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U.S. Green Thumb: Opium production skyrockets in Afghanistan

U.S. Green Thumb: Opium production skyrockets in Afghanistan

How Opium is Keeping US in Afghanistan: CIA's Shady History of Drug ...
Jan 3, 2014 - Even though present-day Afghanistan flies under the news radar, it remains to be the longest military quagmire in US history. Aside from troops ...

Rumors Persist That The CIA Helps Export Opium From Afghanistan ...
4 days ago - Despite billions spent to eradicate opium crops in Afghanistan, the crop is more popular than ever there, leading many to wonder whether some ...

CIA Fueling New U.S. Drug Epidemic Using Cheap Afghani Heroin ...
Mar 26, 2014 - When asked about official criminality associated with Afghan's opiumbusiness, Morrow replied: “U.S. government involvement in the drug trade ...

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UN: Opium production skyrockets in Afghanistan

CNN-Oct 24, 2016
(CNN) Afghanistan has seen a dramatic surge in the production of ... according to the Afghanistan Opium Survey 2016 compiled by the UN.
Afghanistan's opium production soaring, says UN
The Guardian-Oct 23, 2016
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Afghanistan war in US geostrategic interests: Activist

Press TV-Nov 5, 2016
An author and peace activist believes the war in Afghanistan is in ... the “opium trade” open because the CIA uses narcotics traffic to finance ...
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Politics of drugs

The News on Sunday-Nov 5, 2016
The actual drama started when, in April 1979, CIA and the Afghan ... before the Soviet occupation of Afghanistanopium production in Pakistan ..
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Production has soared in the world's opium capital

Business Insider-Oct 25, 2016
Opium production in Afghanistan increased by considerable amounts in 2016, according to the 2016 Opium Survey for the country, produced ...

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A Conspiracy Theory that became a “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA ...

Center for Research on Globalization-Jul 1, 2016
Opium production in Afghanistan, which provides more than 90 percent of the world's heroin, broke all records in 2006, reaching a historic high ...
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Rising opium cultivation in Afghanistan

Pakistan Observer-Oct 24, 2016
However it is a historic fact that only period when opium production ... invasion of Afghanistan was to restore the CIA sponsored drug trade to its ..

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Despite 15 years of occupation, Afghanistan's opium production has ...

Business Insider-Nov 14, 2016
After 15 years of war in Afghanistan, the government there and its allies from the US and elsewhere have had little success staunching the flow ...

The Afghan Opium Pipeline: Drugs, War and Death

CounterPunch-Nov 18, 2016
Percentages can be difficult to picture, but the hard fact recorded by the UN is thatAfghanistan's potential production of opium has increased ...

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Legalizing Opium: A Shift in the Developmental Paradigm

Brown Political Review-Oct 21, 2016
While opium has been banned in the state for decades, Afghanistan... and Russia while also burgeoning an internal, Afghan heroin epidemic.

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