection. Before the Virginia Roberts scandal became public,New York Magazine published the following:

Epstein likes to tell people that he's a loner, a man who's never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life.".............................


Mar-A-Lago Halloween Party, Palm Beach, Florida.

AkhaldanSolo reminds us of Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago Hotel and Resort.

One of Jeffrey Epstein's girls was Virginia Roberts.

Virginia Roberts' father worked for Trump's Mar a Lago hotel.

Virginia Roberts was reportedly employed at Trump's hotel as a 'towel folder'.

Epstein's Rabbit Hole: Mossad,MI6,KGB Spy,Sex Trafficking and Hollywood.

The above sign reads Trump - Good for Jews.

Trump's shield has a Masonic square around an elbow holding a spearpear.

There is a suspicion that Donald Trump is mixed up with Freemasons, the Jewish Mafia and child abuse rings.

Trump's grandfather was a German called Friedrich Drumpf (above).

Fred traveled to Alaska and British Columbia, where his business interests "shared space with opium dens and brothels."

Fred married his own niece.

Donald Trump.

Donald's great-grandparents were C. Johannes Drumpf and Katherina Kober.

Kober is a Jewish name.

Frederick C Drumpf 

Donald Trump's father is Frederick C Drumpf, a close associate of the "corrupt powerful New York political fixer and power broker attorney, Abraham (Bunny) Lindenbaum", a top Zionist.

Samuel “Sandy” Lindenbaum

"Big Time NY Real Estate Lawyers, Bunny Lindenbaum, and his son, Sandy Lindenbaum were high priests of the secret ultra orthodox Lubavitch Movement.. .[53]

"Basically, the Chabad Lubavitch Movement is connected with ... the God Baal... 

"Bunny Lindenbaum Baltimore Jewish Council’s World Zionist Congress collaborated with the Nazis...[60]

"Fred C Drumpf and Bunny Lindenbaum were secretly working with SS Baron Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing, Israeli Defense Force (IDF), MOSSAD and the newly formed CIA...

"Lindenbaum and Fred C. were clandestinely using ... state funds to build a ... Jewish power base in Brooklyn

abraham lindenbaum.

Donald Trump.

Gregory T. Angelo is the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group for gay Republicans.

Angelo says Donald Trump "is one of the best, if not the best, pro-gay Republican candidates to ever run for the presidency."

Macaulay Culkin and Donald Trump

Trump attended a same-sex wedding and found it ‘beautiful’ 

During an interview with CNN, Donald Trump compared himself to Michael Jackson, saying "I knew him very well."


Trump was close to Michael Jackson.


Above we see Donald Trump and Barron Trump.

Trump Temptation: The Billionaire and The Bellboy, tells the story of a sexual encounter between Donald Trump and a bellboy in the Trump hotel in Hong Kong.

Here are some quotes: 

"My loins trembled as the scent of toupee adhesive and spray tan swept through my nasal cavity."

"He stood there in front of me, like a tall stallion. With his oily orange skin glistening in the sunlight as if he were a soggy cheeto, his hair unkempt and messy, like a gorgeous rat’s nest."

"His gorgeous ass flapped behind him like a mouthwatering stack of pancakes in his pants. My hunger for pancakes had never been stronger."


Donald Trump is not all that he seems.

Above we see Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Nat Rothschild (left), Ghislaine Maxwell (right)

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell, reportedly helped recruit under-age girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Donald Trump is in Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book.

Donald Trump (left)

Have we been conned?


Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of the late televangelist, has endorsed Donald Trump.

Sarah Palin has endorsed Trump.

In other words, Mossad and the CIA want Trump to win in Iowa.

Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Trump.

Moon, suspected pedophile

Rense has an article about CIA links to Christian evangelical leaders.

Nearly all the top Christian evangelicals in the USA have had connections with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a suspected pedophile. 

Moon had links to the CIA.

Moon, the Moonies, and the Unification Church have been accused of being involved with mind control.

Moon apparently claimed that Jesus failed and that Moon was the new messiah.

Jerry Falwell, linked to the CIA and 9 11.

Jerry Falwell reportedly ‘admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994’.

Falwell spoke at many Moon meetings.

"Jerry Falwell ... owed over one million dollars in unpaid loans to the owner of the terror flight school in Florida which trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the MadCowMorningNews has learned... 

"The Rev. Falwell’s second curious association at the Venice Airport involves a dummy front company working at terror flight school Huffman Aviation in Venice Florida which moved, amid great controversy, to the Baptist minister’s hometown of Lynchburg VA..." 

Flight school's owner, Wally Hilliard.

"In 1979, Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority, which was the key to the rise of Zionist Christian leaders in the USA. Ronald Reagan's election as president in 1980 was partly due to the Moral Majority.

"Falwell set up the Faith and Values Coalition to promote a pro-Israel point of view.

"Falwell received the Jabotinsky Medal, awarded for outstanding services to Israel. Falwell is the only non-Jew ever to receive the medal.

"Falwell made a series of visits to Israel in 1979 and 1980. He pledged to work for permanent Israeli annexation of the West Bank. He received a ‘gift’ of a Lear jet from the Begin government." 


Donald Trump is popular with both the Zionists and the Nazis.

Donald Trump's ex-wife says that Donald used to keep a copy of Hitler's speeches by his bed.

Trump Kept Hitler's Speeches by his Bed

Trump's paternal grandparents were German immigrants. [22] 

Trump's grandfather was Friedrich Drumpf.

"White nationalists and neo-Nazis ... have decided that Donald Trump is their guy."

Nazis and White Supremacists Love Donald Trump. 

"Republican Jewish elites see Trump as a hawkish supporter of Israel... 

"In a September 3 interview ... Trump said he would support unilateral action by Israel against Iran, and called Benjamin Netanyahu 'a friend.'

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump is of the Jewish religion.

"Trump has lived his life in the heavily Jewish milieu of upper-class Manhattan." 


In January 2013, Trump released a video endorsing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the 2013 Israeli elections, [148][149].

In 2015, Trump was awarded the 'Liberty Award' at the 'Algemeiner Jewish 100 Gala' in honor of his positive contributions to Israel–United States relations.[150] Trump stated: "I have so many friends in Israel."[151]

Start at 10 minutes.

Felix Sater, an ex-convict, identified himself a "senior advisor to Donald Trump".

"Sater has mafia and Russian criminal ties, as well as a 1998 racketeering conviction."


Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston, and journalist Wayne Barrett, have alleged that Trump and his companies have done business with the Mafia. 

Trump was a federal target in a 1979 bribery investigation, and later questioned in a 1981 racketeering probe.

Among those who have been linked to trump are Nicodemo ScarfoAnthony Salerno"Big Paul" Castellano and Felix Sater.

Four of Trump's businesses have declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.[202]


Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book contains the names of people who could be described as being a mixture of the Feudal Elite, Robber Barons, Zionists, Nazis and members of the security services.

Epstein's Little Black Book contains the name of Donald Trump.


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  1. Trump threw Epstein out of MaraLago for hitting on a customer's daughter. Also Virginia Robert's lawyer has stated that there is no suspicion of Trump.