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Antigua Guatemala:Did Real Estate Appraiser Michael Sherer Know About John Russell Wilbur's Roatan Honduras Frauds Before Interpol ?

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 ........a Memorial Day service at the US Embassy in G city…the ambassador and consul there, speeches and a stirring(to me, anyway)presentation by a Ranger full bird colonel…one with all the medals, badges and insignia you never wanted …yeah, i’ve got some but nothing like that. From time to time I visit other embassies in Central America and talk with the military attaches…the young, the eager and the freshly made captains..this guy, today…he’d been there, done that and wasn’t the least war-like..I was honored to shake his hand and i mean that.....
 Reilly’s doing another good night…Da Vinci? zzzzz but the ever tasty…yeah,she was there..damn me…John Wilbur of el muro/el cofre off to Texas today…por que? even with a free ticket, I’d pass..Max and the V dub at 9a for the transition.. -Michael Sherer

Adventures and misadventures living in Antigua, Guatemala, and
August 9, 2010 by michael sherer. I don't recall a quieter ... Antigua just too much of a party town, etc..as I've said, reality is for those who can't handle drugs. Anybody up for .... John Wilbur of El Muro…are you in/on Roatan? I was gonna go by ... Michael Sherer

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Adventures and misadventures living in Antigua, Guatemala, and traveling ... Sean of O'lot out there, 'flyering' as John Wilbur used to call it… ... version of events involving someone that I've always liked: let's just call him Pirate John and I don't ... Michael Sherer

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 …and no, no news of the Wilbur saga: I’ve been remiss in checking in at El Muro…hell, there’s a lotta things i’ve been remiss in,so don’t start a list. 

 Antigua Guatemala:Did Real Estate Appraiser Michael Sherer Know About John Russell Wilbur's Roatan Honduras Frauds Before Interpol ?

I had never heard of this Michael Sherer character in all my years in Antigua,nor of his Antigua bar blog,or if I did it was not important enough to register and only now recently discovered that he has a past in real estate  in both California as well as Nevada,(and Honduras,etc.,for all I know)..Coincidentally,ly it was a man involved in some aspect of real estate from Florida who also resides here sometimes,although I haven't seen him in months,who first told me my coffee and cacao roasting shop, Tostaduria Antigua, was now next to a 'business' owned by John Wilbur, who was,( according to an owner of the Antigua bar,Mono Loco,who has also had some business in Roatan),being sought by Interpol for a condominum fraud in Roatan,Honduras.(I will qualify my mention of Mono Loco by saying that it has been here for many years and has built a reputation as a bar and restaurant that is well attended and well secured for both safety and enjoyment of customers looking to have a drink or even a snack,unlike some sleazy bar that might cater to Michael Sherer types).The only reason I bring up Mono Loco is for the fact that the Florida 'realtor' for lack of his name and exact job in Florida realty told me that it was from Mono Loco that he learned my next door neighbor was being persued by Interpol.John Wilbur,who I hardly ever spoke with or knew anything about nor even really knew his name ,never even told me that he was part of El Muro bar and I had no idea of the connection until Max's wife, I believe, began occupying the old El Cofre internet and book store that he,(and his mommy and daddy who were part of the Roatan fraud), had basically trashed and removed along with all books before he and they and his girlfriend,disappeared, apparently having learned Interpol was on his or their trail.Now I am wondering whether I or my landlady 'Doña Lucida' know all that we should know about the man or men from India or Pakistan or whereever who has taken over the El Cofre and converted it to a sort of Indian restaurant.My personal concern started when only a few weeks ago when an unidentified associate of El Muro's Indian friend began checking me and our coffee and cacao roasting operation out accompanied by my landlady.One of the reasons I greatly resented ,and still do,the fact that Michael Sherer claimed in his blog in 2010,(that I only recently discovered),that his cocaine snorting real estate fraud buddy John Wilbur was opening a 'coffee shop' right next to us (when even his buddy himself told me it was a (ha) 'sprouts' restaurant),was the very fact that we had a coffeee roasting operation - not his colleague in the real estate fraud business,John Russell Wilbur ! Does my landlady know all there is to know about these people who I have no idea of myself nor even how many there are or where they came from or if they arrived by way of Honduras ? Is their Indian background Hindu,or Islamic, as I suspect it might be ? Not that I care.I used to admire all those Hindu gods just because like Mayan gods they seemed different than what I grew up with,but I have come to realise that there are a lot of Hindu right wing nuts around as well as as U.S.government connected Islamic ones like the Al Qaeda the U.S.CIA created in the 1980's !
When John Russell Wilbur of El Muro bar and Roatan real estate fraud infamy quietly slithered from the former  internet shop,El Cofre,  that he and his girlfriend had closed most of the time with no obvious  products or services  to sell anyways,and  disappeared, the wife, I believe,of a Mr. Max Gonzalez, his El Muro bar business partner began hanging out until some deal was made with the Indian man who appeared out of nowehere.Then she herself slithered off herself,back to the El Muro bar scene I guess.Anyone can correct me on any point if I'm wrong.

John Russell Wilbur,spent time not with running any 'restaurant' or 'coffeee shop',( that Michael Sherer erroneously claimed his pal John Wilbur created),but in selling it,which is strange because there was nothing to really sell except the name and business license of El Cofre with whoever's name was or is on it,and whatever deal was worked out with my landlady over the rent!  

And this was transferred to an  Indian or Pakistani man perhaps named Singh who at first spent time walking around outside our shop  talkng very loudly and agitatedly into his cell phone day and night in whatever Indian language I don't know to this day.He DID open a restaurant but not being one to eat out or having any particular affinity with Indian food I have never tried it.He may serve beer which would be a good incentive for Mr.SHERER TO REVIEW IT ALTHOUGH I'M SURE HE'D PREFER WHISKEY (AND IF HE'S ANYTHING LIKE THAT PARTY ANIMAL FRIEND OF HIS A LITTLE SNORT ON THE SIDE).I recently asked the Indian man's Guatemalan girlfriend what she knew about John Wilbur(BECAUSE THE INDIAN MAN WHO CERTAINLY DOESN'T MIND INTERRUPTING ME WITH HIS PALS HAD NOW HOOKED HIS PHONE TO INTERRNET SO HE COULD CONTINUE HIS SAME AGITATED CONVERSATIONS TO WHO OR WHEREEVER FROM INSIDE AND WAS THUS BUSY DOING SO)  and she told me she thinks he's in the U.S.?! Is this true Michael Sherer ? And isn't he still on the Interpol wanted list ? What does the FBI have to say about all this ? If only you were a journalist.

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John Wilbur! animal….well, we knew that already but he's bought into a coffee shop near Lex' Cargo Room…why? damfino? twist and shout. for whatever .... - Michael Sherer

Mr.Sherer's pal and Interpol fugitive certainly didn't mention to me that he was opening a 'coffee shop' next out our Tostaduria Antigua coffee and cacao  roasting operation.He said it was a restaurant of sorts specializing in 'sprouts' which was certainly a unique idea whether it be all alfafa sprouts or other.I could imagine a few in a salad but this guys only idea for a 'rerstaurant' was 'sprouts' ! It was only after he left after having done nothing but gutted the old internet and book shop business that had been there for years that I was told by a man who has been around off and on and according to him was into real estate of some sort in Floerida previously,that Michael Sherer's good buddy was being looked for by Interpol for real etate fraud in Roatan,Honduras.As Sherer should have known his pal had nothing to do with any coffee or 'coffee shop' business next to us.Sherer seems to be as full of it as his buddy,John Russell Wilbur and intersting that they were both involved in 'real estate' at some time or other which may or may not explain their mutual attraction.The man from Florida who I don't believe has any connection to these two,also mentioned to me the rumor that John Wilbur's 'animal magnetism' to any low life women was more his cocaine connection than anything Sherer might believe was the attraction.Go figure,Michael Sherer.

 I don't mean to bee too hard in my criticism of Michael Sherer but I don't mean to be too polite either.It was he and the El Muro bar scene folks who brought John Wilbur and his phony 'restaurant' into my life as well as now some strange, to me,characters from India or Pakistan who may or not have been  involved with them and Honduras as well.Mr.Wilber's mommy and daddy were in Roatan with him weren't they ? Were they involved in this condominium fraud as well Michael Sherer and Max Gonzalez ? I am now trying to figure who all the poeple from India (or Pakistan), for all I know, that have since taken over the Cofre since Wilbur's business partner Max Gonzalez off it them as if the 'sprout restaurant' was his concern as well.Got any answer to that one,Mr.Sherer ?And while Inormally don't get into local politics,bar politics or otherwise,
in Antigua,it looks like you guys have played my hand on that one as well and I wish you would explain yourselves rather than mumbling abouut it on the internet Mr,Sherer.Are the Indians involved with you all as well and how did they come to be involved with El Cofre ?

to be continued......

michael sherer
Permanently retired to Antigua, Guatemala in 2008 and prior to that, a real estate appraiser in northern california for 28 years...ex-charter boat captain, ruby miner(India)Viet Nam vet, medic, 66-67. B.A and M.A in Psychology. A constant reader and aficionado of history, archeology and all things Mayan. A believer in three things: old whiskey, fast cars and four aces...known to carry a sword cane now and then.


Here's some chatter re Michael Sherer's real estate career in Nevada where his pal Louis Frias no doubt touting or promoting unending real estate appreciation only a few short years ago is now making money by 'shorting' real estate just like cheap worthless penny stocks issued in Nevada.It's sad all the real estate market rather than a stable investment became a 'pump and dump' in the hands of fols like Michael Sherer and Louis Frais.No wonder Michael Sherer like a penny stock con artist is so interested in 'offshore'  accounts in Belize,Costa Rica,Panama,etc..Are they really much better than John Russell Wilbur who Sherer now pretends to distance himself from ?


there’s thieves and whores and guns and murder…but there’s also a darkside.”
Hunter S Thompson. 
 ’in deference to the above, this is an attempt to chronicle life’s daily absurdities, weird events and other sightings of the debased and debauched. Let’s just say that Antigua meets a lot of my needs for oddity: not as tough as ‘Vegas, and very similar to Sausalito and Carmel…yep, there’s more guns here…laissez les bon temps roulez. 

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  1. on September 4, 2011 at 11:48 am A concerned citizen
    Down and Out/UP! – I read your story after having it emailed to me from one of the Wilbur’s victims. Your article is actually very accurate with regards to the law and order here. Your assessment of the Wilbur’s is also accurate as far as dozens of people would have agreed right up to the point where they handed over their final payment for the property they purchased; after which everyone changed their opinion.
    There was a meeting held at Coral Cay some time ago where over 50 people who had been defrauded by the Wilbur’s put their case to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Congressman. As you rightfully said there was no justice because money talks, and when you have defrauded people of over three million dollars you have lots of it to throw around.
    The Wilbur’s employed a lawyer called Melvin Rosales who specializes in corruption of government officials, extortion, theft and is also under investigation in connection to at least one murder. This lawyer threatened the lives of numerous people as well as kidnapping. He paid the police to arrest people on false charges, paid off judges as well as prosecutors to prevent people from being able to take possession of the condos and land they bought from the Wilbur’s.
    The Wilbur’s started life on Roatan with a small pizza shop, good old mum and pop sort of thing, and everyone liked them. They then used this reputation to start their real estate dealings. Within two years there was a list as long as your arm of families that had lost their entire life savings and families ripped apart as a consequence. Everyone here loved the Wilbur’s right up to the moment they felt the knife pushed into their backs. Consider yourselves warned!

  2. whew…thank you…this raises a lot of questions,which I’ll follow up on…in my conversations with his local partner, I’ve been given a whole other angle…’innocent, the victim of ….’…unscrupulous islanders’…if you could/would, have any other victims wirte me…thanks/M

  3. on September 4, 2011 at 8:27 pm A concerned citizen
    Many have started legal proceeding which can take years to get going, so they may be hesitant but I have past your request on. I hope they email you as his parent still live here and are still just as evil.

  4. ANy chance your the same Michael Sherer who mades me tons of money as a Las Vegas appraiser?

  5. yep…guilty as charged

  6. Mike, I’ve still got all of the Costa Rica books you gave me before you left town to go to Frisco. How the hell are ya? Sounds like you’ve made life an adventure!
    I am still slogging it out here in Vegas real estate. Happily married now for 2 years.
    When I hit the lottery, Wanda and I are headed your way.

  7. jeez..Bob Tracy! must’ve tracked me thru Louis Frias…you old loan guys never quit…I ‘saw the light’ in early ’08…said adios to everything, left with 3 suitcases and my golf clubs…Costa Rica books? after having been there now for some 35 times, the books are superflous…I’m writing a guide book about Antigua now…ebook first and then hard copy..fun? hell,ya…more adventures than i can shake my sword cane at, the women are beautiful, the weather’s perfect and I haven’t been back to the States…well, once and didn’t miss it..a tip..you really don’t need to win the Lottery…it’s cheap here(by comparison)..great to hear from an old friend…thanks/M

  8. I actually responded to a friend through linkedin and somehow saw your name and remembered. I went so far as to create a corporation in Costa Rica using that attorney you referred me to, but my financial world imploded and I never followed up on anything. Been just surviving as a real estate agent since. But healthy and happy. Hook me up for hard copy of your book. Always wanted to visit Antigua. Is that home now for you?

  9. ah…its a small small world..and yes, Antigua is home and a very fabulous home it is..I did the corp thing in CR and also Belize…CR rolled over for the IRS, as did Panama last year..imploded? yep..got it..I bailed in the nick of time…and being happy and healthy is all there is to life, as far as i’m concerned..i’m in on both accounts…no stress, no strain, no deadlines, no fucking underwriters who can’t spell appraisal..when the book is in print, it’ll be on Amazon. i’m poor but very very happy…walk two miles a day, saying hello to one and all on every block…’going off on a trip into the mountains soon, on a jade/maya artifact: hike my old ass in for 8 miles, spend 3 nights under the stars and hike out…shoot some photos, write about it, make a few bucks..used to be if i didn’t make a $1000 a day i was pissed..now if i make ten bucks, i’m thrilled..no, make that five..cleaning lady due any minute…she gets $3 and she’s thrilled)so am I…M

  10. It will all be over before we know it, so I’m in for enjoying life.
    About 5 years ago I imagined what was possible for me if I ever met a woman just like my dog. I did, so I married her and have never been happier.
    I’d be interested to know what it means that CR rolled over for the irs. I haven’t paid them since 1997 and never will and can’t own anything anymore. Was sort of hoping there was some place to escape to one day. Not CR anymore?

  11. CR and Panama signed off on what’s called the Tax Information Exchange Agreement…meaning that if the IRS has a specific name/individual, they can ask the govt for details…supposedly a CR corp doesnt meet that qualification…Society Anonymous and all that…unless you formed the corp in your name, there won’t be any look back or paper trail…yes, i knew that you were tax-adverse…they’ve got me on the hook for another 6 months, even after i left $170k on the table when i sold my house in Vegas/’06…Belize is the closest, safest bet…I have a shell corp there, which i’d sell cheaply…congrats on finding the perfect woman…all the bad ones are taken.M

  12. I really laughed out loud, all the bad ones are taken. Between you and me I bet we had most of them!
    Please let me know about your adventures from time to time.
    You don’t know me well enough, but I’ve always wanted to live on a tropical island. Now, at least, I know someone who does.
    I look forward to your book.

  13. bob..you have the blog address, which should keep you on top of local stuff..the ‘island’..there is Antigua in Guatemala and the island Antigua, in the Caribbean…i’m in guate..4500 feet, three volcanoes, of which one goes off every day/night..when the book is out, you’re on the list..thanks..and yes, we’ve been thru more than our fair share of bimbos..m


    Michael Sherer's pal in Las Vegas real estate Louis Frias,after selling high to conned real estate investors in the housing boom now apparently makes money 'shorting' home prices.Yp it's interesting how they and W Bush who helped get the wholw scam rolling saying   everyone in America would be aproperty owner' using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to enrich or further enrich criminals like ex Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's White House mafia leader and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and sooo many in and around Washington,D.C. criminal insiders,(which includes many underworld parasites lounging in and around Las Vegas),just as occured to real estate under W Bush's daddy George Herbert Walker Bush in the late 1980's.Coincidence ?

    Just so you know people…

    You will NOT be receiving a Loan Modification…attorney assisted or not.
    You will NOT be refinancing…WITH or WITHOUT any perceived “Obama Rescue
    The plain hard-to-admit truth is that your BEST and SAFEST route for a sound
    financial future is simply to Short Sale your property and MOVE ON!
    Having said that, please seriously get the heck out of your DENIAL stage and
    move on…
    I have a team of attorneys, credit restoration specialists and contacts at most
    banks that are at your disposal.
    So, call me.

    Posted by Louie Frias

Nevada Commission of Appraisers of Real Estate vs. Michael Sherer ?
Looks like this Ms.Session is a 'yes woman' for the likes of sleazy real estate cons like Michael Sherer and let him and a whole lot of others 'walk' or fly first class as the case may be.:


Nevada Commission of Appraisers of Real Estate
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
13 Sep 2005 – Nevada Commission of Appraisers of Real Estate.
September ... Las Vegas, NV 89104 ... License No. ... Sherer, Michael
(8:46 a.m. – 8:50 a.m.) ...

NRED v. Michael Sherer

Case No.03.003.S

License No. 03528 CG
Mr.Sherer was not present and was represented by his attorney,William Killip.Gina Session was present on behalf of the Division.
Preliminary Matters
Gina Session stated that the Division was currently in negotiations with Mr.Sherer who recently requested a continuance due to his surgery.Ms.Session stated that it is possible that due to the negotiations with Mr. Sherer,an agreement and resolution as early as tomorrow morning.

Ms.Session requested the Commission move on with other Commission business so she could further discuss this matter with Mr.Killip privately.

Vice President Hubber stated that the Commission would continue this case later.

'Our Man In Antigua' Michael Sherer  who also 'poses' as examiner.com's 'as their central american travel writer - on drugs or just pushing them !?:


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Caffe Bourbon? closed on a Thursday night? por que?…the wandering minstrels we know as mariachis were poised in front of TacoDispenso tonight…no word if they were free-lancing or paid….great conversations, as always at the 5-6 ‘drink ‘em quick’ hour at Ocelot..drug talks…yes, there are old timers in the ‘biz’ in northern californicate..yes, i know some of them…yes, a friend’s LSD lab was about to be busted, so he ‘gave’ me a paper bag full of 7 million hits of acid…fine..thanks for creating large scale paranoia…to make a long story short, the eternal question, never answered…’how many hits in a teaspoon’?…’never, ever lick your fingers..’ -
Michael Sherer
I found this criticism of Michael Sherer's silly little 'Our Man In Antigua' booklet only in the last couple of days.It may well be that this scumbag Sherer with his real estate fraud colleague John Wilbur,really is a type of government snitch or dirty tricks con artist just as the phrase 'Our Man in..',was about a British government spy in Cuba.Such scum often subsidise themselves with on and fraud and to my knowledge the U.S.FBI has not lifted afinger to bring his good buddy John Wilbur to justice.Why ?
Also I replied to the article below last night and my reply wouldn't post there.Now it appears only now,the next day,it have been deleted from this scammy whereisantiguaguatemala website as well.So I post their 'review' of Michael Sherer's self promotional booklet here lest it be lost to the internet otherwise.:

''The Our Man idea is not new one by any means it was made famous by:Our Man In Havana (1958) is a novel by British author Graham Greene, where he makes fun of intelligence services, especially the British MI6, and their willingness to believe reports from their local informants. Many other have followed the same Our Man Idea.....''


Corrections Michael Sherer Our Man In Antigua

Michael Sherer wrote us to clarify our point of view on our review of his book “Our Man In Antigua”.
Michael Sherer wrote;
That’s a good trick finding the 2nd Edition on the streets of Antigua, because only the 1st Edition is available in town. If you’d done your homework you’d find a few hundred travel articles on the examiner.com site where i pose as their central american travel writer. I could point you to other sites but brevity and misinformation appear to be your bread and butter. Michael Sherer
Obviously by Michael Sherer’s response to our review Michael Sherer did not take kindly to having a professional journalist and author form opinions about his works. Off we went searching the streets of Antigua Guatemala to see if we could find the now three different versions of Our Man In Antigua we have uncovered, no such luck.

    We returned to Tabacos Y Vinos, the shop where we first looked at a real copy of the Our Man In Antigua booklet as I have called it in our review. I have collected three pictures now of Our Man In Antigua books by Michael Sherer. I think one can see why we are confused about which is which.
    The Our Man idea is not new one by any means it was made famous by:
    Our Man In Havana (1958) is a novel by British author Graham Greene, where he makes fun of intelligence services, especially the British MI6, and their willingness to believe reports from their local informants. Many other have followed the same Our Man Idea.
    After looking again our review of Our Man In Antigua by Michael Sherer all three versions remains the same. Old news about Bars In Antigua as an example I think everyone including Hendrik from Riley’s Irish Tavern and the rest of the world know that Riley’s moved. Old news is not great news for a guide book.
    And these will be the last words we waste on this topic.

    Normally I would have called this a book review however, this attempt at offering Readers or Travelers a guide for Antigua by Michael Sherer is for a better term more like a 12 page Booklet.

    Our Man In Antigua, Second Addition Reviewed
    Normally I would have called this a book review however, this attempt at offering Readers or Travelers a guide for Antigua by Michael Sherer is for a better term more like a 12 page Booklet. This is the second addition of Our Man In Antigua sadly I have missed the first addition of Our Man In Antigua.
    In reviewing this attempt at covering Travel Information for Antigua Guatemala I looked far and wide on line to find other works depicting Michael  Sherer as a professional travel writer. Nothing could be found. I am not sure how the idea for his view of the world came to be as “Our Man In Antigua”, I mean I did not have a vote on this idea he has self proclaimed himself to be Our Man.
    According to Sherer’s on-line bio, Michael Sherer states the following;
    Permanently retired to Antigua, Guatemala in 2008 and prior to that, a real estate appraiser in northern california for 28 years…ex-charter boat captain, ruby miner(India)Viet Nam vet, medic, 66-67. B.A and M.A in Psychology. In other bios information he states he has lived in Antigua Guatemala since 2010. Form your own opinions.
    I came across this book Our Man In Antigua second addition at the wine shop below the Arch In Antigua Guatemala. While a friend was tasting wine I quickly paged through this Booklet about Antigua Guatemala from the eyes of a person that lives in Antigua. No photos that I remember a lot of Michael Sherer’s opinion of the world and Antigua kind of mixed together.
    The price for this little gem of Antigua is $100Q. You can also find it available on line at Amazon.com for $9.99. For those of you lacking conversion right at your finger tips the retail version on the streets of Antigua Guatemala is $12.82 versus the on-line bargain for $9.99.
    I checked out the reviews on Amazon.com to see what other readers have had to say about the second addition of Our Man In Antigua. Again forming my own opinion of those reviews of Our Man In Antigua we found that both persons that reviewed the booklet had only ever reviewed this book and no others with limited profile information to contact them with. Wonder how that happened?
    You can find more information about Michael  Sherer http://michaelSherer.com/about/ his blog about his point of view about Guatemala as a self proclaimed travel expert.
    My overall opinion of the booklet is as follows, If I want to learn about Antigua I would suggest buying Elizabeth Bell’s book about Antigua for the same price Michael Sherer’s Booklet.
    Elizabeth Bell’s book has pictures.
    For information similar to what Michael Sherer has provided in his booklet Our Man In Antigua second addition,  head to TripAdvisor its free.

     It appears that it was John Wilbur's partner at El Muro,Max Gonzalez,who Mr.Sherer refered to a little while back after I started this blog,who claimed a sighting ofhis 'business' partner  John Russel Wilbur only
    shortly after Istarted this blog and apparently he is still being looked for by Interpol.I wonder whatever happened to the FBI or is Wilbur protected by them ? Also the Indians or Pakistanis disapeared shortly after this blog began and I haven't seen them since I asked the presumed 'manager'  and cook at El Cofre whether he knew John Wilbur and where he might be.The Hindu's Guatemalan girlfriend seemed to know who I was refering to and immediately replied that she thought he must be in the U.S..I say Hindu only because that is how he was known by those who knew him.Personally I tried to keep my distance as he used to walk back and forth yelling in an Indian or Pakistani dialect I didn't understand at someone or someones over his cell phone.I thought it strange that a Hindu or Moslem would be so fascinated by Catholic Semana Santa,always taking photos of the processions,as he was.
    Michael Sherer never mentioned them of course and neither have the owners of the El Muro to my
    knowledge and explained who they were-are or how they came to know a whole gang almost,of Hindues or Indian Moslems in Guatemala.Were they associated with Wilbur and his parents in Honduras or just how did Michael Sherer's good buddies at El Muro come to know them ? Yes the 'Hindu restaurant' that had for years been a bookstore and internet cafe  is closed and shuttered' but the mystery that Sherer could fill me and his reading audience in on remains.
    Sherer had said shortly after I posted my blogs that Wilbur had,(coincidentally), been sighted in Antigua at that time.He didn't however say at the time by whom but apparently as you can see below it was by 'Max'
    which I can only imagine to be his El Muro partner Max Gonzalez.:

    I haven’t seen Max to ask him about the ‘John’ sighting last month supposedly in El Mastil.
    und ‘zo? is this all there is? ‘fraid so…some days/nights there just ain’t much goin’ on, so throw another dog on the fire and settle in.- Michael Sherer

    because it’s a rainy/drizzly Monday evening and a very slow night in A-Town…how slow? Tracey and Beverly at the O’lot, showing each other their tongues…I tried to enter the contest(tongue-lashing)but was voted out..the real reason was that Beverly was eating some kinda potato chip that left her tongue orange: when i tried to get close to completely/fully examine the effect, she threated me with one of her crutches..thanks…i was only trying to help.
    fine…yesterday, Father’s Day? town packed, restuarants doing good biz…who paid? who cares? the greatly anticipated Races at the Cofino Track out by Esquintla? not today, Gertrude…the posted schedules on the net weren’t in sync, track closed…but back towards town, a few miles, was a massive motocross event…mud, rain, noise, babes in tight pants…supposedly there is another race event on July 1st at the track, depending on which web site one believes..when the rain started, we left.
    Peter the G con familia plus friends in town for Eff Day…brunch at the Sunshine Grill(another vote)one of these days, etc.
    and yes, another day of lame excuses at the printers…’tomorrow, tomorrow’..wasn’t that a song from ‘Annie’?…hey, it’s only been a week/weak overdue: thank god for the online sales, the few, the proud, the obscene.
    and if you don’t see Sierra working at O’lot it’s because: A, they found her in the bathroom, B, she’s wanted by INTERPOL or C, she’s found other jobs in town..(C is the correct answer) A and B have never been causes for dismissal in town, btw…might even be grounds for a raise…and no, I haven’t seen Max to ask him about the ‘John’ sighting last month supposedly in El Mastil.
    und ‘zo? is this all there is? ‘fraid so…some days/nights there just ain’t much goin’ on, so throw another dog on the fire and settle in.

    May Day! May Day!

    Roger/Wilco/SNAFU/FUBAR and any other acronyms that apply…thanks, Smashwords, for the quarterly $$ from the sales of the first ebook.
    an unconfirmed John Wilbur sighting in town this week, preceded by yet another rant from another local somehow linking my having been a real estate appraiser, the ‘troubles’ on Roatan and my friendship with John…call it ‘pretzel logic’…at least this guy has a name, unlike the rants of February about not being able to find some of the versions of Our Man in Antigua in town…duh…those were ebook versions, idiots…the amount of time spent in writing baseless drivel implies a few things but what stands out for me is their email handles and/or their websites.. nah, no names.
    Ruslan and lady seen in Ocelot last night…they left, as you may recall and went back to San Francisco around the first of the year..’back for 3 weeks, he said..they were a great bar-team at O’lot and Lava…dos Reilly’s packed to the rafters last night…El Gato Negro jammed, music loud…a slow/low night for the food/beverage industry last night otherwise, as Mondays usually are(and Tuesdays,Wednesdays et al).
    That Comida American restaurant on 4th ave, across from Helados Exoticos? pulling the plug after maybe two months of ennui(no biz)…the fancy metal sign on what was Deliciosa still seems incomplete and nuthin’ seems to be going on inside.(like my brain)
    speaking of which, maaybe there’ll be more later(mindless drivel department opens at 11) and more congrats to Briel Miel for selling more of her art at Angie Angies!
    and yet another ‘earful’ from a restauranteur/vendor at the late Noche de Chefs..it was bad service/uneven kitchen preparation(what was supposed to be hot wasn’t, what was supposed be cold, etc..the person overseeing the waitstaff didn’t have a clue…quoting another disgruntled restaurant owner who bowed to the 35q surcharge for extra wine…he asked for Cabernet Sauvignon…the major-domo then asked, vino tinto or blanco?  helloooo..too many tables, too few staff and chaos in the kitchen..the food was okay, some yes, some no..i’m glad i didn’t go…the tickets i bought went to a good cause, but being a starving writer and someone who knows restaurants, I’da bailed also…the Trader Joes Macaroni and Cheese later(thank you, Epicure)was perfect..re the rants…I’ve worked in ‘em, my family has owned them, friends own them and I’ve appraised them…it ain’t easy doin’ 300 tables but if your butt’s on the line, marshal the troops and train ‘em..mediocre presentations and bad service aren’t a good recipe.

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