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Carlos 'the Jackel',a Israel Zionist connection? OPEC BOMBING,General Charles de Gaulle Assination Attempt

Carlos 'the Jackel',an Israel Zionist connection?

Reminds me of 'Catcher ib the Rye' and John Lennon assassination......During the 1967 '3 day war' France was the suppier of all war planes used by Isra-hell.

France - The Six-Day War

French fighter jets made up the backbone of Israel's airforce on the eve of the Six ...Charles de Gaulle's election in 1958 to the Presidency of France had begun a ... withFrance, an irritated Couve de Murville replied that "General de Gaulle ...

De Gaulle Calls Jews Domineering, Israel an Expansionist ...

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
27, 1967, when President Charles de Gaulle of France publicly described ... by two of the world's great elder statesmen, David Ben-Gurion and De Gaulle.2.

The Day of the Jackal - Frederick Forsyth

Historical Background

The OAS (Organisation de l’Armee Secrete) were a group of extremists who came together in 1961 to oppose the French President - Charles De Gaulle’s policy of granting independence to Algeria, as a means to end the Algerian war. The majority of OAS membership constituted Algerian settlers of French origin, who considered Algeria to be sovereign French territory. They intended to keep Algeria under French control by assassinating De Gaulle......

Six-Day War[edit]

With tension rising in the Middle East in 1967, de Gaulle on 2 June declared an arms embargo against Israel, just three days before the outbreak of the Six-Day War. This, however, did not affect spare parts for the French military hardware with which the Israeli armed forces were equipped.[150]
This was an abrupt change in policy. In 1956 France, Britain and Israel had cooperated in an elaborate effort to retake the Suez Canal from Egypt. Israel's air force operated French Mirage and Mystère jets in the Six-Day War, and its navy was building its new missile boats in Cherbourg. Though paid for, their transfer to Israel was now blocked by de Gaulle's government. But they were smuggled out in an operation that drew further denunciations from the French government. The last boats took to the sea in December 1969, directly after a major deal between France and now-independent Algeria exchanging French armaments for Algerian oil.[151]
Under de Gaulle, following the independence of Algeria, France embarked on foreign policy more favorable to the Arab side. President de Gaulle's position in 1967 at the time of the Six Day War played a part in France's new-found popularity in the Arab world.[152] Israel turned towards the United States for arms, and toward its own industry.
In a televised news conference on 27 November 1967, de Gaulle described the Jewish people as "this elite people, sure of themselves and domineering".[153] In his letter to David Ben-Gurion dated 9 January 1968, he explained that he was convinced that Israel had ignored his warnings and overstepped the bounds of moderation by taking possession of Jerusalem, and so much Jordanian, Egyptian, and Syrian territory by force of arms. He felt Israel had exercised repression and expulsions during the occupation and that it amounted to annexation. He said that provided Israel withdrew its forces, it appeared that it might be possible to reach a solution through the UN framework which could include assurances of a dignified and fair future for refugees and minorities in the Middle East, recognition from Israel's neighbours, and freedom of navigation through the Gulf of Aqaba and the Suez Canal.[154]....................................................

"After OPEC, there were as many Carlos sightings as there are recipes for chili," notes Brian Jenkins, Los Angeles-based deputy chairman of Kroll Associates, an international business investigations and security firm, who is writing a history of international terrorism.
For a while, some intelligence sources detected the hand of Carlos in the 1972 slaying of 10 Israeli athletes and a coach by Palestinian guerrillas at the Munich Olympics and in the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight by Palestinian and European commandos to Entebbe, Uganda. But he had played no part.
Even the catchy sobriquet "the Jackal," tacked on to the nom de guerre of Carlos that he got from Palestinian guerrillas, may have been the invention of the myth-makers. Supposedly, a copy of Frederick Forsyth's bestselling novel "The Day of the Jackal," which recounts the tale of a British mercenary hired to kill Gen. Charles de Gaulle, was found in a London apartment where Carlos stashed firearms, explosives and phony documents. Jacquard and some other longtime trackers of Carlos think the story is a journalistic fabrication.


A British newspaper,The Guardian,dubbed international terrorist Ilich Ramiraz Sanchez 'The Jackel' in 1975 ater plice raiders fond a copy of Forsyth's novel in the fugitives London apartment.Twenty years later a Hebrew translation turned up in the possession of Yigal Amir,right wing assassin of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.At the time,police suggested he used the novel as a 'how to' model for murder.though in fact he used a pistol to kill Rabin at close range,rather than employing a sniper rifle. -Famous Assassinations in World History: An Encyclopedia  By Michael Newton

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination ...
Michael Collins Piper - 2004 - ‎Presidents
PLOTS TO ASSASSINATE CHARLES DeGAULLE Public controversy surrounding ... in assassination plots aimed at French President Charles DeGaulle. ... who, as a young senator, riled the Israeli lobby by calling for Algerian independence in 1957. ... novel (later turned into a popular motion picture), The Day of the Jackal.

Ben-Gurion Letter to French General Charles de Gaulle ...

Jewish Virtual Library
Letter to French General Charles de Gaulle ... which has grown in the Land of Israeland our of the Jewish People, but to which the Jews refused to adhere – became the dominant .... (Riad as-Sulah was later assassinated by an Arab extremist.).

Charles de Gaulle - The 10 Craziest Failed Assassination ...

Aug 22, 2012 - While de Gaulle and his wife were traveling from Elysee Palace to Orly .... ordered two Israeli Mossad agents to assassinate Mashal, who was, ...

Israel's Central Role in JFK Assassination, Who's Who in ...'

Considering all of the theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that .... CIA is something which is becoming more and more known to the general public. .....Charles DeGaulle - Repeatedly targeted for assassination by Israeli-allied ...

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