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Jewish Bankers Founded Hitler's NaZis - Z Is For National ZIONISTS NOT Socialists

Jewish Bankers Founded Hitler's NaZis - Z Is For National ZIONISTS NOT Socialists

According to Theodore J. O'Keefe, the controversial Harvard-educated historian, German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning wrote:

"From October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Hitler was backed by Jewish bankers, the Bush family (report) and many other top families in Europe and America. - aanirfan.blogspot.com

The Truth About Nazi-Zionist Relations: Ingrid Weckert's ...

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21 mar. 2011 - Why did the Jews declare war on Hitler and Germany shortly after ... Thus the Nazi-Zionist alliance of utility was formed and three agencies helped it along. ... The Warburg bank in Hamburg and the Wassermann bank in Berlin ...

“NAZI” is from “National Zionist”—Eustace Mullins | First Light Forum


Mar 25, 2013 - NAZI” is from “National Zionist”—Eustace Mullins. jews-against-zionism2. It's of course ludicrous to think that Hitler was operating ...

But did you know that the researcher Eustace Mullins convincingly showed how even the very word “Nazi” was concocted out of the first two letters of the names of the National Socialist (NA) and Zionist parties in Germany in 1920s; and cynically used by the Jews in the high cabal of the synagogue of Satan in Jewry to celebrate the power they had to orchestrate the rise and fall of Hitler’s regime from the beginning? In fact it has always been understood to be that by most Jews, especially the Orthodox religious ones, who’ve known that Zionists of the ilk of the Rothschild bankers orchestrated the dialectical Allies/Axis atrocities of the war to get the “lesser Jews” back into Palestine en masse, so that the Rothschilds could underwrite a new Jewish state.

Zionism and the Third Reich - Institute for Historical Review


During the 1930s, Jewish Zionists and German National Socialists shared similar views on how to deal with this perplexing issue. They agreed that Jews and ...

WWII Nazi-Zionist Collaboration - Rense.com


There is ample evidence that world Zionism collaborated with the National Socialist government during the Second World War, in order to: (1) protect certain ...


Jan 1, 2012 - Uploaded by joggler66
Eustace Mullins explains connection between the NAtionalsocialists and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI ...


AFTER THE war Winston Churchill wished to quote from a letter written to him by Chancellor Heinrich Brüning, then residing at Oxford, England, on August 28, 1937, about the big industrialists who had supported the Nazis before and after their accession to power.
Brüning was reluctant to provide any ammunition that might be used against his fellow Germans in "the so-called war crimes trials." He felt [he wrote] thatFriedrich Flick and the IG Farben company were blameless, having been forced to make their contributions after the Nazis came to power; and added,
"I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."
Brüning [wrote that he] also knew that French sources, including the Schneider-Creusot works and both French intelligence services, had paid one half of Hitler's revenue from 1921 until 1932; that the SA and SS had before 1933 been equipped largely with revolvers and machine guns made in the United States.
(Source: Letter from Heinrich Brüning to Daniel Longwell, February 7,1948; Longwell collection, Butler Library, Columbia University, New York City)...........................

And of course George Herbert Walker Bush's grandfather Senator




According to Theodore J. O'Keefe, the controversial Harvard-educated historian, German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning wrote:

"From October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Hitler was backed by Jewish bankers, the Bush family (report) and many other top families in Europe and America.

In 1996, Amschel Rothschild (above) was found hanged at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. "French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according to well-placed European sources..."(POLICE SAY AMSCHEL WAS MURDERED)

The problems for the Powers-That-Be are that:

1. There are factions within the elite.

2. The puppets of the elite do not always act according to instructions.

3. Things do not always go according to plan.

Roman Emperors such as Caligula and Nero were often popular with the masses, because they kept law and order and kept the Empire safe from the Barbarians.

The Roman Emperors were involved in constant power struggles and sometimes killed members of their own families.

The 'gay' Michael Rockefeller who died mysteriously during an expedition to New Guinea.

Most of the Roman emperors died a violent death.

Suetonius describes ten of the twelve emperors that he writes about as being bisexual. Elagabalus was a transvestite.

It can be argued that the Cabal that put Hitler into power did not all share the same aims.

Some of the cabal wanted a war between Russia and Germany.

But Hitler and Stalin made a non-aggression pact in 1939.

The UK in the 1960s. The main divide is between the rich and the poor.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler seized the Rothschilds' property.

Elisabeth Pelletier de Chambure, a member of the Rothschild family, died of typhus in a German concentration camp.

In 1995, John Costello died in mysterious circumstances. John Costello was about to finish writing The Feast of Scorpions, a book which explained why the Rothschilds allowed the Schnorrers (unimportant Jews) to die in concentration camps while the rich and important Jews were left untouched. The Murder of John Costello

The BBC reported in 1999: "A French government commission, investigating the seizure of Jewish bank accounts during the Second World War, says five American banks Chase Manhattan, J.P Morgan, Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, Bank of the City of New York and American Express had taken part."


The people who 'rule the planet' are not always united.

Reportedly, 'extreme-right authors', such as Eustace Mullins, "were promoted by theconservative establishment to attack the Federal Reserve, the Rockefellers, and Henry Kissinger's détente policies."..................................

Germans stabbed in the back? 
 In the early 1930s, the Zionists supported Hitler. 

(The Zionists in bed with the Nazis)

"In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party.

"The World Zionist Organization 'became the principal distributor of Nazi goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe'." 


"Himmler's SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British-run Palestine.

"Reportedly, Himmler's grandfather was Jewish." 

Spies: Blunt, Maclean, Burgess and Philby 

In the 1930s, there was a faction in the UK which was working with Soviet Russia.

Many of the top people in Soviet Russia were Jewish, and Soviet Russia came to share secrets with Israel.

According to The Biggest Secret of World War II: Victor "Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions."

The reportedly gay Churchill was fond of Lord Victor Rothschild's 'Soviet agent' the gay Guy Burgess (above). Churchill invited Burgess to his home at Chartwell. Lord Victor Rothschild was alleged to have been the person who controlled Churchill as a puppet.

Top British spies who were reportedly working for Soviet Russia include: Victor Rothschild, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Roger Hollis, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess.

According to a new source' (EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE), Blunt told his colleagues he was the illegitimate child of King George V, by his mother, Hilda Blunt.

Prince George, Duke of Kent. Reportedly, during World war II, "Maurice Oldfield (who bame boss of MI6) was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt." Allegedly, Sir Anthony Blunt shared boys with Maurice Oldfield. (Cached

According to T. Stokes (Sir Anthony Blunt): "Blunt and FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover both subscribed to the theory that the Jewish underground, the 'Sanyanim', supported Russia through World War two.

"Blunts colleague and fellow traitor Kim Philby actually married Litzi Friedman, a Jewish underground runner for Soviet Intelligence..."

"Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as the Duke of Kent was trying to make peace.

"It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers.

"Reportedly, Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies."


Prince George, Duke of Kent, and a gay Nazi? 

4. In the 1930s, one faction within the Anglo-American elite backed Hitler.

They bankrolled his election and helped build the Nazi war machine.

The aim was to get a war going between Germany and Russia.

"Through much of World War II, secret channels of communication were maintained between the British royal family and their pro-Hitler cousins in Germany, by Lord Mountbatten, through his sister Louise, who was crown princess of pro-Nazi Sweden."

Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection

Hitler and Stalin 

5. In 1939, in the Anglo-American world, there was an anti-Nazi faction which sided with Russia.

And there was an anti-communist faction who sided with Germany.

In 1939, the German Nazis and the Russian communists made the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

They split Poland between them.

Russian oil fueled the German planes bombing Britain in 1940.

Churchill and his Jewish mother. Who was his real father? 

6. In 1932, Churchill considered forming an alliance with Hitler.?

By the late 1930s, Churchill led the faction which supported the idea of a war against Hitler.

One opponent was Prince George, Duke of Kent (1902-1942), the fourth son of George V, and younger brother of Edward VIII and George VI.

In 1939 George was elected Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

"British Intelligence removed Prince George... via a staged plane accident. (Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection)

"Prince George was ... perceived to be a central figure in a British Nazi conspiracy against his brother, the King, and Churchill."

The French - forced to hand their empire over to the USA? 

7. After World War II, various factions came together.

After World War II, the U.S. military brought a large number of the top German Nazi scientists to the United States.

The code name for this operation was Project Paperclip. 


The Americans now use the same methods as the Nazis, in order to run their empire.

The philosophy behind Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, and such terror events as 9 11 is the Nazi philosophy.

The CIA's MK ULTRA torture of children is a Nazi-style operation.

The Nazis were financed by the Bush family and similar American oligarchs.

After World War II, the fascists and Zionists got together in groups such as Bilderberg.


Who was really behind the assassination which started World War I? 

In 1914 there were people within the ruling elite of Austia-Hungary who - (1) wanted an excuse for a war to crush Serbia (2) would not have been unhappy if Franz Ferdinand and his wife were to be assassinated. (aangirfan: Who really killed Franz Ferdinand?

"Leading members of the Black Hand apparently met with French and Grand Orient Freemasons at the Hotel St Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination in Sarajevo..." - The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard. (The Biggest Secret - Chapter 11)

1960s Britain.

The conspiracy community "has been completely infiltrated by different establishments".


◦Mark Lane: JFK assassination researcher alongside Jim Garrison later became the lawyer for the Jonestown cult and was evacuated along with the CIA's Richard Dwyer when the killings began.

◦Regnery family: owners of Regnery Publishing and members of the American Security Council. Regnery Publishing was allegedly financed by the CIA in the early days of the Cold War. Regnery Press published the works of famous UFO investigators, a book in defense of the Moonie cult, and an early and controversial book on multiple personality disorder.

◦Clay Claiborne: writer for the Daily Kos. Supposedly is a left-wing activist but used to sit on the extreme-right ASC board with half a dozen high level CIA spooks. Claiborne also sat on the Religious Roundtable of Jerry Falwell in the 1980s.

◦Terry Arnold: a reported "State Department/CIA spook" set up the now defunct Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth. He is also a long-time columnist for the conspiracy site Rense, where he writes in opposition to Israel and neoconservative policy.

◦Greg Palast: "We spent a long time very carefully looking at that [controlled demolition] and that just didn't happen."

Moslem Girls

1. There are factions within the elite.

2. The puppets of the elite do not always act according to instructions.

3. Things do not always go according to plan.

The 'Clash of Civilisations' seems to be a project linked to various recent events - attacks in Nigeria, attacks in Norway, attacks in India, attacks in Belgium, attacks in Indonesia, the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams...

The project seems to be the work of a pro-Zionist faction within the CIA-Mossad-NATO.

There are factions within the security services.

Philby, friend of Rothschild. According to The Biggest Secret of World War II: Victor "Rothschild was Churchill’s mentor; he made Churchill’s decisions." FACTIONS WITHIN THE ELITE

In 1942, the boss of MI6, Stewart Menzies, was planning to bring World War II to an end by doing a deal whereby Germany's Admiral Canaris would topple Hitler.

('C' A Bigraphy of Maurice Oldfield by Richard Deacon)

MI6's Kim Philby, who was secretly a friend of Soviet Russia, Victor Rothschild and Israel, successfully obstructed the proposed deal with Canaris.

Philby came close to becoming boss of MI6, but eventually fled to Russia.

Currently, throughout the world, there are fascist groups who are pro-Zionist.

Their heroes are mainly Jews such as German Henryk Broder, the French Zionist Bernard Henry Levy, British Melanie Philips, Bernard Lewis... 


Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill

December 29, 2011
machine gun.jpeg

Most of our political leaders are sponsored by the
Illuminati Jewish central banking syndicate.
Their pundits and professors put lipstick on these pigs.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Winston Churchill 
was visiting Germany, in 1932,  Putzi Hanfstaengl tried to arrange a meeting with Hitler. Hitler apparently declined. It wouldn't do for two Zionist political actors --future "antagonists" -- to be seen rehearsing together before the show began.    

Both Hitler and Churchill were pawns of the Zionist bankers. According to historian Thomas J. O'Keefe,   Churchill said in his Memoirs that ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning  revealed  the identities of Hitler's backers in a 1937 letter:

 'I didn't, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Churchill was funded by a different branch of the same Illuminati Jewish banking syndicate. O'Keefe cites a speech by David Irving on the "Focus Group" set up by Bernard Waley Cohen, a prominent Zionist banker.

wc.jpg"The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London's wealthiest businessmen -- principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose Chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen, left. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen's memoirs.

 ... The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today's figures. By another three or four to multiply that into US dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds -- about $2 million in US terms -- was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was -- the tune that Churchill had to play was -- fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that.

    For two years, The Focus continued to militate, in fact, right through until 1939. And I managed to find the secret files of The Focus, I know the names of all the members. I know all their secrets. I know how much money they were getting, not just from The Focus, but from other governments. I use the word "other governments" advisedly because one of my sources of information for my Churchill biography is, in fact, the Chaim Weizmann Papers in the State of Israel.
strakosch.jpgIrving then revealed further details of Churchill's financing by the Czechs, as well as the facts of Churchill's financial rescue by a wealthy banker of Austro-Jewish origins, Sir Henry Strakosch, left, who, in Irving's words, emerged "out of the woodwork of the City of London, that great pure international financial institution." When Churchill was bankrupted overnight in the American stock market crash of 1937-1938, it was Strakosch who was instrumental in setting up the central banks of South Africa and India, who bought up all Churchill's debts. When Strakosch died in 1943, the details of his will, published in the London Times, included a bequest of £20,000 to the then Prime Minister, eliminating the entire debt.

Irving dealt with Churchill's performance as a wartime leader, first as Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty and then as Prime Minister. The British historian adverted to Churchill's "great military defeat in Norway, which he himself engineered and pioneered," and mentioned the suspicion of Captain Ralph Edwards, who was on Churchill's staff at the time, that Churchill had deliberately caused the fiasco to bring down Neville Chamberlain and replace him as prime minister, which subsequently happened."
The Second World War was orchestrated to fulfill the long term Zionist goal of Illuminati one world government. Irving spoke of Dunkirk:
bankerwarsuffering.jpeg"In May 1940, Dunkirk, the biggest Churchill defeat of the lot....Letters between Churchill and the French Prime Minister, Paul Reynaud, revealed the ugly truth that Churchill, himself, gave the secret order to Lord Gort, the British General in command of the British expeditionary force at Dunkirk, "Withdraw, fall back," or as Churchill put it, "Advance to the coast." That was Churchill's wording. "And you are forbidden to tell any of your neighboring allies that you are pulling out. The French and the Belgians were left in the dark that we were pulling out."Of course Hitler quixotically allowed 330,000 British and Allied soldiers to escape at Dunkirk. The Zionist choreographers wanted the Nazis to succeed initially, but not to administer a knockout punch.

The war had to be long and costly both in lucre and in life. Germany had to be completely destroyed and Judeo Communist Russia had to conquer Eastern Europe. Non-Zionist Jews had to be sacrificed so they would dedicate themselves to building the Rothschild fiefdom known as Israel.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/illuminati_jewish_bankers_fund.html#sthash.iZvrZZa1.dpuf

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