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Germany's James Bond Exposes Offshore Accounts Used By Western Israeli 'Intelligence' To Fund Terrorism Around The World

Germany's James Bond Exposes Offshore Accounts Used By Western  Israeli 'Intelligence' To Fund Terrorism Around The World

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Germany’s answer to James Bond on Monday faced what may prove to be the greatest challenge of his career as he went on trial on charges of tax evasion.
Werner Mauss, a former intelligence agent described as a “living legend” in Germany, is accused of evading €15.2m (£13m) in taxes on profits from offshore investments.
He denies the charges and claims the offshore accounts were opened by Western and Israeli intelligence agencies to fund covert operations around the world. -

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The surprising link between a former Israeli defense minister, a ...

Haaretz-Sep 23, 2016
Documents submitted in the trial of former German spy Werner Mauss, including letters by Knesset Member Amir Peretz, reveal ties to the ...

The surprising link between a former Israeli defense minister, a German spy and a mystery trust fund
By Uri Blau Sep 23, 2016
Documents submitted in the trial of former German spy Werner Mauss, including letters by Knesset Member Amir Peretz, reveal ties to the Israeli authorities.....
Evidence submitted to a German court, including letters sent by former Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz, reveals a small part of intelligence-agency activities that usually remain behind closed doors. According to the documents — which were submitted for the trial of a former German spy — Western surveillance agencies, Israel likely among them, operated a tax-haven company to fund various security-related operations.......
Mauss, the Essen-born spy at the heart of this mysterious, complex affair, was born in 1940. He began his career as a private investigator, but has been working with the German police and other security authorities for years.

In the 1980s, Mauss worked mainly in South America, specifically in Colombia, where he worked to free the hostages of rebel group the National Liberation Army (ELN). He used more than a dozen aliases over the years, including Dieter Koch, “Eliai” and Claus Möllner.
Möllner is the name that landed Mauss in trouble, in a trial that commences next week in Bochum, central Germany.
In 2012, the German tax authorities acquired a disk with the details of UBS Bank clients on it. One of the customers whose name appeared was a “Claus Möllner.” According to the information, Möllner was the beneficiary of a fund that was established in the mid-1980s in Panama, and later moved to the Bahamas and Liechtenstein. The investigators discovered that Möllner was in fact Mauss — and that Mauss never filed a report on the fund or the tens of millions of euros in it.
They opened an investigation against him, which included a raid on his home, arrest and release on bail of 1 million euros ($1.1 million).
The German justice system operates differently to the Israeli one: Ever since last month, numerous documents have been submitted to the court that shed light on the affair — both by the investigating authorities and Mauss himself.
The tax authorities maintain that Mauss should have reported his earnings and suspect that the funds were used, at least partly, for personal needs, including hormonal treatments. However, Mauss has a completely different story, which is partly supported by MK Amir Peretz (Zionist Union), among others.
Mauss claims that the fund in question was opened in the mid-1980s in Panama by Western security services for various activities, and has served since then for covert security operations around the world. He claims that, among other things, he worked against the Islamic State, helped thwart an attack on the Pope, worked with Polish security authorities and helped release hostages in Colombia.
The fund, Autoridades de Seguridad del Oeste, was opened in Panama with $23 million that he says were deposited by his trustees. The fund (which also appears in the so-called Panama Papers, though these do not shed much light on its activity) was held in the UBS Bank in Panama. According to Mauss, the fund later moved from Panama to Liechtenstein, where it operated under the name Micuvi Foundation. A subsidiary called Clayton Valley was established in the Bahamas.
Mauss claims he has also worked on behalf of Israel since 1998. He says that in recent years he mediated between Israel and Hamas to return soldiers’ bodies from Gaza, as well as in contacts between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Mauss claims in the court documents that he has been in touch with the Hamas leadership since November regarding missing soldiers’ bodies, and believes the bodies (most likely those of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul) are located in tunnels dug by Hamas.
Among the materials submitted to the court are a picture of Mauss with former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Colombian Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, as well as a letter allegedly sent in 2013 in which the cardinal asks Olmert “to benefit from the mutual matter and the support of the United States” regarding peace talks in Colombia.
Mauss also claims that he and Peretz met with Cardinal Hoyos at the Vatican and presented him with a plan for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Speaking about the fund, Mauss say that on one of his visits in Israel, the trustees gave Peretz approval to write a letter to the German authorities, in which he would confirm the establishment and existence of the fund to them. Mauss backs up his version with documents from various sources. The court file includes five letters in Hebrew written by Peretz. The letters are addressed “To whom it may Concern — for submission to every official authority” and a summary of them repeats itself. Peretz writes that he knows Mauss and lists some of the aliases that Mauss would use.
In a letter from January 2013, under the title “Opinion,” Peretz writes: “To the best of my knowledge, the trust fund that is at the disposal of Mr. Eliai/Koch and the operations of gravest importance was not opened by German bodies and is not subject to inspection by authorities or these bodies.”
He states elsewhere in the letter, “To the best of my knowledge, most important actions were carried out, and others were planned for implementation, and they are most important in the goal to serve secret security operations and the sensitivity for Israel and for other bodies around the world.”
In another letter, from December 2015, Peretz writes, “As I was told by Mr. Eli Koch, the aforementioned [individual] holds trust funds that were established on October 4 in Panama for the purpose of his secret international activity in the defense field, at the behest of Western security institutions. Funds were transferred between various financial institutions in order to maintain secrecy, with the equity assets being managed by Lombard International Assurance from 2010 until now. … To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Eli Koch received authorization to act as a trustee of the trust funds for the purpose of his operations in the defense field.”

One of the letters, penned by MK Amir Peretz on December 16, 2015. N/A
In yet another letter, for January 2013, Peretz explains that "by the virtue of my official capacity, I know that Mr. Eli Koch is also active at this time in worldwide operations focusing, among others, on organized crime and the prevention of terrorist activity, but also on organizing a delegation for the advancement of peace and mediation efforts in regions of war. The nature of these operations requires the highest level of secrecy to protect Mr. Eli Koch, his family and third parties."
Another letter written by Peretz is of an entirely different nature. It is addressed to Mauss directly, using another name he had used — “Mr. Zeiler.” In the letter, Peretz thanks Zeiler for his visit to Israel and for “the opportunity you gave me to thank you on behalf of the people of Israel for your contribution to the State of Israel’s defense.”
Peretz further highlights how Zeiler “unwaveringly stood at Israel’s side” while “facing many temptations presented by elements that are hostile to Israel.
“Despite your decision to keep your visit discreet,” Peretz continued, “we have found the right way to allow the Knesset plenum to thank you and mark your presence at the plenum, thus documenting it in the Knesset protocol.”
An examination of the Knesset protocol indeed shows that on July 1, 2015, during a routine Knesset meeting, the chairman of the session, MK Bezalel Smotrich, suddenly notes that “guests of MK Amir Peretz, members of the Zeiler family who arrived from Germany and are considered loyal supporters of the State of Israel, are present in the gallery. Welcome.”
In an interview with Haaretz, Peretz said a third figure, whom he refuses to name, introduced him to Mauss some five years ago. According to Peretz, Mauss wanted to transfer sensitive information on defense issues to the Israeli authorities, and Peretz served as his liaison.
“I did it as a private person,” unconnected to his previous role as defense minister, the MK said. (Peretz served as defense minister from 2006-2007.) Since then, Peretz said, he has remained in contact with Mauss and put him in touch with Israeli figures when necessary.
He confirmed writing the letters that were submitted to the German court. “I was convinced that he is helping Israel, that his life is in danger, so I decided to help him,” Peretz explained.
Peretz added that he had no personal knowledge of the trust fund in question, and had no role in it.

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Germany's former top spy, Werner Mauss, goes on trial for alleged ...

Deutsche Welle-Sep 26, 2016
Germany's former top spy, Werner Mauss, goes on trial for alleged tax evasion ... The ex-spy also claims he mediated between Israel and the ...

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My research into the fraud that was the biotech Endovasc led me to discover many other such fraudulant penny stocks most but not all incorporated in Nevada had Israeli connections such as on called UCSY or Air Water Corp that was run by British Israeli Michael Zwebner and was being aided and abetted by ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and President Moshe Katsav,They are both in jsil in Israel right now but not for this fraud the U.S.SEC protected amoney SO MANY more.'Germany's James Bond' goes on trial over tax evasion9/26/germanys-james-bond-goes-on-trial-over-tax-evasion/

'Germany's James Bond' goes on trial over tax evasion

Mr Mauss appeared at the trial in a parka with the hood up
Mr Mauss appeared at the trial in a parka with the hood up

Germany’s answer to James Bond on Monday faced what may prove to be the greatest challenge of his career as he went on trial on charges of tax evasion.
Werner Mauss, a former intelligence agent described as a “living legend” in Germany, is accused of evading €15.2m (£13m) in taxes on profits from offshore investments.
He denies the charges and claims the offshore accounts were opened by Western and Israeli intelligence agencies to fund covert operations around the world.
The 76-year-old Mr Werner has claimed he helped avert a mafia poisoning attempt against Pope Benedict XVI negotiated between Israel and Hamas, and took part in intelligence operations against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Mr Mauss talks to his defense lawyer
Mr Mauss talks to his defense lawyer
He appeared at Monday’s hearing in Bochum in a parka coat with the hood pulled up over his head. The indictment against him listed no fewer than four known aliases.
Though he has been a near mythic figure in Germany since the 1980s, there was no known photograph of him in circulation until 2000.
He offered no opening statement to the court. His lawyers claimed he cannot mount a “proper defence” becaus he is still subject to secrecy agreements and cannot testify without the express permission of the German government.
It has never been entirely clear how much Mr Werner is master-spy, and how much master self-publicist.
A freelance agent rather than a government intelligence officer, he started out as a private detective, founding his own agency at the age of 20.
He is believed to have worked extensively undercover for Germany’s BND intelligence service and the Bundeskriminalamt, the country’s national police CID.
He claims to have also worked for various other Western intelligence agencies, but the shadowy nature of the work makes the details impossible to confirm.
The case against him centres on various offshore accounts he allegedly holds in the Bahamas, Luxembourg and elsewhere.
Proscutors say he failed to disclose the existence of the accounts to the German tax authorities.
His name has aslo been connected with various offshore shell companies listed in the “Panama Papers”.
Lawyers for Mr Werner have contended the accounts were set up by various intelligence agencies and that he used the money for operations including hostage releases.
After the investigation was opened into him in 2012, Mr Werner’s lawyers reportedly wrote to prosecutors suggesting they “set aside customary and recognized rules of evidence in this case and recognize that they have encountered the borders of the secret sphere unknown to standard state agencies”.
If convicted, Mr Werner could face several years in prison.
The trial continues.

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