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Markets,Mobs and Messiah's:NY Times promotes Agora Inc. Parasite-Zombies Bill Bonner, Lila Rajiva and their Financial Frauds

Markets,Mobs and Messiah's:NY Times promotes Agora Inc. Parasites-Zombies Bill Bonner, Lila Rajiva and their Financial Frauds

Note the recent rant from Lila Rajiva below  to whom in email correspondence in 2005 I told  about being defrauded by Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson in a 'biotech' pennny stock called Endovasc.Nonetheless she immediately emailed in response that Agora Inc was a very ethical company AND SHE WAS NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY.I suspect she was already in their employ when she forst began the email correspondence to me in the first place.Any fool could veriufy that I have NEVER been an employee of Agora Inc. and that I have been complaining  about their frauds and their stock share or 'securities' money laundering activities since at least 2003 including to the U.S.SEC or Securities Exchange Commission that protects them instead of prosecuting them ! It is Lila who lies about such frauds being the victim of so-called 'naked short selling' or counterfeiting of sharers rather than the very real shares that insiders to the fraud dump into the market that the U.S.SEC refuses to audit.She is also connected to Agora Inc - George Tenet friend Gordon Duff of VeteransToday(by way of their past coordinated  dirty tricks anti-Julian Asssange-Wikileaks attacks of a while back) who promoted the bombing of innocent civilians in Libya and whose mutual friend Bud Burrell with his Geico BILLIONAIRE SON Partick Byrne connections who also  LIED about frauds like Endovasc, CMKX Diamonds,USXP penny stock fraud and,etc.being victims of 'naked short selling' has been threatening my life while Lila the Agora Inc prostitute cheers him on !I HAVE ALSO TOLD LILA TO GIVE ME A COMPLETE LIST OF THE SKKKUM SHE IS CONNECTED WITH AT AGORA BECAUSE UNLIKE HER I DON'T KNOW  NOR LIKE ANY OF THEM .I do indeed curse all Agora Scum she mentions below regardless of their Republican or Democrat credentials or with their Libertarian credentials or just regular fascists and money launderers  credentials and their crimes against the American and international public ! Note that ex U.S. Congressman Robert Bauman, who she mentions below, is a pedophile as well as money launderer-something that Lila apparently purposely ignores although that was the main purpose of my writing about him in the first place as well as his shady financial activities in Uraguay ! I could care less if he or any of Agora Inc scum was a Republi-con or a Demo-rat !
Note she defends self-admittted Agora Inc gay pedophile Robert Baumer or 'Bob Bauman .....'as much more likely to be an IRS/DOJ honey-pot' ! Huh ?!
The 'woman' Lila Rajiva (or whatever it is),is SICK but that's that's how she-it qualified to be an Agora Inc. employee in the first place and she never deals with the fact that Agora employee Rwey Riverea who appeared to be investigating his employees in 2006 mysteriously 'fell' to his death from the Belvedere Hotel in 2006 !And just what does  Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Uniuon founder James Dale Davidson  know about the death of his formmer NTU President who was found 'in peace' by unnanamed NTU employees in his house in Washington D.C. a while back Lila Rajiva ? And Chris Amberger is NOT a
WHISTLE BLOWER' Lila - he is an Agora Inc. prostitute just like you ! :

Below from Lila about me:

Subsequent to my posting this, the Agora disinfo agent/troll/paid basher Ryals reposts Amberger’s comments to him (rather than Amberger’s blog posts about Agora), simultaneously discrediting and neutralizing Amberger by an unsubstantiated smear (Nazi Stasi), just as he posts any substantial criticism of Agora, ALWAYS with slurs about the critics and always with OLD NEWS about Agora, usually attributing criminal behavior to the critics, for which he gives not a shred of proof. His response fails to mention the people who really are responsible for Agora’s marketing and selling today - Myles Norin (CEO), Matthew Turner (counsel), Addison Wiggin (chief of Agora Financial, its flagship subsidiary, and also heavily involved in Oxford Group, Michael Masterson (Mark Ford), Byron King, Alexander Greene, Mike Ward, Julia Guth, and many others, whose border-line promotions were all deconstructed by Christoph Amberger. Instead, Ryals tries to discredit Amberger’s whistle-blowing. No question Ryals has some kind of tie to Agora.
To make things clearer, Agora is not solely Bonner’s company but owned by several people, some of whom no doubt have axes to grind with others. Bonner himself might have enemies within the company, for partisan, financial or personal reasons.
Notice how Ryals only focuses on the Republicans in the group, like Bonner, presumably Casey, and Robert Bauman, who specializes in the admirable field of asset protection. Now, unlike the state-worshipping fraud Ryals,  I would love to believe Bob Bauman is a really good asset protector (aka money-launderer), but, alas, if he is not what he seems (and I haven’t seen anything concrete to suggest that), he is much more likely to be an IRS/DOJ honey-pot, if I know how these things work.
That’s what I believe large parts of the  asset-protection racket really is about, when it’s not about espionage and government-related money-laundering.
That might include the over-hyped Simon Black, who also seems to be a part of the LRC-Agora crew and constantly tells people that Singapore is a great place for financial security, when anyone who even researches the matter in a skimpy way will figure out that Singapore is crawling with Mossad and CIA.
- Lila Rajiva


It's hard to say what is most ludricrous about Agora Inc.'s,  and  Bill Bonner's hack writer  and internet dirty tricks co-author Lila Rajiva of Mobs,Markets and Messiahs'.Her or its latest bs about me who was defrauded by the very 'company',Agora Inc,that she was employed by in 2005 when she and her Agora colleague, Porter Stansberry, wrote to me in 2005 with the intention of shutting me up about the fraud that was and STILL IS Agora Inc.,is posted below.I have been posting  about her and her sleazy companions of Agora Inc a lot lately in response to her comments and lies as usual,about me on her blog,mindbodypolitic.con.One year after the email from her and Porter Stansberry followed by her disclosure that she had written not as a disinterested writer but really as an employee of Agora Inc.  one of their fellow Agora Inc. employees,Rey Rivera, 'mysteriously' fail to his death from atop the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore,Anyway today I note the blog below posted by her only on the 6th of this month has been disappeared by her,something she oten does,so it is even more valid I repost it here.What you can take for granted about the term 'messiahs' in the title of Bonner's and Rajiva's book is that every member of Agora Inc fraudulently promote themselves as some sort of stock market or commodities trading guru or 'messiah', from James Dale Davidson who pioneered the bloated ego to Porter Stansberry who who claims to have 'predicted' more financial crisis social crisis than James Davidson and Nostradamus combined.

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"Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets by William Bonner and Lila Rajiva is a fascinating work....downright hilarious...a serious look at an important phenomenon in the ...

7 Results – Visit's William Bonner Page and shop for all William Bonner ... With political journalist Lila Rajiva, he wrote his third New York Times best seller...


It may have been no coincidence between that death of Rey Rivera and the fact that his name had been placed on Porter Stansberry's latest penny stock fraud promoton rag called 'The Rebound Report' at that time,and that none of the sleazy pump and dump 'public companies' it promoted 'rebounded' from their worthless share prices anymore than Rey Rivera 'rebounded' when he crashed through the roof of the building below the Belvedere Hotel, but instead plunged even lower thus defrauding anyone who took their advise to buy !

Now I see this statement on Lila's Googled blog but can't find the statement when I go to her blog.I presume she is saying that she was 'served me with a Breach of Separation Agreement ' but then again she has been bringing Agora Inc.'s Stai Nazi,Christof Amberberger,I feel Amberger could tell us alot about  the Israeli-Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff,who like the Agora folk has a few skeletions in his closet as well,including deals with Russia President Vladmir Putin and of course about Schlaff's sidekicks in U.S.penny stock fraud and money l├▒aundering,the Grin or Grishpon brthers,David,Eugene and Abraham,who also have an Agora Inc.-James Dale Davidson connection.Don't believe a word that Lila tells you about Agora and Bill Bonner having sent her a 'Breach of Separation Agreement' being a sign of her integrity.THE PROSTITUITE LILA RAJIVA HAS CLUNG TO AGORA AND BONNER LIKE HER PIMP FOR LIFE AS LONG AS SHE COULD AND ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF HOPING TO MILK A BIT MORE OF THE MONEY THEY STOLE FROM PEOPLE LIKE ME TO PUT INTO HER ROTHSCHILD GOLDVAULT ACCOUNT IN THE UK,ETC.!And note that the Christian Science Monitor has bee taken over by the criminals of Agora Inc and are promoted in the 'newspaper' or digital rag even more than the white 'Jewish'
scum of the NY Times promote them ,just as they of course promoted the post 9/11 lie for W Bush and his Zionist dominated regime that Sadam Hussein had all those 'WMDS' and was coming for us in UAV's or 'drones,sometrhing that in retrospect it was 'coinciodentally' the U.S. and Israeli military industrial complex was developing all the time without telling the public ! 

The Mind-Body Politic » individuals, not ideologies
2 days ago – To: lilarajiva. Just in case you still have doubts about my “links” to Agora. They just served me with a Breach of Separation Agreement ...

In light of NY Times and the Arthur Ochs Sulzberger German Jewish and Zionist war and financial crimes family that run it,if they promote Agora Inc because it really does have Rothschild connections just as other entitities with the name Agora have been found to have Rothschild crime family connections ?
Mar 22, 2004 – New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. was asked at a ... about Judith Miller and her reporting on weapons of mass destruction(in  pre-invasion Iraq)....

This is what I posted on my blog about Agora Inc.'s Bill Bonner and his 'free' pr over the years from Sulzberger's NY Times a while back.:
Bill Bonner,Agora Inc.:Proof that New York Times Arthur Sulzberger, Paul Krugman, involved in Israeli International Stock Fraud Money Laundering Against Americans by Tony Ryals

James Dale Davidson, and NOT Bill Bonner,(as erroneously claimed by The New Times' article about Mr.William Bonner's Saint Simon mansion in France  below), is the real founder of CIA and stock fraud money laundering connected Baltimore,Maryland based Agora Inc 'holding' company. James Dale DSavidson aka James Davidson in SOME SEC FILINGS ETC., is also the founder of the far right wing that is occasionally cited or promoted by  Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'News' channel.Davidson has always claimed to be founder of Agora Inc.with its web of interconnected scammy websites that mainly tout penny stocks or other mortgage gold or other financial frauds and are VERY connected to the CIA as William Colby's employment there before his mysterious death in the 1990's attests..Since James or Jim Dale Davidson  and Porter Stansberry were taken to court by the SECi n Utah  for touting or promoting the 'biotech' penny stocks Endovasc and Genemax as well as the nuclear refining and recovery stock 'USU' or USEC in 2003,using his Agora Inc 'Vantage Point' website and mail promotions,he has been quiet about his claim to having founded Agora Inc..Instead Bill Bonner,a long time associate of James Dale Davidson and accoring to Porter Stansbery,(personal communication), a childhood friend,takes full credit for founding Agora his stead.........

Jan 29, 2012 – Julian Assange,Wikileaks:Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff is A CIA,George Tenet Prostitute,So is Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva ...

The simple fact is that the NY Times can't credibly deny not knowing that Agora Inc,founded by James Dale Davidson and NOT by Bill Bonner as he lyingly claims,hjave been running stock fraud shares money laundering operations for deacades now and are protected with their Washington,D.C. and CIA and SEC connections from prosecurtion which is why it is just another shame and wscandal that the New York Times aids and abets them by promoting their self promotional books whose only purpose is to lure more investors into their lair to be raped robbed and defrauded ! More IP 

It looks like you've found a page that no longer exists. How about we do a little search?) :

ShenanigansFrom Agora Financial September 6, 2012 // 2 Comments
By Lila Rajiva

Agora Financial’s Daily Reckoning  runs Jeffrey Tucker’s original review of “Mobs,” in which he turns me into an editor, while assigning parts of the book written by me to Mr. Bonner.
The wording  Tucker uses at Daily Reckoning (Sept. 5, 2012) is the same as the original wording at Laissez Faire books (an Agora subsidiary) on March 10, 2012 that he  changed to this revised version, after I  objected to the original on March 24.
Of course I have screen shots, but you can see what it looks like by reading the review at DR on Sept. 5, which  reads just like the original March 10 review at Laissez Faire Books.
Note the substitution of “editorial help” for “co-authorship” in the Sept.5 review at the Agora website:
“Written by Bill Bonner[should be: co-authored by] with expert editorial help from Lila Rajiva, the book covers in great detail the transformative decade from the late ’90s to the late 2000s, and therefore chronicles everything crucial to understanding the world as it is today: the digital revolution, the rise of the police state, the move from boom to bust, the end of American economic supremacy, the expansion of imperial violence.”
Again, the review uses a quote from my writing, previously published under my name, and passes it off as Mr. Bonner’s.
This is not only incorrect and unethical, in the context of everything else that’s gone before, it is fraudulent and malicious.
But that seems to be “libertarianism,” ala Agora Inc.
Might makes right …..while quoting Tolstoy.
I’m assuming, of course, that Mr. Tucker isn’t aware of this use of his article. I hope he is not.
Just to give you a quick recap of the history of this strange business, here is the passage about fake news during wartime throughout the Iraq conflict:
“Fake news is not news at all. It’s old news. Storyboarding does to the news what waterboarding does to prisoners — it persuades it to say what you want to hear. Hoodwinking the enemy on a classical battlefield — which follows its own rules of engagement — is one thing. Bamboozling civilians in modern total warfare is rather different. And swindling the crowd cheering at home is something else altogether.
By that standard, American chariot wheels have not just hit the ground. They have gone through it and are burrowing down into Hades. Storyboarding was directed not at the population in Iraq, which is supposed to be a born-again democracy now, anyway. It was aimed at the population back home in America.
Journalists who faked news stories were firing on this pathetic home crowd, making it impossible for the lumps to get even the tiniest scrap of real information about the war, even though they were being asked to give up their children for it. They thought they were volunteering to fight for the republic; they didn’t know they were signing up for the Aztec child sacrifice.”
You can see that it is taken from this piece of mine:
Also published on the web, before that date in 2006.
[I have written several similar pieces on Iraq war propaganda, "Radio Free Iraq" and a whole bunch of others are at the old Dissident Voice archives. You can find them on my blog, under the tab ARTICLES.]
You can see my previous attempts to have incorrect attributions at Agora changed here in 2009 in this post and then here, in this comment on an incorrect attribution.
You can see Mr. Bonner’s responses affirming our agreement about attribution and my authorship of half the material in this blog post (2010), and  this blog post.
What’s this new attempt to revise history about?
Well, thinking back, there are two recent posts of mine that might have triggered these new attacks on my IP:
POST Paul-Lehrman Connection Meaningless, Says Daily Bell (August 24) - the update at the top was written AFTER Tony Ryals attacked me again, on August 28 and August 31, and then twice after, though those last two posts have been removed/changed. I suspect that might have been at the request of someone friendly to Agora…..which just shows you that Ryals is a troll favorably disposed to the main operators there, as I’ve always suspected.
The most recent update (one is at the top and then, scroll to the middle for some additional juicy details regarding the “empire-building fantasies” of Mr. Wiggin, whose “issues” started this whole fracas).
The updates mention Agora Financial and ask why Tony Ryals (the guy who has been slandering me since November 2007) should pick on someone who had nothing to do with the company, except for the brief time I spent co-writing the book with Bill Bonner and my editorial work and research at the Daily Reckoning.
The updates suggest that maybe Mr. Ryals has some associates at Agora itself.
I suspect it is this commentary that has triggered the latest bit of IP fraud at Agora.
Too bad, since my updates were intended only as a response to fresh harassment in the form of libelous posts from Mr. Ryals, dated August 3,August 8, August 13, August 28, August 31, Sept 3 and Sept 5. (after lifting, on August 1, a blog post of mine from July, about the link between Chomsky, Rothbard, and Davidson, from the Mises archives).
That’s seven libelous posts about one person in one month…in a series that goes back to November 2007.  In total, there are scores of libels, maybe a hundred such or more, and a few other attacks that Ryals instigated against me, before the authors became aware that they were dealing with a troll.
Mr. Ryals seems to have removed the later two posts and added another (dated Sept 5, see above), which mentioned Mr. Christoph Amberger, the senior Agora employee whose running commentary about the company was shut down in 2011.
Those deleted (changed?)  posts of Ryals also quote my reference to Mr. Wiggin (Agora Financial chief) and Mr. Myles Norin (CEO), and Mr. Matt Turner (lawyer), by name. You can see them here in the screen shot I took of the Ryals September 5 post, which is now deleted: changed:
Tony Ryals Sept 5 blog comments
Tony Ryals Sept 5 blog comments
I daresay, that was seen as lese majeste.
Mr. Ryals, in any case, came no where near responding to my question, which asked why he never mentions the people really in power at Agora .
That’s the background.
Now here’s Jeffrey Tucker’s Laissez Faire Review (March 10, corrected on March 25, 2012) with his improved attribution.**
**Even this is not accurate, since I didn’t make “co-authored contributions,” but actually wrote about half the book and extensively rewrote and edited Mr. Bonner’s half as well.
“in the spring of 2012, Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Inc., took a break from his daily column in The Daily Reckoning, and, like hundreds of thousands of others, I went through withdrawals. Fortunately, I had a copy of his wonderful book, Mobs, Messiahs and Markets, to devour as I awaited his return.
This is a book, written with co-authored contributions from Lila Rajiva, that lifts the fog spread by governments and mainstream media so that we can all see reality for what it is. It covers in great detail the transformative decade from the late ’90s to the late 2000s, and therefore chronicles everything crucial to understanding the world as it is today: the digital revolution, the rise of the police state, the move from boom to bust, the end of American economic supremacy, the expansion of imperial violence.”
So, apparently, Mr. Tucker cared enough for his reputation as a scholar to make a partial correction at Laissez Faire Books, but that has not prevented whoever ran the piece at Agora Financial from using the old version.
So why all these childish shenanigans?
I can guess.
While claiming more than his (Wiggin’s) fair share of credit on Empire Of Debt, 2005 (with Bonner), Wiggin can at the same time polish up his “team spirit” cred by giving the boss more than his (Bonner’s) fair share of credit on a book, in which Mr. Wiggin has no skin involved. That would be “Mobs.”
It’s like the NWO elites and the Muslims.
The elites steal from the Muslims in Israel, where the Palestinians have a just claim against them, and they make up for that by bending over backward for Muslims where Muslim claims are not just, as in Kashmir, where Hindus, rather than the elites, are injured by the revanchism.
Agora Financial seems to be playing the same kind of game.
Not surprising, considering their multiple ties to the elites


Note that Lila Rajiva makes no mention below of 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones other connection to Agora Inc and Porter Stansberry so I place  links to that here.:

  • Agora Inc.,Money Launderer, Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry and ...
    Agora Inc.,CIA,International Money Launderer, Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry and Alex Jones by Tony Ryals When my best friend, Rey Rivera, disappeared ...
  • Porter Stansberry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Frank Porter Stansberry is an American financial publisher and the creator of the ... by radio host Alex Jones) have been featured on an array of U.S. media outlets. ... He is currently the editor of Agora Inc.'s internet financial newsletter Porter ...

    Why Are MSNBC and CNN Continually Running Fear Mongering ... 13, 2011
    Agora Inc.,CIA,International Money Launderer, Murder Suspect Porter Stansberry and Alex Jones by Tony ...

  • Celebrity “alternative”: the case of Alex Jones

    by Lila Rajiva
    September 7, 2012 // 0 Comments
    Posted in: Uncategorized
    An interesting post from  FauxCapitalist on the “mainstreaming” of alternative activists. You can also call this commodification of dissent or dissent-porn:
    “For someone who is, by his own words, allegedly one of the biggest threats to the New World Order, Alex Jones certainly has some high-powered connections into mainstream media, as mostly vividly demonstrated by his February 28, 2011 appearance on The View.
    His June 8, 2012 article, Alternative Media Becoming Mainstream, may have been a sign of things to come, given this celebrity lineup in the two months since, as shown on his show archives:
    Richard Belzer – August 16
    “Alex is also joined by actor, stand-up comedian and author Richard Belzer. Mr. Belzer has an expansive career as an actor and has appeared in NBC police dramas such as Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”
    John Rocker – August 15
    “On the Wednesday, August 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with John Rocker, the retired American Major League Baseball relief pitcher who played for the Atlanta Braves and other teams.”
    Dave Mustaine – July 26
    “On the Thursday July 25th edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex airs an interview he recorded this past weekend with American virtuoso guitarist and legendary lead vocalist for the almost three-decade strong, highly influential thrash-metal band Megadeth, Dave Mustaine.”
    Charlie Daniels – July 20
    “Alex also welcomes back to the show to country and southern rock music legend Charlie Daniels.”

  • ................................

  • Just a few of my favorite things…

    September 7, 2012 // 0 Comments
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    In which I remember a few of my favorite things about my not-so-favorite haunt , which seems touchingly unwilling to forget me, since it never lets a week go by without some fresh idiocy intended to injure me in small ways or great, if not directly, then via proxy.
    What are my favorite things about a certain internet financial newsletter company?
    Name-dropping poseurs and witless stool-pigeons,
    Pumped-and-dumped metals and warmed-over cribbings,
    Quick process service that’s secret and stings,
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    When my blog bites, when your sleaze stinks
    When I’m feeling sad,
    I simply remember
    my favorite things
    and then I don’t feel so bad!

    One of those favorite things is an email (see below) from former Agora senior executive and classical swordsman, Christoph Amberger, describing how his perfectly libertarian blog GreenLaserReview was shut down last year using an illegitimate expansion of a separation agreement.
    Surely there’s no violation of the Non-Aggression Principle in truthful speech is there, especially when libertarians defend even untruthful libel?
    Originally affecting only a subsidiary, the agreement was expanded suddenly to  prohibit any commentary on any part of the company or its personnel.
    And for good measure, Mr. Amberger’s name and bio were to be taken off my website, lest they provide me with any credibility in regard to my own assertions.
    He was, so he told me,  forbidden to discuss anything about the company and its history, nor any details, past, present, and future, with me;  whether relating to the public interest, community safety, criminal or civil investigation, my personal safety, or any related matters, past, present, or future.
    Or something like that. At least, so he told me.
    As for his own past history there, that seems to have been as completely wiped out as a dissident in Soviet Russia.
    I guess that’s what Tom Woods meant when he said corporations respond only to price-signals and aren’t centrally managed in any way.
    You forgot about judicial and legal corruption, Tom.

    All libertarians forget that their “voluntary contracts” are enforced by the government via the courts, which, last I looked, were among the most corrupt and tyrannical institutions in the country, and by the lawyers, whose reputation as professional whores is only exceeded of stock-touts.
    From: Secret Archives Press
    Date:Thu, April 28, 2011 7:52 pm
    To: lilarajiva

    Just in case you still have doubts about my “links” to Agora. They just served me with a Breach of Separation Agreement threatening to sue me for $3.9 mill. unless I removed any reference to them, their subsidiaries, and employees from my site.
    More Tolstoy anyone?
    Seriously, though,  a little Roth…er…Red goes much better with an entree of “libertarian” hogwash…

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