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UK Terrorism like Sandy Hook,Boston Marathon is Government Propaganda like 9/11and London Subway bombings

UK Terrorism like Sandy Hook,Boston Marathon is Government Propaganda like 9/11and London Subway bombings

A man with bloodied hands and knives speaks to a camera, in a still image from amateur video that shows the immediate aftermath of an attack in which a man was killed in southeast London May 22, 2013. REUTERS-ITV News via Reuters TV
 Although the 'black Moslem' has blood or paint on his hands as he recites his anti-government speech - he doesn't have  a single spot or stain of blood on his clothing ! How did he do it !?

Perhaps the international war criminals of the U.S.,British and Israeli governments and their allies and puppet governments around the world are scaling back at least temporarily  on murdering their citizens outright as on 9/11 in NYC and later with the train an subway bombings in Spain and London.However their war crimes in the last decade using this terrorism and their 'news and television propaganda campaigns just as the Zionist backed NAZIS of Hitler used radio and newspaper control to manipulate the public is obvious.The Zionists of WWII cared no more for their fellow Jews and their deaths any more than our present Zionist controlled governments in the U.S. and Europe do today about our safety.There only concern is for their political and financial control of us.

You'll have to take the link below to to see the video propaganda of the 'black Moslems' who in fact have been known to the British government and military for years before supposedly killing a Brittish soldier on the streets and reciting an anti-government  script just like actors of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon incidents.No surprise that ITV is part of CNN and was conveniently on the scene to record the incident and they nor any actors on the dcende show any fear of the 'attackers' whatsover.Also although the
'black Moslem' has blood or paint on his hands as he recites his anti-government speech - he doesn't have  a single spot or stain of blood on his clothing ! How did he do it !?

 Note British and thus U..S.KNEW the 'terrorists' just as FBI and CIA knew the Boston Marathon bombers
and yet did nothing to detain or impede them even though homeless people in U.S.or Britain are often locked up for nothing !

ABC News-1 hour ago
The soldier who died in southeast London has been identified as Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. "Drummer" is the ...

Note that 'terrorist' after supposedly murdering UK soldier recites A GET OUT OF 'OUR LANDS' diatribe as if on kew from the British Zionist government who want the public to react by rallying around the U.S., UK and Israeli blitkeig of the Middle East that began immediately after the 9/11 destruction of the WTC even though the U.S. and W Bush regime knew that Israelis were in and around every aspect and suspect site that the terror and cold blooded mass murder of U.S.citizens that occured on 9/11/01! hours ago
LONDON -- A man was killed by knife-wielding assailants on a London street Wednesday, and a bloodstained suspect at the scene holding a ...

Now imagine a 'Cub scout leader' and 'ex-teacher' totally unarmed decide to 'confront' terrorists who just murdered a soldier on the dtreet with the body just laying there! I doubt it seriously.Why didn't they ask him how he hacked a man up with a meat clever and never even got their clothes bloodied ? 
Now rhat's a good trick.......

CNN-46 minutes ago
(CNN) -- Wednesday afternoon, former teacher Ingrid Loyau-Kennett was just a passenger on a bus passing through southeast London.


Thursday, May 23, 2013


In Woolwich:

"I asked the on-site police officer in our school:

"I bet your briefing this morning at the station was an intense one.

"Officer: I was expecting exactly that, but it was just too odd. I asked why there's no briefing, believing we'd be told which streets to be in and what to look out for, but no. Nothing. It was as if it hadn't happened.

"'In fact, the skipper said 'it didn't happen.'

"He told me he didn't recognise any of the officers on his own patch at the scene either nor any of the members of the public, despite always seeing the same people."

Woolwich ‘Terror Attack’ – SE London, 22.5.13 •…

Lee and Rebecca, who have split.

Lee Rigby, allegedly killed in the Woolwich incident in London, has a girlfriend who has been serving in Afghanistan.

Lee Rigby has a two-year-old son, Jack, but Lee has split from the boy's mother Rebecca, 30.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby is allegedly killed in Woolwich in London.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby's battalion is training in Cyprus.

Woolwich: Lee Rigby Named As Soldier Victim - Sky News

Michael Adebolajo
Michael Adebolajo, 28, is the man videoed by witnesses with his hands coloured red.

"Virtually all the friends on his Facebook page have traditional British names such as Louise, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Gemma, Lauren and Paul, to name a few. Among them is Matthew Selt, now a professional snooker player."

'He was a Christian. A nice, normal guy. All his friends were white and used to go round to each other's houses all the time,' a former friend said.
Six years ago Adebolajo was arrested after being involved in protests by outside the court known as the Old Bailey.
Did the security services subject Michael Adebolajo to mind control while he was in prison?

Michael Adebowale

Michael Adebowale is the other attacker.
"The 2nd attacker is shown wearing the beige/brown jacket talking to Ingrid Loyau-Kennett but minutes later is on the ground apparently wearing a black jacket. How does that work?

"The 'pool of blood' does not trail over to where the body was left in the road. Tap is saying the blood on the ground by the car only appeared after the body was moved."

Carol A. Valentine

Above: Ingrid Loyau-Kennett talks to one alleged murderer (left). 
Gemini Donnelly-Martin, 20, and her mother Amanda, talk to the second alleged murderer (right)
The attackers seem to be mind controlled - to not harm women (no male is allowed near the body only women).

Loyau-Kennett who talked to the murderer face to face was far too confident that he would not harm a woman. 
She looks to me to be security service...

Strangely, no sign of blood 

Adebolajo home.
The alleged killer comes from a wealthy Christian family.
"Louise, 26, from Romford, knew Michael Adebolajo and his brother from Marshalls Park school.

"She described him as clever... and 'such a nice person; everyone got along with him...

"'Everyone knew him. He was funny, hilarious. He was a down to earth, nice guy, there was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you would have thought obviously this would have happened.'

"She said that Adebolajo's mother was strict and a regular churchgoer."

London attack: Police make two further arrests after Woolwich killing

No blood on his jacket.

The two 'terrorists' in Woolwich, on 22 May 2013, were known to Britain’s security services before the attack.

The MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies had collected data on the suspected attackers before the incident.

In other words the 'terrorists' were being used by the security services.

The terror event in Woolwich in London may seem a little fishy?

One of the alleged 'Moslem terrorists' can be heard saying:
"You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns; you think politicians are going to die?


"It's going to be the average guy, like you, and your children...."
It may seem strange that the 'terrorists' never seem to attack the top people.

This 'spook' is seen here apparently rehearsing his lines. 

So, those who gain from the latest incident are:
1. Israel, which wants to paint Moslems as the enemy.
2. David Cameron, who can now 'do a Thatcher' and appear to stand up for Britain.
3. The military, which gains in sympathy.

You can tell a lot from photos


"The political statements made by the suspect ... will provide the state and the media all the cannon fodder it needs to link anti-government rhetoric with violent terrorism." London “Terror Attack” Blamed on Anti-Government Sentiment

"Lord Carlile, a former independent (he's a Jew) reviewer of terror laws, has said the killing should cause the Government to rethink the decision to drop the planned Communications Data Bill from the Queen's Speech, which would have extended email and internet monitoring to the security services."

The Telegraph

2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die

Man shot to death while questioned in Boston probe

Lots of Trolls commenting on this!


Conspiracy theorizing about the Christian Right’s supposedly “secret” agenda involves highlighting the hate-mongering and bizarre ideas of a handful of Christian Right players while neglecting the broad popularity of dominion theology.
Sara Diamond, “Dominion Theology:
The Truth About the Christian Right’s Bid for Power,”1

The ambassador's words seemed prophetic a couple of weeks later, when a Dream for Africa draft plan found its way into Swazi newspapers, turning public opinion sharply against Mr. Wilkinson. Under the headline “British Colony or Dr Bruce Colony?” one op-ed writer in the Swazi News wrote, “Why can't he simply tell us that he wants to be given the whole country so that he can gloat to his friends overseas that he owns a modern day colony in Africa called Swaziland?”
Michael M. Phillips, “Mr. Wilkinson Hits Wall Trying To Push 'Orphan Village'”,
Wall Street Journal, 12/19/053

3. The phenomenon of Rick Warren. Rick Warren has single-handedly accomplished more to bring about a public convergence between the three sects of dominionism than any other individual. Warren received his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary under the tutelage of his advisor, C. Peter Wagner of the spiritual warfare dominionists.23 Dubbed “America’s Pastor” by the media, he is now embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign to set up a model of Peter Drucker’s “healthy society” in Rwanda, ostensibly under the banner of missionary and charitable endeavors. Warren has launched a grandiose plan to “transform” Africa – to “cure AIDS,” “end poverty” and “fulfill the Great Commission.” Warren transcends evangelicalism. He easily moves in internationalist circles (Aspen Institute) and aligns himself with rock stars (Bono). Warren has audaciously called for a “Second Reformation” based upon his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan, which is a study in dominionism.24 Leftists who fret over Warren’s foray into AIDS25 may miss the more serious dominionist ramifications of his overall global plan. Warren intends to amass the world’s largest volunteer “army” of “one billion foot soldiers” to implement his global P.E.A.C.E. Plan.26

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