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Boston Marathon Prom Queen Sydney Corcoran pouring fake blood Boston Marathon ?

Boston Marathon Prom Queen Sydney Corcoran pouring fake blood Boston Marathon ? 

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  1. Sydney Corcoran goes from Boston bombings survivor to high school prom queen
    Toronto Star ‎- by Curtis Rush ‎- 5 hours ago
    Sydney Corcoran, 18, went from a Boston Marathon bombings survivor to a prom queen on Tuesday night.

Sydney Corcoran pouring fake blood Boston Marathon ... - YouTube


  Boston Bombing Victim Sydney Corcoran Busted !!! with fake blood !!!

I will show in a series of labelled photos originating from the the highest definition set that pinpoint Sydney Corcoran's movements immediately following the 1st blast.

The final pic shows conclusively a black tube from Sydney's purse which likely transported blood to her leg and gave the effect of a femoral artery rupture.

Common sense proves her injury to be fake, since she could not have been walking around with that type of injury and surely she would not have remained conscious either due to blood loss.

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Boston Bombing — 25 April 2013
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Were Fake Blood Packets Used in the Boston Bombing?
What’s the difference? It is virtually equally evil to fake a massacre as to commit one. Was the Boston bombing faked to such a degree that there weren’t any injuries: and the injuries that do appear to have occurred were fake?
There is considerable evidence of actors on the scene at the Boston bombing event. Could they have been professional actors familiar with the use of fake blood?
Researchers do recognize this individual, who we are told is Carlos Arrendondo.
A key player in this event, he is directly responsible for the most iconic photo of all, demonstrating the various scenarios around the fake amputee, Jim Bauman. Regardless, where are the EMTs? Why is it mere common citizens who are tying tourniquets and shuttling the wounded? Most people would be sheepish about getting involved, particularly since there is a heavy presence in the Boston Marathon of emergency care professionals.
Leave it to the health professionals in all instances, except in a Hollywood skit.
A finding by YouTube’s Morph314  (many thanks to his thorough work) we cut Arrendondo in half, so his antics could be identified.
First, he can be seen ensuring his DHS tag is in place, so he won’t be hounded out of the arena of operations:
Now, what does he have tucked under his belt? It isn’t a cell phone, which is in his rear pocket. Instead, it would appear, it is a blood-red packet. Could this be a packet of fake blood?
Fake blood comes in a variety of administrations, and this was used during the Boston Marathon scam:
A dried disc form, below, mixed with water:
Eternal Zombie Dried Blood
Company literature helps define the types, characteristics, and application:


There is a plethora of evidence for the use of various types of fake blood packets, residues being strewn throughout the site of the event:
fakebloodpacks3 fakebloodpacket
Spent fake blood packet, seen above, with residue of fabricated blood drops.

Regardless, no one can say the behavior of Arrendondo is anything but suspicious:
There is no blood on the flag, there. His wrists were free of blood in all previous frames, particularly the right wrist.
Puff, magic:
Military escort? DHS mole Carlos Arrendondo is an operative, an actor, not a hero.

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  1. You are clearly delusional. Please prove she was walking around for several minutes?The series of photos represent 5 seconds of reality,get a grip.