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Malaysia MH17,Ukraine And Israeli ZioNasties And Jewish-Australian Space Cadet Fatima Dyczynski

Malaysia MH17,Ukraine And Israeli ZioNasties And Jewish-Australian  Space Cadet  Fatima Dyczynski 

Fatima(now that;s a nice Jewish name - NOT ! Ha! Ha! Ha!It's sort like naming their son Ishmael.Ha!Ha! Ha!

I noted a number of Russian speaking visitors to my website were looking at this particular blog post about Fatima.I didn-t even note she alledgedly lived in Germany until I put this comment re my post in Google translate.We Russians and Americans have a lot in common.we are both being robbed raped looted and murderered by sleazy Euro Trash that erroneously or lyingly claims to be 'Semites'.No wonder they the Zionists want to keep the American and Russian victims of their crimes at each others throats.I wish there were at least as many Americans who had some knowledge of Russian the language as Russians who  have some understanding of english.Most 'Jews' of course are from Russia or Eastern Europe and their religion encourages organized crimes not only against residents of the Middle East but more so against Russians and Eastern Europeans as if they have some unending historic or hysteric grudge.And if they get rid of them they will then go after the idiot fundamentalist Christians and unfortunately the rest of us in the Americas.They already slaughtered innocent Mayan people of Guatemala under the excuse the Maya were 'communists' and yet it is the Rothschild's family who are cousins to Carl Marx NOT Mayan people.

MacRus wrote (a): 
Ah, this is one of Fatima 4 German victims from which it seems parents live in Australia and she is the last 7 years living in Germany, in general in Germany no one saw her and knows no neighbors or relatives or anyone. 
And by the way all of the German victims of recent years have not lived in Germany, very comfortable ... the victim. 
Here is interesting about her. 
http://politicalandsciencerhymes.blogsp ... ewish.html 
Edited MacRus (Today, 1:28)

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    — 26 July 201

    Mossad Clique Exposed Faking it as MH17 Parents plus Passenger
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    Mossad Clique Exposed Faking it as MH17 Parents plus Passenger

    It is the Israeli Mossad and its collaborators which are behind the MH17 crash hoax. Based in Australia Mossad agents George Dyczynski and Angela Rupart Dyczynski are Israeli spies. Masquerading as Australians and part-time Dutch they are Israeli agents, dual citizens.
    Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski mother of Fatima Dyczynski
    Dyczynskii is a hoaxer to the extreme. The Dyczynski clique’s role is to fabricated the death of their daughter. Yet, now, suddenly they claim she is still alive.
    There is nothing wrong with this woman, Fatima Dyczynski. She is alive and well.
    ’We still think she is alive’
    She is apparently greater than life. Here is what the family has to say about her:
    The Netherlands is a mere staging area, as it is for many arch-Zionists. Her real enclave appears to be Jerusalem:
    It is an entire family of arch-Zionist liars and deceivers, leading by the bombastic one herself, criminal mind Angela Rudhart-Dyczynski. Considering the degree of this fraud it is no surprise what is the nature of her actual profession, a drug-pushing clinical psychologist:
    It seems her Website is a shill company, just like her daughter’s. No one in this universe can find her believable or her lying, fabricating husband. They did this for pay and also to promote Zionism. Too, their daughter is directly involved. The only element that she speaks that is true is that her daughter is alive.
    Looking for their daughter ... George and Angela Dyczynski, parents of MH17 victim Fatima
    Who in the world would go to an airliner crash site to search for the remains of their daughter? It couldn’t get more ludicrous than this. Mr. Dyczynski thinks the same:
    These people are filthy fraudsters spewing lies and fabrications on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal. Her video performances are among the most unbelievably asinine ones ever seen, that is regarding death hoaxes.
    The Dyczynskis are working on behalf of the Zionist murder machine. Through their treachery they are cohorts in great crimes against humanity, the mass slaughter of unarmed, defenceless innocents, the people of Gaza, the Ukraine, and far more. The entire passenger list is infested with wretched Mossad agents, faking it as grieving parents as well as dead passengers. Essentially, it is beyond a mere hoax. It is getting ridiculous beyond belief.

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