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Guatemala Russian Igor Bitkov ;"Comte & Font - Legalsa" was related to Israeli Passport Money Landerer Uri Roitman, because David Font, regularly visited the office of Uri Roitman and later to Uri in Mariscal Zavala prison, before he obtained his freedom mysteriously.

Guatemala Russian Igor Bitkov ;"Comte & Font - Legalsa" was related to Israeli Passport Money Landerer Uri Roitman, because David Font, regularly visited the office of Uri Roitman and later to Uri in Mariscal Zavala prison, before he obtained his freedom mysteriously.

I am most interested in your opinion of Israeli sheister money launderer and I believe worse,who appeared in Guatemala on the eve of the Maya holocaust of the early 1980s,At first I tought you had gotten your Guatemala passport from from him but that appears not to be the case and his Florida corporation and Guatemala government contratct to issue passports in fact occured after you aleardy had your passport.
Roitman was set free obviously because of his Israeli government connections including with ex Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala Bacchar and more so to the Israeli military industrial complex who who he was allied to and with just like his pal General Otto Perez Molina who some believe was responsable in the assassination of Bishop Gerardi.Under pseudo nym Major Tito he(ex President General Oscar Perez Molina)  was a walkng advertisement for Israeli arms sales around 1980
What do you think of Israeli,Chabad Lubavitch control of Guatemala and Russian and U.S.and UK governments?

Banco Ruso VTB Bank APELA AMPARO DEFINITIVO de Igor Bitkov ...

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The dark powers
Written by Igor Bitkov on May 27, 2017 Leave a comment
CLARIFICATION: The following analytical article is based on journalistic publications, well-known facts or of public knowledge of which I quote the sources at the end.
Dear friends:
Every time, when I write about injustices that happen to us, I feel that someone, who handles this situation and is making fun of all the justice in Guatemala ... In the case of our family (#Migration Case) there have been a number of irregularities which have been challenged by our lawyers without giving the fruits that "Justice" establishes.

Image result for erika aifan

Let's fix our attention to what should be but regrettable it is not:

WHAT SHOULD BE ACCORDING TO LAW: The law is very clear in defining what and who can be listed as adhesive plaintiffs, as well as the legitimate interests that must be accredited THEREFORE the Russian Bank VTB Bank as required by law should not be admitted as Complainant adhesive situation that several lawyers who have approached me coincide.

AND WHAT ACTUALLY OCCURS IN THE COURT: The Russian bank VTB is within the case of migration as a plaintiff sticker with the lie of a supposed millionaire swindle which has never existed and the "alleged" evidence that Judge Erika Aifan assessed as legitimate interest were "simple illegible photocopies."

I wanted to understand what motivated the Representatives of the Russian Bank VTB in Guatemala to carry out their arguments so full of lies for my case and that of my family so I started from the beginning to ask who was the lawyer, or signature that He represented that Russian bank in Guatemala with the purpose of facing and demanding that he stop telling us so many lies and at the same time the information that everyone knows ... The lawyers representing in Guatemala to that Russian bank (VTB Bank) belong to a signature which is known as "Comte & Font - Legalsa"

And who hired "Comte & Font - Legalsa" for our case? I asked myself? ; more what I found in the background was overwhelming and worse than happening in Guatemala
I get information that the people who hired them and pay the owners of the firm are the people of the Russian embassy ... This is what a person close to this firm told me. !Incredible but true!. It is known throughout the world that the majority of the staff of the Russian embassy is an FSB official.

Because of my education and culture, I can say that I know a little bit about the methods of the Russian intelligence service (FSB) that used to be KGB, and this is precisely their method - to use mercantile entities as a camouflage of their operations. It turns out that the information arrived and I learned that although it is said that there are many "partners" in that legal firm, the owners of the firm are people are: Henry Philip Comte Velásquez and David Font Verdugo and I could verify it with an impression that They made it to my cell on their public website which I share below:

comte & Font

There are several other partners of this firm but only names of these two people are in the title of this firm and in jail there are several colleagues who know very well this firm "Comte & Font - Legalsa" I asked about them. Everyone told me the same thing:

"You Igor ... These people, for the money they can do anything. They work only for money and they do not care about anything. "
What they told me is very true:
"You hand them they are lawyers and they know very well that the accusation is false, but they prepared and promoted it in the Judiciary. !All for money!
And it turned out that as there are no coincidences in life for some reason, it came out that I in prison received the delicate information about these characters ...

Analyzing everything, I understood what kind of people are hiring Russian intelligence services.
I came to the conclusion with the documents, articles, journalistic notes, testimonies and comments that behind the law firm "Comte & Font - Legalsa" could be hiding a powerful structure of parallel power by means of a dark power center.

Image result for image corruption

I must confirm that FSB found a structured and influential law firm in many areas of the State of Guatemala and especially in the Judiciary.

And how did you reach this conclusion?
According to the information handled, it is curious that "Comte & Font - Legalsa" is related to RENAP . It is that "Comte & Font - Legalsa" , is said to have a close relationship with the company "Easy Marketing" This company was born in the time of Álvaro Colom, and a few months later he won a contest to produce DPI for RENAP

Easy Markenting

Here I understand something : The firm "Comte & Font - Legalsa" that is contracted by Russians to harm us and coincidentally said firm also has a relationship with RENAP and both are "plaintiffs" so it concluded that both will be in a part being assisted by the same firm (In theory or maybe practice it)

According to what is handled in the media:
The idea was that RENAP had no experience in IPR production and they wanted to find some company that would already have experience and production lines. The idea was nice but in reality the contest won the Easy Marketing entity, new born, without experience, without production lines but with several powerful shareholders, among which are: Alejandro Sinibaldi, Gregorio Valdez and Chelis Font - the brother of David Font. The entire business was notarized by David Font, a member of the aforementioned powerful law firm, Receiving money from the state (the contracts were more than a billion QTZ.), They distributed a large part to all the interested parties and also bought the equipment to produce DPI through of the company "Sagem Morpho", which is linked to Uri Roitman, who is also the creator of "the magic formula" of the Amatitlan lake scam.

Image result for easy market guatemala renap

And it is also said that:
"Comte & Font - Legalsa" was related to Uri Roitman, because David Font, regularly visited the office of Uri Roitman and later to Uri in Mariscal Zavala prison, before he obtained his freedom mysteriously.

Image result for Uri Roitman

The contract with Easy Marketing was so altered that the partners were forced to pay many bribes and the profitability of the project was worse than expected. They tried to lower the cost, worsening the quality of the documents and at some point, for this reason, the conflict arose with member of the board of directors of RENAP - Julio Alvarado, who wanted to defend the interests of the state and denied participating in acts of corruption. As a punishment, against Julio a suit was filed in civil court.

And who filed the lawsuit against Julio Alvarado?
The lawsuit was filed by "Comte & Font - Legalsa" . For the punishment to be more painful, "Comte & Font - Legalsa" , managed to seize the bank accounts of Julio Alvarado and others ...

It seems that Easy Marketing's adventure benefited the most powerful people of that time like Álvaro Colom , Sandra Torres and etc ... But, those who executed this project, also prospered with a new government to such an extent that it is said that Alejandro Sinibaldi For example, he bought more than 30 properties in 3 years of his trade as communications minister, with a value of more than 100 million QTZ.

Who is the lawyer and notary of Alejandro Sinibaldi?
David Fernando Font Verdug is a lawyer and notary of Sinibaldi and made public deeds of his numerous properties in Guatemala.

Font is Sinibaldi's former partner at the Javier high school and without a doubt is his notary and lawyer of full confidence.

David Fernando Font Verdugo was the notary, who legalized the modification of contract 085-2013 between the Odebrecht company and the Ministry of Communications of Guatemala headed by Sinibaldi.

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