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Guatemala>Israeli Maya Massacres War Crimes Suspect Uri Roitman Still Free To Commit Water Crimes

Guatemala>Israeli Maya Massacres War Crimes Suspect Uri Roitman Still Free To Commit Water Crimes

El proyecto hidroeléctrico Oxec y la presencia israelita en Guatemala ...
26 feb. 2018 - ... Rodolfo Roitman Braier, también conocido con el nombre Ury o Uri Roitman. ... ERCC controla varios proyectos hidroeléctricos en Alta Verapaz, entre ... Junto a Roitman Braier también aparece el israelita Roi Yaacov, con el ... del Lago de Amatitlán con “agua mágica” por un costo de Q.137.8 millones.

 What does the Oxec hydroelectric project have in common with the Israeli presence in Guatemala? In whose hands are the private security of that project? Does that security go beyond providing a service of that nature or is it more complex until it reaches intelligence and counterinsurgency tasks? These are some questions that are sought to answer in this Special Report. They arise from public information of the participation of at least two (2) companies with Israeli origins in the Oxec project: SBI INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS AG (Guatemala Branch), with commercial name Solel Boneh; and GU-IS Corporation, S.A. From their Legal Representatives, their connections and political history derive extensive power relations that are part of the marks left by Israel's participation in Guatemala, particularly during the bloodiest years of the civil war.

Payment of "Magic water" was diverted for vehicles, payment of cards and accessories for boats

The Q20.7 million earmarked for the cleaning of Lake Amatitlán ended up in the bank accounts of a conglomerate of companies and private individuals, according to the Public Ministry (MP).

By Javier Lainfiesta
July 23, 2018 at 2:43 p.m.


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Case lake of Amatitlán Public Ministry Roxana Baldetti

Roxana Baldetti and 12 others are judged for the fraud in the cleaning of Lake Amatitlán. (Photo Prensa Libre: PL Newspaper Library)
Roxana Baldetti and 12 others are judged for the fraud in the cleaning of Lake Amatitlán. (Photo Prensa Libre: PL Newspaper Library)

According to the indictment, M. Tarcic Engineering, the company that won the tender to clean up the lake's water, transferred the resources to that network to defraud the State.
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This is what is known about the attack against an official of the US Embassy.

During a new day of hearing in the trial against the former vice president, Roxana Baldetti, and 12 others involved, the MP presented to the Court of Higher Risk C the expert Kristel Nicole Hurtado, who explained the route and the final destination of the funds received by the company of Israeli origin to execute the lake's sanitation plan.
Vehicles and accessories

On December 22, 2014, the National Treasury of the Ministry of Public Finance credited to an account in the name of M. Tarcic Q20 million 792 thousand, in accordance with the agreement in the project's bases.

This money was transferred to other accounts or spent within five months. According to the documentation of the prosecutor's office, the account was closed on May 15, 2015 with a zero balance.

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Hurtado explained that the Israeli company made 44 transactions for a total amount of Q13 million 746 thousand.

Among the debits registered by the prosecution can be noted that a check was written for Q35 thousand for the payment of a credit card in the name of Uri Roitman, legal representative of M. Tarcic Engineering and accused in this trial.

It was also evident that M. Tarcic used Q183 thousand to buy a 2015 Hyundai truck and another Q183 thousand to acquire a 2015 model picop.

Another of the expenses that was reported was a check for Q330 thousand for the acquisition of 15 "robsteps", a folding electric bicycle model.

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In this sense, the company spent Q122 thousand to buy accessories and fuel from boats and 12 travel by shark boat through Lake Amatitlan.

So a check for Q187 thousand was to pay an invoice for the purchase of four American aluminum boat trailers.

A good part of the funds were transferred to several accounts without further justification or without specifying that it was a payment.

The companies that benefited were Tarro, S.A., Marin Group, S.A., Aromas Naturales S.A., Inverling, S.A., Prima Cualita, S.A., Industrias Complutenses and Corporación CDG, among others.

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The MP maintains that these were cardboard entities that only served to divert the funds that were destined for the cleaning of the lake, in addition, it indicates that several people also served as figureheads for the accounts.

M. Tarcic also made five transfers to Tel Aviv, Israel, for a total amount of Q1 million 462 thousand. In addition to depositing money to private accounts, two transactions stand out, one for US $ 22 thousand and another for US $ 50 thousand to Vaintours, a travel agency in that city.

Baldetti appeared during the hearing but had no intervention. In fact he has used the time in the trial to read When God sees your tears.
Correos blame

The MP submitted to the court 40 emails received and sent Rina Sanchinelli, witness proposed by the prosecution and former counselor of the vice-presidency, which shows the control that Mario Baldetti, brother of former vice president Roxana Baldetti, had in the Authority for the Management Sustainability of the Amatitlan Basin and Lake (AMSA) and the bidding event that ended up benefiting the company M. Tarcic.

In an email sent on Monday, July 14, 2014, Sanchinelli informs Mario Baldetti that, thanks to the intervention of Roxana Baldetti, the Ministry of Finance increased the budget ceiling for AMSA to attend the lake project.

According to the prosecution, this is proof of the authority that Mario Baldetti had in the project even though he was not a public official.

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