Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Israel:Art Garfunkel Warns Influx of Muslims 'Could Change the Nature of Europe

Art Garfunkel Warns Influx of Muslims 'Could Change the Nature of Europe

He has a point,however he should warn about Israelis as well.Most of the Middle East  and Libyan origen refugees now are running from Israeli terrorism that began when Israeli and City of London Rothschild war criminals orchestrated 9/11.Israel now thinks it to its advantage to herd Middle East moslems towards Europe just as Nazi,(National Zionist) terror  helped herd secular Jews towards Palestine pre and during WWII.Hitler and the Rothschilds founded Israel with German taxpayers money.Israel also sees destabilizing
Europe,Russia,and the U.S. to their myopic advantage regardless of pain it inflictsd on Jews in those countries..

    Art Garfunkel Warns Influx of Muslims 'Could Change the Nature of ...

    Breitbart News-Sep 21, 2015
    Art Garfunkel, of Simon and Garfunkel fame, recently told the Daily Mail that the influx of Muslim migrants into Europe “could change the nature ...
    Story image for art garfunkel from Headlines & Global News

    Art Garfunkel: Muslims Are Changing Europe, War

    Headlines & Global News-9 hours ago
    Art Garfunkel, half of the legendary singing duo Simon & Garfunkel, expressed his concern about the influx of Muslims migrating to Europe.

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