Monday, October 24, 2016

 Stanley Israel,Norman Seabrook,New York Coba's (Correction Officers' Benevolent Association) Israel Zionist Connections:

FBI probing NYC jail guards union over investments | New York Post
New York Post
May 27, 2015 - Seabrook and the union treasurer said in sworn affidavits there was nothing fishy about the investment. ... correction officers benevolent association ... a company or hedge fund that twice paid for Seabrook's travel to Israel

FBI probing NYC jail guards union over investments

NY / Region|After Union Leader's Death, Discovery of $2 Million ...
The New York Times
Nov 3, 1999 - And Mr. Israel's onetime rival, Norman Seabrook, who defeated him to ... to the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, then I want it back.

New York Post
Jul 2, 2000 - Union officials also were stunned to learn that Israel had socked away ... that kind of cash on hand," said COBA president Norman Seabrook.


The widow of a city union official is poised to pocket $2 million her late husband had secretly stashed away, The Post has learned.
Five months after former Correction Officers Benevolent Association president Stanley Israel’s death in March 1999, his wife, Reesha, discovered $2,036,000 in cash he had left behind in a safety-deposit box, documents filed in Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn show.
The eye-popping treasure trove came as a complete surprise to Reesha, a retired civilian employee of the Police Department, who told a confidante, “That son of a bitch never took me to a movie,” a source told The Post.
The discovery set off a tug-of-war between Reesha and the corrections officers’ union, which suspected Israel may have siphoned the money from the local.
Union officials also were stunned to learn that Israel had socked away another $880,000 in several bank accounts and had accumulated $93,000 in stocks.
“I don’t think Donald Trump has that kind of cash on hand,” said COBA president Norman Seabrook. “And no correction officer – union president or not – is going to earn $3 million.”
Israel was earning $43,593 a year when he retired from his Corrections job in July 1996. During his two years as union president, his annual salary was about $100,000..........

Seabrook Connection II, Spiritual Trip to Israel… | LOSTMESSIAH
Apr 13, 2016 - “My trip to Israel was immensely spiritually rewarding to me,” Mr. ... New York COBAPolice Seabrook Trained To Take Bribes From Israel ...

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