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Antigua Guatemala El Muro Party Animal Michael Sherer pal and Interpol Porn Star John Russell Wilbur

 the week unfolds, as do the weak…el muro’s thursday night wipe out, el caminante’s second cabaret on friday..rest up and take your drugs..no, vitamins…hey, close enough..banzai! - Michael Sherer

 Adventures and misadventures living in Antigua, Guatemala, and ...
Antigua just too much of a party town, etc..as I've said, reality is for those who can't handle drugs.Anybody up for .... John and Max, making El Muro into a force to be reckoned with…John, the ... John Wilbur of El Muro…are you in/on Roatan?... few weeks ago I was stunned to hear of his placement on a certain list known as Interpol, involving shenanigans in Roatan.

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Welcome to El Muro Pub, one of the best places to hang out in Antigua. If you're looking for nightlife in Antigua... General Manager, max gonzales / john wilbur ...

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Sean of O'lot out there, 'flyering' as John Wilbur used to call it… ... Living in Antigua, Restaurants, Travel, central america, guatemala, tagged el muro, ocelot, ...

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'apropos of nothing..got to remembering the John Candy/Steve Martin goin' home for the ... Sean of O'lot out there, 'flyering' as John Wilbur used to call it…

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February 8, 2012 by michael sherer ... ran into Max of El Muro… ... same ol tasty bar babes and yes..the Roatan 'thing'…99% resolved…the family has left ... that has no laws other than piracy…privacy? pirates without borders? the lawyers are, ...

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August 3, 2011 by michael sherer. or is it 'tails?'….as mentioned earlier the Roatan 'mess' hopefully will see some long-awaited daylight by the end of the ...ran into Max of El Muro…BIG changes coming soon…about a month…new look, same ol tasty bar babes and yes..the Roatan ‘thing’…99% resolved…the family has left the island, much much poorer but free of the INTERPOL stuff, lawsuits, et cetera…sadder but wiser, one would hope..’caught up in a web ot frivolous charges and living on an island that has no laws other than piracy…privacy?  pirates without borders? the lawyers are, as always, the only winners.

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15 Oct 2010 – October 15, 2010 by michael sherer. it is what it is, since mobility is a ... John Wilbur! animal….well, we knew that already but he's bought into a coffee shop near Lex' Cargo Room…why? damfino? twist and shout. for whatever ...

 Adventures and misadventures living in Antigua, Guatemala, and ...  
August 9, 2010 by michael sherer .... John and Terry B, seen walking home after a party…town's full of ... Lex Cargo! big story/article in Tv Novelas…no, not tv as in transvestites, you sick .... John Wilbur of El Muro…are you in/on Roatan?

Nelson and Ron showing up on time for their gigs at Ocelot tonight..hard workin’ musicians..just about the time that i was leavin’..i had plans for going onweird but the table was packed in the patio with us senior citizens…i asked the question: of the six or so, how many had been in jail? answer: all of us…for one reason or the other…some typical, some strange and no, i’m not answering as to why i was in (for a few hours)…clue #1 FBI and that led to when Don Marco is scheduled to be released and that led to the guy who said he was from INTERPOL, which led to John Wilbur…what a buncha miscreants, eh?
after that…a chat about weaponry…perfect evening conversations..so, it’s the weekend and more processions..more City babes to lust after/drool about..more manana, given that i’m out/about  - Michael Sherer

Dear Michael Sherer,
If you or the 'good folks' of El Muro can tell me anything about the where abouts of this jerk John Russell Wilbur  I'd be much obliged.Also if he is as questionable as Interpol claims in the area of real estate fraud then it would be nice to know whether he was connected in any way to the folks from India who 'bought' El Cofre from him.What do you Mr.Michael Sherer and John Wilbur 's business partners at El Muro know about them and about that ?
El Cofe was an internet business and now it is an Indian restaurant.Can Micheal Sherer and his friends at El Muro,Max or whoever?,assure me the men from India or Pakistan or wherever for all I know,are not connected to this Mr.Wilbur and he appears to be still on the Interpol's wanted list.Is he in the United States
and being protected by that corrupt government or lying around here somewhere ?
Yes Michael Sherer what DID he want El Cofre for and how did you become his good buddie ?You and your pals at El Muro should explain what you know about his 'condominium business' in Roatan,Honduras and when you knew something wasn't quite legal.And were the people from India snuckered by him and the El Muro bunch as well or are they associates in anyway with John Russell Wilbur as you all appear to be ?

You see Mr.Michael Sherer unlike you I am not much of a bar person and personally I have nothing against Viet Nam vets,many of whom were as much victims of war fraud as anything,but in this post 9/11 world I have come across some the minority who have made very good connections in the war fraud underworld such as a Mr.Bud Burrell who has made threats against my life for criticising his international penny stock frauds and money laundering ops as well as a Gordon Duff editor of Veterans Today  who as it turns out represenbts ex CIA DIA George Tenet of In-Q-Tel stock fraud money laundering infamy rather than the poor men and women who are returning 'home' in many cases to live on the streets or in homeless shelters and at best with mortagages the long ago couldn't afford.Some have severe medical and psychological scars from the murder and rape that was and still is Iraq and Afghanistan.Glad you are having such a good time.
So again please let me know anything you can about the Indians who bought the El Cofre and whewther they are in any way connected to Wilbur and Max and his wife whose name slips me and why they can't locate this John Russell Wilbur who appears to still be on the Interpol wanted list.Were the owners of El Muro in the same legal mess in Roatan Honduras as Mr.John Russell Wilbur or were they taken by him as well ? You certainly aren't much of an investigator now are you ? You leave little hints about the characters I discuss here but no details on your Antigua bar hopping blog.Why ¿? It appears you spent a lot of time with Mr.Wilbur and just might know and probably do,more than you have said.I would wonder if it is a crime to
conceal knowledge of Mr.Wilbur's whereabouts from Interpol or if John Wilbur Russell got off with a bribe or payoff in Honduras as it appeats his pals at El Muro may have done ?
You might tell Max and his wife who I believe I met when she was running or selling El Cofre from your pal John Russell Wilbur that I would like to know what's going on.
Tony Ryals


John Wilbur´s makeover of his Cafe Cofre is done…completely changed the  lay out…ran into a somewhat weary looking wendy wever on early friday morning there, as i dodged the crowds trying to  get in/out of Bodegona…yep, the exceedingly long way around…´spooked by the dudes in black…serious looking cofradias..kinda like  medieval nazis..the rains are here..yay..and moviestar is down, office closed, so this edition and a few more are from remote locations…wish i was at the coast..no shoes, no socks and no worries..  michael sherer

 john(Russell Wilbur), and max of el muro reporting overflow crowds for the thursday night ‘all you can swill for free’…didnt’ realize that the cut-off time for free drinks was 11pm..gotta big crowd gathered, the music’s playin’…are they gonna leave? nope..they’re buying rounds…some grumbling heard from a couple of bar owners re the thursday events..so what? come up with a similar or better concept and kwit bitchin”..see that Adolfo our alcalde is running for re-election..note the new spate(a lot)of little orange flags on cars..if i were a gringo business owner, i’d be contributing to his kitty…war chest…campaign funds..insurance money.. michael sherer

  Our Man in Antigua
Adventures and misadventures living in Antigua, Guatemala, and traveling throughout Central America


Legal status

Present family name :RUSSELL WILBUR
Forname :JOHN
Sex :Male
Date of birth :18/05/1979 (32 years old)
Language spoken :
Nationality :United states


Categories of Offences :Fraud
Wanted by :Honduras



If you have any information please contact

Your national or local police
General Secretariat of INTERPOL

 so, naturally I volunteered..dirt is me but you knew that…Angie Angies appeared to be ‘the place’ to be tonight…jazz/blues…John Wilbur with a table of eight or so, celebrating his birthday… -Michael Sherer


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Magnetic Personalities: Olmec mystery unsolved - National Central ...

18 Apr 2010 – I found the elusive compass, one of two for sale in Antigua, which implies any number of things. The transportation issue was solved and yesterday, John Wilbur... Michael Sherer, Central American Travel Examiner. Michael ...

gotta have a field assistant 
John Russell Wilbur AGAIN 

Max’ El Muro…where the hell does he find these tasty wenches? - Michael SHERER

 Down and Out/UP! « Our Man in Antigua
August 3, 2011 by michael sherer ... A few weeks ago I was stunned to hear of his placement on a certain list known as Interpol, involving shenanigans in Roatan... The politics are incestuous, the attorneys avaricious and people get away with murder. ... Restaurants, Travel, central america, guatemala | Tagged el muro...


I never was impressed by Guatemala Times but if they let such scum and low life as this dead beat 'realtor'Michael,aka 'Paladin' Sherer,  from Marin,California and Las Vegas Nevada,(where he just may know some of the U.S.government protected mafia who run US penny stock FRAUDS AND MONEY LAUNDERING OPS  against real Americans out of there,which might in part explain his fascination with and involvement in setting up Central American 'offshore' shells and accounts,..),then I'm much less than unimpressed and down right cynical of that digital rag called Guatemala Times....I wonder what they think,(I know I'm being overly optimistic and they don't really think), knowing they are involved with such a sleaze bag who is in turn involved with John Wilbur of Interpol Honduras real estate infamy ? And Michael Sherer is a real estate appraiser albeit oif bad repute who certainly should havre known when a real estate fraud involving his pal Wilbur was going down and innocent people were going to be hurt.:


Stick a fork in me

I’m done…trying to figure out a new publishing/photo editing upload program for the Guatemala Times site…yep…I’m the new Travel Author…maybe if it weren’t 9pm and it hadn’t been a long day, the neurons would be firing in some kind of rational sequence.
Speaking of rational…El Muro, the pub on 3rd calle oriente by Santo Domingo…wierd stories floating around about who’s buying/running it…JP of the Rum Bar supposedly is the key man…some guy named Mac and his Filipino wife/girlfriend, per the soon to be layed off employees are stepping in…John Wilbur of Roatan says it’s his bar and he’s opening on the 28th…tis a bit confusing, not untypical for Antigua…show up on the 28th and see who’s watching the till. In the meantime, some of us are scratching our heads, going WTF? The employees are out searching for jobs, so that’s been semi-confirmed…tis John’s birthday tomorrow and if he’s available for comment, etc.

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