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Sandy Hook Shooting "Victim" Dylan Hockley fraud - Godlike Productions

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Godlike Productions - Conspiracy Forum ... Proof Gene Rosen, Francine Wheeler,David Wheeler, and Nicole Hockley are actors, 02/04/13 ...

 the parents of Ben Wheeler - David Wheeler and Francine, the father is an actor and screenwriter, the family moved to Newtown from NY in 2007 when Ben was 15 months old, very active in local theater performances (Flagpole Shakespeare Repertory Theatre, NewtownBee), but according to MSM story, they just moved there last April and newcomer in the area, why do they lie about that


Sandy Hook Elementary Zombie Defense The Living Dead defending children 


The Sandy Hoax continues...



Cable TV connects Gene Rosen to Adam Lanza

charter communicationsDid Charter Communications cast its employees for the Sandy Hook Hoax?
Gene Rosen was involved with local cable TV and even sat on the advisory board. Alleged shooter Adam Lanza and his mysterious brother Ryan had been members of Newtown High School’s “Technology Club” which also produced programs for the local cable station. In fact, Newtown High’s “Tech Club” actually got an Emmy for one of their video productions.
Richard Novia was the high school’s “security officer” and faculty advisor for the “Tech Club” and Ryan Lanza said that he took his troubled brother Adam under his wing. Novia is the one who described Adam Lanza as a loner unable to feel pain.
Apparently Mr Novia runs his an advanced security consulting business with his wife Jennifer Novia, a United States Marine Corp veteran with an background in chemical weapons, healthcare, computer security, and archive libraries. There is information online about Novia’s sons Mike(attended Newtown High) and Richie – both apparently do digital design. Novia’s niece Jennifer co-stars in a VH1 reality TV show as a marriage counsel or to disfunctional couples.
Apparently Mr Novia was let go from the school in 2008 after he was involved in some sort of altercation with a student. In response Adam’s & Ryan’s mother Nancy Lanza organized fellow parents to support Mr. Novia’s attempt to get his job back. This was around the same time as her 2008 divorce. Novia admits he knew her well.
So Gene Rosen’s cable company is directly connected to both Adam and Ryan Lanza. That cable company also hosts theatre productions in which parents of the “dead” children performed.  Hmm ….
If somebody wants to find the “mastermind” whose job it was to source actors for the Sandy Hook Hoax, the best place to start asking questions is at Charter Communications, Inc.
The governor of Connecticut proudly announced in October 2012 that Charter Communications will be given state assistance to move its corporate headquarters to Stamford and to build a $10 million complex there.

Former School Security Chief Richard Novia: I Knew Lanza


Meet Sandy Hook Pet Sitter Gene Rosen | Gene's Trusty Pet Service ...

Serving Newtown Connecticut and Surrounding Towns ... Gene Rosen and his wife have been residents of Sandy Hook, Connecticut for the past twenty years. ... ofCharter Cable's Advisory Council and reads to elementary school children.

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