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9/11,Jeb Bush,Yasem bin Laden And Huffman Aviation Venice Florida

9/11,Jeb Bush,Yasem bin Laden  And Huffman Aviation Venice Florida

In regards ton 9/11 I believe the Israeli government agentrs swpooks terrorisdt money launderers of ICTS International conveniently 'guarding Logan Airport Boston to be much more important than what transpiured at Huffman Aviation in grat part because although the heroin and cocaine trafficking Wally Hilliard who has been photograghed with Jeb Bush who helped premote hisd short lived Florida commuter operation - still NO surveillance video of Egyptian Mohamad Atta and the Saudis boarding at Logasn Boston that infamous mirning has ever been made available by Menachem Atzmon who heade the ICTS International operation at Logan as well as Schiphol Airport Amsterdam and around the world has ever been provided and the war criminals who run the U.S.government for Israel and their City of London Jewish Zionist Rothschild crime bosses have ever had to testify........So inpart I believe Daniel Hopsicker is covering up for them as well using Atta's training or piuloting at Huffnman as a smoke screen.

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07 - SEC - Securities and ...
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Jan 28, 2008 - On the other hand Titan Corp did have 'business' in Florida ..... Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation terrorist flight ...

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07 - SEC - Securities and ...
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Sep 10, 2007 - In 2005 shortly after NCANS did their $100,000+ letter-ad to W Bush,, ...... Why did Osama bin Laden choose Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation ...

Jeb Bush’s 9/11 problem

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire two weeks ago, Jeb Bush was asked a question for which he clearly wasn’t prepared, which hearkened back to Bush’s time as Florida Governor. You can see the question here.jeb10

“According to Sergeant Marty (Mike) Treanor and other law enforcement officials in Sarasota Florida, the files pertaining to 9/11 hijacker pilots Marwan Al-Shehhi and Mohamed Atta from Huffman Aviation Flight School in Venice Florida were loaded onto two Ryder trucks and driven onto a C-130 cargo plane which left Sarasota the day after 9/11,” began newly-minted radio talk show host Mike Jackman, who with his brother comprise a media outlet pols this election season can ill afford to miss appearing on called  Jackman Radio.
jackman-bros“Is it true that you were onboard the C-130? And, if so, can you tell us what became of the files?”
According to those who were there, a certain amount of discomfort ensued. Bush, who has appeared as limp as overcooked spaghetti on the campaign trail, visibly stiffened. 

"How weird"

UrgentEmergency“No. Not true,” he replied. Then, as an aside to those sitting in front row of his town hall meeting, he said, “How weird.”
Bush began taking another question, then stopped. His voice rising slightly to convey indignation, he said, “I was in the Emergency Operations Center trying to make sure the state of Florida was safe… trying to work with local officials to figure out how to make sure another attack wouldn’t hit and devastate our economy…That’s what I did.”
“So, that was kind of a weird… (question.)”
222ddNo, Governor, not really. What would be "weird" would be if you could back up your off-the-cuff and very startled assertion that on the day after 9/11 you were in the Florida Emergency Center with anything like proof. Because there are a number of people who know you can't.  
Jackman’s question refers to evidence uncovered during my investigation into the activities of the 9/11 hijackers in Venice.  And somewhere in there Jackman had also referenced Wally Hilliard and Rudi Dekkers, the principals in Hoffman Aviation. When he did, one observer noted, Bush seemed to freeze slightly.
Perhaps that has something to do with the little-known fact that a Learjet belonging to Hilliard, who owned the Venice flight school that trained both pilots who flew planes into the World Trade Center Towers, had been caught carrying 43 pounds of heroin by DEA agents in July of 2000.
Just weeks earlier, Jeb Bush’s Secretary of State, the infamous Katherine Harris, had heaped praise on Hilliard's start-up commuter airline, Florida Air.

Requiem for an honest cop

treanorWhat follows is a re-cap from primary sources who were there —including local official and aviation observers—about what took place on the day after 9/11.
And, after that, one final astonishing disclosure, a world exclusive, revealed here for the first time.
But first, a word about the sources of the information about Bush, who it came from, and how I learned of it. In his question, Jackman references Mike (Marty) Treanor from the Venice Police Department.
Treanor was the first person to tell me of Jeb Bush’s flight to Washington with the files from Huffman Aviation and the Venice Police Department. But not the last.
“The FBI took all our files, everything,” Treanor told me. “They loaded the files right outside this window into two Ryder trucks, then drove them right onto a C-130 military cargo plane at the Sarasota Airport, which took off for Washington with Jeb Bush aboard.”
Treanor wasn’t a flake, or a name I made up. He’d been quoted in national news reports right after 9/11.
huffman aviation“Det. Sgt. Mike Treanor of the Venice Police Department said that FBI agents had obtained the two suspects' school records from the Huffman school and the Voss home and identified them as two of the men who agents believe flew the hijacked jets,” reported the LA Times on Sept 13 2001.
“Treanor said FBI agents were drawn to Venice after finding Arabic language flight manuals in a car at the Boston airport.”
“’This one man, Atta," said Treanor, "was confirmed on one of the planes that hit the towers.’”

"Like Leisure World…without the bright lights"

JETSMy personal involvement began the day after 9/11, with the news that three of the four terrorist pilots had learned to fly in tiny Venice Florida, a sleepy retirement community on Florida’s Gulf Coast. And immediately—there’s no other way to say this—I smelled a rat. For two reasons:
First, I knew Venice. My parents retired there in the early 80’s. And being a (semi)-dutiful son, I’d visit them regularly, flying in from California, where I lived. And if by the third or fourth night I was there I was restless enough to feel the need to go out and have a beer, I knew from personal experience that there was no place to go, and nothing to do… because Venice, Florida has the second oldest population in the entire United States. Picture Sun City, or Leisure World… only without the bright lights.
So what were young men with no known fetishes for blue-haired widows doing in Venice? Especially considering there are 220 other flight schools in Florida alone? 
It didn’t make sense.

Things that don't make sense for $200, please

733357And second, the way the news quietly dribbled out didn't make sense, either. That three of the four terrorist pilots—including both pilots who slammed planes in the World Trade Center Towers—had learned to fly in Venice instantly made Venice Florida the biggest September 11th crime scene that wasn’t reduced to rubble.
But when I rolled into Venice Florida three months after 9/11, there hadn’t been any spotting of Bob Woodward or Seymour Hersh or Michael Isikoff at any local watering holes.
The town seemed eerily quiet. Quiet but jittery, I discovered.  In 25 years of visiting the parents I hadn’t remembered ever even seeing a cop, but on my first day in town, I was pulled over twice by local police.
Neither traffic stop resulted in a ticket. But when I wondered aloud if it might be prudent to pay a courtesy call on the Police Chief, the courteous officer allowed that it might.

Paying a courtesy call on the Chief 

policedept-exteriorSo I slid on by the new Police Headquarters to say hello. The Chief wasn’t in, or if he was, wasn’t receiving. And that’s how I met the Sergeant on duty, Mike Treanor, who proved congenial enough for me to ask the burning question I had about Huffman’s manager Rudi Dekkers, who had been everywhere on television during the days after the attack.
My strong suspicion was that every word out of his mouth had been a lie. So I asked my question. “Does Rudi Dekkers’ have any local priors (prior arrests)?”
Sergeant Treanor sighed. He started to say something. He thought better of it. And then he sighed again.

"Trust local before state. And never trust the Feds"

treanor2When Treanor died of cancer in 2008, his obituary in the Sarasota Herald Tribune called him the “voice of the Venice Police Department.”
“His professionalism, compassion and occasional humor had earned him the respect of his colleagues in law enforcement,” said a fellow officer. "He was gregarious, friendly and had a big heart.”
Moreover, he wasn’t afraid of speaking his mind. He was openly critical of a Venice Chief of Police— even filing a complaint against him for improperly handling a criminal investigation—for more than a year before the Chief was forced out.
And that’s why I think, when I spoke with him, in 2002, he told the truth. Because that’s who he was. He was an honest local cop.
Treanor said he couldn’t tell us if Dekkers had been in any trouble in Venice. All of his files were gone.
I asked, “Gone?”

Gone and never to return 

maxresdefault"The FBI took all our files, everything. They loaded the files right outside this window," Treanor said, indicating the parking lot outside the station, ‘into two Ryder trucks, then drove them onto a C-130 military cargo plane at the Sarasota airport, which took off for Washington with Jeb Bush aboard”
At the time, I was unaware of the Governor of Florida’s national security responsibilities. The important point seemed to be that taking all the Venice Police Department’s files was a lot different than merely copying them.
Much later, I received confirmation that Jeb Bush was aboard the C-130 that took off from Sarasota Airport. It came from the man who had been in charge of the flight crew. That’s usually the pilot. But when this man asked to remain anonymous, I completely understood, as will anyone who remembers what happened to CIA pilot Richard Brenneke.
Brenneke piloted a flight carrying CIA Director Bill Casey and then-Vice-President George H.W. Bush aboard on their way to a meeting in Europe where they conspired with Iranian officials to keep 53 American hostages in captivity until Ronald Reagan took office.
It was called the "October Surprise." 

Can you handle the truth?

fbi-building-at-nightThe man who confirmed that Jeb Bush was aboard the C-130 was, I knew for a fact, also a CIA pilot,with experience flying Lockheed C-5 Galaxy military cargo planes, among the largest military aircraft in the world.
In addition to confirming Jeb Bush’s presence on the plane, he had one other piece of startling, and dispiriting, news. Everyone I’d spoken to with knowledge of the flight had assumed the files from Huffman Aviation, and the criminal records of the Venice Police Department, were being flown to FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
The FBI never got them. The files never got there. They were diverted to McLean Virginia. If memory serves, that's the home of the CIA. Repeated phone calls to the Venice Police Department on whether the files were ever returned received no response. It doesn't take a psychic to figure out that means they were never returned. 
Somebody should ask Jeb Bush what he knows about that.

Wednesday   December 17, 2014

Jeb Bush Commits HIGH TREASON in the Middle of the Night When He STOLE 9/11 Material Evidence from the Venice Flight School

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with reporter Sarah McClendon in December 1992

UNITED States of America -  

Why did Jeb Bush and federal agents seize records from Huffman Aviation - Florida flight school of Mohammed Atta, and other 9/11 hijackers - in the middle of the night following the attacks of September 11th and load them onto a C-130? And why did Jeb Bush know, hours after the attack, where to look?

"Whatever secrets Dekkers may possess about the terrorists, records from his flight school were deemed sensitive enough to have merited being escorted back to Washington by Florida Governor Jeb Bush aboard a C-130 cargo plane, which left Sarasota less than 24 hours after the September 11 attack."

Interview of investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker
Valentine: The federal authorities came in and grabbed up all of the records of the flight school.
Hopsicker:  That’s right. They flew them out on a plane that also had Jeb Bush aboard.

Jeb Bush took control of hijacker flight records
by Tom Flocco

Lead hijacker Mohammed Atta took numerous taxicab rides in August, 2001, just before the 9/11 attacks, to and from Huffman Aviation Flight School in Venice, Florida--just south of Sarasota, according to The website reported that Yellow cab driver Bob Simpson said Atta was accompanied by Huffman’s owner Rudi Dekkers during two of the trips which were confirmed in the cab company’s Sarasota office log books.

WKMG TV-6 in Orlando reported that Mohammed Atta was using a pay phone at Orlando International Airport (OIA) in late August, 2001--just before the attacks--according to a surveillance camera tape. Officials said Atta had called a number in the Middle East from the airport at the exact time that a Saudi name "al-Qahtani was turned away from entering the U.S. at OIA by immigration agent Jose Melendez-Perez. (1-19-2004)

According to Mad Cow Productions, Simpson took Atta and Dekkers once to a restaurant in Venice and another time, he picked the two up at the residence of former Huffman employee Charlie Voss, in whose home hijackers Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi lived for a week when they arrived in Venice.

Also confirmed by the Yellow cab office manager was the fact that the FBI "expressed a keen interest" in the cab rides Atta had taken with the company’s other driver, who worked nights.

Huffman’s Dekkers issued what may have been a false statement in sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in March, 2002 that "his relationship with the terrorist ringleader had been distant and had ended the previous December, 2000--nine months before the attacks.

MadCowMorningNews also reported that the day after the 9/11 attacks the local police in Venice had collected all the files detailing Dekkers’ relationships and business with the hijackers.

Curiously however, one local law enforcement official said, "The FBI took all our files, everything." Then he added, "they loaded two Ryder trucks right outside that (police station) window, then drove them right onto a C-130 military cargo plane at Sarasota airport which flew out with [Governor] Jeb Bush aboard." And there went all the hijacker evidence.

Governor Jeb Bush has never been asked to publicly testify by anyone about where he took all the Florida flight school records pertaining to both dead and remaining Muslim pilots still in Florida.

The documents, confiscated by Governor Bush, would reveal whether the alleged hijackers possessed the necessary skill to fly jumbo jets, but also information regarding their test scores, personality ratings, residences, financial payment records and flight training after-action reports, etc. All this, while also having met in private with his brother, President George W. Bush, the night before the attacks at the Colony Beach and Tennis Club at Longboat Key, Florida.

9/11: No Grand Jury, No Prosecutors, No Justice, No Accountability

P.S. At this hour the Bush-Clinton Crooked Bank Crime Family Syndicate have outsourced NAZI Paperclip NSA technology to the NAZI-Zionist Israeli Mossad in Haifa, Israel and the Japanese Mafia aka the Yakuza in Hiroshima, Japan to tap the cell phones, intercept and spoof text messages as well has hacking websites and email accounts of patriotic American citizens opposed to this Bush-Clinton NAZI criminal filth.

Direct message to NAZI scumbag Jeb Bush: You, along with fellow NAZI scumbag Dick Cheney and the NAZI Paperclip NSA have already committed two coup d' etats against against the American People.

Stay tuned.


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