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CIA's In-Q-Tel Coincidentally Connected To Both Overdosed Tech Exec Forrest Hayes' Google Employers and ProstituteAlix Catherine Tichelman's Father's SynapSense

CIA's In-Q-Tel Coincidentally Connected To Both Overdosed Tech Exec  Forrest Hayes' Google Employers  and ProstituteAlix Catherine Tichelman's Father's SynapSense

The Next Google?: SynapSense - BusinessWeek

Bloomberg Businessweek
... and discover ways to cut their energy costs. In March, SynapSense pulled in $7 million in venture funding, and last year it landed a partnership with IBM (IBM).

Folsom, Calif.

This three-year-old startup has developed wireless technology that data center operators can use to monitor their operations and discover ways to cut their energy costs. In March,SynapSense pulled in $7 million in venture funding, and last year it landed a partnership with IBM (IBM).

GE Eyes Green Datacenters With $520 Million Acquisition ...
Greentech Media
Jan 13, 2011 - This puts banks and web companies like Google in an uncomfortable position: either ... of weather conditions inside datacenters (SynapSense) application ... Intel processors to ARM processors (Calxeda, Freescale, Marvell, ...

From the same upper elite family 'values' that produced Sandy Hook's Adam Lanza and UCSB Isla Vista's Elliot Rodger etc....


Alleged Folsom prostitute accused of homicide is linked to local tech ...

Sacramento Bee-by Dale Kasler-5 hours ago
Bart Tichelman is vice president of SynapSense, a Folsom company that creates “smart building” systems for controlling heating and cooling ...

Google executive's November death on Santa Cruz yacht turns torrid ...
-San Jose Mercury News-36 minutes ago


The Australian - 18 minutes ago ‎- 8 hours ago
Police are re-opening the investigation of Dean Riopelle's death. Riopelle was an Atlanta club owner who died in 2013. Riopelle is pictured .

Washington Post ‎- 14 hours ago
USA Today identified the boyfriend as Dean Riopelle, 53, who died Sept. 24, 2013, after a heart attack, according to a newspaper obituary

According to USA Today, Tichelman’s parents now live in Folsom, Calif., where her father Bart is the chief executive of a tech company, SynapSense Corp. He took the job in November 2012, a year before the alleged murder, after working with Renewvia Energy Corp., a solar power project developer in Atlanta. Tichelman was living in Folsom at the time of her arrest but previously lived in Atlanta, according to her social media accounts.
Two years ago, she posted often about a boyfriend named Dean, who gave her a black and white diamond ‘promise ring’ on June 22, 2012. There are pictures of the them together playing with baby monkeys.
In her last post on Jan. 11, 2013, she counted among her blessings “a great boyfriend, nice house, monkeys, loving family … doesn’t get any better than this I don’t think.”
USA Today identified the boyfriend as Dean Riopelle, 53, who died Sept. 24, 2013, after a heart attack, according to a newspaper obituary. Riopelle owned a nightclub called “Masquerade” and was known as “Monkey Man” because he raised monkeys on his property, according to an Atlanta indie weekly..........

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    Sep 25, 2013 - Browse Sex & Vice. Lust List ... Music news Masquerade owner Dean Riopelle RIP ... Over the many years of operation under Riopelle's watch, ...

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    Jan 18, 2013 - I strongly urge you to recommend that Dean Riopelle's application for a permit to keep exotic animals on his property be ... Welcome to the Community News & Blog section of .... Glenn Burns questions Gov.

DirecTVInc. v. Riopelle et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings › ... › Georgia › Georgia Northern District Court

Defendant: Dean A. Riopelle and Bye Jorge LLC. Plaintiff: DirecTVInc. Case Number: 1:2007cv00858. Filed: April 16, 2007. Court: Georgia Northern District .


List of closed investigations in the USDA Animal and Plant ...

Jan 4, 2012 - ROBERT R DEAN: FINAL ACTION CONSENT DECISION. DAVID L MAXWELL: ...... Christy & Dean Riopelle ..... Perez & Cia De Puerto Rico Inc.


A Folsom woman described by police as a high-priced prostitute stands accused of injecting a Bay Area client with a fatal dose of heroin before stepping over his body, finishing off a glass of wine and fleeing with evidence.
In a case that quickly became an international media sensation, Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26, was arraigned in Santa Cruz Superior Court on Wednesday on eight felony and misdemeanor charges including manslaughter, prostitution, destruction of evidence and transportation of narcotics. She is being held in lieu of $1.5 million bail.
Tichelman was charged in connection with the November death of Forrest Hayes, 51, a Google Inc. executive who was found dead on his boat in the Santa Cruz harbor last fall. Santa Cruz police said in a news release that they are investigating her involvement in another person’s death “with similar circumstances” outside of California, though officials have not released further details about that case.
Tichelman is the daughter of Folsom technology executive Bart Tichelman, according to public records, an online profile and an obituary of her grandmother. Bart Tichelman is vice president of SynapSense, a Folsom company that creates “smart building” systems for controlling heating and cooling systems. A former Georgia resident, Bart Tichelman was SynapSense’s chief executive from 2012 until earlier this year, when the company was sold to Panduit Corp. of Tinley Park, Ill.

Read more here:

  1. SynapSense – CFO Moves

    Aug 27, 2012 - Over his career, Scott has served as senior executive for In-Q-Tel. Scott was also the CFO for Cable and Wireless North America.

  • Bringing Data Centers Into the Smart Grid Fold : Greentech ...

    Greentech Media
    Nov 22, 2011 - Its partners include ABB, Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel, In-Q-Tel, Raritan, ... which includes startups such as Sentilla, Synapsense and Viridity Software, ...
  • Funds for IT industy ( Big data and integration) - NovoEd ...

    ... AMD), Intematix, Synapsense, Datastax and Bleacher Report (acquired by TWX). ...In-Q-Tel identifies and partners with companies developing cutting-edge ...

  • Sacramento "Cadence Design Systems, Inc." Search - The ...

    South Florida Business Journal
    Folsom startup SynapSense Corp. has appointed Michael J. Fister, president ... Round Rock, Texas-based DuPont Photomasks Inc.; Austin-based Freescale …
  • Lemoine - Sacramento, California Area - LinkedIn,-California-Area

    ... at Freescale Semiconductor, Engineering Manager, PC software development atFreescale, ... Current: Engineering Technician at SynapSense Corporation.

    1. Panduit's hot for cooling vendor SynapSense - 451 Group

      May 8, 2014 - Panduit, primarily a datacenter cabling vendor, has acquiredSynapSense, a datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) software company.

  • Panduit Acquires SynapSense, a Leader in Wireless ...

    ... in Folsom, CA specializing in thermal risk management and cooling energy savings for large enterprise, colocation, and cloud computing service providers.
  • Panduit Acquires SynapSense®, Leader in Wireless ...

    May 8, 2014 - SynapSense, a Panduit company, is located in Folsom, CA and ... for large enterprise, colocation, and cloud computing service providers.

  • In-Q-Tel Invests in PiXlogic

    piXlogic, provider of Visual Search Engine (VSE) software, today announced In-Q-Tel, a private venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, has ...

    Qtel of Qatar or In-Q-Tel of CIA Just As Al Jazeera is......?

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      Jul 11, 2012 - Its Apples & Oranges; Qtel vs In-Q-Tel Qtel (short for Qatar Telecom) used to be the exclusive telecommunications provider in Qatar and is one ...


      Qatar - ‎Projects Manager at Gulf Security Equipment Co., wll
      Qtel Block Wiring. Ooredoo Qatar; 2012. Qtel Fiber Optics. Ooredoo Qatar; 2011.Panduit Copper. Panduit; 2013. Horton Autoslide and Proslide Doors.


      Such agents could be running editorial policy at Al JazeeraAl Jazeera is based inQatar. The US also launched its invasion of Iraq from Qatar - because Turkey ...

  • Meet In-Q-Tel, the CIA's Venture Capital Firm (Preview ...

    Oct 9, 2011
    In contrast to this, In-Q-Tel was formed by the CIA in 1999 as a ...Google's connection to In-Q-Tel is more ...
  • Google's deep CIA and NSA connections - English › Opinion › Columnists

    Jun 17, 2013 - In 2004, the Director of Technology Assessment at In-Q-Tel, Rob Painter, moved from his old job directly serving the CIA to become 'Senior ...
  • 25 Cutting Edge Firms Funded By The CIA - Business Insider

    Business Insider
    by Walter Hickey - Aug 11, 2012 - A look at the Agency's investment firm, In-Q-Tel. ; ... Maybe you know their work, a little project eventually known as Google Earth. So, want to ...
  • In-Q-Tel: The CIA's Tax-Funded Player In Silicon Valley - NPR

    Jul 16, 2012 - Today, In-Q-Tel has become one of the most unusual investors in ... That company was later bought up by Google and became Google Earth.
  • In-Q-Tel: A Glimpse Inside the CIA's Venture-Capital Arm ...

    Fox Business Network
    Jun 14, 2013 - In a nod to its spy gadget origins, In-Q-Tel is said to be named in part ... aim not unlike the corporate venture capital arms of Intel and Google.
  • In-Q-Tel, Inc.: quotes & news - Google Finance

    Just where do spies go to get their toys? Well, James Bond had "Q," and the CIA hasIn-Q-Tel. While it doesn't deal in exploding pens or cars equipped with ...
  • Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in 'Future' of Web Monitoring ...

    by Noah Shachtman - Jul 28, 2010 - In-Q-Tel backed the mapping firm Keyhole, which was bought by Google in 2004 — and then became the backbone for Google Earth.
  • Startups Backed By The CIA - Forbes

    Nov 22, 2010 - In-Q-Tel invests in startups developing technologies that could prove ... which creates video analytics to make surveillance video “Google-able.

  • Elevator Pitch: Charles Hudson of SoftTech VC | SiliconBeat

    by Peter Delevett - Mar 24, 2014 - That firm was In-Q-Tel (the CIA's non-profit venture fund), and I ended up working there for ... Q: You've worked for both the CIA andGoogle.
    Missing: synapsense
  • Charles Hudson | SoftTechVC

    Prior to Gaia, Charles worked in New Business Development at Google and focused ... Charles spent several years working at In-Q-Tel, the strategic venture capital ... value to the CIA and the commercial market in both the short and long term.
  • CIA Falls for Cloud Computing in a Big Way

    CIA's Jill Singer: We Were Headed to Cloud Computing No Matter What

  • The most anticipated talk of the day yesterday, at the 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, was by the deputy CIO of the CIA, Jill Singer. Her talk was entitled, "Enterprise Cloud Computing, the Infrastructure’s Final Revenge."
  • She acknowledged the problem with defining Cloud Computing, and then went on to give her paragraph-length definition of “the cloud”. Her talk focused on the part of the Cloud behind the firewall.

    “Today’s CIO must increase the flexibility of the infrastructure,” said Singer. “Today’s CIO must manage cost to free dollars for [other purposes] …and work to improve the competitiveness of the larger organization.”
  • “Faster, Better, Cheaper, and Safer” was the overall theme of her talk, and she pointed out that the good CIO should be able to get all four out of a cloud computing environment.

    She then made parallels between an adaptable businesses and the various arms of business, comparing the business that responds to new realities quickly to FEMA, and businesses which reach out to customers in need like the US Department of State responding is with aid to countries that experience earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • She then followed with a definitions of clouds within clouds: “You need a storage cloud and a compute cloud on top of your network cloud,” said Singer. All of this needs to be build on top of world-class processes and governance.

    The CIA had been heading to an enterprise cloud whether it knew it or not. The agency, said Singer,  has also been working on evolving an SOA architecture for 7 years. Gartner first published the notion of SOA back in 2003, which implies that the CIA was a very early adopter of the set of architectural principles.
  • Singer focused on IT, but occasionally her CIA background came through. “The internet is the most perilous of attack vectors,” she said. She also used government-speak by using words like “Exfiltration,” which is the leaking of data outside an organization.

    In a talk filled with cloud boosterism, Singer was asked about what happens after the “cloud” craze.  She mentioned that they have been talking about “cloud” for about 18 months and the Cloud craze has not run its course, and will likely be around for at least another 18 months. She offered no indication as to what the CIA might use as an infrastructural organizing principle after cloud mania has run it’s course.

  • Jill Tummler Singer, Deputy Chief Information Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is now a Ulitzer author. Appointed in November 2006, Ms Singer is responsible for ensuring CIA has the information, technology, and infrastructure necessary to effectively execute its missions. Prior to her appointment as Deputy CIO, she served as the Director of the Diplomatic Telecommunications Service (DTS), United States Department of State, and was responsible for global network services to US foreign missions.
    Speaking at the recent GovIT Expo in Washington DC, Ms Singer highlighted cloud computing as an important CIO tool for quick and rapid provisioning of infrastructure to support business needs.
    "Cloud computing makes all of this possible through inexpensive, commodity-based components that you can daisy chain together with a few clicks on the keyboard. You need temporary storage or fast dedication of storage to a new effort; the storage cloud can do that. If you need compute power, you can call up a dozen new servers to improve processing time and then decommission those servers when your peak has subsided. Or, if you need on-demand security services to process sensitive data, Cloud Computing can give you a private enclave with a full suite of security services in a matter of minutes and not months."
    The full text of her remarks are available in Defining Enterprise Cloud Computing. (
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