Dr Carver Press Conference Analysis 

03:04 One “student” starts her first day.
-A student starts on a Friday and allowed to take part of a highly sensitive situation.Interesting.
04:42 “I hope they and uh the people of newtown don’t have it CRASH on their head later”
-Hmm? What do you mean by crash on their head later mr carver? Is there something shady going on in sandy hook…
08:21 In response to a question about the time between the dead at the house and the school.He responds with “No, i don’t,sorry i don’t [uncontrollable laughter & moves his head around]
So we have 26 people dead and he laughs like it’s not emotional,this would be very offensive to the people who lost someone just a day ago.
12:10 He wasn’t emotionally affected after viewing 7 dead kids…umm..ok?
13:29 “It wasn’t a tent!!” Then explains it like he has seen a ufo.
He can be seen laughing throughout the whole conference. I’m surprised all of the parents have accepted this as normal.