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U.S.,UK,EU Zionists Fascists Who Stick Together -Organized Crime And The UK Rothschild Russian Jewish Mafia

U.S.,UK,EU Zionists-Fascists Who Stick Together -Organized Crime And The UK Rothschild Russian Jewish Mafia


Juncker (left)

1. One of the arguments put forward by those who want the UK to leave the European Union is that the European Union is led by people like Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission.

Juncker, the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, has partial Jewish ancestry.

Brabantian reminds us that in 2013, "Luxembourg courts declared Juncker guilty of playing a role in the cover-up of the actions of the Luxembourg policemen who conducted Luxembourg's early 1980s Operation Gladio bombings."

In the 1980s, "Luxembourg spies were involved in a series of bombings...

"Together with military and intelligence agents from multiple European countries, they were part of Operation Gladio, a clandestine illegal paramilitary organization."

Juncker was aware of the actions of these 'terrorists' but took no action.

The terrorist activities of Gladio were organised by the CIA and its friends.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Juncker Resigns .

The CIA is linked to the child abuse rings and terrorist attacks used by the elite to control the countries of Europe.


Of course, if the UK wants to loosen the grip of the CIA and its friends, it also has to leave NATO.

An 'independent' Scotland would not be truly independent if it was in both the EU and NATO.


2. One of the arguments put forward by those who want the UK to leave the European Union is that a UK outside the EU could become like Switzerland, which is neither in the EU nor in NATO.

Switzerland is regarded as being wealthier and happier than the UK.

Switzerland officially the happiest country on Earth.

The EU takes almost half of British exports.

"If Britain left the EU but wanted full access to the European single market, "it would have to observe almost all the EU's rules.

"That is the case in Norway and Switzerland, non-members that both also pay into the EU budget (in Norway’s case, roughly 90% of Britain’s net contribution per head)."

The reluctant European | The Economist.

A post-British-exit Britain "would be excluded from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)".

The reluctant European | The Economist.

The TTIP is seen as being a tool by which big American corporations will control countries who are part of the partnership.

3. If the UK leaves the EU, that does not guarantee an end to Globalisation, the process by which American companies end up controlling everything and end up moving their factories to 'cheap labour' countries.

If the UK wants to be 'independent' it has to build up its own industries.

Airports used by the CIA or its torture programme. It looks like Scotland and Ireland are already controlled by the CIA. Bush and Cheney - trial for war crimes.

4. There is a danger that if the UK leaves the EU it could become even more of a colony of the USA.

Many of the UK politicians who want the UK to leave the EU are very pro-USA and very pro-Israel.

"William Hague offered the US ambassador a 'pro-American' government. 

"Hague also said the entire Conservative leadership were, like him, 'staunchly Atlanticist'..."

pro-American regime.

Evelyn de Rothschild

5. Obama has urged the UK to stay in the European Union.

Other people urging the UK to stay in the European Union include:

Peter Mandelson (friend of the Rothschilds)Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch.


The UK should leave the EU, and it should also leave NATO.

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