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Sunday, 17 April 2016


Above, we see Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump, at Billy Graham's birthday celebration.

Trump delivered this tribute: "My father loved Billy Graham. I grew up with Billy Graham in my living room."

Billy Graham has been linked to the CIA and to child abuse rings.

Fiona Barnett writes:

"I was trafficked to the USA, to Bohemian Grove where I was drugged and raped by the Rev BILLY GRAHAM - Richard Nixon's pal."

The Algemeiner's Jewish 100 list tells us who is most helpful to the Jews.

The list includes Rupert Murdoch and Ivanka Trump.

Donald Trump's chief lawyer is Jason D. Greenblatt.

Jason Greenblat, a Jew, and David M. Friedmanis, a Jew, are the two people Trump says he will appoint as his White House Israel policy advisers.

In meeting with Orthodox, Trump reveals Israel advisers

Greenblatt says: "The settlements should stay."  

Trump said that his father used to buy Israel bonds.

Trump quoted crime statistics from the Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco.

The Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco does not exist.

The data is utterly false.

How politicians poisoned statistics - Financial Times-14 Apr 2016

The FBI's crime statistics suggest that more than 80 per cent of white murder victims were killed by other white people.

SPOT THE LIE IN THIS TWEET. The Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco does not

"Trump's going Full Machiavelli √† la Strauss. 

(Leo Strauss believed that the elite should use deception, religious fervour and perpetual war to control the ignorant masses.)

"Trump's playing the American people like a fiddle.

"He's ... putting on a show and exploiting deep-seated frustrations.

Jonathan Bronitsky - dailycaller

Trump wants Hillary to be president.

Donald Trump a Democratic secret agent - BBC News.

Rupert Murdoch is backing Donald Trump.

Murdoch's New York Post endorses Trump / The Case for Donald Trump - New York Times.

Rupert Murdoch represents the rich elite, and not the White working class.

Ohio 1930s.

Most of the White working class in America supported the Democrats between 1932 and 1964.

The Democrats were the party that brought in the New Deal in 1933.

In the years 1933 to 1941 the economy expanded at an average rate of 7.7% per year.

What happened in 1964?

In 1964 the Democrats brought in the The Civil Rights Act.

This ended racial segregation in such places as schools, theatres, restaurants and the workplace.

The Civil Rights Act led most of the White working class in the Southern states, and many of the White working class in the Northern states, to switch to the Republicans.

Nixon, a Republican, became president in 1968.

The Republicans face a historic rupture

The racist Nixon supporters have become the Donald Trump supporters.

Nixon and Rebozo

Nixon hid the fact that he was gay.


What matters for many Republicans is that their candidate supports God and Guns and opposes Gays.

Any mad Republican can be elected if he says he supports the Old Testament and supports six year olds carrying concealed weapons.

"In parts of the South, the infrastructure is ... crumbling. 

"Yet the region's politicians are concentrating on problems that, to put it mildly, are often less than pressing."

Going rogue.

Rupert Murdoch will not be supporting Bernie Sanders.

Ota Benga in 1904.

Many working class White Republicans in the USA are racist - and they will vote for any gangster who supports their racism.

In 1906, Madison Grant, a eugenicist and head of the New York Zoological Society, put Ota Benga on display at the Bronx Zoo in New York City.

Benga was displayed in a cage with the chimpanzees.

When Benga was out of the cage, he was often followed by a crowd "howling, jeering and yelling."[14]

Above we see Ishi, a Native American, who was displayed in a human zoo.

Above, we see Philip Emeagwali, a Nigerian who has an IQ of 190.

The average IQ in Hong Kong is 108.

The average IQ in the United States is 98.

Dr. Philip Emeagwali: Inventor of the World's Fastest Computer.

Emeagwali studied for a Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan from 1987 through 1991. 

His thesis was not accepted. 

Emeagwali filed a court challenge, stating that the university had discriminated against him because of his race.

Dr Philip Emeagwali received the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize for an application of the CM-2 massively-parallel computer. 

The application used computational fluid dynamics for oil-reservoir modelling. 

His method involved each microprocessor communicating with six neighbours.[5]

Emeagwali's simulation was the first program to apply a pseudo-time approach to reservoir modeling.[1]

When it comes to global school rankings (Pisa test scores) Asian countries dominate the top of the rankings, with socialist Singapore heading the table. 

The United States comes in at number 28.

The Scots have invented large numbers of things.

However, in Scotland, people from the White Scottish group are the least likely to have degrees (17%).

In Scotland, the group with the highest proportion of people educated to degree level is the African group (47%)

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