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Heil!,Book Em!:The Military Runs Facebook In Israel,Palestinian Critics Face Arrest!

Heil!,Book Em!:The Military Runs Facebook In Israel,Palestinian Critics Face Arrest!

A decendent of Israeli elite who cllaborated with Adolf Hitler and his NaZis or National Zionists of Germany
now runs Fakebook Isra-heil.So what's new?

“NAZI” is from “National Zionist”—Eustace Mullins | First Light Forum


Mar 25, 2013 - 卐卐卐 Jewish Girl Loves to Paint Swastikas 卐卐卐 ...Zionist-Nazi-collaboration-(2448-×-3264-pixels)- ... nazi-zionist coin .... 9/11 was anIsraeli/Saudi Arabian/ Washington Zionist-Nazi inside job. ... the creep Hitler to squeeze the “lesser Jews” back into Palestine, so the Rothschilds could underwrite a new ...

Story image for israel from Bloomberg

The Ex-Air Force Sergeant Running Facebook in Israel

Bloomberg-11 hours ago
Adi Soffer-Teeni's family helped found Tel Aviv about 100 years ago. Today, Soffer-Teeni carries on their legacy as one of the leading tech ...

Adi Soffer-Teeni's family helped found Tel Aviv about 100 years ago. Today, Soffer-Teeni carries on their legacy as one of the leading tech founders in Israel. Over the past 16 years, she has started and run a handful of companies in the education, online gaming, and consumer software markets. Now she runs Facebook’s Israel operations and is considered one of the country’s top executives.........

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Facebook 'incitement' posts lead to arrests in Israel

USA TODAY-2 hours ago
JERUSALEM — Since a spate of attacks against Israelis began in October, authorities have arrested dozens of Palestinians for "incitement" of ...


JERUSALEM — Since a spate of attacks against Israelis began in October, authorities have arrested dozens of Palestinians for "incitement" of violence — based on their Facebook posts.
The Israeli military said it charged 60 people since the outbreak of attacks, while the Haifa-based rights group Adallah Legal Center said the number of arrests is closer to 400, including 150 Palestinians in the West Bank and 250 Arab citizens of Israel.
"Incitement to violence on social media is a phenomenon that only recently is gaining traction," said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces. "Following attacks, many assailants have stated that they were directly inspired by incitement on social media, which led them to carry out the attacks."
As Facebook faces a backlash over alleged liberal political bias in the United States, authorities in Israel and the West Bank have dragged the social media giant into another controversy involving security and free speech.
The teenager accused of stabbing to death Israeli Dafna Meir in front of her young children in the West Bank settlement of Otniel in January said he watched incitement on social media "and then set out to murder Jews,” Lerner said.
A bill pending in Israel’s parliament would lower the threshold for what constitutes "incitement to violence or terror," and would allow more indictments under such charges.
Current Israeli law permits a charge of incitement to violence and terror only when there's proof that such speech could directly lead to violent acts. The proposed law would not require proof that a suspect intended to carry out violence; merely calling for such acts would constitute the charge, punishable by up to five years in prison. Opponents say the law would be a major infringement on freedom of speech

The extraordinary Nazi - Zionist cooperative effort in 1933 - a medal retrieves it from the Memory Hole
We asked who could identify this remarkable two-faced medallion, and received a score of replies: 

Mark Weber of the IHR writes:
letter THAT "Nazi-Zionist" medallion was issued by the Berlin daily Der Angriff to commemorate a joint visit to Zionist Palestine by SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler. A series of articles on their tour, appearing under the heading "A Nazi Travels to Palestine," appeared in Der Angriff in late 1934.
For more on this, see my article, "Zionism and the Third Reich," posted at


RandomPottins: A coin with two sides

May 4, 2007 - A series of article entitled "Ein Nazi faehrt nach Palestina" began in ... his voyage to Palestine, a medal with the Nazi swastka on one side and the Star of ... TheSwastika side inscription is UND ERZÄHLT DAVON IM Angriff -- And .... Having learned from its collaboration with Hitler's Germany, Israel's ruling ...

Even Jimbo Wale's Zionist controlled Wikipedia acknowledges Nazi Jewish Zionist collaboration and the 'transfer agreement'.......

New film on Nazi links to Zionism sidesteps the toughest questions ...

The Electronic Intifada
Nov 8, 2012 - Nazi propagandist Leopold von Mildenstein in Palestine in 1933. ... The Flat thus recalls the similarly disingenuous films of Israeli ... The irrefutable documentation of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis during the 1930's is ... display the commemorative gold coin, with the Nazi swastika on one side and the ...

Haavara Agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist GermanJews ... Collaborators during World War II .... These goods, along with the immigrants, would then be shipped to Palestine. .... 1972; Tom Segev: The Seventh Million: Israelisand the Holocaust (2000, ISBN 0-8050-6660-8), especially p.

Report: Israeli delegation in Cairo seeking Abbas-Sisi-Netanyahu ...
International-Jerusalem Post Israel News-8 hours ago
A Baffling, Hard-line Choice in Israel
Opinion-New York Times-21 hours ago

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