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Sandy Hook residents with police and criminal backgrounds involved in Sandy Hook shooting event

Sandy Hook residents with police and  criminal backgrounds involved in Sandy Hook shooting event
Sandy Hook residents with criminal backgrounds involved in Sandy Hook shooting event

I’m finding that several people with criminal backgrounds and arrests are involved in various ways in the incident.  A former police officer who was arrested for mortgage fraud in 2007 has spoken publicly in support of tighter gun control.  His brother also happens to be one of the officers assigned to guard one of the victim’s families.
“Michael Daubert, a retired state trooper from Newtown, said he once felt the same way. He said, “I was very pro gun, up until now.” (link)
Michael E. Daubert, 42, of Sandy Hook, faces new charges of first-degree identity theft, first-degree larceny, criminal impersonation, and 28 counts of second-degree forgery, according to Chief State’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane.
Daubert was held on $350,000 bail and will be arraigned Monday in Danbury Superior Court, Kane said.
According to an affidavit supporting his arrest, Daubert, a former police officer in Bethel and Naugatuck, used the name and identifying information of a New York man to obtain a mortgage on a property that he owned, Kane said.
Daubert also fabricated several documents related to the mortgage application, including a driver’s license and bank statements, Kane said.
As a result of the forgeries, Daubert received more than $200,000 cash from the refinancing of his property, according to Kane.
At the time Daubert was allegedly stealing the New York man’s identity, Kane said, Daubert was on probation for 2005 convictions for conspiracy to commit fourth-degree larceny, two counts of third-degree forgery, and second-degree criminal trespass in a scheme that investigators said was designed to conceal assets in his pending divorce. He received a suspended 30-month prison sentence for those convictions. (link)
Ryan Knapp who was arrested on a drug charge in 2007 wrote a letter in support of mental health reform.
News-Times, The (Danbury, CT) – August 21, 2007
19-year-old charged with possession of heroin
NEWTOWN — Police charged a Sandy Hook man with possession of heroin Sunday.Ryan Knapp, 19, of Lakeview Terrace, was taken into custody at 2:03 a.m. after a brief investigation, police…
(I would have to pay to see the entire article)
Here’s his letter after the shootings -
I am planning on attending the hearing at Newtown High School tomorrow, January 30th, 2013, but in the event that I do not get an opportunity to speak I would like to submit the following testimony From Ryan Knapp, 11 Jeremiah Road, Sandy Hook, CT. 06482.
Testimony as follows:
As a Sandy Hook Elementary School alumni, Sandy Hook resident and friend to one of the victims, I urge you to please refocus your attention from firearms legislation and towards mental health.
 When President Obama came to the High School in my town and met with the families of the victims, he promised an all encompassing approach to preventing future mass murders. Firearms legislation addresses “how” the shootings at my old school occurred, but little legislation has been proposed that addresses the “why” in the scenario.
Blaming firearms is a superficial and ineffective way of dealing with the fear we are collectively feeling through reactionary legislation.
What scares me more is that this is superseding talk about getting treatment for potential mass murderers. Even in a hypothetical situation where all guns were removed from existence, these deranged people would still be out there with the same issues left to find other ways to manifest their impulses in other ways: arson, bombings, poisonings, etc.
I am terrified of mass murderers, not of firearms. What should be more telling than the fact that the Sandy Hook shooter used an AR type rifle, is the fact that this happened just over a mile from Fairfield Hills, a former State Mental Hospital that had programs to treat the likes of the Sandy Hook shooter.  The State cut funding to this hospital and disseminated its patients amongst the general population. This was the type of hospital where the shooter in town could have gotten 24 hour supervision and treatment. (link)
Another Sandy Hook resident arrested for firing a rifle near Newtown High School is involved in raising donations for Sandy Hook via the Newtown Volunteer Task Force:
Newtown Bee, The (CT) – April 13, 2006
Sandy Hook Man Arraigned On Gun Charge
DANBURY – At his arraignment this week in Danbury Superior Court, a Sandy Hook man learned that he will be represented by a public defender in the criminal case stemming from his allegedly firing a rifle on his property last month, across the street from Newtown High School. Kevin Fitzgerald, 46, of 21 Berkshire Road was arraigned Tuesday on charges of second-degree reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and breach of peace.
From the Newtown Volunteer Task Force:
A toll-free number has been established to make it easier for people to call with offers of help to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. The toll-free number – 855-364-6600– will be staffed by local Newtown volunteers and supported by the United Way of Connecticut state 2-1-1Infoline.
The toll-free number was established to assist local officials who were being flooded with phone calls and emails from people asking how they could help Newtown in its time of crisis.
A call center organized by the Newtown Volunteer Task Force, a local citizen’s group led by Kevin and Robin Fitzgerald, will handle the toll-free calls from people offering assistance, as well as follow-up directly with those people who called local officials and organizations offering help in the first week of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. “We have had so many people from around the country and the world offering to help our Newtown community, and their generosity is overwhelming and deeply appreciated,” said Mr. Fitzgerald. “We hope this toll-free number and local call center will make it easier for people to contact our community and to direct them on the best way they can help.”


  1. Hello, I am Ryan Knapp who gave the testimony listed above.

    I NOT the same Ryan Knapp who was arrested for heroin.

    That Ryan Knapp was two years younger than me. His middle initial was M, mine is W. Ive taken to using it since he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, I was living in California and working for Toyota. Ryan M Knapp has since passed away, months before 12/14/12.

    Please promptly update your article as this misinformation is coming up when people, such as perspective employers, search my name and it is adversely impacting my livelihood.

    Thank you in advance,

    -Ryan W Knapp

    1. Note: publishing untrue statements such as these constitutes libel.

  2. Dear Ryan W Knapp,

    Note I have removed your and Ryan M Knapp's name from this post from another blog about other suspicious characters Sandy Hook and would have removed your name from all association with the other Newtown Ryan Knapp had you only written long ago.
    I f there is any reason to believe any of the other Newtown Sandy Hook residents mentioned above are actually someone else or they were not involved in incidents described please let me know.
    As you may realise many Americans are very intersted in all details regarding the Sany Hook incident even now and feel CNN and Fox and Peter Lanza's GE connected CNBC let them down.
    Actually I have been concerned that many reading my blog might think I'm a right wing gun nut when in fact I wouldn't know what to do with a un if I had one and would in fact be freaked out.
    Also while mental health funding and help would be an ideal it has become all to associated with drugging people to keep them in a sort of menal straight jacket.Unfortunately that old mental institute in Newtown that you mention seems to be the LAST kind of treatment one might associate with mental health.At most it might serve as a last resort for someone like Adam Lanza after the fact if indeed he existed at all.His alleged girlfriend Aklex Israel said he existed on CNN and THAT she actualy had 'play dates with him on her mother Beth Israel's website.Does that mean Adam was Jewish ?She acts like he was perfectly normal when Adam and his mom Nancy had her over at the house.So a mystery how he changed so fast.
    Did you ever see him out driving the car ?......This subject matter is of such interest to myself I have extended it and some questions you might help me with on my most recent blog.I provide a link here to that too below my blog emphasing there are or were at least two Ryan Knapp's residing in Newown.

    Monday, July 28, 2014

    Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. And The Two Ryan Knapp

    Below Ryan W Knapp previously residing at 11 Jeremiah Road, Sandy Hook, CT. 06482. responds to apparent confusion by myself and others with the deceased Ryan M. Knapp also of the Newtown area..

  3. Dear Ryan Knapp,
    Here is link to my most recent or second post re you not being the other Newtown Ryan Kbapp.If you have any further comment or criticism please bring it to the link while title below.Hell.I'll even let you do your own blog here if the space for commentary is too brief.As you can see I and others have LOTS of questions re Sandy Hook and the alledged family of victims have been to busy loobbying and fund raising to answer legit questiions,in fact,they asak all journalists even main stream media journalists NOT to ask them questions yet go on lobbying which has nothing to do with Sandy Hook 'truth' and yet go on lobbying and fund raising to benefit themselves financially from this still VERY questionable incident.

    My reply to Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Ryan W Knapp's 2nd Email
    My reply to Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Ryan W Knapp's Email