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Israel Uses Lithuania,Slovakia Christian Organizations To Infiltrate And Manipulate Politics Just As It Does In U.S.,Latin America and around the world.

Israel Uses Lithuania,Slovakia Christian Organizations To Infiltrate And Manipulate Politics Just As It Does In U.S.,Latin America and around the world.

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Will Israel move from occupation to annexation?

Al-Monitor-11 hours ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's surprising turn in appointing Avigdor Liberman, head of the right-wing Yisrael Beitenu party, ...
International-Haaretz-May 28, 2016

Last November, when the United Nations General Assembly voted on whether to recognize Palestine as a state, only nine nations in the body of 193 voted “no” with Israel. Among them: Micronesia (Jewish population: zero), the Marshall Islands (ditto), Palau (same), and Nauru (total population of 10,000, less than the annual AIPAC conference). These Pacific Island nations almost always line up behind Israel when the U.N. votes on resolutions concerning the Jewish state.
Are Palau and the Marshall Islands packed with Judeophiles? Or is there another reason for this political support?
Those first three nations are all in what’s called “free association” with the United States—a compact that means they receive financial assistance in exchange for voting with the United States. But Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru, and the Solomon Islands also enjoy generous Israeli aid from the government and from NGOs based on the belief that development is a way to cultivate rare votes of support for Israel in international forums. (For a fascinating, in-depth look into how this project works in the Solomon Islands, see here.)...................
One of the peculiarities of working on aid projects as an Israeli is the reaction of evangelical Christians, Siegel said. “I have people come up and touch me just because I come from the Holy Land,” he said of his time in the Solomon Islands. “I have to be careful not to be viewed in any Messianic ways.” That precaution aside, Siegel told me he thinks Israel’s history makes it an ideal partner for development. “If you look at Israel in 1950 and you look at it today, the change, it’s unbelievable,” Siegel said. “And we still have some of that old developing country mentality. We go out, we sit in the villages, we sit in local coffee shops and local restaurants, we eat local food, and we get our hands dirty. That’s very Israeli, this informality.”

Pro-Israel caucuses will be formed this week in the parliaments of Slovakia and Lithuania, the result of an initiative by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, World Jewish Congress and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

The caucuses, which will be formed on Monday and Wednesday, will be the 34th and 35th such caucuses formed in countries around the world by the Israel Allies Foundation.

The Israeli delegation will include Shas MK Ya’acov Margi, Knesset Christian Allies Caucus director Josh Reinstein, World Jewish Congress-Israel chairman Shai Hermesh, World Jewish Congress-Israel director, Sam Grundwerg, Israel Allies Foundation European director Andras Patkai, retired IDF colonel Moshe Leshem, Ambassador to Slovakia Zvi Aviner Vapni and Ambassador to Lithuania Amir Maimon.

The delegation will travel to Bratislava and Vilnius to meet with members of parliament and meet with Jewish and Christian leaders in Slovakia and Lithuania to mobilize support for Israel through faith-based diplomacy.

They will meet with high-ranking politicians including MP Marek Krajci, who is arranging the meetings for the delegation in the Slovak parliament. The chairmen of the Israel Allies Caucus in the Slovak parliament will be elected within the group in a democratic process. The Lithuanian Israel Allies Caucus will be chaired by MP Emanuelis Zingeris. MPs from both the opposition and coalition parties will take part in the meetings to further their nations’ relationship with the State of Israel.

“It is heartening to witness the support for Israel among parliamentarians in Slovakia and Lithuania – countries with a rich Jewish heritage which was nearly wiped out in the Holocaust,” said Hermesh, a former Kadima MK. “As anti-Semitism manifested in hatred of Israel continues to increase in Europe, the support from our friends in new member states of the EU becomes especially important.”

Reinstein added: “As Western European countries continue to turn their backs on the Jewish state, we see that Eastern European countries are more supportive than ever of the only democracy in the Middle East – Israel.”

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