Thursday, November 3, 2016 cacao honey guatemala

cacao honey guatemala

Tostaduria Antigua was the first ever coffee roaster in public  view when we opened in 1993 in Antigua Guatemala.In fact I had never seen coffee being roasted in store anywhere including California where roasting specialty high altitude arabica coffee first caught on .
However due to all the copy cat businesses that have appeared particulary since around 2008 who are mainly American Chistian missionary and even Harvard NGO businesses we are having a hard time competing as a simple business.
In 2005 we anticipated competition and invented as for as we can tell,the first chocolate honey bar but also one that onlky uses whole chocolate beans or cacao that comes directly from Guatemala rather than importing cocoa butter and cocoa powder and sugar.
But we were kicked out of our old store so the landlady could make more renting to the new comp├▒etition or copiers of our roasting operation.Since then we have been hidden and struggling.I f we receive more in donations than we need to recover we will give money to Mayan causes because those people have suffered so much themselves including massacres in the 1980s.
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