Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lintel 24 ancient Maya limestone carving from Yaxchilan,linda schele collection

Lintel 24  ancient Maya limestone carving from Yaxchilan,linda schele colection

linda schele colection


Lintel 24 is the designation given by modern archaeologists to an ancient Maya limestone carving from Yaxchilan, in modern ChiapasMexico. The lintel dates to about AD 725, placing it within the Maya Late Classic period. The text ofMaya hieroglyphics indicates that the scene depicted is a bloodletting ritual that took place on 5 Eb 15 Mac, October 24, AD 709.[1] The ruler, Shield Jaguar, holds a torch while his consort, Lady Xoc, pulls a rope studded with what are now believed to be obsidian shards through her tongue in order to conjure a vision serpent.

Yaxchilan Lintel 24.jpg

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