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WTC,9/11,W Bush:Israeli drone 'hijackings' in U.S.raise security concerns

WTC,9/11:Israeli drone 'hijackings' in U.S.raise security concerns,Barack Obama lies for ICTS International

 "We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a
growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be
used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We
are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs
[unmanned aerial vehicles] for missions targeting the United States."
- George W. Bush, Cincinnati, OH, October 7, 2002 -W Bush

Obama drone strikes: The president ordered more than George W ...
8 Jun 2012 – Obama's 262 Drone Strikes in Pakistan. A map of all the reported attacks—five times as many under Obama as under Bush. By Chris ...


 Drone "hijackings" in U.S. raise security concerns
 July 4, 2012 9:15 AM
(CBS News) The use of drones is taking off in America.
Local governments and private businesses see them as a cheap and effective way of maintaining an eye from the sky.But will the drones be fully under their control?
A college professor and his students say not necessarily.A civilian drone aircraft was "hijacked" by Prof. Todd Humphreys and his graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. They were able to hack into the drone's GPS signals...............

9/11/01: Evidence That Flights 175 & 11 were remotely flown into the WTC Towers
FEDERALJACK) The theory that Flights 175 & 11 were remotely piloted
and flown into the WTC Towers is quite the cause for debate in the
9/11 truth community. Some will say that there is no evidence to
support this theory whatsoever and that it is akin to another disliked
& dis-proven theory, the no planes at all / video fakery theory.
(Which I believe was created (by the CIA) to obfuscate the facts and
evidence that shows flight 77 didn't and should never have been able
to even get close to hitting the Pentagon.) That couldn't be further
from the truth. Below I will show you examples of the evidence that
supports the theory that flights 175 & 11were being remotely piloted
and flown into the WTC Towers.


israel drones 9/11

Note lie below by W Bush on October 7,2002,little over one year after 9/11.At the time the term 'drone' was not in use and George W Bush USES THE TERM UAV for 'unmanned aerial vehicle' at the time.It is now obvious that it was Israel,who first used 'drones' or 'UAVs' in their war with Lebanon in the 1980's and they and presumably the U.S. government of W Bush and Dick CHENEY, who were the ones who were gloating behind the scenes and outwardly lying to Americans and the world public about Saddam Hussein and the Iraq government being at the forefront of this criminal mass murder and spying technology.
But of more interest is the suspision by some that it was not inexperienced Saudis led by an 'A l Qaeda' Egyptian named Mohamed ATTA,who collided passenger or large jets into the WTC of Zionist prostitute and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani on 9/11/01 but Israeli and presumably U.S.'drone' technology that did the international war crime that murdered 3,000 Americans and foreign citizens at the WTC on that day.This is what killed hundreds of NY firefighters NOT a bunch of Islamic radicals who probably would not have had the nerve to kill themselves in such a collective way even if they wanted to commit the crime.And lets not forget the Israeli criminals and government agents of ICTS International and Huntleigh airport security in control of Logan Airport at the time due to their ICTS International stock fraud with El Al Airlines that allowed them to buy Huntleigh and the contract to protect Logan just prior to 911 after incorporating in President of Vice Joe Biden's state of Delaware in 1999.
While I do no believe that the planes in and of themselves brought down the Twin Towers I do believe the videos of the impacts as presented by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News and the Zionist controlled CNN and CNBC,etc.,were for the most part real,including the videos of very real human beings who were in danger of burning and soffocating to death otherwise,jumping to their deaths! And I know from Israelis I came into personal internet contact with while investigating U.S.penny stock fraud perpetrited by them against Americans that they may  be and are 'allys' of the corrupt politicians in control of the U.S.government and of CIA and Israeli plant Barack Obama and Mitt Romney but they are NOT mine nor that of any American who values the U.S.Constitution and fair play  more than Israeli American criminal and murderous fascist,Michael Chertoff's 'Patriot Act'.
W Bush'S lie to the American public about 'UAVs' or drones was only one of many of his lies that were meant as much to damage Americans and America for inte4rnational pro war multi millionaires and billionares in control of the U.S.military-industrial complex as they were to damage Saddam and murder innocent Iraqis,including Christian Iraqis who before U.S.imposition of an Islamic fascist state upon them
through a phony 'democracy' in which Christian and women hating Shiit fundamentalists took control of the former secular Iraq government and Sunni Moslems were denied a say as well as Christians and women.It is an unending tragedy that these scum and their heirs in power still cover up 9/11 and the lies behind the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions and occupations.
And all the while W Bush lied to us about Iraq having Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ready to fly halfway across the world and over oceans to drop 'WMDs' ON US,IT WAS BUSH AND HIS ISRAELI ALLYS WHO WERE PLANNING TO INVADE MIDDLE EAST AIRSPACE AND NOW OUR AIRSPACE WITH UAV' OR DRONES !And at the same time W Bush told us that Dubai was no longer laundering money after having just sent money from Khalid Sheik Mohamed to Jeb Bush's Huffman Aviation in Venice,Floida that would be cashed by Titan Corp,(soon to be torturors at Abu Graib along with Israeli 'translators in their employ that would be blamed instead on the low ranking American soldiers who were also their victims),
employee Makram Chams at his conveniently located KwikCheck in Venice,Florida,who would then flee NOT to Iraq or Afghanistan but intead to US. and Israeli allys of Saudi Arabia until the heat blew over and he could return to Florida to sue 9/11 investigator Daniel Hopsicker to shut him up !And Dubai dictator and W Bush ally where Dick Cheny would relocate Halliburton to avoid taxes and snooping by Americans who pay their bills,would first be offered control through Dubai Ports of U.S. port security and when that was vehemently opposed by American public after accidentally being disclosed on Zionist CNN and Fox News,
the Sheik or Snake of Dubai would be given ovewr 20% ownership of NASDAQ as a consolation prize and because it would be earier for Israeli and international billionaires to launder their war and petroleum and drug trafficking profits by taking the whole U.S. stock market offshore.

Top Bushisms in the Category of: Certainty & Urgency Over Iraq & WMD:

7.      "We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a
growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be
used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We
are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs
[unmanned aerial vehicles] for missions targeting the United States."
- George W. Bush, Cincinnati, OH, October 7, 2002 -W Bush


Note as I have pointed out on internet MANY times before,Barack Obama lied on Christmas 2009 about 'connecting the dots' after Nigerian Islamic terrorist Mutallab was given a fee pass to fly from Schipol Airport Amsterdam on flight 253 with his alledged 'crotch bomb' to Detroit,(ho ho ho merry christmas).This led to two important :1.The US military could 'justify' intervention in Yemen on the claim that Mutallab got his alleged 'crotch bomb' from 'Al Qaeda' in Yemen,and 2. that Homeland Security terrorist Janet Napolitano  and Barack Obama could 'justify' near rape of children and old infirm Americans and even one former Miss America by TSA agents at U.S.airports based upon this incident and gift airport security companies,many of them Israeli and represented by former Homeland Security Michael Chertoff who was also involved in 9/11 cover up and protected many Israeli suspects on 9/11/01 from investigation.Guess who was 'guarding' Schipol Airport in Quenn Beatrix and the Rothschild crime family controlled Schipol ? Yep,it was Menachem Atzmon and his Israeli terrorist government terrorists,the same who were 'guarding' Logan Airport where the two planes 175 and 11 alledged by the U.S governmment to have hit the WTC or Twin Toweers in Mayor Rudy Giuliani's NYC ARE ALLEDGED TO HAVE ORIGINATED FROM ! And Barack Obama who said he would 'connect the dots' pretended he didn't notice !
As ICTS reiterates in its 20012 SEC filing below they have gotten away with murder thanks to W Bush and now Barack Obama and of course Jewish Zionist 'Judge' Alvin Hellerstein of New York and Israel whose son moved to Israel immediately after 9/11 to live on Palestinian occupied land and 'coincidentall' as an attorney has been employed by the European Rothschild crime family,(who  have been  financial backers of these Israeli 9/11 stock fraud money laundering terrorists), who founded Israhell in the first place for all their terrorism and money laundering needs.Better than controlling the Vatican banking system in terms of money laundering secrecy.From the government SEC's on official filings and these Israeli government terrorists are still protected by both U.S.and European fascists in control on both sides of the Atlantic even though they blatently have committed stock fraud against American investors as well as being prime suspects in the events of 9/11/01 !  :

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
As a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, numerous lawsuits charging the Company with wrongful death and/or property damage were commenced in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York (the "Court"), resulting from certain airport security services provided by the Company for United Flight 175 out of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.
All the wrongful death personal injury cases have been settled or dismissed at no cost to the Company because the payments were covered by the Company's insurance. The settlements were approved by the Court, but because of disputes with respect to the estate of one decedent, that matter currently is on appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
All but two of the property loss cases also have been settled at no cost to the Company, because the payments were covered by the Company's insurance. Two of the property loss cases remain pending against, among others, the Company. The defendants are hopeful that the remaining property loss cases will be dismissed shortly, but the result is expected to be appealed by the plaintiffs.
In any event, the Company has already paid the limits of its liability insurance in settlement costs. The Company contends that a federal statute passed after the events of September 11, 2001 protects it from having to make any further monetary payments, regardless of whether it is found liable in any of the remaining cases.

  1. SEC Info - Icts International NV - 20-F - For 12/31/05
    Sep 15, 2006 – Icts International NV - 20-F - For 12/31/05 - Annual Report of a Foreign Private Issuer - Seq. ... for United Flight 175 out of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts which crashed into the World Trade Center. ...... 9/11/01, 6, 99 ...
  2. SEC Info - Icts International NV - DEF 14A - For 12/23/09
    Nov 18, 2009 – Icts International NV - DEF 14A - For 12/23/09 - Definitive Proxy Solicitation Material - Seq. ... for United Flight 175 out of Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts which crashed into the World Trade Center. ...... 9/11/01, 34, 130 ...

I C T S,Huntleigh USA 9/11 'security' penny stock still 'trading ...
company Securacom that guarded the WTC and Dulles airport prior and up to 911 has disappeared from the ... ICTS International N.V. Court Decides against Huntleigh in the Takings Case ..... ...

May 19, 2012 by admin
Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission to fly their drones in American airspace! Israel started its drone program with a ...


wolfblitzzer0: WTC,9/11,ICTS International Europe,Menachem ...
May 8, 2012 – WTC,9/11,ICTS International Europe,Menachem Atzmon,Rostock Port,Germany, Zionist Nazi Angela Merkel and CIA Prostitute Barack Obama.... 
Funding Corp (see


U.S. Drone 'hijackings' Raise Security Concerns : Truth is Contagious‘hijackings’-raise-security-concer...
7 hours ago – | After a civilian drone aircraft was "hijacked" by a University of Texas at Austin Professor and his graduate students, drone ...University of Texas professor and grad students manipulate unmanned crafts' flight paths. One exercise is done with DHS. Thousands of civilian drones are destined for U.S. skies.

 Drones, Israeli surveillance tech to be used during London Olympic ...

MyFox Washington DC - Jun 27, 2012
Drones, Israeli surveillance tech to be used during London Olympic games ... 11 terror attacks on the U.S. and Britain's own deadly suicide ...

American Free Press - 19 hours ago

U.S. Military Perfecting 'Thinking' Killer Drone ... Nimrod Segev, head of the Israeli Air Force's long-term planning department, divided 300 of ...

Arab American News - Jun 22, 2012

A small insect or a mosquito over your ear may now be much more than simply annoying. They could easily be micro drones which now come ...

 Drone Attacks Damage the US Interests - 6 days ago
US drone strike kills six terrorists in Miransha . ... aircraft to destabilise our country for the collective strategic designs of US-led India and Israel, ...

NewsClick - 2 days ago
From a scant 50 drones that the US possessed 10 years back, the ... it is only Israel that has a declared policy of targeted assassinations.


May 15, 2012 by John Friend
If you want to know how drones may change American airspace in coming years, just look to Israel, where the unmanned aerial vehicle market is thriving and drones are considered a reliable instrument of “homeland security.

4 days ago by aletho
This week we have seen a US drone strike in Pakistan which was reported to have killed six people (or 'militants' as those killed by drones are normally labelled) and a strike in Yemen which was reported to have killed three “suspected al-Qaida militants” on the outskirts of Aden. ... While many people are led to believe that US support for Israel is driven by the American establishment and U.S. national interests, the facts don't support this theory. The reality is that for ...

May 16, 2012 by Whitewraithe
Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission to fly their drones in American airspace! Israel started its drone program with a ...

May 19, 2012 by admin
Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission to fly their drones in American airspace! Israel started its drone program with a ...

israel drones 9/11

Top Bushisms in the Category of: Certainty & Urgency Over Iraq & WMD:

7.      "We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a
growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be
used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas. We
are concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these UAVs
[unmanned aerial vehicles] for missions targeting the United States."
- George W. Bush, Cincinnati, OH, October 7, 2002 -W Bush

Oct. 10, 2002   Printer-Friendly Version

While much has been made of the threat that Iraq's ballistic missile
or nuclear programs may pose to the Middle East, recently there has
been growing discussion of a less-technical way Baghdad could deliver
chemical or biological agents: through unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs). Specifically mentioned in U.S. President George W. Bush's
speech to the nation on Oct. 7, 2002, was recent intelligence analysis
determining that: "Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned
aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical and biological
weapons across broad areas." The vehicle that has received the most
amount of attention is the Czech L-29 Delfin "Mayo" jet trainer.

New Evidence for 9/11 Drone Attack - 2011 - Were Drones Used??

9/11: New Video show DRONE that hit the WTC, being checked by the FBI
Path of Flight 11

The first plane to hit the WTC, American Flight 11, left Boston's
Logan Airport at 7:59 a.m. bound for Los Angeles.  In its story "The
nation reels," published on September 12, 2001,  The Christian Science
Monitor says of Flight 11:

"Shortly afterward, as aircraft (sic) was making its turn toward New
York City, the plane's transponder was turned off. With its
transponder off, its altitude became a matter of guesswork for the
controllers, although the plane was still visible on radar …"

Nice that the civilian conventional radar system was mentioned, but
note that there is no mention of the mission and capabilities of
NORAD.  As the Canadian government tells us, "… NORAD uses a network
of ground-based radars, sensors and fighter jets to detect, intercept
and, if necessary, engage any threats to the continent."
United Statement on Flight 175's Radar History

United Flight 175 left Boston's Logan Airport at 7:58 a.m., headed for
Los Angeles.  At 9:06 a.m., it was the second plane to hit the WTC.
United Airlines released a press statement that day.  Referring the
Flight 175, the press statement contains this sentence:

"Last radar contact with the aircraft was between Newark, NJ, and
Philadelphia, PA."

Yet we know Flight 175 continued on to New York and hit the south
tower of the WTC.  United could have said that the transponder was
turned off, and included the information that the plane was still
being tracked by conventional radar.  Instead, United gave the
impression that the craft was not visible on radar "between Newark, NJ
and Philadelphia, PA," and was never seen on radar again.  How is that
possible? And of course no mention of NORAD.
The first plane to hit the WTC (North Tower) hit the computer room of
Marsh & McClennan, which had recently acquired Kroll Associates, which
was owned by son of AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg & Jules Kroll.

Many researchers believe that the planes which struck the twin towers
were precision guided by remote control. Although science
fiction-sounding at first blush, remote control technology of
airplanes has been around for decades. SPC Corporation provided the
flight termination system and command transmitter system, the
technology that allows planes to be remote controlled should the
pilots be incapacitated or the plane hijacked.


israeli uses drones to kill more innocent palestinians:

Turkish Officials: Israeli Drone Surveillance Data Given to PKK
Drone Data Used to Set Up PKK Camps in Northern Syria
by Jason Ditz, January 17, 2012
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Officials from the Turkish intelligence agencies are reporting that
surveillance data collected by Israeli drones is being given to the
Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in helping them plan operations against
Turkish targets.

A new report says that the surveillance has been going on for awhile,
and that Turkey has caught Israeli drones flying over its southern
provinces. They also say that PKK leaders have repeatedly visited
Israel in recent months, presumably to get access to the data.

The consequences of the move are so far unclear, but Turkish officials
believe that the data was used to help the PKK set up training camps
in Northern Syria in places where the presence of border patrol isn’t
as strong.

Azeris get Israel UAVs built under license
by Staff Writers
Baku, Azerbaijan (UPI) Oct 7, 2011

Azerbaijan is expected to acquire 60 small Israeli-designed unmanned
aerial vehicles built under license in the oil-rich former Soviet
republic that's moving closer to the Jewish state as the Baku
government modernizes its military.

The burgeoning military and intelligence alliance between the
countries is causing growing concern in Iran, Azerbaijan's southern
neighbor, and in nearby longtime rival Armenia.

The Israeli Aerostar and Orbiter 2M UAVs are being manufactured by
Baku's Azad Systems Co., a joint venture between Azerbaijan's Defense
Ministry and Aeronautics Defense Systems of Israel.

That's the country's third largest UAV manufacturer after Israel
Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems.

Israeli Company Has FAA Permission to Fly Drones in U.S. Airspace!


Since we are now “always in a conflict” with a faceless, manufactured
enemy as a result of the Israeli false flag attack on 9/11, there will
always be a market for these toys, especially here in the United
States. And the Jews will be right there to sell them to their
American puppets to use in their wars against Israel’s eneTuesday, May
15, 2012

Drones: another Israeli racket in the fraudulent "War on Terror"
Over at Salon today, we read about the Israeli drone industry, yet
another racket in the fraudulent “War on Terror”, which is more aptly
named the Jewish War of Terror. The article begins:

    Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is perhaps the only foreign-owned
company with FAA permission to fly a drone in U.S. airspace. Based in
the town of Columbus, not far from Mississippi State University, Stark
is a subsidiary of the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries — not
that you could tell from looking at the company’s website, executive
leadership or affiliations. You have to go to the Mississippi
secretary of state website to learn that two of Stark’s three
directors are Israelis....

    Israel markets its expertise in defense to the rest of the world.
Israeli academic Neve Gordon cites a glossy government brochure on
drones titled “Israel Homeland Security: Opportunities for Industrial
Cooperation,” which boasts, “no other advanced technology country has
such a large proportion of citizens with real time experience in the
army, security and police forces.” The chapter called “Learning from
Israel’s Experience” notes that “many of these professionals continue
to work as international consultants and experts after leaving the
Israel Defense Forces, police or other defense and security

    The work has paid off when it comes to drones: The Jewish state is
the single largest exporter of drones in the world, responsible for 41
percent of all UAVs exported between 2001 and 2011, according to a
database compiled by the Stockholm International Peace Research
Institute. Israeli companies export drone technology to at least 24
countries, including the United States.

    In addition to exports, Israeli companies also create subsidiaries
in consumer countries. “To increase sales outside Israel, Israel’s
defense companies have to set up subsidiaries in target markets,
rather than expand local manufacturing,” Haaretz reported in 2009. The
Israelis “set up Stark in 2006 to drum up business in America,”
according to Haaretz, because the U.S. prefers “to buy armaments and
other defense gear from local companies.” In 2007, Stark “inaugurated
its first production outfit, which makes Hunter unmanned vehicles that
it sells through Northrop Grumman. In fact, the U.S. armed forces have
been using [Israeli-made] Hunter drones since the early 1990s."

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Israel and the Jews are
trying to turn have turned the entire world into Occupied Palestine
since their successful false flag operation on 9/11?  Israel geared
its economy towards the "Homeland Security/War on Terror" industry in
2000 and 2001, staged 9/11, used its criminal network of agents,
sayanim, and assets in the West to launch illegal wars of aggression
against its enemies in the Middle East as a result, and has benefitted
more than any other entity both geopolitically and economically.  The
entire "War on Terror" and its related industries are one big Jewish

But shhhhhhh, don't say anything about this.  It's "anti-Semitic"
after all, plus we all know the government is just trying to protect
us from those Evil Muslims, right?

This is what our drones do to men, women, and children around the world:

below in error Israel developed drone for lebanon 1980 1982

10 Things You Didn't Know About Drones
When drones were created, how they're used, and what their future looks like.

1. The first armed drones were created to get Osama bin Laden.
In 1998, U.S. President Bill Clinton's administration shut down an
operation to kill the al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan with cruise
missiles, given collateral damage estimates of 300 casualties and only
50 percent confidence in the intelligence. As the 9/11 Commission
noted, "After this episode Pentagon planners intensified efforts to
find a more precise alternative." In 2000 and 2001, the U.S. Air Force
struggled to reconfigure a Hellfire anti-tank missile to fit onto a
Predator surveillance drone. Meeting one week before the 9/11 attacks,
the National Security Council agreed that the armed Predator was not
ready to be operationally deployed. The first known killing by armed
drones occurred in November 2001, when a Predator targeted Mohammed
Atef, a top al Qaeda military commander, in Afghanistan.


 Drone "hijackings" in U.S. raise security concerns
 July 4, 2012 9:15 AM
(CBS News) The use of drones is taking off in America.
Local governments and private businesses see them as a cheap and effective way of maintaining an eye from the sky.
But will the drones be fully under their control?
A college professor and his students say not necessarily.
A civilian drone aircraft was "hijacked" by Prof. Todd Humphreys and his graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.
They were able to hack into the drone's GPS signals.
Later, in an exercise done in conjuneciton with the Department of Homeland Security at White Sands, New Mexico, they were even able to make the drone land.
Humphreys told CBS News, "You can think of this as hijacking a plane from a distance. (It's) as if you're at the controls of the plane, because you've now captured the autopilot's sense of its own navigation solution. And you can manipulate it left or right, up or down."
The "hijackings" would seem to raise concerns about vulnerabilities in our domestic use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.
"I see this as causing trouble in the skies," Humphreys said. "I wouldn't want to be living under skies where this was that easy to do."
Drone makers pledge to respect privacy
"UFO" spotted on Beltway was a military drone
Virus infects Pentagon drones' computers
No longer a tool used strictly by the military to take out terrorists overseas, drones of all shapes and sizes will soon be in our skies here at home for surveillance missions by local police departments, energy companies looking to build pipelines, and farmers looking to feed thirsty crops.
Peter Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, remarked unmanned systems are a game-changing technology. He said, "They're a technology that (could) prove to be a huge new industry. They're also a technology that is raising deep, deep political, legal, and ethical questions."
With so many drones destined for U.S. skies, and very little regulation, some observers have encouraged the Federal Aviation Administration to come up with safety standards for the 10,000 drones that could populate U.S. airspace by 2017.
Humphreys said, "What I'm hoping is that people will take it seriously enough that we can have it all tidied up by the time we open the barn doors and let in the drones."
Humphreys does caution it's unlikely military drones, such as the Predator, could be taken over by civilians or foreign enemies due to their sophisticated security systems, even though, just last December, Iran claimed it hacked into the flight controls of an unmanned aircraft and brought it down..
In a statement to CBS News, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said, "The unmanned aircraft used for the test are a different class and type than what (Customs and Border Protection) operates," adding, " ... This test does not have any bearing on our Predators' security."
As a result of the exercise, Humphreys has been invited to testify before a congressional panel later this month. He'll be recommending steps to prevent hacking into unmanned aerial vehicles in the future.

For more on this story, watch CBS News special correspondent Jeff Glor's full report in the video above.
© 2012 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.


 Seed drone Samarai swarms will dominate the skies [Video]

SlashGear - 9 hours ago
Lockheed Martin's terrifyingly simple Samarai maple seed drone has emerged for another demonstration, promising swarms of remote ...
 Lockheed Martin’s terrifyingly simple Samarai maple seed drone has emerged for another demonstration, promising swarms of remote surveillance small enough to be launched by hand indoors. The drone – which has just two moving parts and uses complex image stabilization processing to produce a stable video stream despite its tumbling movements – has been shrunk down along the way, with Lockheed developing a smaller, 17cm version of the 30cm original. The goal is simple: bypass expensive and vulnerable spy planes and large drones with a cloud of near-disposable Samarai.

Lockheed first widely showed the drone last year, though work on the project began back in 2007 as part of a DARPA project called “nano air.” ”Think about dropping a thousand of these out of an aircraft” the company’s Intelligent Robotics Lab chief Bill Borgia told TPM, “Think about the wide area over which one collects imagery … you could send thousands of these inexpensive aircraft.”

The drone – which looks like an oversized maple seed – is remotely controlled from a tablet, and supports 360-degree panning and tilting from its single camera. The camera itself does not move; instead, the constant motion of the craft itself is relied upon and “algorithms sort of de-rotate the video and turn it back into a frame-by-frame view.”
Both battery- and carbon-fuel-powered versions have been trialled, though Lockheed is keeping details like potential flight-time and range close to its chest. However, Borgia confirmed that it is not only in talks with possible customers but working on a Samarai that is smaller again, even down to the size of an actual maple seed. That would make it exceptionally difficult to target in anti-surveillance sweeps.


Huge Israeli drone crashes on test flight

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military says a drone that can fly as far as
Iran has crashed in central Israel on a routine experimental flight.

The military says there were no injuries in Sunday's crash, and it was
investigating the incident.

The Heron TP drone is also known locally as the Eitan. It has a
wingspan of 86 feet, making it the size of a Boeing 737 passenger jet.
It is the largest unmanned aircraft in Israel's military arsenal.

The drone figures to be featured prominently in any potential Israeli
operation against Iran and its expanding nuclear program.

TP could provide surveillance, jam enemy communications and
connect ground control and manned air force planes. It's unclear if it
could carry a deployable payload in a potential strike.
YouTube - Videos from this email

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    Sep 8, 2010 – KNOWS that ICTS International Israelis who allowed those two planes that the U.S.government ... We face ... murderers of Americans and others at the WTC on 9/11/01 is protecting them ...
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    Jun 29, 2008 – 9/11/01:While Boston Slept,Logan Airport,ICTS International,Huntleigh Israeli Security,PM Ehud ... .... from there on September 11,2001, and demolished the World Trade Center ...

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      May 8, 2012 – WTC,9/11,ICTS International Europe,Menachem Atzmon,Rostock Port,Germany, ...... Funding Corp (see
    2. wolfblitzzer0: Hillary Clinton and Martin Schlaff,Avigdor Lieberman ...
      Jun 21, 2012 – ICTS International was a stock fraud incorporated in Joe Biden's state of ... Bet crime partners to buy Huntleigh airport security business just prior to 9/11/01.: ... DRIVEN THE PLANES INTO THE WTC IN THE FIRST PLACE AND IT WAS THAT OTHER SECURACOM ...
    3. 9/11:Boston,Logan Airport,ICTS,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert Money ...
      9/11/01:While Boston Slept,Logan Airport,ICTS International,Huntleigh Israeli Security,PM Ehud Olmert's Money ... Icts .... from there on September 11,2001, and demolished the World Trade Center ...


      9/11 Planes Flew Directly Into Secure Computer Rooms In Both Towers

      By Christopher Bollyn

      9/11 remains an unsolved crime of terrorism. Many people who worked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have information, which can help solve this crime and find the parties responsible for killing thousands of innocent people.
      This article, for example, is the result of information provided by one such anonymous person. To solve this crime, it is crucial that the people who have information come forward and share that information. Together, we can solve this heinous crime and make this world a better place. 

      The two airplanes that struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 flew directly into secure computer rooms in both buildings. Is that simply a coincidence or were the computer rooms equipped to play a role in the crime?
      Were there homing devices, for example, in these rooms that guided the planes to their targets? Were there pre-placed explosives or Thermite on these floors to destroy the evidence and assist with the collapses?
      Let's look at the evidence.
      Photo: Racks of computers that may have been similar to those in the crash zone
      Photo: Racks of batteries that may have been similar to those in the crash zone
      The extreme weght of battery arrays requires floors be reinforced, which in turn provides an excuse for mysterious construction workers to enter and leave the area. But who would think to verify that all of the batteries truly are batteries?
      And who would think of verifying that all of the computers are truly under the control of the people they are supposed to work for?
      "At 8:46:30 a.m., five hijackers flew American Airlines Flight 11 (AA 11) with 11 crew and 76 passengers into the north face of WTC 1," according to the Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in September 2005:
      The aircraft flew almost straight toward the north tower, banked approximately 25 degrees to the left (i.e. the right wing elevated relative to the left wing) and descended at an angle of about 10 degrees at impact.
      Moving at about 440 mph, the nose hit the exterior of the tower at the 96th floor. The aircraft cut a gash that was over half the width of the building and extended from the 93rd floor to the 99th floor.
      All but the lowest of these floors were occupied by Marsh & McLennan, a worldwide insurance company, which also occupied the 100th floor.
      "The fuselage was centered on the 96th floor slab and filled the 95th and 96th floors top to bottom," the NIST report says.
      So, what was on the 95th and 96th floors of the north tower, which were rented by Marsh & McLennan, Lewis Paul "Jerry" Bremer's company?
      Bremer, it should be noted, was the Bush-appointed proconsul or administrator of occupied Iraq until the end of June 2004. During Bremer's reign there was no metering of the oil that was exported from Iraq.
      It is also primarily decisions taken by Bremer that are responsible for the misery and chaos that have afflicted Iraq since the U.S.-led occupation began. Previously, Bremer was the right-hand man for Henry Kissinger & Associates.
      The NIST report provides some information about "General Description of Tenant Layout." For the floors in question it says, "Generally open space filled with workstations. Offices, conference rooms, and work areas in exterior corners."
      But on the 95th floor, Marsh & McLennan had a "large walled data center along north and east sides," according to the NIST report. And that's exactly where the plane hit ­ the north wall of the 95th floor.
      I called Marsh & McLennan to get a better idea of what was in this "large walled data center" into which American Airlines Flight 11 plunged with deadly precision.
      Reginald McQuay came on the line as a company spokesman. I told McQuay that Marsh & McLennan got hit broadside on 9/11 and that it appeared that the plane flew straight into their "walled data center," according to the NIST report.
      "No," McQuay said, "it wasn't really our data center. It was our computer center." Then he suddenly became somewhat distressed, saying he could not even focus on what I was saying and that I should call back next week.
      Fair enough, I thought. He had confirmed my primary suspicion, i.e. that the plane that struck the north tower appears to have been "homed in" or targeted on a secure computer center on the 95th floor ­ exactly like the plane that struck the south tower some 16 minutes later. 
      "Sixteen and a half minutes after the first impact, five hijackers flew United Airlines (UA) Flight 175, with 9 crew and 51 passengers, into WTC 2 at about 540 mph, about 100 mph faster than AA Flight 11," the NIST report says.
      "The center of the nose of the plane struck at the 81st floor slab. The plane was banked 38 degrees to the left (right wing upward) and was heading slightly (6 degrees) downward from the horizontal," it says.
      Although Flight 175 went straight into the 81st floor of the south tower, the NIST report provides no description of what was on the 81st floor. Not even one word. How odd.
      While we know that the Fuji Bank was the tenant on floors 79-82 of WTC 2, the NIST report fails to describe the "tenant layout" of floors 79, 81, and 82.
      I had repeatedly requested information from NIST about the layout of these floors, primarily because many tons of molten metal were seen falling from the 81st floor prior to the collapse.
      The source of the large amount of molten metal on the 81st floor had not been explained. What could have possibly melted in such large amounts on a normal floor to create several cubic meters of molten metal?
      You can watch the molten iron in both normal and slow motion at youtube: - new link!
      I have excerpts of the molten metal in this short video: 
      If this was molten iron, as Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University says, and if this molten iron was caused by an aluminothermic reaction of Thermite or Thermate (a steel-cutting explosive created from powdered aluminum, iron oxide, and sulfur), then somebody must have pre-loaded the 81st floor of WTC 2 with many tons of Thermate.
      The molten metal seen falling from the 81st floor was not aluminum, as the NIST report suggests, because molten aluminum would appear silverfish-grey in daylight conditions.
      See our article on Michael Zebuhr's death for photos of molten aluminum: 
      The metal that is seen falling from the burning south tower is clearly yellow and white hot. This is much hotter than the fires that were observed. So, what produced such large amounts of extremely hot molten metal on the 81st floor of WTC 2?
      The aluminum oxide that is produced in the Thermite or Thermate reaction is a whitish smoke. White smoke was seen coming from the 81st floor prior to each flow of molten metal, according to the NIST report, and large amounts of white smoke are seen prior to and during the collapse of each tower. Was this drywall dust or was this Thermite?
      Photo: The white smoke is coming from the corner of the
      South Tower where the molten iron later poured out of.
      Photo: A closeup of the corner of the South Tower where the molten iron poured from.
      Photo: The South Tower starts to collapse. Molten iron
      was blown out of the tower when the explosives went off.
      As the droplets cooled they turned red, creating a spray of red globules mixed with the white clouds of dust. Some of the whiteness may be due to the spray of aluminum oxide particles. 
      You can watch a spray of molten iron from Thermite here: the video was deleted; here is a different one
      I had imagined huge disguised flower pots of powdered Thermite near the elevators of a normal office floor of the south tower. But even that didn't make sense. Furthermore, if the 81st floor was a normal office floor of Fuji Bank, why doesn't the NIST report simply say so?
      Silence was all I ever received from NIST.
      Then, suddenly, out of the blue, a former bank employee came forward, a person who had visited the 81st floor on a weekly basis. His information explains more than he probably thought and provides us with a major clue about what really happened on 9/11.
      Fuji Bank had torn up the 81st floor, he said, and stripped it down to the bare bone to reinforce the trusses so that the floor could hold more weight. Then they had built a raised floor and filled the entire floor with server-size Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) batteries. 
      These units were bolted to the raised floor which stood about 3 feet above the reinforced 81st floor. Beneath the raised floor ran the cables and power supply that connected the army of batteries. IT techies had to get down on all fours and crawl around beneath the raised floor to connect cables.
      "The whole floor was batteries," he said, "huge battery-looking things." They were "all black" and "solid, very heavy" things that had been brought in during the night. They had been put in place during the summer prior to 9/11, he said.
      But were they really batteries?
      "It's weird," he said. "They were never turned on."
      So, what really was on the 81st floor of WTC 2? What was in these heavy "battery-looking things?" Were they batteries, or were they Thermite?
      Only senior Information Technology (IT) personnel from Fuji Bank, or the Japanese banks affiliated with it, had access to the 81st floor computer room, according to the source. The Mizuho Bank was established originally as Mizuho Holdings, Inc. by the merger of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB), Fuji Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) in 2000.
      According to the former bank employee, employees of Shimizu-America Corp. also had access to the floor.
      Shortly after 9/11, the IBJ became the biggest player and took over the new corporation that had been created by the merger, primarily because the offices of the DKB and Fuji Bank had been destroyed in the World Trade Center, the source said.
      The offices of the IBJ were located on the Avenue of the Americas and became the new headquarters for the bank. The DKB and Fuji Bank personnel soon found themselves out of work.
      "Nobody worked on that floor," the source said about Floor 81. The whole floor was taken up with a "whole bunch of batteries" and "enclosed server racks" that were so tall that one could not see over the top of them. The enclosed server racks were locked and the only people who could open them were employees of the Shimizu Corp., he said.
      Didn't the host of NIST scientists think that was worthy of mention? They either did not know that the 81st floor was full of "battery-looking things" or decided not to mention it. How odd.
      William Torrey, the Atlanta-based senior vice president of Shimizu-America, said he could not say anything about the work that Shimizu did on the 81st floor because of ongoing litigation. Asked about the litigation, Torrey said he could not comment on that either.
      Seth Martin, the non-Japanese spokesman for the Mizuho Corp., could not give any comment for this article. Mr. Martin did not respond to repeated calls.
      The NIST documents that accompany the final report confirm the source's information that Fuji Bank had reinforced the 81st floor. Documents dated 1999 say that reinforcements were added to the floor trusses "to accommodate the new UPS workspace." The structural engineering firm was noted as LERA, or Leslie E. Robertson and Associates.
      SawTeen See, a managing partner of LERA, said the firm was unable to comment on the work it had done on the 81st floor. "We are not at liberty to comment on this or to provide any further information," she wrote. "Please contact the PANYNJ who are the project owners."
      PANYNJ is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
      Fuji Bank & Trust reported 12 out of 125 Japanese expatriate employees missing the day after 9/11. Two American employees of Fuji Bank are also reported to have died on 9/11:
      Security officer Patrick Adams, 60 
      John Andreacchio, 52
      Both men were from New York.

      Kevin Ryan

      NIST report | wtc

      There appears to be a remarkable correlation between the floors upgraded for fireproofing in the WTC towers, in the years preceding 9/11/01, and the floors of impact, fire and failure. The fireproofing upgrades would have allowed for shutdown of the affected floors, and the exposure of the floor assemblies and the columns for a significant period of time. Exactly what work was done during that time?
      In some sections of the NIST WTC report, the exact floors upgraded are listed. Other sections of the report suggest even more floors were upgraded, a total of 18 floors in WTC 1 and 13 floors in WTC 2, but the additional floors involved are not specified.[1]
      WTC tower floors upgraded for firep! roofing and floors of impact, fires and failure on 9/11 (click for full size)
      This relationship is unmistakable for WTC 1. Some investigators have pointed out that a number of floors failed simultaneously in this tower, in accordion-like fashion, before the rest of the building began to 'collapse'. These floors seem to match up almost exactly with the floors that were upgraded. See the film clip below, and the following Powerpoint sequence created by Gregory Urich.
      Two blueprints for the 1999, 2000 construction upgrades to WTC 2, provided by a supporter, indicated that the work was done at almost exactly the point of impact and failure in that tower. That is, the southeast quadrant of WTC 2 was the focus of the work, at least on the 78th floor (the blueprints provided were for floors 77 and 78 only). It was the southeast quadrant of WTC 2, at and just above floor 78, where flight 175 hit.
      We have also seen video of molten metal pouring from WTC 2 prior to its destruction. The relationship b! etween fireproofing upgrades and the pouring metal is close but not exact, as the molten metal seen in videos appears to be coming from floors 80 and 81. Communication to the NIST team from Frank Lombardi of the Port Authority, in 2002, indicated that only floor 78 of the impact failure floors of WTC 2 had been upgraded. But NCSTAR 1-6A (table 4-2, p 45) lists floor 85 as an upgraded floor as well. Could it be that certain areas within floors 79 to 84 were upgraded also, and not reported because the floors were not fully upgraded?
      For the north tower at least, it is difficult to accept that this relationship is yet another unbelievable coincidence related to 9/11. Certainly the upgrade work allowed for access to critical areas. But in considering this, a number of other, admittedly far-fetched questions come to mind. Why was the upgraded fireproofing measured to be twice the thickness specified?[! 2] Could incendiary or explosive materials have been embedded within the upgraded fireproofing? Could these "construction" activities have involved installing mechanisms to direct the planes to the specific areas in which they hit each building?
      In any case, the demolition hypothesis should be considered more than just simple demolition. If the idea was to create the appearance of a fire-induced collapse, then a fiery presentation was needed, much more than the jet fuel/office furnishings would have been able to provide. It seems that thermate may have been used not only to weaken or cut the steel infrastructure throughout the buildings, but also to help create that fiery presentation near the floors of impact.
      It seems possible that a thermate-lik! e material, and/or other devices contributing to the destruction of the towers, could have been incorporated on the floors of impact and failure during the fireproofing upgrades. The access for such an operation would have been facilitated by the activity surrounding the fireproofing upgrades.
      [1] NCSTAR 1-6A, page xxxvii, indicates which exact floors were upgraded. NCSTAR 1-6, page 20 repeats these claims, as noted in the figure above. Elsewhere in NCSTAR 1-6, on page lxxi, NIST muddies the water by saying "18 floors in WTC 1, including all the floors affected by the aircraft impact and fires" and ""13 floors in WTC 2, although none were directly affected by the aircraft impact and fires.". On this last part, NIST contradicts itself yet again in NCSTAR 1-6 (on page lxvii-lxix) by stating that so! me of the floors upgraded in WTC 2 were affected by the impacts and fires (notably floor 78). As with the contradictory amounts of jet fuel referenced throughout NIST's report, these fireproofing upgrade statements appear to be another example of how detailed findings in the NIST team's lower level reports were confused or made vague in higher-level reports.
      [2] NCSTAR 1-6A (p xl) states "The overall average thickness determined from the 356 individual measurements was found to be 2.5 in, with a standard deviation of 0.6 in." The same report (p 44) says "Note that some of the average thicknesses shown in Table 4-2 equal or exceed 3.5 in. No photos were available of upgraded floors to show the appearance of such high average thickness of SFRM." Floor 94 of WTC 1 stands out in this data, with a SFRM thickness of more than 4 in. The specification for these upgrades was on! ly 1.5 in, increased from the as-built specification of 0.75 in.
      Dick Eastman 
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Peter Wakefield Sault
      To: Dick Eastman
      Cc: Prof. Steven E. Jones
      Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 2:26 PM
      Subject: Re: bunk or debunk? Ted Olsen family friend Jon Moseley argues the impossiblity of WTC thermate demolition with conspiracy theorist "olfriend"
      Thermate for cutting steel members is not applied as "cannisters". As far as I can tell, the thermate is wrapped around the steel to be cut either as rope or as plastic and electrical ignition wires attached. That was what all the cable 'rewiring' in the towers was about in the weeks preceding the event - installing the ignition wires. I think we need to refer to Prof. Jones for a better idea of how thermate is applied. Since it not an explosive I don't think it is detonated in the same way as, say, C4, which I believe requires a detonation cap. I have found it impossible to find information on the Internet - largely due, it must be said, to the 'noise' generated by online 9/11 discussions about it but also because such information is restricted. (When I was a teenager, we were able to make nitrocellulose etc. at home because lab supplies, such as fuming nitric acid, were sold over the counter. All that is now gone and you cannot even buy a glass beaker or test tube without a license.)
      Prof. Jones - please would you tell us how thermate is applied to the steel to be cut or welded.
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Dick Eastman
      To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
      Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:24 PM
      Subject: bunk or debunk? Ted Olsen family friend Jon Moseley argues the impossiblity of WTC thermate demolition with conspiracy theorist "olfriend"
      From: (John Moseley, spy novelist and attorney at law)
      To: Dick Eastman (anti-semitic conspiracy theorist) ; Ronald Wieck (author and debunker of 9-11 conspiracy theory whackos)
      Sent: January 9, 2008
      Jon Moseley: Yes, it would be impossible to place 25,000 thermate canisters.
      Dick Eastman: You, lawyer Moseley, are the one who put forth the idea that 25,000 canisters would be necessary. How self-contradictory your thinking is.   The Boeing 767 was carrying jet fuel enough to fill a 9 ft. diameter above-ground swimming pool, and yet you say that this kerosene did what nothing less than 25,000 canisters of thermate would be required to do.  You imply that unless every single beam at every floor had its own thermate cannister the building could not have fallen as it did -- yet you maintain that  one 150-ton aluminium airplane carring  a 4 ft. high 4.5 ft. radius volume of kerosene accomplishes the trick that 24,999 canisters of thermate could not accomplish, the trick  of  knocking down towers each consisting of 106,000 tons of structural steel, 53,000 tons of concrete, 2,000 tons of aluminum cladding.  186,290 tons of plumbing, air-conditioning, telecommunications wiring etc. plus the dead weight office furniture and equipment and the live  weight of 150,000 people, minus the weight of a sizable percentage of those New York financial workers that for some coincidentally widespread reasons did  show up for work that morning.  
      So you are arguing, Jon, that this spray of kerosene and the aluminum airplane hitting the steel core of the tallest skyscraper in New York  accomplished  what 24,999 canisters of thermate could not? Let me point out below  how absurd contention really is.   
      Jon Moseley:  First, radio control COULD NOT WORK inside a steel building, with the necessity to precisely control 25,000 units with split-second timing.
      Dick Eastman: This was 2001 not 1901, Mr. Moseley. To say that it would be impossible to set of an array of devices -- even 25,000 devices if that was really what was called for -- that the defense industry that puts the space shuttle in space and that has at its disposal the most powerful computers and the biggest armies of scientists and the best equipped and experienced black-ops divisions of its intelligence agencies "could not" get the devices to go off correctly???? Look at the building as it stood -- with computers in every office doing millions of operations with split-second timing -- and you say that a simple switching from "off" to "on" for these devices could not be accomplished for the operation even to be considered??? Tell me, Jon, do juries tend to believe your arguments on behalf of your clients in the courtroom as they do for these absurdities on behalf of your clients in Washington and Israel?
      Jon Moseley:  Second, have you given any thought to WHERE exactly these would have to be?
      Dick Eastman: Do you have any reason to think that with trillions of dollars at stake and the black-ops facilities of Mossad, the CIA and MI6 at their disposal with the resources of the entire defense-industry scientific establishment at their disposal (compartmentalized of course so they don't know what they are really working on) -- that they could not find a way to demolish a building with termate - even with fewer than 25,000 delivery charges  of thermate? But since you ask my personal opinion,  let me say -- without any degree in engineering or physics or architecture expertise --  that I have never been convinced by those who speak against the "pancaking theory" -- to me the towers were two giant shish-kabobs -- a core with light-weight aerated concrete floors holding to the core. When one, two or three floors were made to collapsed those floors  below could not take the force of all that potential energy (mass x gravity constant x height) converted into kinetic energy (1/2 mass x the square of the velocity) at the high speeds at which those upper floors fell onto the lower ones -- not free-fall speed certainly (we can all see free-falling pieces going down faster than the rate of downward-advancing  floor collapse), but speed great enough and accelerating, with a function of velocity squared, to certainly rip down everything along the way -- the strong fastenings holding each floor of the shish-kabob being so strong as to break up and pull down the core they were holding so firmly with them. But again that is just the opinion of this unemployed former video store clerk -- yet I really don't see a lawyer who writes esape fiction and knows Ted Olsen and Jacob Roginsky  talking me out of it.
      Jon Moseley: WHERE was the structural suppport of the building?
      Dick Eastman:  On the foundation, in the core, in the fastenings of the 110 floors to the core. Without the core holding up those floors those tall thin beams on the corners and up the sides (260 of them), there to hold up the windows and aluminum sheathing, would not contributed anything to holding up those floors -- especailly after the pancaking was under way. 
      Jon Moseley: Not giving any serious thought to any of this, you haven't got a clue. ...
      Dick Eastman:  My thinking is not the best -- and it gets worse every day -- but I have had the good luck  lately of getting into arguments with people holding the most obviously absurd positions. Also  habitual honesty gives one an edge and so does a good liberal education (like you can hardly find any more in a lower-middle-class person like myself.) 
      Jon Moseley: To bring down the building -- and do so evenly, smoothly, rapidly, and without the building falling over -- you would have to sever 267 steel support columns around the perimeter all at the same time. However, if you did not also sever 47 internal support columns at precisely the same instant, then the outside skin would fall down, but the central core would remain standing.
      Dick Eastman: There was nothing smooth or even about the collapse, except that the structure "fell into its footprint" -- showing that  the puny plane would not have given it any lean. The shish-kabob was demolished by a sufficient number of thermate devices -- these could be quite large -- brought up, if one may be permitted to speculate,  in sections by freight elevator during repairs or maintenace perhaps -- these devices planted at the top floors -- the only reason for the bombs lower down was to kill targeted people or destroy rescue systems or offices with financial or legal files the perpetrators wanted destroyed etc. A few devices on the higher floors. Perhaps the remote-controlled planes hit precisely on the intended floors of each tower.
      The fact is that the building came down as it did. The fact is that the jet plane and office fire would not have been sufficient to bring it down. The fact is that thermate devices exist for the purpose of bringing down buildings. The fact is that unlimited resources were available to the perpetrators to bring down the building in the way they wanted. The owner of the building, the Pentagon, the CIA, Mossad, the WHite House, Israel, the black ops resources that exist from private arms and intelligence companies, and the great war-funding bankers and defense-contracting corporations -- all filled with men like Dov Zakheim -- were giving this their full consideration. 25,000 devices would be no obstacle. (I say less that fifty were needed for each building.)  Sending signals throughout the building would be no obstacle. We know the structure went and we know the plane didn't do it and that thermate could. We know that residues indicative of thermate have been found in samples of the steel  and we have video recordings of molten steel cascading down from South Tower just before the building began collapsing. The little bit of kerosene was long gone. Some of the plane never hit the core -- it went flying through the building and out the north wall. Not enough to bring it down. Only thermate could have done it. Not ray guns from space. Not a summer play  pool full of kerosene.
      Jon Moseley:    Therefore, you must sever instantly at the same split-second 267 + 47 = 314 steel support columns on every floor.
      Dick Eastman: The trouble with you Zionist mouthpiece lawyers is that you don't eat enough shish-kabob and pancakes. Just start three or four floors collapsing and the rest of the job will take care of itself. You don't have to have, as you wrongly insist,  a different bomb at 314 positions on each of 110 floors and each with a wire connecting it to all the others because wireless signals would be impossible etc. 
      Jon Moseley:    AND WHERE WOULD YOU PUT THESE MAGICAL, MYTHICAL THERMATE CANISTERS all sprinkled with fairy dust and rubbed with the fur of unicorns?
      Dick Eastman: Gee, you're a regular Clarence Darrow for eloquence.  Makes me feel silly for even suggesting that thermate could be the answer -- except that whatever the mystical status of thermate it does manage to burn through massive steel in seconds and it is used to demolish steel skyscrapers and traces of it were found in the samples of molten steel and in bead particle dust taken from the site. So you are arguing that since there was no fur of the unicorn found that thermate must be ruled out? This is not a good argument, Jon.'
      Jon Moseley:   To work, they must be SNUG AGAINST the steel that they are going to cut.   BUT THE STEEL COLUMNS WERE NOT EXPOSED. And then of course, being buried in the wall, the radio devices WOULD NOT WORK inside a steel building.
      Dick Eastman: Drill a hole in a steel beam. Stick a long thin device into the beam. One end of the device can be sticking out , maybe just a wire to receive a transmitted signal or tiny microphone for a sonci signal or any of a number of other ways.  In this day and age can't is a word limited to the poor and politically powerless. You, Jon, seem to be thinking that we don't realize that.
      Jon Moseley:  Finally, thermate is notoriously difficult to ignite, and often FAILS to ignite using a remote device.
      Dick Eastman:  Picture Dov Zakheim reporting to Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Kissinger late in 1999. Dov says, "I'm sorry. The plan can't be done. We can't find a way to reliably light the thermate.  So please tell  David and Lionel that I tried my level best and it's just impossible."  
      Poor people living in a falling apart world who don't know the power of money -- how reliable and excellent and unimaginably effective are the things are that the rich provide for themselves -- may fall for Mr. Moseley's "arugmentum de impossibilus" (don't look it up, it isn't real) -- but when the criminals alibi that the aluminum plane and the drip of kerosene brought down the skyscraper is impossible and the real cause is established in laboratory tests and video recordings of the actually event -- then we start thinking that we better not let Jon Moseley leave town until we have looked into the background of  his 9-11 investigator-debunking activities more closely.
      Jon Moseley 
      Dick Eastman
      From: Dick Eastman 
      Sent: Jan 9, 2008 
      Subject: Re: 10 miles for only 22 explosives Re: 10 miles of detonator cord and 15 miles of telephone wires 
      The claim is made: the plane and the fire was sufficient to bring down the building.
      The person making that claim then adds this claim: That  it would be impossible for lease owner Silverstein and the greatest black-ops agency in the world (Mossad)  to bring in over a period of months  time radio-triggered thermate cannisters and plant them along the core using the freight elevators  and ventiliation shafts for access -- even when the perpetrators have the full cooperation of government agencies infiltrated in key positions  well in advance for this one operation.
      Two statements like this -- each so obviously wrong -- makes you suspect the honesty of the one making the statements, doesn't it?
      Look at these: 
      Here are some  of video clips of the flow of molten metal. Can airplane aluminum account for all of this? 
      More  video clips of molten metal material pouring from the south tower's northeast corner.:  
      Have you seen this vido clip of molten metal on the ground? 
      Eyewitness accounts:


      The 9/11 Files Paul Bremer and 9/11
      Bremer...on TV right after 9/11 starting the Osama did it myth and then in Iraqguaranteeing a massive and deadly insurgency. What was Bremer doing before ...

      9-11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both ...
      Jan 11, 2007 – 9-11 remains an unsolved crime of terrorism. Many people who ... DuringBremer's reign there was no metering of the oil exported from Iraq . Previously ...Lewis Paul Bremer (center) was Kissinger's man in Iraq. Here the U.S. ...

      So if 9/11 was really an “inside” job… Then who were the people “inside” that did it? Well? We can start by looking at some of the people “Inside” the buildings that were targeted and destroyed on 9/11. In the impact zone of the North tower was a company called Marsh and McLennan which at the time was the world’s largest insurance brokerage company. One of Marsh’s executives was a guy named L. Paul Bremer who was also the chairman of the Congressional National Commission on Terrorism from 1999 to 2000, and the US ambassador at large for counter-terrorism from 1986-1989, Instead of going to work on the day of 9/11 and dying inside the towers with hundreds of his employees, Bremer decided to go on MSNBC and tell the world that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks and possibly Iraq and Iran, and demanded the most severe military response possible. 
      L. Paul Bremer was called away from Marsh in 2003 to become the Iraq Occupation Governor, a role he has been widely criticized for.
      So Bremer not only worked inside the buildings but had offices directly in the impact zone of the South Tower where the flight 175 would hit, he missed work on 9/11 to give us the official story on national television, and went on to be the Iraq Occupation Governor. You really can’t get much more connected to 9/11 than that! Oh wait, you can sorry I forgot to mention that Bremer was also a former manager for Kissinger Associates, he was a member of the board for Akzo Nobel the parent of international paint company which produced a fire proofing application for skyscrapers called interchar, Bremer was also on the international advisory board for the Japanese mining and machinery company Komatsu which at the time had been involved in a joint venture agreement with Dresser Industries the oil services/intelligence front where Prescott Bush Sr. and George H.W. Bush got their start with Neil Mallon. Anyway the Komatsu-Dresser mining division operated from 1988-1997 and in July 1996 patented a nanothermite demolition device that could “demolish a concrete structure at high efficiency, while preventing a secondary problem due to noise, flying dust and chips, and the like.” 
      As many of you know, residues of thermite a highly energetic chemical mixture have been confirmed in samples of WTC Dust, and the use of thermite at the WTC was also revealed by environmental data. See description for links and sources. 
      But wait a minute! It would have taken tons of this stuff! How could they get it inside the buildings and put it into place without anyone finding out? This would have taken hundreds of people, someone would have talked by now. It just doesn’t make any sense.
      Well… who ran the security for these buildings? Marvin Bush’s company Securacom Stratasec did up until 1998 when that role was handed off to Kroll Associates, yet Stratasec still retained security contracts that didn’t expire until the day of 9/11. Both these companies have a suspicious cast of characters working for them. Bush’s cousin Wirt Dexter Walker III was the CEO of Stratasec with a long history as a manager for CIA front companies such as Glore Forgan. The COO of stratasec was a guy named Barry McDaniel who came from BDM International where he was vice president of material distribution and management systems. He also had a history of involvement with black projects. Securacom Stratasec also ran Security at Dulles International Airport where Flight 77 into the Pentagon was hijacked out of as well as contracts with United Airlines. They also ran security at LANL during the time period that nanothermite was first being developed there. 
      Then there’s KROLL Associates, also known as the CIA of Wall Street. KROLL’s Managing Director was a guy named Jerome Hauer who like L. Paul Bremer survived the 9/11 attacks by going on National Television to give us the first accounts of the official story before anyone knew what was happening these guys apparently had it already figured out. Al CIAda, Terrorists, Bin Laden, Terrorism, and a complete explanation for the worst structural failures in engineering history.
      In addition to being managing director of KROLL, Jerome Hauer was the national security advisor with the National Institute of Health which managed the Government response to the Anthrax Attacks shortly after 9/11. On the day of 9/11 Hauer advised the White House to start taking Cipro an antibiotic effective against anthrax, and then strangely a week later 2 senators and several people in the media who had been calling for an investigation into the 9/11 Attacks were mailed Anthrax and told to shut up. Apparently by members of Al Qaeda who later turned out to be a bioweapons researcher at USAMRID in Fort Detrick, MD named Stephen Hatfill who had worked with Jerome Hauer for a company called SAIC.
      Scientific Applications International Corporation a defense contractor with expertise in thermite-related technologies played a large part in the NIST WTC Investigation.

      A few other names and companies inside the Twin Towers also worthy of further investigation include Criag Stapleton who is married to Bush’s cousin Dorothy Walker Bush, Stapleton was the president of Marsh real estate advisors from 1982 to 2001, was a member of the board of directors for Cendant that was charged with massive accounting fraud in 1998, and went on to join Winston Partners a privately owned investment firm founded in 1993 and led by George W. Bush’s brother Marvin.
      Other very powerful and well-connected people worked in senior management at Marsh. These included Stephen Friedman, a senior principal at Marsh Capital and former partner at Goldman Sachs, who later became George W. Bush's top economic advisor. Friedman was also a member of the Brookings Institution, the Bilderberg group, the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and the board at In-Q-Tel, the investment firm founded by the CIA in 1998. In-Q-Tel invests in state of the art technologies related to defense and intelligence work, including nano and chemical technologies, according to its website. 
      In another interesting coincidence, Friedman belonged, through Cornell University, to a secret society called Quill and Dagger, the membership of which includes Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley. Wolfowitz, the neo-con deputy secretary of defense in the Bush Administration, was the author in 1992 of the "Wolfowitz Doctrine" of pre-emptive warfare. He also made comments about a "surprise like Pearl Harbor" months before 9/11, and met with Pakistani ISI General Mahmud Ahmed in the week before 9/11. Berger, the National Security Advisor to President Clinton, was later caught stealing documents from the 9/11 Commission investigation. Berger was also the boss of White House counterterrorism Tsar Richard Clarke, and together with Hadley - who was Condoleezza Rice's deputy - was responsible for delaying or obstructing Clarke's plans to stop Al Qaeda in January 2001. 

      Jeffrey Greenberg resigned from Marsh & McLennan after being accused of serious financial crimes. The first plane of 9-11 flew directly into his company's secure computer room in the North Tower. Jeffrey Greenberg is a member of the Brookings Institution and the Trilateral Commission. Jeffrey Greenberg rose quickly through management at Marsh, having come there directly from AIG in 1995, and then becoming CEO just four years later. At Brookings, Greenberg hobnobbed with Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the 9/11 Commission.

      There’s also Jim Pierce another Bush cousin who was managing director of AON corporation who according to the NIST Report modified “unknown” sections of floor 83 in the South Tower in 1997.
      Jim Pierce had arranged a meeting on the 105th floor of the south tower for that morning. Pierce survived that day, despite the fact that twelve people came to the meeting in the south tower, and eleven of them died. The location of the meeting had been changed, the night before, to the Millenium Hotel, where Pierce watched the south tower as it was hit by the aircraft. Apparently the meeting attendees were not all notified of the change in location.
      Another interesting character is Joseph Kasputys of Baseline Financial Service which occupied the impact zone of the South Tower on floors 77 and 78 where UA 175 impacted. Kasputys has a history of being well connected to the highest levels of government, as well as to defense and intelligence industries. Kasputys worked, from 1972 to 1977, for the US departments of commerce and defense. He was also the deputy director of Nixon's White House taskforce that dealt with the Arab oil embargo of 1973, and he was instrumental in the creation of the Department of Energy (DOE).
      Kasptuys went on to run a large corporation called Primark that had offices in both towers on 9/11. One of the subsidiaries of Primark, The Analytical Sciences Corporation (TASC), worked with "so-called 'black' or top secret programs." TASC also worked closely with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
      Kasputys was also a member of the Logistics Management Institute (LMI), whose members included Paul Kaminski of In-Q-Tel and General Dynamics, Charles DiBona of Halliburton, Skull and Bones member Joseph Samuel Nye, and Michael Daniels of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). LMI's self-proclaimed role is "advancing the science of government."
      Kasputys' connections to the DOE, from 1977 through at least 1997, are interesting considering that the DOE was developing thermite ignition devices as early as 1983.
      Joseph Kasputys went on to become CEO of Baseline Financial Services which was directly in the impact zone on the 78th floor of the South Tower. According to NIST, Kasputys' Baseline modified the southeast corner of floor 78 in 1999, exactly where the aircraft hit on 9/11. Floors 77 and 78 were upgraded for fireproofing in June and April of 1998, respectively.

      Another company of interest, on floor 91 just above the impact zone for the south tower, was Washington Group International (Washington). This company was known primarily as a construction and mining firm, and it had just acquired Raytheon Engineers in July 2000. Raytheon was reported to have also occupied floor 91.

      In 1996, Washington took over Morrison-Knudsen, an engineering and construction company that had a history of working on large projects around the world, including in China, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. The Army Corps of Engineers hired Morrison-Knudsen to demolish over 200 buildings in 1995.

      One of the DOE facilities for which Washington was responsible, well before 9/11, was the Savannah River site near Aiken, SC. In February 1997, LLNL and the Savannah River site signed an agreement of cooperation to share technology. Savannah went on to add "Developing sol gel technology for fuels and other applications" to its portfolio. Sol-gel technology is utilized by LLNL for making nanothermites. In another coincidence, Savannah River Technology staff participated in the search and rescue operations at Ground Zero by providing “unique tools”.
      Just before 9/11 Washington was going through a tough time financially, and sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents show that Washington made court-ordered pre-petition payments, as part of these proceedings, to a number of companies including Komatsu. Washington also made payments to Greenhorne & O'Mara, whose employee Theresa McAllister was a lead author for the FEMA and NIST reports on the WTC disaster, and to Sumitomo Bank which was closely allied with Komatsu, and was involved with defense-related production.

      So there were quite a few companies and individuals inside the twin towers who are at least as suspicious as the 19 unskilled Arabs that the government told us were responsible for the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. 

      In fact there are even more names, companies, and connections than I have the time to get into in this short YouTube video summary. If you want you can Google “Demolition Access to the WTC” and read the article by Kevin Ryan for a more detailed summary.

      Right now I’d like to move on to WTC 7 and the Pentagon, and the insiders most closely connected with those crime scenes. 

      Building 7 was a 47 story Federal Office Building on the WTC site which collapsed at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. This building was home to the CIA, in fact the largest CIA Headquarters outside of Langley, VA. It also housed offices for the Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

      One of the most interesting tenants, however, was then-Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, and its emergency command center on the 23rd floor. This floor received 15 million dollars worth of renovations, including independent and secure air and water supplies, and bullet and bomb resistant windows designed to withstand 200 MPH winds.

      Mayor Giuliani was a former US prosecutor for the South District of New York from 1983-1989 who was in charge of investigating the terrorist financing Bank of Credit and Commerce International. After he left his job as Prosecutor to start a political career, he worked for a law firm called White & Case that actually represented BCCI. So he went from prosecuting the BCCI to working for a law firm which defended the BCCI. This was likely his foot in the door of this underground corporate criminal network.
      Giuliani would later help to destroy all the crime scene evidence from ground zero.

      Giuliani’s sidekick on 9/11 was Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who appeared to be coaching some of Rudy’s actions that day, keeping him away from the media and even answering questions for him about explosives in the buildings. In fact Bernard Kerik gave us the first official Government pronouncement that no explosives were involved in the destruction of the WTC buildings. Kerik’s department was also the same one that found that pristine completely undamaged hijacker’s passport which survived a plane impact and fireball which destroyed 2 titanium black boxes and 3 towers. Kerik would later receive a nomination from President Bush to become the Director of Homeland Security which he declined for personal and political reasons and instead took a job training the Iraqi Police Force in Iraq alongside L. Paul Bremer. Both men are credited for turning Iraq into the unwinnable quagmire it is today. 

      In Feb 2010 Kerik was sentenced to 4 years in Federal Prison for conspiracy and fraud charges (unrelated to the crimes of 9/11 unfortunately) but it still goes to show you what kind of person he is. Definitely the kind of person you would want on the inside of the New York City Police Force during a staged event like 9/11.

      And lastly, we have the Pentagon…
      It’s certainly peculiar to say the least, that Al Qaeda Terrorists hell bent on destroying the USA would not crash their plane into the North Wing of the Pentagon where all the most important offices were like Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, etc. And that they would instead choose to target the one section of the Pentagon that had most recently been refurbished to withstand missile impacts. It’s also interesting to note that the company which completely the $258 Million refurbishment to wedge 1 of the Pentagon was also hired as a contractor to clean up ground zero in New York. Wedge 1 also coincidentally housed the Pentagon’s Budget Analyst Office where DOD staffers were working on the mystery of the $2.3 Trillion Dollars that were reported missing by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a press conference the day before 9/11. 
      The Pentagon’s Comptroller in charge of that money at the time was an interesting fellow named Dov Zakheim, a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, and a contributor to the neo con think tank Project for the New American Century. Zakheim helped write the PNAC Document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in which he is credited for the line which states “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor" 
      Several members of the Bush Administration including President Bush himself would later refer to 9/11 as a “new Pearl Harbor” This document written just prior to 9/11 seems to outline some of the motives behind the attacks. 
      Dov Zakheim was also the CEO of Systems Planning Corporation a high technology analytical firm which produced among other things an on-board warning and control system for commercial and military aircraft. Some people even believe that these systems were used to pilot the aircraft on 9/11, and there is some credible evidence to suggest that as well. 
      At the end of the day 9/11 was a mass murder. It was the largest crime ever committed on US soil, but it was never treated as a crime, it was treated as an act of war. It was never properly investigated.
      In a court of law all that is required to convict a person of murder is for the prosecution to prove means, motive, and opportunity.
      Certainly the 19 Islamic Fundamentalists who hijacked the planes that day had means, motives, and the opportunity, But they couldn’t possibly have gotten NORAD to stand down for nearly 2 hours, they couldn’t have rigged 3 skyscrapers with high tech explosive incendiary devices for a covert demolition, and it’s unlikely they could have piloted the planes with such pin point accuracy without some serious inside help.
      If anything, the individuals and organizations outlined in this video are at least as suspicious as the 19 hijackers themselves.

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