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Mayan Holocaust:Israeli genocidist war criminal Uri Roitman, Hugo Roitman or Hugo Rodolfo Roitman Braier

Baldetti y Roitman - CMI Guatemala
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Apr 29, 2015 - Los vínculos históricos de Pérez Molina con la inteligencia militar israelita, es lo que permite observar la presencia de Roitman en los contratos ...

Baldetti y Roitman: Larga historia de nexos y conexos

Fuente: Plaza Pública
Fuente: Plaza Pública

By Luis Solano, April 28, 2015.
How the participation of Uri Roitman, Hugo Roitman or Hugo Rodolfo Roitman Braier (which are the names by which it is known to the military and Israeli entrepreneur) in the messy business of the formula for the "cleansing" of Lake Amatitlan was conceived, It is a question that will gradually clearer.
Roitman has more than three decades after arriving in Guatemala, in the context of the counterinsurgency war when the government and Israel's military intelligence was fully involved in the internal armed conflict.
Businesses related to private security services and their links with the Embassy of Israel, have been one of their main bases to consolidate the business world and government contracts.
But his ties with the Patriotic Party (PP) are actually leading you to big business during the administration of General Otto Perez Molina. No wonder. Perez Molina had a, like military training promotion which was called The Union, in the so-calledSchool of Israel, contrary to what happened with their opposites, The Brotherhood, which he did with the School of Taiwan.
Its historical links with the Israeli Perez Molina military intelligence is what allows us to observe the presence of Roitman in the PP government contracts.

Pérez Molina, ROITMAN and Israel in the Lucas García government

During the government of General Fernando Romeo Lucas García (1978-1982), the then largest Otto Perez Molina was part of the Presidential General Lucas Garcia, ie, a member of the intelligence unit and presidential security.
With this government, virtually co-governed Family sugar Granados, related to Miguel Garcia Granados, president of Guatemala between 1871 and 1873, and was also closely related to the president Lucas García and his brother Benedict, then Chief of the General Staff of the Army .
"We related to them", Benedicto Lucas Garcia said in an interview Contrapoder Magazine (No. 1, May 3, 2013). "But Israel will pass a pension to Granados, the descendants, by the vote of Guatemala to the creation of the State of Israel, hence the money came from them. Raul was a shrewd, astute businessman, but I do not know about money. "
Raul Garcia-Granados Quiñónez was during the government of Lucas Garcia Secretary of the Presidency, and also secretary general of the ruling Revolutionary Party. At the same time he was the president of Buena Tierra sugar mill owned by the family group AGROINSA. His father, Jorge Garcia-Granados, was ambassador to the United Nations (UN) in 1948 voted in favor of the formation of the State of Israel, and in 1956 Guatemala was the first country to establish an embassy in Jerusalem, with Garcia -Granados as ambassador.
During the government of Lucas Garcia, a son of Garcia-Granados Quiñónez was kidnapped by guerrillas of the Guerrilla Army of the Poor (EGP). It was Jorge Raul Garcia-Granados de Garay.In that same government, the director of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT) was Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen, current City Mayor, and then married to Silvia Garcia Granados de Garay.After the coup against Lucas Garcia, the family withdrew their investments to Venezuela where consolidated a powerful sugar mill, through AGROINSA. In the 90s, Jorge Raul became the key figure of the Good Group, the corporate group García-Granados family in Guatemala, one of the major economic groups.
In 1975, Lucas Garcia had founded Yalpemech Agropecuaria SA in the Franja Transversal del Norte (FTN), together with employers Raul Garcia-Granados Jorge Quinonez and his son Raul, which indicated their kinship and their economic interests . It was the time when political and military began to acquire land during colonization of the FTN.
Says elPeriódico (April 13, 2015) that Ury or Hugo Roitman, arrived in Guatemala under President Lucas Garcia, "a soldier of fortune of the Granados family, and later emigrated to Mexico because of the enormous suspicion generated by stay with bailouts of kidnappings of wealthy people whose families advised, has offered a lot of money to deliver him some compromising photos of the Luquista time, showing him involved in serious violations of human rights. Roitman returned to Guatemala with very low ... "profile.
The presence of Roitman in Guatemala is supposed occurred in late 1979 when the kidnapping of Jorge Raul Garcia-Granados de Garay, where he arrived supposedly to help solve their release which occurred in January 1980, after the payment is made a millionaire rescue in the jungles of Guatemala, the daily Chart (now defunct) -18 January 1980.


Roitman's name reappears under President Alvaro Arzu, when he founded the company TSS Airborne Division, SA, located in the 3rd street 3-42 zone 8, Ciudad San Cristobal. This address is the same that gives M.   Tarcic   Engineering Ltd., the company that was in charge of the failed project of "clean" Lake Amatitlan, and by order of the Government Accounting Office shall terminate the contract.
The company TSS Airborne Division was established in 1997 to provide aviation security to the company Tikal Jets Airlines, founded in 1992. The ownership of the airline belonged to two powerful businessmen: Joseph (Joe) and Jose Antonio Nigris Habie Arzu Irigoyen, the first textile factory owner and Liztex Tikal Futura Hotel, the second hotel entrepreneur and brother of President Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen (1996-1999).
Both Habie Nigris Antonio Arzu already died and Tikal Jets disappeared as an airline in 2006 but was renamed World Aviation SA and hangars it occupies in the La Aurora Airport are still hired under the name of Tikal Jets according to Address General of Civil Aviation.
Habie textilero Nigris was the son of businessman Alberto Habie Mishaan, killed by guerrillas in 1980 when he chaired the CACIF. Habie Mishaan Israelites had origins and like his son, were known members of the Jewish community in Guatemala. Therefore it is considered that was another case in which it is assumed he was involved as a researcher Ury Roitman.
Roitman who was in charge of security Habie family in the 1990s, he became President of Tikal Jets, also known as Tikal Air, until its demise in 2006.


The airline seems to be missing an important link of what is currently happening. Two characters stand out in this.
On the one hand, Tikal Jets vice president, a position he had the tourism entrepreneur Charles Stuart Riley Mers, who served as member of the Executive Committee of the Patriot Party, led by the Ministry of International Affairs, from its founding in 2002.
The management of international marketing of Tikal Jets, was in the hands of Juan Ramón Solórzano Henkle, former son of Perez Molina, and is now advisor MINGOB.
According to research elPeriódico current President Otto Perez Molina owns the company Planex, SA (Plant Export, SA) -elPeriódico, December 19, 2011 and April 28, 2015).
Henkle Solorzano, a retired military officer, was General Manager between 2008 and 2013. Planex Solorzano Henkle and Riley Mers are directors of G Corporation, owner of G Boutique Hotel, Mariscos, Izabal. Both appear as partners in the hotel, but whether Perez Molina is also a partner.
According elPeriódico, Planex, SA is the company that acquired a farm of Otto Perez Molina, in Boca Ancha, Seafood, Izabal, adjacent to the land occupied G Boutique Hotel.
The employer Riley Mers also serves as vice president of Maya Vacations, SA, a company which has ties Henkle Solorzano. Henkle Solorzano is administrator and manager of several tourism companies between these Mayan Vacations, Travel Maya Maya and Marketing. Maya vacation contractor has been in the state.
All these companies have registered as tax domicile Boulevard Juan Pablo II 7-15 zona 13, the same as recorded Tikal Jets and now the Air World. Along the same lines are the hangars of the company Latin American Aeronautical Technical Support (LAATS), the most important Guatemalan company that provides maintenance services to national and international at the International Airport La Aurora airlines.
According elPeriódico during the 2011 election campaign, in which helicopters traveling Pérez Molina took off precisely from this place. The only manager is Francisco Alfredo Juarez LAATS Spain.
LAATS is the largest aircraft maintenance company at the airport La Aurora, and has relationships with almost all national and international companies, including Guatemalan Air Transport (TAG) to which the aircraft used the Baldetti vice president in its "dark belongs "return to Guatemala.
It is concluded that Roitman, with close historical ties to the Israeli Embassy in Guatemala, and appeared in the contract with Tarcic to "cleanse" Lake Amatitlan, was conceived in part by tissue bonds from the counterinsurgency war with families and military Guatemalan linked to Israeli intelligence.

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